Boston Bombing — 29 April 2013
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Absolute Proof Boston Bombing Was a Staged Hoax

All the proof that is needed that the Boston bombing didn’t occur as portrayed and that instead it is a hoax and that no people died is right here, the famous video evidence accumulated by EMT, Steve Apple. Many have already since his work. Here is an excellent summary of these findings by a YouTube researcher (based on Apple’s work by Max Malone?):

There is no need for further proof. The lack of blood emanating from the supposed double amputee whose legs were supposedly blown off in the incident is sufficient evidence that this is a Hollywood scam and that no one died, no one severely injured.

The man in the hood is a prop pro, who, through his hook, makes every attempt to hide under disguise:


Prosthetic stumps on. No blood. Hooded man is a Hollywood special effects master.

Still no fake blood on the left stump; none on the fake bone, either. Blood would be gushing out from the unprotected, non-compressed, cut arteries. However, is that the beginnigs of artificial blood being applied on the right stump?

There appears to be blood in place, now, clearly visible on the fake bone and also possibly on the right stump:

Prop-man, now finished with the fake double amputee, does double duty and himself begins playing the role of the injured. See him on the ground below, acting as one of the injured:


Note the cast of characters, Carlos “the patriot” Arrendondo, the prop-meister in pink, the woman in the red jacket acting as the blocking agent, and the other prop-master in the black jacket, grey sweatshirt.

Now see this finding. This is surely the same man who handled the fake double amputee, now playing the role for the cameras as a wounded spectator. It can now be seen that this sort of light-colored blood-stained clothing seen on, for instance, this prop man and also the clothes of hero Arrendondo, is always the same hue and it is fake blood, not real.


The finale after the prop-pros finished their work. All the people in yellow in these scenes are actors, just like the fake wounded. Moreover, they all were allowed onto the scene because of being pre-cleared as paid operatives for the Zionist-orchestrated DHS.

Actress on the bottom does a fair job of faking death, while still retaining good color on the skin, including the skin of the abdomen. She has the facial appearance of a corpse but not the expected ashen-grey skin color. Not much blood on her right leg for someone who was supposed to have her leg blown off.


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  1. Being from Boston, how I wish this was a hoax. Everyday I wish this never happened. Sadly, it did happen. Wake up this is very real. We will never be the same as we were before it happened. Your way of coping is – denial. Happens all the time. I feel so sad for you and others like you.

    • You are using the language of a troll. Are you a paid troll?

    • So what if you’re ‘ from Boston ‘ …i can say the same. That is a pretty loose way to put it, from Boston…i’m from Rockland, and live in Taunton, i’m from the Boston area…where are you really from? You sound dramatic. Were you right there? I know this was a hoax. I know the Tsarnaevs were set up. They weren’t even mentioned at first. The first two suspects were Sunil Tripathi and Mike Mulugeta…whether or not we’re ‘ from Boston ‘ anyone can see that this is bullshit, if they look. ‘ We will never be the same as we were before it happened…’ give me a fucking break buddy. You can still get shot to death in Boston, raped in an alley if you’re female, stabbed over nothing in a bar…Boston hasn’t changed, you have.

      • You know **** all!

    • Sadly you are in denial sir. 9/11 syndrome. Make something horrific happen then if anyone questions it the “how dare you” lines start flowing. No one wants to admit there own government was involved. Its frightening but it’s true. Just like a buddys kids who went to Sandy Hook elementary. His son told him they were told there was an active shooter drill that morning. Its all a show. Why does the guy in one picture have a blood pump on his leg??? ……..the only tragedy here is that people belive this

  2. The first ‘bomb’ was in a manhole. I watched a You Tube video on the same day where a girl kept repeating.”It came out of a hole in the ground.” This exactly fits an explosion which could hardly make the flags flutter let alone break one single flagstaff. Naturally on the next day there was no trace of the video.

  3. Those news reporters are political activists.
    Have you watched their body language? They seem over eager, almost happy, to relay any story labled by them as terrorism.
    Something suspect going on here.
    Oh, and the Sandy Hook Hoax book has been removed from Amazon, just so you know.
    These same people calling everything retards probably believe Osama Bin Laden was actually found and killed and dumped at sea? LOL.
    Remember, Tv and the media are very important propaganda tools.

  4. Wow you all who have laughed and ridiculednew that photos videos should be ashamed we in this world need to have compassion for strangers as we would our family it is a sad day when we charge ahead untrusting in a world with so much hate we should believe and show our remorse this is just sad that you all sit behind your devices and say such degrading things about these victims and the events that took place that day! In the end you have no solid proof it was fake were any of you about of those lying on the ground surrounded by blood and chaos **** no you all watched it on your TVs so hush and have some ******* empathy

    • Wake up. The time for so called “empathy” for stagged events is over. I bet you think 2 planes make the twin towers fall lol. I pitypeople like you who believe this ****. Give me two thosand byvks and a camera and I could make a stagged terror attack.

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