**Breaking News** Zionist Terror — 06 December 2017
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US Special Forces Terrorists Slaughter Defenseless Afghans For Globalist Zionist Powers

What an arch-criminal, terminally vile cabal it is, this so-called US government ‘military’ and its mercenary forces. These mercenary elements, essentially, paid hit-men, are working not for any national cause, including any supposed Afghan national cause, but, rather, merely on behalf of the filthy schemes of the terminally corrupt pro-Zionist cabal.

In this regard it makes no difference. People can be routinely slaughtered: without consequence. If it fits the terminally hideous plots of the Zionist world government, if this means people in poor countries are to be murdered: so be it.

This is precisely what occurred in Afghanistan, Maiden Wardak Province, district of Nerkh, when unarmed innocents were brutally slaughtered. The elements which did so were actually paid to do this: with monthly checks, insurance cards, free travel, and other perks. These Islamic people were martyred not by so-called ‘US Special Forces’ but, rather, by bloodthirsty mercenaries, who take pleasure in slaughtering the common people. There is no other possibility. These mercenaries included well-paid Afghan elements, mere lackeys for the Zionist-orchestrated invasion and conquest.

While these defenseless people are being killed, the Zionist world government commits fake massacres, like the phony Las Vegas shooting and the arch-fake Sinai Mosque massacre, committed by their agent, Abdul Fatah al-Sisi.

On the basis of a horrific lie, the fake ‘Islamic attack’ of 911, the country of Afghanistan was invaded. It was invaded by a litany of terrorists and insurgents, posing as ‘US’ and ‘Coalation’ services. They are, in fact, services and they do serve: that is strictly their murderous, arch-genocidal Zionist masters.

They are serving but not by any means the American people but, rather, those vile, criminal elements of the Zionist mob.

Muslim blood is cheap. These criminal elements murder the Islamic people and, then, call upon the ‘terrorist’ canard, making Muslims appear as if they, the victims, are actually terrorists. They kill the elderly, the teachers, the religious leaders, and the children, and do it not only senselessly but without the slightest remorse. This is why they are murderers, pure and simple. They cannot be deemed forces or troops of any kind.

This Afghan and, yes, Muslim youth was slaughtered before he even had a chance for a life, thanks to US criminal machinations.

This tiny child was murdered. What does the US government have to say about this?

According to direct eyewitness accounts, interviewed through this blog, children were murdered about 2 weeks prior to the date of this publication, while the adults were murdered seven days ago.

So, now, just how is Islam the source of terror? What kind of sick world is this that the true victim is made out to be the victimizer? Moreover, who will help? Who will satisfy the losses? Who will pay the necessary blood money? Who will support those souls who have lost their sons and fathers?

What kind of sick mind would murder innocent people while they are in a religious seminary? Could any such individuals be any more wicked, purely evil, than this?

The blood and bullet holes are there for all to see. It would appear that this innocent was targeted and maliciously slaughtered. There is no defense. The US government is a crime syndicate-based entity, seeking and spilling blood for mere financial, globalist machinations.

It’s a seminary where these mercenary agents slaughtered these innocents. They were studying the knowledge of their Lord. They are martyrs, now in the presence of that almighty, merciful One. No one should feel bad for them but, rather, should relish in their new-found glory. Let the world, though, see their nature and the nature of that element which is responsible: those haters of all good, those vile terrorist minds responsible for the US-based mercenary forces.

Children, youths, adults, and the elderly, all were murdered:

What little can be done for them to adorn them, here? Almighty God will take care of them and is taking very good care, to such a degree that they would never wish to return, except to die, once again, as a martyr.

They gain heaven and their murderers gain Hell: a most just equation.

There is, in fact, only one God and Muhammad is his last and universal messenger, that motto being the source of endless rage and hate, manifested by the global attack against the people of Islam and their faith.

WARNING: Highly graphic images follow:

They found peace in seeking their Lord’s pleasure, even in their deaths.


It is nothing other than raw, brutal tyranny. What else can be said, other than the fact that, clearly, the faith of Islam itself is under attack.

These are cruel monsters who are behind this, including the Trump administration itself, a mere lackey for arch-Zionist machinations.


