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The Roaming Fake Blood Stained Golf Cart of the Parkland Florida Shooting Hoax

What in the world is the purpose of the roaming golf cart in the purported Marjory Stoneman Douglas School shooting? Supposedly, this was in order to transport the potentially mortally wounded from harm’s way.

You’d think that this would be too hard on the average shot-up individual. With those agonizingly painful, gaping wounds, with a blast shot from a close-up strike of an AR-15, surely, someone would have been screaming in pain from such transport. Why were no screams heard?

Nevertheless, it surely couldn’t have been assigned to any role by legitimate medical people. Surely, such medical individuals, EMTs and others, would have followed protocol and have transported the wounded in a safe, secure manner: on gurneys directly into ambulances, not via a potentially germ-infested cart.

Here are the proper protocols for transport of patients with penetrating wounds from EMT sources themselves:

You move the patient into the back of the ambulance, grab a quick set of vitals and begin rapid transport to the trauma center seven miles away.

Primarily, they would try to control bleeding by applying pressure, strap the patient on a backboard, probably with a cervical collar, just in case there was a fall involved.

Does anyone see any applied pressure or elevated limbs? What about rapid-fire IV lines? Why are none placed?

Image result for parkland; high school; shooting; florida; images; wounded; injured;

The above shows the cart actually being in use. In the imagery available, this was actually quite rare. Most of the time it was parked here and there.

With some 17 bleeding out and another 20 or so wounded, couldn’t the cart be put to better use than sitting there on idle?

What is the pysops agent doing, guarding the fake blood? No matter how many ‘victims’ were transported in that cart the fake blood pattern remains the same.

Here it is in another place, still retaining its arch-fake tempura paint coating.

There is additional pain on the entrance. It seems that it was spread about by a broom.

What about these ‘blood’ stains? In fact, they are not stains at all but are, rather, markers:

All three red marks are the same. This is mere spray paint, marking out the areas for staging: all for camera-shoot purposes as well as to organize the fake triage. One again, no actual emergency procedures are seen such as the placement of an IV line or application of pressure.

The identifying markers can also be seen, here:

This is hard, absolute proof of staging, meaning all claims of actual deaths and injuries are false. This, then, reveals the scope of the plot, which is an arch-scam to impugn the inalienable rights of the people.

Here is a video early in the staging, where the cart can be seen. There is a person acting as if she can’t walk, as if she was shot. Why make her go through that agony. Why not put her in the cart?

The video shows a small segment on the cart’s whereabouts. While viewing, there is another curious scene. As the helicopter comes upon the SWAT team, the SWAT agent is at-ease. His colleague speaks to him, and, then, only then does he raise his gun up.

In the video, it is there, again, but, still, it’s empty. What good is it? At least they could place a corpse or two in the back-end for transport.

As well, notice the director, center of screen. Throughout this drill the students were directed in their activities and movements by militarized personnel. Nothing occurred, here, spontaneously.

Additionally, despite easy access for all emergency vehicles trucks were also used. If the truck could get there, why not bring on the actual ambulance?

It says she was being attended to. There are no EMTs on the truck.

There was the same triage zone that is rarely seen in the imagery. Here, too, the cart is found. It is said that this was right after the reported shooting went ‘live.’

Here it is, again, same red marks, perhaps dropping off the person now in the gurney. By the way, what happened to the red tent? It did not stay up for long. Also, notice the red tarp. What happened to it?

Clearly, the tent and tarp were removed.

Perhaps, the readers, here, can find other examples of the wondering cart. Sure, it will be said that, ‘Oh, but it was dangerous out there, too dangerous for the EMTs. The wounded had to be transported by armed men.’ This is mere excuse-making. It is obvious that there were no real gunshot victims in these scenes. It is also obvious that with trained EMTs on-hand, that the transport and care of the wounded should have been in their hands.



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  1. lol
    this rubbish is getting more ridiculous with every passing day!
    these clowns can’t even manage to ‘pull off’ a convincing HOAX any more….. how sad are them? ☹

    • Another perverted fraudulent disinfo post by Zionist Jew pervert troll Gabriel! Made under a real posters name here!

      Brokeback *** ZioJew pervert Gabriel fake post as: trutheralways FEBRUARY 19, 2018 AT 8:07 AM
      Coming from the master of pulling himself off…

    • Now apparently according to a surviving “teacher” who was grazed by a bullet…..the shooter was in full body armor….these people cannot act. Ridiculous bullsht

  2. Ex20) Parkland Fake School Shooting PsyOp- Watch these treasonous Zionist Mossad Agents/ sleazebag buffoons Werewolf Blitzer & Phillip Mudd put on a Freakshow pretending to give a rats @$$ about kids being killed (@ a fake shooting! LMAO! These psychopaths wouldn’t care if it was a real shooting! Well at least as long as no Jewish kids got killed! WATCH this ridiculous buffoon “Mr Mudd” have to hide his duping delight face & laughter! And the filthy animal Bloodthirsty AIPAC Spokeswhore Werewolf pretends his cohort is really broken up! I’d like to have 15 to 20 minutes with these too genocidal ziotrash scum & give them free fistfighting lessons & break their smirks up a bit like their cowardly tribesman like to give to defenseless Palestinian children! You just can’t get lower and more degenerate and wretched cowardly & dishonest than these two evil psychopath Ziotrash scum Muddman & Werewolf!

