Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 10 January 2015
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Absolute, Final Proof  Terror Attack in France was a Staged Hoax

Revelation thanks to one of our posters

Updated, corrected, 1-11-15

In what amounts to hard proof that the terror attacks in France were all staged there is the following revelation exposed by one of our posters. It is the revelation that, in fact, the policeman who was purportedly killed was by no means killed and that, rather, any such ‘killing’ was staged:

He is lying there as part of the staging after being ‘shot at’ multiple times, even though he clearly wasn’t injured.

Here is another view taken as a screenshot from the video. He does, in fact, look directly at the fake shooter:


Then, as is clearly demonstrated in the video a shot is fired, not at him but, rather, past him. Moreover, it is not a real shot but is, rather, a blank.


The puff from the impact of the blank on the pavement is clearly seen, also seen, here, in  a screen capture from the video, the arrow showing the direction of the pointing of the gun just after the moment of the fired blank. It is clearly a blank. Too, obviously, it was meant to be shot at a distance away from the crisis actor. No wonder this part of the footage was edited out in later versions.


Now, then, here is what the aftermath of a shot of real ammunition looks like from an AK-47:


The video is worth reviewing. A loud echo is hear in the aftermath of each firing, a noise completely different than what is heard in the French scene, where, obviously, blanks were fired, the video thanks to one of our posters:


Too, the sound from the firing of this weapon is loud, intense, much more so than the noises in the French hoax shooting video.

What about the shoe? That is surely hard evidence of an arch-scam. From the ReactorBreach blog:

Another stupid thing (among many), can someone explain to me why on God’s green earth, a “terrorist” having apparently shot a policeman, would pick up the single sports shoe…lying on the road beside the car…and throw it in the car? Who the hell does that? What, he wanted a spare shoe? From what I could see, both feet had shoes, so it’s not like he needed an extra shoe. The only thing I could think of is that it may be evidence that would discredit this whole…staged play.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 6.04.23 PMfrancefaketerrorshoe1

There can be no other conclusion in this regard. When the hoaxer gunman jumped out of the car, he inadvertently kicked out the shoe with him. Since it was evidence of the scam, he had to remove it from the scene.


It is actual Zionist moles hiding themselves in the brush, that is the trees and bushes behind the fe

There are some three to four of them clearly visible. What else can be seen, though?

It is not incredibly, at the far end of the left screen yet another arch-Zionist mole can be seen in operation. What in the world is he doing? Surely, he is doing his utmost to spread the lie of Islamic terror. What is he doing in those woods?

He is seen at the same exact time in the video when the sound of the blanks are heard, seemingly coming off from the direction of the approaching gunmen. That mole is firing a blank-shooting gun.

et, what else is seen in the imagery? Incredibly, it is actual espionage moles, Mossad agents, in the brush. What are they doing there?

If they have guns of any type, why are they not helping their downed colleague? Why is this man firing off his ‘weapon’ in the distance. He is right there holding up the gun when the popping noises go off.

The shot to the head was fake. No wonder all the blood is fake.



Looks like the French sun oxidized the pigments in that paint badly.


This would be a health hazard. No respectable HAZMAT crew would leave the blood fully available on the public walkway as a supercilious psyops prop.

Then, what does anyone expect when the Zionists post completely inane image such as this?


Are those even real eyeballs? The hand is sure blurry, blurry and appears to have been manipulated through PhotoShop alterations.


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    • Doc,

      “The puff from the impact of the blank on the pavement is clearly seen, also seen, here, in a screen capture from the video, the arrow showing the direction of the pointing of the gun just after the moment of the fired blank. It is clearly a blank. Too, obviously, it was meant to be shot at a distance away from the crisis actor. No wonder this part of the footage was edited out in later versions.”

      There are problems with this analysis.

      To work out with precision the location of barrel of gun to sidewalk hit you would need to know what resolution the video was taken, camera, make model, video settings etc.

      With lower resolution video say even HD 1280 x 720 you will still get frames dropped.

      The time taken to lower barrel of rifle so as the mis alignment shown in your still photo would be in the thousands of a second time frame estimation. Not reliable evidence.

      The best is still:

      No impact movement of human;

      No matter, blood brains, pieces of skull – zero

  1. The zionist psychopaths in Israel are now trying to use their PsyOps Terror & Warmonger-Hatemonger Operations in France to Terrorize French Jews into Emigrating to Israel in mass! In addition to every other evil aspect of this Zio PsyOps!

