Other Hoaxes Santa Monica Hoax — 08 June 2013
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Absolute Proof that the Santa Monica Attack was a Staged Hoax

Zionist moles have gone back to the well, once again, of the claim for a crazed, deranged American–a man clad in full military gear with a so-called assault rifle–who went on a murderous rampage. The Santa Monica terror attack was a wicked hoax, just like the others. No one died, and no one was injured. It’s a total fake: no doubt about it. The witnesses are fakes, too, especially the blonde-haired man, a super-phony. “Yeah,” he spouts immediately, “There were shell casings.” When he talks about the ‘blood’ and broken glass, he shuts his eyes. “The blood drizzled down the steps.” Did anyone see any blood on steps anywhere? No cell phone footage? He didn’t see it, either.




What a fraudster this doctor is. “Not much point of calling in, because we will be calling out to the families that are involved.” The doctor and his institution are the recipients of big promises: federal millions are worth the telling filthy lies.

The doctor: what kind of doctor? He’s confused. He even alluded to shrapnel wounds. That was a different drill, doctor, the one where the ADL’s henchmen promoted the claim of Islamic boogeymen detonating pressure cooker bombs? Don’t your remember?

Important finding: the above is the uncut version. In the AP version the following was cut out:

“The hospital will be reaching out to the relatives of any of the patients who have been received and of all patients we have received, so that there is not much point in people calling in, because we will e calling out to the families of the people who were seen, here.”

People of the world, this is a clear proof of a cover-up by the Zionist-orchestrated AP to prevent the revelation that this is a scam. This is an unprecedented statement. No relatives or friends are allowed to check into the hospital? What this means is that no reporters or Internet sleuths will be allowed to investigate the fraud. It also means there simply are no relatives or friends, because there are no victims.

Now see Satan in behind the doctor. He’s too bold to even disguise his self-disgust. He gives the devil’s smile when the doctor is at his best, lying through his teeth.
Two satans together, both smirking regarding the fraud.


Now, still smiling in glee he’s pulled away for another hideous role. This degree of smirking and glee is yet another evidence of the entire even as a charade.

Other hoaxers in the frame

Who is this woman in the back? When he says the drill for these things all the time and are the world’s experts, she glances off to the right.

Blood drizzler detected?

Update: this adds to the incredible: this man’s image, used on the front part of the video, is actually NOT injured in Santa Monica. The image is from a purported shooting in New Orleans. Until proven otherwise, this, too, could be fake and thus the lack of evident injuries still holds. See the image as it shows up not on June 6 but, rather, in May:


At first glance this would appear to be a different man, who appears to be bald more completely, although there are certain similarities. The more important finding, though, is that just as in the Boston Hoax, this actor is surrounded not only by prop-meisters but also producers.
The producers are distinguished by arrows. Yet, what else is seen? It’s the tempera paint and/or Hollywood fake blood, a phony puddle, essentially the same color and texture as in Boston. There’s the standard backpack to disguise the Hollywood gore. Is the red-headed man a blood drizzler? What is he doing with his right hand?

Moreover, there it is, same color as in the Boston hoax, that reddish-violet paint used to fake the injuries, staining through the Ziploc bag into the fibers.

Regardless, the man in the brown shirt is an actor like all others and is doing so for pay. There is no way he is injured. Seen this scene before where the mere lay people are tending to the severely wounded: no real EMTs, firemen, or others in sight? They were told to stand down. After all, it was a mere drill: no one was really hurt. What is that man doing with his right hand, applying pressure to a non-existent wound?


Not believable. A blob of fake blood on the pavement. Not blood on the arm, and a regular man on the street applying a fake tourniquet, or so it would appear. No wounds, no lacerations, and surely no evidence of a gunshot wound.

