**Breaking News** — 16 December 2017
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The New York City Pipe Bomb Dud – Zionist Connection

Regarding the latest December 2017 purported pipe bomb ‘attack’ the Islamophobia is continuous with this newest attempt by arch-Zionist treacherous ones to mix an actual bombing with a litany of fakes and frauds.

It truly would be a high-crime to be distracted regarding who are the ultimate terrorists and actual hard-core bombers of the United States, including New York City:

The role of such arch-Zionist criminal minds cannot be underestimated. Surely, such treacherous ones played a role in the passageway dud bombing, as they are NYC’s main civilian bombing force.

For instance, as this smoke-bombing event is being leveraged by the Zionist-controlled media the various phonies and frauds are dredged up, such as the arch-fake, fully staged Sayfullo Saipov movie-show, where no one was killed and no one was injured despite claims otherwise, for instance:

On November 29, terror suspect Sayfullo Saipov pleaded not guilty to a 12-count indictment after allegedly driving a rented truck onto a bike path in New York City on October 31. Eight people were killed and several others were injured in the attack

None of this is true. That was a Hollywood-style hoax, which is impossible to refute. As well, regarding purported pipe bombs, especially the duds, where no one is seriously hurt, there can be no doubt that these are largely coordinated and orchestrated by the Mossad and its assets, aka the ATF and FBI.

The actual smoke/pyrotechnic device on the man in question, now, is being leveraged as ‘proof’ of so-called Islamic boogeyman-related terror, largely in order to distract from Zionist crimes. It is also to fester the false claim of Islamic terror. It is, as well, to give substance to various phony terror attacks which are wrongly blamed on Islam and/or Muslims, like the countless purported truck and car attacks, now proven fraudulent: Nice, Munich,  and more, including Charlie Hebdo and other Islamophobic fake French attacks.

It was supposed to be an act of ‘revenge’ for Israeli acts. Sure, it was, right: motivated by ISIS and a Christmas sign or some other nonsensical claim. He read information written by ISIS, made a bomb, and went out to try during Christmas to kill some people. If he was mad at the Israelis, why didn’t he go after Jews? Regardless, if ISIS was his source, then, in fact, he would not target Jews, synagogues, and more, since ISIS, that is Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, is a Zionist black ops.

So, it is no surprise that much of the information about the so-called motivation comes from rabid, extremist Zionist agents, Rita Katz and her ilk. Regardless, these are the words and imagery of the Mossad, not any actual Islamic group.

Yet, was it really an actual bombing? It was more of a dud than anything else. Yes, the individual involved was someone injured, basically burning himself with what appears to be a kind of low-impact pyrotechnic device. The detonation of the dud-like device surely frightened people, as can be seen in the CCTV imagery, as it should of.

Ultimately, the Zionists are behind this. All the ‘authorities’ involved say it was ISIS- and ISIL-inspired. That makes the actual source simplistic, since these are strictly Zionist entities. They cannot by any stretch of the imagination be blamed on Islam. The fact is Islam has nothing to do with them; they are Israeli creations.

If he was inspired by ISIS or ISIL, then, whether wittingly or unwittingly, he was being motivated strictly by arch-Zionist schemes. Moreover, if he truly tried to actually kill himself or others, he surely did a poor job; there isn’t even any char on those white coat and other whitish elements – there was, therefore, no explosive agent or truly dangerous bomb explosion occurring anywhere.

Regardless, it truly is a corrupt act, that is to detonate a device in a closed unit such as that subway tube, even if it is a fake, frightening people. Someone could have been hurt severely, mainly from fright and from, for instance, falling, as the device that was detonated had no actual force.

This is seen, here. While it did burn him, it had no major force that could even penetrate significantly flesh:

Yet, who detonated it? This is not clear. Did he do so, or was it done via remote device?

The explosion left three victims with minor injuries and the suspect with serious wounds

“Within seconds all the officials just started pilling in, all up here closing everything down.”