  2. Zionist Enemy of America DHS
    Houston Hospital Hostage Hoax


  4. Don’t they know it’s rude to point a weapon at the viewer:

    • If that crossbow chick could be blurred more and animated to fire a 3d arrow into my head I would probably lose my bowels with conviction of a staged event.

  5. I am more convinced than ever that this is a phony bologna hoax. But I could be EVEN more convinced if I could get some lesser resolution distorted photos showing me the bugs on the leaves and how they are not right for this time of year. Also, if you could post some of the blurred photos with random blurry squiggly lines with one end pointing to the overwhelming evidence and the other end of the line pointing to me (using 3d glasses perhaps?) I would be 100 percent convinced case closed. Keep up the good work!

    • You can watch the unedited clip below, as posted by RedSilverJ.

      However, I’ve gone through it over a dozen times, and I can’t see the “actual Zionist moles hiding themselves in the brush, that is the trees and bushes behind the fence.”

      So I don’t agree with Doc’s post on this one, to me it’s not conclusive, although I do believe the video itself was part of the phony fake show.

      Here’s the clip, check it out…


      • I thought the same as you, Wake, but then I watched the video, and at 0:16 there is one frame which looks like a side on of a head. There must have been some reason to crop the higher res footage. These events need to be co-ordinated on the ground. It’s all stupid, but verrrrry interrresting

        • Ya, I tried to see that as well, but it just was too grainy. The shoe, however, is very absurd. We know from past hoaxes, that they like showing people without shoes. Here are a few examples:

          Sydney hoax: woman being carried out without a shoe
          Santa Monica Hoax: man laying down on sidewalk, no shoe
          NYPD shooting hoax: attacker with no shoelace vs. shoelace

          Maybe it was just an error on the part of the actor, or it was intentional, just as a ruse for the phony fake show.

          The head shot video of the cop is a FAKE, a FRAUD, a HOAX. That itself proves the cop DID NOT DIE, and if we can make that conclusion, then we can extrapolate that nobody died.

          Those who want to believe the media will reject all analysis of a hoax, even if the media clips show REASONABLE DOUBT of a real event.

  6. Hi please check this link https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=420394744803469

    It explain the white markings on street, how these gunmen run on these white markings, like a movie shooting.
    Thanks very much for your great website. I have shared this many contacts. finally, everyone can read the truth.

    • The video over-analyzed this, there is no need for markers, every director could explain this in a short stage direction like this:

      The car stops besides car x and car y. The driver and the passenger get out of the car. The driver shoots a few shots at the policeman from behind the moving van. The policeman falls to the ground. The passenger rushes along the street towards the policeman, while the driver runs along the sidewalk firing one shot at the policeman from short distance…

      • The Anti Font is a spoil sport too…

      • The video is too grainy and isn’t convincing enough for me regarding “direction markers” being placed at the scene.

  7. Doc got the “thumbs up” on this one, so I guess it’s been approved for mass-distribution. We have relayed his statement that he did not (in this instance) request distribution.

    The independent corroboration with videos helps your case; also, other credible sources have concluded emphatically that the French affairs are indeed CIA / Zionist / Mossad inspired scams.

    See http://www.TomHeneghanBriefings.com .

  8. Proof by prolongation of the barrel where the AK-47’s shot went the moment the smoke is seen:


  9. The audio of the video may be fake. From http://www.jimstonefreelance.com:

    Latest conclusion:

    A reader has written to me saying the people are speaking French. However, even with good headphones I hear English, and the shooter saying “cops are bullshit” immediately before shooting. I think they may have released different sound tracks for different countries. Click here for the sound track of the shooting and see what you hear.

    The reader who wrote in to correct me on this put it this way: Non, c est Bon, chef” (No, thats okay, boss), after the gunman said “Je vais te tuer” (I’ll kill you.) I still think it clearly says “cops are bullshit” in American English. At any rate, the sound track is here so you can decide for yourself, this one is open.

    My guess is that most likely military contractor ISIS, which is based in America did this job. Additionally, the sound track is pristinely clear with perfect audio compression, an obvious studio job. There had to have been two cameras, the cell phone cam which produced poor video, and a second camera with a professional shotgun mic. The video and soundtrack were then merged.

    • I think Jim Stone sums it up quite well here (from the link you provided).

      “Another bust of the Charlie psy op!

