**Breaking News** — 04 October 2017
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Death Photo of Las Vegas Mass Shooter is Fake

Updated, Oct. 10, 2017, 10:00 a.m.

The death image of the purported shooter of the phony mass shooting, Stephen Paddock, is categorical fake. He supposedly shot himself. Yet, there is no evidence for this, even in the so-called leaked photos. There are no bullet wounds: no entrance or exit wounds. There are no gun blast wounds to his face, no deformation: no physical damage of any kind. So, from any careful scrutiny, clearly, this cannot represent a true image of a blast wound from a gunshot directly into the face or mouth.

Additionally, there is no bright red arterial blood. Instead, it is uniformly purplish-red in color, actually, the color of precisely fake blood. All this can be faked. As well, where did the red stain on the shirt arise from? It couldn’t have arisen from any mouth/head shot. Moreover, what about the dripping on the carpet from the gun towards the head? How did that happen? It is as if someone dripped it there in staging while he was on the ground.

Let us look, regardless, at the purported blood stain. It’s not much material, considering there at least five liters which must spill from his body, as the heart pumps that arterial and venous blood through the wound. There can’t be much than a liter of red liquid, there, if that:

Plus, it separates. Now, how can sticky, oozing, and spurting blood do that? Only fake blood, water soluble as it is, can do this. Here is the image, again, showing the area of diffusion:

It can be clearly seen that the red matter separates into a water fraction (and also the fact that the bullets were placed there, staged, is also obvious). Compare this to a real crime scene with actual human blood embedded into the carpet:

Is there any such obvious diffusion into a water fraction seen anywhere? Instead, the blood remains intact as one solid mass.

As well, he was supposedly shot or, rather, shot himself through the mouth. That means a bullet exited his brain. Then, where is the tissue, as expected? Where is the raw, yellowish-colored brain matter, as anticipated? Why is it nowhere to be seen? It is seen, though, in this image of the aftermath of a gunshot to a man’s neck, exiting the back of his head (warning: graphic image follows):

Is it not incredible, that is the difference? This is real, actual tissue, brain matter and more, and real, sticky blood found in the aftermath of this self-inflicted gunshot would. All this is lacking in the previous photo. As well, see the mass of sticky, thick non-water-soluble blood and how it varies in color, bright arterial versus darker venous.

Notice, also, the bullets, how they are carefully placed on the red matter and how no red matter taints them, a physical impossibility, one pointed out by one of our posters. Therefore, the bullets were placed on the red matter after it was spilled.

Also, see how he is fabricating his own death. Paddock is not dead in the least in this image. He still has muscle tone in the neck muscles:

It is clear that he is not decorticate and that, rather, his muscles are fully intact and that they are contracting in this position. Therefore, to make him appear dead it is likely that the image was put through a filter to make his skin appear pale.

Even so, the image does appear to be Paddock. He is an actor, like the rest, and is, thus, obviously not dead.

The color of the photo is, perhaps, convincing, that is the pallor of his facial skin, but the red matter isn’t. Nor does the so-called crime scene bear evidence for substantiation of any real gunshot wound. There is no full-five liter spillage of blood. Nor, once again, is there even the slightest degree of trauma to the face or mouth. It is all intact. Nor is there any carbon from such a direct blast wound, as would be expected to be seen from the application of the gun to the face, that is there is no powder burn.

To shoot the self in the mouth means to hold the gun in the mouth and fire. This results in instantaneous death. He could not have tossed the gun above his head.

Here is an additional revelation. Look at this, and look at it, again. How does this happen? How does a person shoot themselves in the mouth and end up like this? His leg is under the gun tripod? How did it get there? This would mean that he shot himself while laying exactly in this position. There is no other possibility. If so, then, why isn’t the gun by one of his hands?

Image result for images; stephen paddock; suicide; photos

In movies wounded people and dead are faked. This is through the use of dramatics, including the application of paint, which mimics actual blood. Through careful analysis, though, it can be readily seen that the matter is, in fact, applied and that there is no actual bleeding happening.

NOTE: now, the video is deleted, which did prove much evidence of staging and hoaxing. Thus, the evidence for the fraud has been purged. Yet, so are all the nodisinfo.com videos ever produced. All have been purged by Google, which is worthy of being boycotted because of its actions.

So, it does make sense that he is still alive. His actions prior do indicate this, such as the following reported by CNN:

The amount that he wired was $100,000. Who knows how much he was paid for his crucial role in this arch-treacherous scam. Clearly, though, all the people associated with him are in on the act and are also well-paid and well-compromised moles. There are countless thousands of dollars that have been applied for this treachery, much of it at the expense of the well-bamboozled, fully compromised US taxpayer.


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  1. HOORAY ‘HENRY’ is an obvious troll for the S.O.S. REV: 2:9.
    They attack the messenger not the facts about the las vegas psy-op

    • When the messenger is a known fraud and con- artist, only a fool would take anything he says seriously. Would you?

    • Where the **** are the facts RICK ADAMS? This is just a horribly hobbled together opinion from a fraudulent whack job obsessed with the idea that the ‘Zionists’ exposed him as the con man he clearly is.

  2. Something not adding up for me…
    Dozens of “injured” are being treated at University Medical Center in Las Vegas… Trump supposedly visited several of these vicSims yesterday…

    Are there really no injured patients there?
    Are there patients who are just crisis
    Are all of the docs and nurses in on this hoax or just the ones who are on the payroll of the Mossad?

    They just keep on adding new/more elements to this whole psy- op/ hoax… like the hotel guard, etc… how do they keep all of this straight? And the funeral homes- who is supplying the dead bodies there? I’m thinking they’re just dapper cadavers but I don’t know how this All works… certainly is elaborate, that’s for sure!!

    • How about you go to the hospital and find out?

      • I was thinking about that but it’s not cheap. I live in Huntsville. I guess there really aren’t any injured people there but then I can’t explain how the doctors and nurses can stay quiet about the hoax… and who did Trump actually visit there? I don’t know..

        • Show some commitment man! You could blow this hoax wide open.

        • ‘I guess’. Your uninformed guesses are worth **** in the evidence area. Stay in Alabama redneck and what ever you do, don’t take off the tinfoil hat.

  3. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! I aaaaam still asleep. Doooooooont wooooooorry good shepheeeeeeeeeeerd.


    • Some of those wounded are reported flying the new NASA glider heading to Mars.

      Any link about?

  4. How do you explain that even a school district in Maryland is part of this “hoax”?


    • Perhaps they need’em to tear the remaining statues down

  5. Nice work. Thanks! There are also good pics of facial deformity for intraoral gsw tjat you might add.

    Another thing is the same blood droplets going from shirt to floor to gun as if it were dripped on by someone while he was laying down.

    To add to the blood problem you’ve noted, there is also the issue of the location. See how none goes below the ear? Was the floor uneven? Why did it all roll upwards 25-30cm?

    • I understand them. Do you?

    • Good point on the droplets. Did you see the muscle tone in his sternoclaidomastoid muscles?

  6. I was there an hour after the event before the media extended it . i ran into a cop two miles from the MB he was calm chit chatting with the register clerk.. I was waiting behind him to pay for gas not a mention of the happenings going on partner was kickin it inside cruiser outside . this was 1245 am… They were presenting zero stress making small talk .. It was all bulshit.

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