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  1. Ex1A) Treasonous Ziotrash NYC ISIS Crisis Actwhore Fake Pipebomb Attack PsyOp Uses 2 Different ISIS Crisis Actwhores as Akayed Ullah! One looks Mexican/ Latino the other more Indonesian Looking!

    The Actwhore is scripted as 27yrs old aka 999 aka 666! LOL! Ziotrash love their Babylonian Talmud insane numerology in all the hoaxes/ PsyOps & false flags & terror attacks!


    Also the picture on the front of the ziotrash NYC tabloid style paper of him exploded/ injured is fake as can be!

  2. Ex1c) NYC Ziotrash Can’t Decide Which Crisis Actor should play Akayed Ullah the Eeevile Mossadlim ISIS CRISIS Actwhore of Rita Katzslime’s ISIS CRISIS Actwhores’ Comedy Troupe!

    3 Different actwhores to play one fake terrorist!!!???


  3. Ex2) NYC & NY’s Head Buffoons Andrew Cuomo & Bill De Bozio taking part in the Latest Ziotrash Hoaxery Buffooner Bull$h#tery PsyOp Hatemonger the goyim against the Muslims!


    As believeable a pair as Ronald McDonald & Bozo the clown! De Blasio is almost as goofy & terrible a mayor as Cross Dresser tranny *** Rudolf Guliani!

  4. EX4) NYC Subway Pipebomb ISIS CRISIS PsyOp Scripted NY Times Story 322 Skull & Bones & 33 & 44 & 77, etc Coded Script! 4 Injured 4 Hoax Hero PORT Authority COPS!

    “Third attack in New York City since September 2016, and the second in two months…”

  5. Ex4c) NYC Subway Walkway WW aka 33, 9 Volt Battery aka 33, 8 killed last NY hoax aka 44, Cris Actor 27 aka 999 aka triple 33 & Upside down 666 codes! etc…etc…etc & other Masonic/ziotrash code Scripted!

    “only weeks after eight people were killed in a truck attack along a Hudson River bike path”

    SAME coded scripted fake NYT.. story!


  6. Slaughtering the Pashtun people in Afghanistan. AFGHANISTAN AFTER DEMOCRACY, by Mohammed Daud Miraki, gives evidence supporting this NoDisinfo post. Last I heard, public libraries were turning it down because they did not want their patrons to view the pictures, or read his graphic info. The new book on War by Thomas Goodrich, RAGE AND REVENGE, hopefully will have a wide readership. Thanks for your work here, all.

  7. Ex5) 777 3 Stooges PsyOp Pic of NYC Subway Pipe (Smoke)Bomb PsyOp By EEEEEVILE ISIS CRISIS Actwhore!

    3 Militarized Cop Buffoons with AR-15’s held to make 777 Code- Order Out Of Chaos Hoax Code In Your face dumb goyim!!!


  8. Ex6) Another NYC 3 Stooges COPS Pic- 3 Different COPS Having a Happy HoaxWhore Time! K-9 COP AT RIGHT Busted Laughing his SLIMEY corrupt face off!


  9. Ex 7) NYC Hoax Brave Machine Gun Toting Cops Guarding a Bowling Alley from EEEEEEvile ISIS CRISIS Actwhores ready to invade NYC from Bangladesh & Middle East! Pure Hoax Buffoonery Threatrics aka PsyOp Tricks!


  10. Ex8) NYC Pipe (Smoke)Bomb Hoaxer Zionist Jew Mossad Agent Albert Fox Cahn Legal Director of CAIR & is Representing the family of Fake Bomber Akayek Ullah!! YOU JUST CAN’T MAKE THIS ZIO$H#T UP!

    And this SAME ABE FOXMAN Clone & hoaxwhore Cahn-Artist was working for “The Art Of The Prank” in 2004! I guess ADL & Mossad like the hoaxes(pranks) he wS doing back then & decided be good at misrepresenting & misdefending Muslims & making them look guilty!


  11. Ex8c) JUDEN!! NYC Hoaxwhore Albert Fox Cahn- You Muslim Goyim can trust a good jew con artist like me to protect your interest! HAHAHA! Dumb goyim!

