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Definite Use of Tear Sticks to induce Fake Crying in Florida School Shooting Hoax

Updated, new image, Feb. 25/2017, one minor element corrected

Dictatorial Sheriff and arch-Zionist mole Scott Israel claims that unless a public official supports new, draconian gun control laws there will be consequences. What are those consequences? “They will not be re-elected,” he proclaims, “in Broward County.” In this Zionist land, USA, this is no surprise. The Jews are on the warpath, and their target is well-defended, well-armed Americans.

Sheriff Israel immediately began soliciting a gun-control agenda, and is doing so continuously through media appearances. He is seen, here, committing this, once again, through a staged public forum. He started out saying, “and you want to keep things the way they are, not doing things differently.”


This man is no Sheriff. He is merely a Mossad operative well-placed by his arch-criminally minded Zionist masters. With a law in the land established for over two centuries this malicious one is exerting all his might in the attempt to corrupt it.

All such Zionist agents are collaborating to commit high-crimes. Cowards, they cheat their way in their plots to achieve their goals. Zionist agents have effectively sterilized social media outlets, so that only one message is found, which is their message to destroy inalienable rights: to at the minimum fully undermine the Second Amendment. In one case in the video a Jew proclaims that all guns should be confiscated and that, exclusively, these should be in the hands of military and police. He thus calls for the full establishment of tyranny in the land, may his wretched self be condemned.

This plot, this terminally vile scheme, is being facilitated by phony candle-light vigils, as depicted, below:

Image result for grieving; parkland; school; shooting; images; tears

It is an attempt by the Jews to make it appear that America at-large supports new, draconian laws by a dictatorial state.

Various symbolism is used, all to bamboozle and fool the American public, essentially, into submission.

Since no one died and no one is injured, no one can grieve. There can be no actual horror or sadness. Thus, to mimic this tears were artificially-induced:

This tear stick crier appears to be the same one who called for new laws in gun control just after the hoax shooting:

She also made a feeble attempt to mimic grief and crying, here, but it failed, as she was not yet given the fake tear stimulant.

There can be no doubt, therefore, that there is no basis for this individual to be crying. She can be seen, here, to be instead gleeful regarding her actions.

As well, why would anyone be talking about new legislation just after such a horrific experience. It would appear, too, that this individual is attempting to show off something on her face, perhaps a bit of moulage representing a wound. She was interviewed by an admitted ‘student journalist.’ This is a set-up, make no mistake. They are all cowardly fakes, conniving, cheating, and lying, the consequences being extreme, such as the forceful establishment of new, tyrannical legislation as well as the fraudulent purging of assets from the fully bamboozled, vulnerable, gullible goy.

These vile pro-Israeli Zionists and their collaborators will go to any extreme to spread corruption in the land. Thus, the Satanic candle-light vigil proceeds onward, and what better place to achieve this than in an area of heavy pro-Israeli concentration.

Image result for grieving; parkland; school; shooting; images; tears

Make no mistake this is an extreme, treacherous plot by Zionist Jews. It is their plot exclusively, as they are the full force responsible for this. Moreover, consider the waste, of human energy and funds – all to spread great wickedness and corruption in the land. Simultaneously, wicked bombs drop on areas of anti-Zionist resistance, and real people are being killed, wounded, and maimed versus these identified fraudsters, fakes, and terminally hideous phonies.

(Note: absolute should be “absolutely”)

This categorically proves the degree of the fraud. The cameras fully close in on this fraudster.  Nevertheless, this demonstrates the desperation of arch-pro-Israeli criminal agents to attack and undermine all that is American. No one is saying anything about the Israeli guns as, now, as a consequence of this distraction, once again, they are dropping murderous bombs on the Palestinian people.

Here is yet another Zionist agent, once again, attacking the most basic of all rights, which is the right to protect the self against tyrannical abuse.

This is hard proof that the so-called Broward County school shooting is an absolute fake, that no one died, and no one was injured. There can be no other possibility. Claims otherwise amount to both deception and fraud. Moreover, it is horrific to the extreme to see any element, any law or legislation, to be altered or changed, simply based on mere lies and cheating.

No one can dispute it. This purported shooting is a total, absolute fabrication. The only actual element is the fact that this lie is being used to alter existing laws relative to self-defense, all in the attempt to diminish the native rights of individuals to protect themselves from tyrannical government.





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  1. The woman next to the cop is passing on a brief in sign language for the deaf.You really are desperate to pin anything on the Jews. Pathetic.

    • Troll: in your paid trolling, credit to you for getting one minor detail right.

      • That you’re pathetic. Thank you.

        • I saw it before the quick edit. Author disparaged the woman by insinuating that she was a Zionist orchestrating the conference and cueing applause. A new low at NoDisinfo.

          • Nothing “minor” about it. And that leaves what?
            Girls not crying satisfactorily. Pissweak assumption at best.

  2. HILARIOUS! Florida shooting: Librarian who saved 55 ‘knew what to do because her friend survived Sandy Hook’

    • I suppose people that are present but, aren’t in on it,
      are best locked in the dark. The MSM has to go to work on putting everyone else in the dark.

  3. And you can Ride A **** Horse To Banbury Cross.

  4. Who writes this drivel?

  5. Yet another Florida hoaxer – British boy, 13, reveals his terror at seeing a fleeing student gunned down in the Florida school massacre

    Sandy Hook part 2 – Lawmakers agree to destroy site of school carnage: ‘This building has to come down’

  6. Not sure why everyone gives a pass to the author when he routinely weaves into his posts tripe about zionists killing Muslims in the Middle East. He does this in nearly every post. Believe me , that’s the biggest hoax mentioned in these articles. Yet so many here completely ignore that and let it sit. If he can’t be honest about that, how can he be taken seriously on the rest?

  7. boo hoo hoo!
    WAHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

    fake shootings, fake victims!

    cry me a river!

    BOO-bloody-hoo !

  8. Just curious why so many trolls frequent this site. Isn’t it a hate crime to come to a site or an event that is specific to alternative views and then try and bash us?. Why not go to a anti-gun site and spill your poison there? Go make Israel great – oh you can’t you need American’s ingenuity, intelligence, imagination, etc.

    • The irony of complaining about hate crimes against a hate site.

      Btw… were you actually born or did you just fall out of a dog’s ****?

    • Ask Cowboy how many trolls there are.

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