      No one would have gotten into the police officer shooting scene to put a memorial up if this shooting was real. It is scene of crime, CRIME SCENE and the forensic investigators would have had it totally blocked off and inaccessible so evidence could be gathered without contamination.

      The reporter saying “the blood that has been put there” cinches it. The fact there is a memorial there already screams BULLSHIT all by itself. If this was a real event, forensic investigators would be going over the area with a microscope getting every last piece of evidence possible, with the street shut down completely and no one allowed within 100 feet.”

      Yes, the flowers and candles are an extension of the media hoax. People are used to seeing candlelight vigils, with teddy bears, flowers and feel good sing-a-songs in the immediate aftermath of any big media staged event.

      Again, look at this case as if you are in a jury box, and pretend the Kouchi brothers were caught and are now standing trial for murder. The prosecution must provide you PROOF beyond a reasonable doubt that the Kouchi brothers killed the cop. Any defense attorney would probably get the case thrown out or at least make that part of the event inadmissible if there was potential evidence tampering or contamination of the crime scene.

      So, if you are looking at the head shot video and automatically believing that it’s a real murder, then I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you.

  10. I wonder who hired that white Rent a Car van that day? Seems like a suitable mobile control unit.

    • Maybe the agency which produced the roof video, AGENCE PREMIERES LIGNES, http://www.pltv.fr

    • There is a truck/van rental place on the other side of the street. So probably there are always those rental trucks around that block.

      • Please provide links and confirmation it’s the same company. Just imagine if this rental company had interfered with the incident, say by parking one of their vans in the wrong place…..

    • Oh my, 2015 will be an interesting year…

  11. No moles in the bushes, not even cardboard moles, I watched the HD version of the video to see if I missed this detail.

    • From Jim Stone’s forum:

      Here is the high definition (720p) unedited Paris terrorist (fake) shooting of the policeman. One can clearly see the tape marker on the road for where the car is supposed to stop at. It also is evidence of multiple takes and that the video has been edited and different videos spliced together. For instance. At the beginning, there is one vertical black tape under the black Clio car. When the gunmen are running back to the car (towards the end of the video), there is now also a horizontal black tape under the car that wasn’t there before, just in front of the right front wheel. So what? Has someone gone underneath the car, laid down some black tape while the gunmen are shooting the cop? Please! Clearly, multiple takes. The shoe on the road is also an obvious marker for where the car was supposed to stop. One can also see the white smoke from firing blanks when the AK47 is fired (notice no shell casings being ejected), and the lack of “any” blood or spatter when the policeman is allegedly shot in the head. The other giveaway that no real bullets are being fired, is the difference in the audio. An AK47 fires a high velocity round at “supersonic” speed. This means, when the bullet is fired, it creates it’s own sonic boom, which follows the initial firing. As a comparison of what a “real” bullet being fired from an AK47 vs blanks sounds like, compare the audio from the video below with that of a real bullet being shot from an AK47. You’ll hear the difference right away. Gordon Duff was right about the sound. See the youtube video below (you can find many other examples if you like on youtube if you search). Download this and save it and examine it. It is proof this was a false flag. Those journalists may have really been killed, but it wasn’t any Islamic fanatics who did the killing, more likely a pair of Mossad agents. I don’t know how long it will stay up for, so grab it right away. The file name is PTSB, which stands for Paris Terrorists shooting blanks.



      • “Those journalists may have really been killed”
        No, they don’t do that. Wrong MO. Too messy.

        • We know. (I did not want to edit another person’s comment.)

    • I’ll look, again.

      Did look, corrected. Thanks for cleaning it up.

  12. Good job on the Moscow, Idaho (apparent) false flag.

    Here’s the http://www.PressTV.ir account at


    The Iranians are using these incidents to portray Corporate America (USA, Inc.) as a bunch of gun-toting redneck lunatics.

    In many ways, we are !

  13. Preacher who radicalised Charlie Hebdo killers is now a NURSING INTERN ‘on duty’ in A&E unit at victims’ hospital



  14. Lol, thats just beyond ridiculous – When did Paris became Tel Aviv?

    Jewish patrol cars out in force in London amid fears of copycat attack in wake of kosher store siege in Paris


    • The only one with blue eyes was the Mossad agent playing the role of one of the Kouchi brothers.