    IMAGINE these despicable Zionist jews have already perpetrated at least 13 Fake school shootings so far this year in less than 7 weeks! Let’s hope & pray these psychopaths overplay their hand & it all backfires upon their heads!

  3. Ex21) Zionist Jew Israeli Traitor Billionaire AL Hoffman tells RINO Republican Sockpuppets NO MORE BRIBES from this enemy agent unless they pass Semiauto rifle Confiscation TREASON legislation for his evil tribe to Disarm US goyim Americans!…To ready US for the genocide they have planned for US Goyim!

  4. 22) Parkland PsyOp– Virginia State Flag Shows Just What Traitor Enemy Agents Attempting to disarm Americans Like AL Hoffman & Wolf Blitzer have earned!…
    (((((((THUS TO THE Tyrants!!!))))))

  5. Of all the conspiratard websites out there this none has to take the prize for having the most mind-numbingly dumb articles and the most brain-challenged group of regular posters.

    If nothing else it’s entertaining. And maybe that’s the point.

  6. Ex23) Wealthy ZioJews of Boca Raton & Coral Springs As Crisis Actwhores Stage Angry Gun Confiscation Rally Immediately after their Fake Parkland School Shooting- treason Psychological Terror Attack Against Americans!

    Watch this hideous Jewess Zionist Sayan Butch **** Lesbian with shaved head & her parents shed no tear for the supposed dead fellow news but rather express fake self righteous anger against the goyim for being armed & pushing the need to disarm these HATED goyim Americans! —To stop fake shootings that these same enemy agent treasonous Zionist jews, find via Homeland Security (with goyim’s own taxslave money) plan and stage & propagate endlessly!

    Though cowardly, dishonest, evil and without any morals, nor scrupples at all this is clearly still a formidable enemy of dangerous genocidal parasites we face & which we must crush for or very basic rights and liberties & survival!

    • This Emma Gonzales gal is so superior to you in every way cowboy, you would be lucky to get to lick the **** off her shoes. Truth.

      (Btw- what are “scrupples”?)

  7. Notice how cowboy evades the question of his mental health, whether he lives in a group home, and whether he’s been on welfare most of his life.

    I think the answers are clear whether he cowardly evades the questions or not

  8. The tide Is turning and we’llsoon Have your guns cowbow!


  9. Cowboy is getting his *** kicked by the Zios today … and everyday. No matter how much he rants, no one listens, no one cares, and nothing will ever change. It’s not too hard when you’re up against a paranoid, psychotic, schizophrenic like Cowboy.

    And yes, by him evading the question of him living in a group home and collecting welfare, is solid evidence of it being true. Who can say otherwise?

  10. I know cowboy won’t answer so I’m asking anyone familiar with schizophrenia-

    Does cowboy not believe that guns can inflict damage and that there are bad guys with guns?

    I guess I’m trying to understand what it is about mass shootings that he can’t wrap his mind around.

  11. Wheelchairs were used for Boston Fraud. Fancy FL has to use a fake blood stained golf cart….very upscale.

    • Douglas-
      You never finished the story about your dumb-as-**** dad and his jewelry store… it sounded fascinating- please continue.

      • Gabriel (posting as Twink) the fink says:

        Twink FEBRUARY 19, 2018 AT 6:07 PM
        You never finished the story about your dumb-as-**** dad and his jewelry store… it sounded fascinating- please continue.

        Ziotrash Jew, you know it’s true, you piece of sh#t Gabriel! You know exactly how dishonest & ruthless some many in your tribe are!

        • **** off, cowballs, and let some of the other residents of your group home use the computer for christ’s sake!
          All I know is that you’re a sad *** paranoid schizophrenic who needs serious help.

        • This was the era when one fancy Jewish diamond merchant had his stash of diamonds sewn into his suit vest. He walked all over town like that. One day he was found riddled with bullets and was missing his diamond vest.

  12. Bullshit- you slant eyed hoaxster.

  13. Ex24) Parkland PsyOp Proven By Numerous Getty Pics Of Fake Shooting Taken & Posted Day Before Event! Also Some AP Articles dated &/or published as early February 1st 2018 on Parkland Shooting!

  14. Ex25) ZioJew Media Criminals @ CNN posted Article on Feb 1 Mentions: Parkland, Feb14, Nashville, 2/9 & Oxon Hill, Feb 5!!

