9/11 — 10 September 2013
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9-11 was an attack by the Jewish Mob

It was hostile criminal elements from the Jewish mob which were behind 9-11. Not just behind it, they did it.

Then, these wicked ones blamed it on others, specifically 19 Arabs and Usama bin Laden. Now, these people had nothing to do with it. Rather, it was all done by the Jews.

Moreover, criminal elements of world Jewry were caught in the act perpetrating the crime, actually bombing the building and also recording its detonation. Other such murderous ones were caught with panel trucks filled with explosives, still others, the explosives already placed with explosive’s residues on their bodies and within their panel trucks. In every case these agents of destruction were not Arabs or Muslims but, rather, Israeli moles in the country illicitly from the Israeli entity.

It cannot be said enough. The foot soldiers responsible for the murder and mayhem of 9-11, and particularly for the detonation of the pre-set explosive chargers were Israeli and exclusively Israeli.

Filthy world Jewry: it deems itself mighty beyond mighty, beyond account – above any consequences. If this is the case, it is only because the Jews have infested all levels of power position with their vile agents, mere thugs, thieves, and convicted felons, extortionists, sadists, drug-runners, organ thieves, and more.

Who are these vile rats who have infested the system? They are none other than the coordinators and cover-up moles of the Zionist-orchestrated 9-11 crime, Michael Chertoff, David Hellerstein, and Michael Mulcasey, the legal arm so necessary in order to let free any Zionist moles who were caught in the act.

Yes they are vile, sufficiently vile to blow to smithereens two of the tallest buildings in the world, buildings which were filled with asbestos, and then escape or be sent back by their embedded assets to that land of all evil, the Israeli entity.

How vile is Jewry? Vile enough to plot this in-advance and over a number of years, and when they did it, to only warn fellow Jews and, particularly, fellow Israelis about the upcoming event, while causing all others to be maimed, injured, and slaughtered in the destruction.

Odigo Instant Messaging Services was the primary medium used to give last warnings to the Israelis. Even so, not all Jews were warned. Photographer David Handschuh, whose image stands as a testimony of the nature of the crime, who captured an image of the explosion of the high floors of the South Tower just as they were detonated – he was never warned. When the building blew up, he was carried by the concussive blast aftermath some two city blocks and dumped on the street. Suffering significant injuries, Handschuh finally made his escape. Of note on the Charlie Rose show he let the world know that it wasn’t what most people believe. He saw “no plane” but, rather, only experienced bomb-blasts.

Now, this mob had a diabolical plot in mind. This was a plot aimed at all the people in the world, particularly the Americans and the people in the Middle East. Regarding the Americans the plot was to strip them of their inalienable rights, that is the rights of self-determination and self-defense. Suddenly, the American people were under scrutiny for virtually all their acts and could, incredibly, for the first time in history be arrested without cause and secreted away from society, secretly imprisoned, without legal recourse. This happened to supposed José Padilla, apparent Muslim convert, who no one has yet to hear about his whereabouts or status. Summary arrest without cause: that was one of the consequences of the Jewish 9-11, as was the corruption of the purging of that protective, Constitutional system, Posse comitatus.

It is far more dire than this. 9-11 led to a kind of crushing of commerce. Suddenly, anyone moving reasonably large amounts of money is under high degrees of scrutiny. It became miserable to even be alive. Everyone, other than the high priests of Zionist Jewry, was now under intensive scrutiny. It had a crushing effect on business.

Meanwhile, the Jewish mob profited from the destruction. It was strictly Zionist Jews who were responsible for the so-called puts, that is the advance predictions for monetary gain on which stocks would go down and bets would be place on them. Specifically picked were American Airlines, United Airlines, Morgan Stanley, and other entities specifically and directly impacted by the scam, Morgan Stanley’s offices being one of the first areas to suffer from the detonations. Tens of millions of dollars were earned by the puts, while the Israelis were drawing blood from the trapped inhabitants of the tower. That money was laundered through the Israeli entity.

Silverstein had already set the system in place for great profiteering, again off the blood and agony of the innocent. It was he and his collaborators, including Australian arch-Zionist and ex-IDF mole Frank Lowy, who placed massive insurance claims against the buildings, well in advance, in June 2001. What kind of claim? It was for two separate terrorist acts, so Silverstein, et. al, could be paid out twice on the basis of a simultaneous attack on the towers. Ultimately, this deviant did collect on the trumped-up claim: some 3.2 billion dollars.