  15. Photoshop and collage at work again? The British connection: Jihadis behind both Charlie Hebdo and Jewish shop attacks in Paris pictured with Al Qaeda recruiter who preached at Finsbury Park Mosque


  16. LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE? Ex-Muslim politician ‘girlfriend’ of murdered Charlie Hebdo editor was NOT in a relationship with him, claims his family as they spark a furious row


    • What a fraud.
      n an emotional interview, the 41-year-old said she had begged him to leave France and that she: ‘always knew he was going to die like Theo Van Gogh (the Dutch cartoonist murdered in 2004).’

      That’s ironic, or a pointer perhaps, because all the evidence is pointing to Van Gogh’s “departure” being a hoax.

      • From the article:

        The lawyer and former French Secretary for Youth and Community Life described to French TV station BMFTV how she got the news he was killed.

        ‘I was at a state meeting and I learned there had been a shooting,’ she said.

        ‘Then I sent him a text, a second text, third text, and then I phoned him and he wasn’t answering and he never did that.

        ‘When I got there, there were the cordons and we weren’t allowed to get in and I learned there that he was dead.'”

        How did she “learn” about the shooting while she was at the meeting?
        What was the TIME of each text?
        How did she “learn” that he was dead when she “got there”?
        Was the coroner already at the scene when she arrived?
        Who identified the body?
        When was next of kin notified?

        These are BASIC questions for any half-wit journalist to ask before printing a story. But the Daily Mail probably asked no such questions, since her story was printed to add emotional appeal to the phony fake show.

        • I posted EXACTLY why the story is not credible with six basic questions any journalist would have asked before quoting this woman’s version in a printed article for worldwide view.

          I don’t think it’s possible for you to think for yourself.

    • It does seem they used several takes to get the final scene, with edits and splices until they got the one they showed via the media, just like in a Hollywood movie.

      I found a video from peekay22 from the link you provided, check out the cop shooting behind the car at the other scene. Even if he had a better vantage point, what is he shooting at? It’s just another example of the phony fake show.


  17. BAM’s gearing up for MARTIAL LAW, with a conference on preventing extremism slated for February, see


    As you probably know, he/they will be using all of these false flags as the pretexts for declaring martial law.

    Unfortunately, my collegues stated in an insider message,

    “… those who did not stand with us up to this point will get no legal or other assistance, even if they are being hauled off to the FEMA camps. They’ll have to draft and file their own Habeas Corpus and related pleadings from the camps or jail/prison. That will be difficult, because they probably will be denied legal resources.”

    Looks like they don’t care if you/we get smoked.

  18. Got a report a while back that “Doc” or “Dr K” may be in the UK – think he’d better stay there ! LOL

  19. Piece of Zio scum speaking for Muslims


    • The man’s a nut case.

      • Takes one to know one, doctor k. This Muslim cleric is far from a Zionist. He admits the muzzies were behind this crime and he’s proud of it. Yep, that’s Islam, the religion of peace. Not.

    • I guess nobody clued him in that it was just a phony fake show, lol!

  20. Buried, actually relocated. We shouldnt expect pics or vids from the “funeral”, should we?

    Premier: Jews Killed in Paris Attack to Be Buried in Israel


    • Oh,not the tired old empty coffin routine again?

      • Maybe they will get out their Sharpies and write colorful notes on the empty coffin at the fake funeral, just as Grace’s “parents” did in the Sandy Hoax!

  21. This guy smoked shitty stuff, thats clear

    French Prime Minister: If Jews Flee, the Republic Will Be a Failure


  22. If there is ever a real terrorist attacks on the US/Europe I will be surprised/shocked. And the sheeple don’t question anything.

    • Once they knew they could get away with lying about hijacked commercial planes on 9/11, then they can fake anything.

      You’re right, the sheeple don’t question anything.

  23. Another good video by Jeff C, as if the head shot wasn’t fake enough, check out the supposed CPR being given to the supposed female cop who was supposedly shot in Paris…


  24. My god every post you get dumber and dumber the ak shots proof lol

    The fake as you call it is filmed far away in an enclosed space which absorbs sound the real ak as you call it is filmed right next to the gun in an open space which will make it louder!

    And before you argue im a professional sound engineer so i know lol

  25. “would pick up the single sports shoe”

    It’s a sandal.

  26. Posts like these are only designed to generate hits and ad revenue… they’re complete bullshit.

  27. In retrospect i believe that policeman on the curb is a dummy. Who manages to keep his feet/legs in exactly the same position, while the upperbody turns away from the shooter. And of course they shot the curb. Dummies must be costly after all.

  28. Please tell me this article is a joke ??

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