Blood where it’s supposed to be in a gunshot would: on the entrance or exit area, on the skin, and right next to the wound site, not off in a puddle several inches away. That would be might sore to have some person out on the street manipulating such an entrance and exist wound (non-existent), and not a good idea with the bare hands.
There’s no oozing. That blood was poured there. Not a drop can be seen on the man’s arm. One more time:


No blood anywhere on the arm or shoulder; no staining into the shirt? No flesh wounds of any kind to account for the rather significant blob of blood-like material? What is the actor doing, checking his pulse? A very amateurish job indeed: more would be expected out of the on-site Hollywood moles. And they thought no one would notice.

The use of fake blood means, once again, that the Santa Monica terror attack, despite all the claims and proclamations, simply didn’t occur.

It’s all a mere camera shoot, after all. Movies are believable? Why not virtual terror?

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  1. It appears that Boston and Santa Monica have no EMTs. All of the care is done by random civilians while cops stand around and chit-chat with each other. This is a very obvious and crude HOAX.

  2. The photos of the black guy with the brown shirt above are photos from the shooting in New Orleans that occurred during the side parade. I don’t know why those photos are part of this article. They don’t belong as part of this article. The New Orleans incident seems to be real because there was only local cops that were involved and the local police caught the guys that were responsible for all the injuries in that state. I don’t believe anyone died.

  3. The santa monica drill is just that. But from the content of the post from “Blood drizzler detected” and beyond will have to be retracted because it is from the New Orleans shooting which I don’t think was fake because it involved only local police.

  4. Santa Monica College Shooting Hoax Part I http://youtu.be/fZanNt8QiH4
    Santa Monica College Shooting Hoax Part II http://youtu.be/yrs4YIIAdME

  5. http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/05/13/18213691-at-least-19-injured-in-new-orleans-mothers-day-shooting?lite

    Black man w/brown T-shirt photos are from Mother’s Day New Orleans…May13.

    • Wow…it just keeps getting stranger. Good catch.

    • This is incredible and is proof of staging. This means the New Orleans shooting was also a drill. Keep digging. 1000% certainty that SM is a scam.

      • Dr. K, no, I’m going to vehemently disagree with you about the New Orleans being a drill. There is no evidence to support that. This article’s content, in part, should be retracted as I’ve indicated above. The N.O. shooting seems legit because there wasn’t FEMA, DHS, or FBI involved in that shooting – only local police.

        • One good rule: mass shootings occuring since 2001 are fake until proven otherwise.

  6. So appreciate your latest efforts, re Santa Monica and probably even N.O. Mothers’ Day. All this foolery and fraud is so upsetting, to put it mildly.

  7. Massive disinfo here, a “witness”


    • Good find. Same, standard Zionist story of “feeling ashamed that I wasn’t hurt and others were.” Is Stormfront run by Ashkenazis?

    • Analyzing Judenhausser’s lies at this time. Meanwhile, see these additional dirty lies by Zionist mole Debra Fine:

      Inside, firefighters would later find two bodies in a back room — that of Zawahri’s father, Samir, and his brother Chris.
      Both had been shot.
      Outside the house, police came across an injured woman who too had been shot: Deborah Fine.
      Fine told CNN she was driving when she saw the gunman pull over another woman and hold a rifle to her head.
      “I thought to myself, ‘What are you doing? Why are you pointing this gun at her?’ And so I put on my accelerator, I hit the gas, and I got in between the two of them,” she said.
      The bold move quickly turned the gunman’s attention to Fine.
      “I’ll never forget his eyes. They were just so intense and so cold,” she said. “That’s when he raised his rifle.”
      The bullets struck Fine three to four times across her body.
      With blood pooling around her, she slumped over and played dead in hopes that the gunman would stop.
      When neighbors rushed to the scene, Fine had one plea:
      “Please, I don’t want to die. I have twins. Just please open my car door,” she said.
      Fine still has pieces of shrapnel inside her body.

      Note: this is merely make-believe, an incredible array of drama and lies.

    • The evidence thus far indicates that Jundenhausser is a Mossad infiltrator posing as an “anti-Jew.”

      • Check out the creepy smiling woman directly behind the ‘doctor’.. Now that’s freaking satanic!

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