The mob is always a pack of thieves and criminal which represents underlings for higher powers. This is no less the case with the murderous attacks on 9-11. Silverstein is a relatively minor player compared to his higher bosses, the men above the mob.

Who are these men? They are the monstrously wealthy, the great monopolistic barons, the Rockefeller cabal, Oppenheimer cabal, Bronfman crime syndicate, the high-powered gambling syndicate group, that is the one controlled by Sheldon Adelson and Steven Wynn, the Annenberg crime syndicate, the Lauder cabal, and the Rothschild cabal.

Direct involvement of these cliques and cabals is easy to prove, using one of the greatest ones of all, the Rockefeller syndicate. Who owned the Port Authority, that is the system and structure, the controlling entity, behind the WTC complex? It was none other than the David Rockefeller cabal. Too, who owns the Shanksville mine pit, where, supposedly, Flight 93 crashed (it didn’t crash; there were no plane strikes or crashes that day)? It is Citigroup, in other words, Rockefeller. Who by proxy owns and operates the Pentagon where the E Wing was destroyed, the one where monies spent are accounted for? Is it any other than Rockefeller and his all-controlling CFR?  In fact, are any of the Pentagon’s wars created by any entity other than the CFR?

250 Israeli moles or nearly this arrested days before and shortly after 9-11 is all the evidence anyone needs, considering that many of these Israelis tested positive for explosives residues.

Need more? How about the fact that Larry Silverstein admitted that he blew up his own building – or the one he had control over, Building 7 – with explosive charges, saying on PBS that he “pulled it?” How about the fact that Benjamin Netanyahu, that arch-criminal agent, said in the immediate aftermath in his unrestricted venom that the attack was “good for Israel,” then catching himself, saying, “Well, not good…?” What about the fact that all the Israelis who were caught who underwent lie detector tests failed miserably?

Jewry intended this war on America to be far more extensive, far more murderous. Yet, in the incompetence of its agents and through the astuteness of American law enforcement the cabal failed. That is because the Jews attempted the following: to detonate the George Washington Bridge (Sept. 12, 2001), to blow up the Alaska Pipeline (Oct. 2001), to blow up a Florida nuclear power plant (Oct. 2001), and to blow up the Erin, Tennessee nuclear submarine power station (Oct. 2001). In all cases the Zionist Jews were caught. However, as in the other terrorists caught in the aftermath of the WTC bombings or in the attempt to bomb to smithereens the George Washington Bridge, all such Jews were released back to the Israeli entity.

None of these people were American Jews. All such spies and moles are actually hardened, spiteful, and devious Israeli agents, real terrorists send to commit great acts of terror in the land. Moreover, the did so, murdering people senselessly without the slightest remorse, in fact, in many instances, like that of Kirzburg brothers and others of the Dancing Israelis, with the utmost glee.

Yet, these hundreds of on-the-ground Israeli moles are relatively minor players compared to the key mobsters from the Zionist strip who are extensively tied to the plot. These mobsters and thugs include the likes of Ariel Sharon, Yitzak Shamir, Shimon Perez, Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, Ehud Olmert, Efraim Halevy, and Meir Dagan, many of whom were involved in the direct coordination of the Israeli explosives experts who placed and detonated the bombs.

Therefore, it is indisputable rather than Muslims, Saudis, Arabs, or others it was strictly Zionist Jews who were/are responsible for the destruction of the World Trade Center and the consequences, which was the murder of innocents and the injuries suffering by thousands of others. Regarding all those injured in the aftermath, such as the first responders and clean-up crews, all these injuries and subsequent deaths: all these are on the Zionist’s shoulders also. In fact, all the mayhem, destruction, and bloodthirsty murder regarding 9-11 is strictly a Jewish act.




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  1. I understand the OKC bombing was a dry run for the Cappelletti demolition company. They were also involved in the Minnesota-St. Paul bridge bombing & in California wildfires after 2007. John/Mike were going to start a demolition business in California, but I have heard if it came to fruition of not.

  2. “Citizens’ Commission” Burglars Who Exposed FBI’s COINTELPRO i


  3. Dr Kaasem Khaleel and Christopher Bollyn are the authors of the two best books written on 9/11.


  4. Harriet, give it a rest! You are a one person show completely overtaking this website. Make room and make time for others! This is not YOUR site! jeez.