    & Busted Their Own PsyOps As Preplanned hoax Treasonous Events for the evil zionists’ Gun Confiscation Agenda against Americans!

  15. Ex25b) Parkland Fake Shooting- You just can’t more treasonous than CNN & the whole zionist jew owned media! They are up to their necks in treason!

  16. Ziotrash jew boy Gabriel trollfag how many will post your same spam, disinfo, fraudulent & perverted & gibberish posts? You are such are loser & lowlife of treasonous jew!

    Wayne FEBRUARY 19, 2018 AT 6:56 PM
    Let me tell you a little something about the scumbag who writes these posts and operates this site. His name is…………etc etc etc etc……

    • So let me get this straight, Mr. Cowboy. It’s OK for Dr. K, the operator of this site, to allow you to spew baseless unsubstantiated allegations against hundreds and hundreds of people. But if someone should write negatively about you or Dr. K, it’s suddenly fraudulent spam. Seems pretty hypocritical, don’t you think?

      The charges against Dr. K are true. The legal documents are out there on the web for all to see. The man is a convicted con artist who lost his license to practice medicine. That’s a fact. Everything you post day after day, is make -believe from your sick, twisted, pathetic mind.

      I didn’t put my life on the line as a marine in Iraq to defend Americans who abuse free speech. What you practice is hate speech, leveling venomous allegations against innocent and grieving people who lost loved ones to senseless gun violence.

      You’re dangerous and unhinged, and law enforcement will track you down before you can commit the type of mass casualty shootings that you revel in. Mark. My. Words.

      • oh shut up! it was a drill/hoax and you know it! don’t come on here threatening people because we are not left wing globalist cowards!

      • oh by the way, you were no marine!

  17. You are the lowest of the low, you ziojew *** Gabriel!

  18. Ex26) Parkland FL School Shooting PsyOp Is Fake!
    & So Was Columbine!-> As Proven By A Dummy Used!

  19. Understood that they would drill for a scenario such as…………..

    but why have they been telling the media, and likewise, telling the people these actions are real?

    There is a good 20% out there that you just can’t talk to, but don’t they get they are promoting mistrust in government?

  20. So the whole town is in on the hoax?
    The kids that were “killed”- where are they now? Did they never exist?
    If their deaths were hoaxed, what happens when they show up again somewhere?
    The parents are part of it? Grandparents, sisters, brothers… The doctors? The nurses? EMT? Police? Funeral directors?
    Not a bunch of deep thinkers, you conspiratards…

    Offered as “proof” in the last few articles:

    “ but look at her tears! They don’t look real”
    “Look at the guy at the funeral from behind- he looks like the coach would look from behind”
    “Look at the golf cart with the stained seat”…

    Do you understand why you look so fucking brain-dead stupid? I’m guessing not. That’s why you’re losers, in general. Sad. Truly.

    • You are nothing more than a paid POS shill! nobody takes you serious because they know what you are. Just a small amount of common sense will tell you that these things are hoaxes!

  21. They’re gun nuts, Wiley. They’re essentially arguing that there are no bad people with guns- who would actually use them to kill people. So this has gotta be a drill… a drill designed to confiscate their guns. I think they masturbate with their guns. Cowboy does for sure.

    What I want to hear is their theory on the gunman, Cruz… something better than “ well of course he’s the government’s patsy”. Patsy… roflmao

    • says the brain dead moron!

  22. With all the hundreds of cell phone cameras at that school….not one photo has emerged of Cruz with a gun or wearing a gas mask.

    Putting a so-called wounded person on a golf cart that is dripping with blood [fake] is obvious proof this was a hoax.

    This hoax is falling apart like a wet sack of garbage.

  23. Great article and footage!! It is such a shame how they are scrubbing all the evidence of this being a hoax. At least with Sandy Hook we had so many great sleuths making videos. We need to ban together and start a Youtube site where we will not be discriminated against (there is a D tube site ).

    To Cowboy – don’t get discouraged – your comments are right on, hence the number of shills attacking you. “Nothing insults a Jew more than the truth”. Alexander Solzhenitsyn

  24. Yeah dont think legally they can mix peoples blood like that. There is sanitization protocol that has to be followed regardless otherwise you would see a bunch of parents suing for this.

  25. Please use my vids of youtu be.

    Name..Hitters Union Halifax N.S

  26. If you think this shooting was fake then I feel very sorry for you. If your intelligence has left you and all you have left is hate and more hate.
    I would suggest you deal with your hate as soon as possible. Your hate will eat you up and spit you out. You have been fed some crazy assed stuff.
    Deal with your issues. No one is perfect. Stop blaming the world and get your life straight. This post is for your own good. Happiness comes from doing good things. Hate never truly made anyone happy. I have seen the light and want to share what I have learned the hard way if this life.

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