Consider, also, this 2016 dud that is also leveraged as proof of ‘immigration-based Islamic terror. The item was detonated in the green waste receptacle. What kind of a useless bomb would do this, which is to cause no damage of any kind? There isn’t even a modest explosive footprint on the sand. This is not bomb but is instead a mere pyrotechnic device, a dud of sorts. Here, Zionist asset Anwar al-Awlaki was quoted, that Mossad mole who as part of his pay frequented prostitutes.

Image result for pipe bomb; new jersey; race; images; injuries

The purported Rahimi bombs wounded 31 people. Where is the proof that any such people were injured?

Let us see what AP has to say:

Family of Ahmad Khan Rahami being unfairly punished by FBI, father says

ISLAMABAD — The father of New York bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami said on Saturday that the FBI had made “mistake after mistake” in handling the case and is now “punishing” the family for his son’s wrongdoing by barring them from traveling to the United States.

Mohammed Rahami told The Associated Press by phone that the FBI did not “do its job properly” by failing to act when he contacted investigators in 2014 with concerns his son could be a terrorist. He said he told investigators that his son had become “bad” and his personality had changed after returning from trips to Pakistan and Afghanistan.

NOTE: Most likely, the apparent violence-prone Rahimi is an FBI and, in fact, Mossad asset.

A senior FBI official last month pushed back against the elder Rahami’s claim that he warned agents about his son. FBI agents interviewed the father after a 2014 incident in which Rahami was arrested on charges — later dropped — thahe stabbed one of his brothers in the leg, according to the FBI official, who insisted that Rahami’s father “at no time” discussed his son’s radicalization or potential interest in al-Qaida, the Taliban or their propaganda. The official wasn’t authorized to discuss the case by name and spoke to AP on condition of anonymity.

Rahami said U.S. authorities recently turned back his wife and one of his sons when they tried to travel from Afghanistan to the United States. He said Ahmad Khan Rahami’s wife was also refused entry into the U.S. He would not reveal where his daughter-in-law was living, but said her family is from the Pakistani city of Quetta. He urged U.S. authorities to allow his relatives to travel to the United States, saying they are law-abiding citizens.

Rahami is accused of planting bombs in New York and New Jersey that wounded 31 people last month. The Afghan-born U.S. citizen remains hospitalized with gunshot wounds after a police shootout. Prosecutors said that when he was arrested Rahami was found to be carrying a journal that praised Osama bin Laden and other militants and that fumed about what he saw as the U.S. government’s killing of Muslim holy warriors.

The elder Rahami said he had been given no information on his son’s condition in hospital.

He expressed his “sympathy for all those who suffered” in the blasts. “My son’s bad act damaged our repute, it defamed my motherland and it caused bad impression about Islam, which stands for peace,” he said.


Read more at https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=eed_1513027776&comments=1#0oSydwo3g0XsP1Y4.99




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    24 aka dual 66’s & dual pairs of 33,
    2010 mentioned to get 21 aka 777 hoax Code!

    Above gematria is in London Sun Newspaper Scripted Story below…

    What we know so far:

    At least 19 people have been injured after a 4×4 mowed down pedestrians in Melbourne
    A toddler suffered serious head injuries in the horror attack at around 4.40pm local time today
    Two men, aged 32 and 24, have been arrested including the driver of the white Suzuki SUV
    Police have confirmed they believe the incident was a “deliberate act” but not linked to terror
    The driver was an Australian national with Afghan descent who had mental health and drug abuse issues
    He was also known to police for a 2010 “minor assault” incident and driving offences
    The second man was arrested after he was found filming the incident and carrying a bag of knives
    Terrified witnesses say bodies were “flying through the air” as the car ploughed into crowds of Christmas shoppers
    Fire services were also called to a reported gas bottle explosion in nearby Frankston though cops say it was not related

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      THE SCRIPT says he is a drug addict. If Nick Nolte or Robert Deniro PLAY a drug addict or a boxer….

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    During the chaos immediately after the incident an Italian tourist told a reporter that he heard the driver yelling “allah akhbar!”.
    This witness, Stefano, describes the driver screaming at people on the [email protected]
    Andrea Hamblin
    This witness, Stefano, describes the driver screaming at people on the [email protected]
    03:58 AM – 20 Jan 2017
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    The video quickly went viral on Twitter and far-right websites started linking the incident to Islamic terrorism.


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