    Why would a leader of CAIR represent the family of a supposed terrorist caught red handed?? Obviously to make Muslims & Arabs look bad! THANKS JEWS! Thanks Ziotrash JEWS! ALL PART OF THE PSYOP!


  12. Ex9) NYC Subway Pipe (Smoke) Bomber Crisis Actwhore Akayed M Ullah is alias Ashan Ullah of Brooklyn NYC! TOTAL FAKE PSYOP!!

    From ever constantly banned youtuber researcher formerly known as LivingOnPlanetZ!


  13. Ex10) NYC Pipebomber/ Smokebombwhore Crisis Actwhore Ashan Ullah aka Ahsan Ullah aka Akayed Ullah!!! SAME A-Hole Busted for SEX HARRASSMENT In Bangledesh! So CIA/FBI hire him & bring him to USA as Crisis Actwhore to be fake Pipebomber!

    “Ahsan Ullah teacher accused of sexually harassing a student at the University of remand application”


  14. NASA Engineer Admits They CAN’T get through the Van Allen Belts Yet!


  15. NASA Admits: “All Images of globe earth from space are photoshopped…” ..”because they have to be!”

    BECAUSE it is a flat, level, immoveable, stationary Plane!


  16. Advising that following Roy Moore’s recent loss in Alabama, Cowboy is taking a short hiatus from hoax reporting.

    He is currently assessing the security perimeters around local high schools and shopping malls to ensure that at least one elderly white male still has access.

    Thank you

  17. Update! ZioScamming Aztec New Mexicans!

    Ex15b) Aztec Fraudster Merrano Family & Adrianna Serrano “Aunt” of Fake Dead Francisco “Paco” Fernandez Shooting VicSim PsyOp set Up GoFundme same day as fake School Shooting & Already raked in a quick cool $10,000 by the next day! Well now these Hoaxwhores / ZioScammers have raked in $19,502 as of Wednesday 4:45 EST December 13, 2017, today!

    Good going criminal ZioScammers!


    Lying, stealing and decieving & cheating & hoaxing the hated goyim masses like true ziotrash puppets!

  18. More Idiotic Fraudulent disinfo posts by ziotrash jew extremist troll Gabriel the psycho!…

    Brokeback *** Gabriel fake post as–> Cowboy’s Spokesperson DECEMBER 13, 2017 AT 2:04 AM
    Advising that following Roy Moore’s recent loss in Alabama, Cowboy is taking a short hiatus from hoax reporting.

    He is currently assessing the security perimeters around local high schools and shopping malls to ensure that at least one elderly white male still has access.

    Thank you


    Brokeback *** troll version of–> Raymond Daubney DECEMBER 13, 2017 AT 2:23 AM
    This Christmas won’t be the usual Christmas, this Christmas will be a desolate Christmas. I’ve driven Mom insane and has she’s been admitted to a Zionist Hospital outside Utah permanently.
    Mom can no longer work therefor she can’t pay the mortgage and the Zionist bank is foreclosing.
    I needed Mom for everything now I’ll be alone on the street in the bitter cold for Christmas. Oh I should have been better behaved and not been a peeping tom and used the benefits of the Oregano Vapourizer

  19. More NASA Hoax Buffoonery! NASA Caught over & over using wires in there fake Space Station Studio in California! This when then “augmented reality” software feed overlaps fail in so-called called Space Station Live Feeds!


    Everything NASA does in Space in fake! Everything! YES THEY shoot rockets into the sky which do an arc trajectory into the ocean. And they space shuttle goes high and eventually lands not as a glider as they claim but by jets. THEY NEVER GO into space! NEVER!

    IF They could make it real, then they would not fake it! They have to fake it! Rocket, jet, propeller nor any type of normal in air/in gas propulsion cannot work in a vacuum! A fired missile or bullet, mortor maybe could keep going in a vacuum if fired from without he vacuum.. but how could it GO from a pressure into a vacuum? How can a vacuum exist next to a pressurized area without a barrier between them? It cannot!