  5. http://www.glparchives.com/conspiracy-theory/sandy-hook-emilie-parker-fund-created-dec-14th/

    Beautiful site full of information.
    I’m starting to wonder why yours is so popular and why others’ are not? Why did yours get mainstream status and newsworthy when others’ did not? there are tons of sites.

    • What did you say?

  6. 23,

    You are welcome to post useful links! I hope you assist this site by posting useful links rather than criticize people who are doing it.

    Nobody really owns anything in this world for we are all passengers on a journey. Think about that and God bless!

    I have no interest in owning anything leave alone this or any other site.

  7. Why 9-11 Truth is the Only Option


  8. “9/11 was the work of Mossad and US traitors. Sustaining 9/11 lies discredits the entire Western media.”


  9. The US Christian Church being a corrupt institution has done nothing to uphold the truth about 9/11 and thereby has totally failed to inform the congregation.

    Christian pastors also have done nothing to reveal the truth about the Zionist crime syndicate that has destroyed America and the world. They have continued to falsely blame Muslims for 9/11 in order to support the Zionist war agenda. The Catholic Church has aided and abetted in the child sex trafficking in addition to participating in bringing illegal immigrants to America based on the Jewish agenda. All branches of the Christian Church also have promoted race mixing to please the Zionists Jews.

    These things have discouraged many Christians. Nevertheless there have been at least one courageous Bishop among the Christian leaders who has spoken the truth.

    Bishop Richard Williamson became known to most of the people in the US Truth Movement after the comments he made regarding 9/11 and about the Jewish Holocaust which did not coincide with the Zionist narrative filled with propaganda and lies.

    Zionists tried to send the Bishop to jail (just like they did to the German Artist and Activist Ernst Zundel who is still in a German prison) but failed.

    Bishop Williamson bravely said that Muslims did not do 9/11 which the Zionists didn’t like and he was asked to leave the United States immediately after he made that remark which was Zionist orchestrated.

    Here is Bishop Williamson’s website:


    The following article gives details about what took place:

    “Bishop Williamson Vindicated, then Ousted” By Nicholas Kollerstom

    “…He had told Swedish television that “historical evidence is hugely against six million Jews having been deliberately gassed in gas chambers as a deliberate policy of Adolf Hitler.”1

    The whole world heard the message. The whole world talked about it. It was just so staggering, to hear a Catholic priest say something significant. Words of truth, diamond-clear, as if inspired by Jesus Christ Himself, were given to the world. [For an earlier account of what Bishop Williamson said, see Richard Widmann, “The Case of Bishop Williamson” Ed.2] But nobody in the public domain was heard discussing them. Maybe (and one hopes in private conversations around the world) his carefully chosen words were weighed, but no discussion of their possible truth was heard in the media, not a single word. He was condemned on all corners, sacked from his job, expelled from the country where he was working, threatened with imprisonment by various bodies, and instructed to recant by the Pope….”

    “…In response, a statement put out by the Vatican said: “Bishop Williamson, in order to be admitted to the Episcopal functions of the Church, must in an absolutely unequivocal and public way distance himself from his positions regarding the Shoah [Holocaust].” Then, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told the Pope: “The Pope and the Vatican must make absolutely clear that there can be no denial of the Holocaust.” But Bishop Williamson would not recant. He instead declared that: “If I find this proof, then I will correct myself. But that will require some time” and added an apology for the “distress” he had caused the pope, regretting that his comments had been ‘imprudent.’…..”

    “…The Bishop had to leave Argentina, moving to the SSPX’s British centre in Wimbledon. For twenty years he had been a much-loved Bishop of the SSPX in America, and four volumes of his pastoral letters were published. Then in 2002 after he made some remarks about who was responsible for the event of 9/11, indicating it was not the Muslims, but alluding to ‘Judaeo-Masonic’ elements,4 he found himself being asked to leave America faster than you could say ‘Larry Silverstein.’…”

    Read more:


  10. “India’s 9/11. Who was Behind the Mumbai Attacks?” By Professor Michel Chossudovsky


  11. This has to be my 2nd favourite article in the week,
    i’m not able to’t inform you the top, it might offend you!

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