  20. Ziotrash Jew Troll Gabriel weirdo fake version of fake-truther Alex Jones…!

    Alex Jones DECEMBER 14, 2017 AT 3:17 AM
    I’m afraid Cow it’s completely true it’s a prison planet!

    It’s a not physical prison. It’s a massive group of earth -vast land masses & islands surrounded by Oceans of water upon a flat level, stationary motionless plane. BUT We allow our lives to be controlled & selves be enslaved by the media programming, indoctrination, lies, PsyOps & deception in full cooperation with criminal government which is owned & ruled by the few, by criminal trickery & usurpation of our rights & immoral confiscatory & serfdom levels of taxes!

    It is only we who can assert our rights & authority& take back our liberties & wealth & freedom & right to all our all wages & fruits of our labors. Government gives back nothing it steals from us. Be we as a large minority can take these things which belong to us back. ONLY we ourselves only can take it back. A Thief returns nothing of his own accord!

  21. 1958 Predictive Programming Of Con Man Trump Building A Wall Hoax Buffoonery To Save The People!


  22. More Fraudulent disinfo Posts by Ziotrash Jew Troll Gabiel fake posting as Christinne, Dr K & Me–Cowboy

    Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of –> Cowboy DECEMBER 15, 2017 AT 2:27 PM
    Can’t you be certain you gypsy bint?

    drkresearch DECEMBER 15, 2017 AT 3:17 PM
    There is only one thing that’s certain in this world that is the power of Oregano. Who can prove otherwise?

    Christinne DECEMBER 15, 2017 AT 3:52 PM
    No, I cant be certain, piece of ****! Problems?

  23. (ExB) 1958 Predictive Programming Of Con Man Trump Building A Hoax Wall Buffoonery To Save The People!


  24. Cowboy- Are you on Twitter? Where else can your thoughts/research be followed?

  25. Jewess Hoax Wins Boston Marathon in 1980! Sleazebag zioScammer Rosie Ruiz “Vivas” steals Boston Marathon by jumping in at last minutes!

    Male Winner Bill Rodgers who really won this Marathon for his 3rd time knew she must have cheated since she had the best ever BM TIME for a woman!! And more so since it was 25 minutes better than her supposed NYC Marathon time! Lol

    First this demon took the train in the middle of the New York Marathon & jumped in & stole a fake time of 2:56 or something that allowed her qualify for the Boston Marathon! This demonic creature still claims she really ran both races & won fair & square! Lmao!


  26. Ex2) Jewess Marrano Fraudster Rosie Ruiz Vivas 1980 After She stole the Boston Marathon with real male winner 3 time champion Bill Rodgers..


  27. Canadian CIA Doctor Dr. Ewen Cameron’s Barbaric MK Ultra torturous experiments on children & adults in Canada for the CIA at Raven Crest & other Canadian Insane Asylums & “hospitals” etc! This youtuber who made this video was himself a a victim of these Caligula /Talmudic monsters!


  28. ExC) Donald Duck Trump Hoax Clown President Predictive Programming in 1980! This zio puppet buffoon has been groomed for a rigged, hoaxed ZOG presidency his whole life!


  29. Ziotrash Jew Fraudster Mike Rossi Cheated In A PA Marathon in 2014 to get into the Boston Marathon in ’15…These zioScammers cheat & lie & Hoax you about everything!


  30. Ziotrash Jew Fraudster Mike Rossi Cheated In A PA Marathon in 2014 to get into the Boston Marathon in ’15…These zioScammers cheat & lie & Hoax you about everything!


  31. Joe Rogan Admits he’ll tell any lie the government pays he to tell!


  32. Joe Rogan Admits he’ll tell any lie the government pays him to tell!

  33. The OKON / STOLLER versus SANCTUARY CITY of PHOENIX INC immigration law enforcement class action is now in the US Supreme Court.

    The scathing Petition for Writ of Certiorari and Motion to File Out of Time are at


    Cite US Court of Appeals – Ninth Circuit, Docket Number 09-16027 for the lower court documents.

  34. Ex-CIA spook turned whistleblower exposes USA, INC’s DEEP STATE and SHADOW CORPORATE DICTATORSHIP, at


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