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 Accused Florida School Shooter Nikolas Cruz is a Jew not a White Nationalist

Updated with video plus additional copy, Feb. 20/2018

Let us, once again, set the record strait. Per Jewish news media sources themselves claims that accused Florida School Shooter Nikolas Cruz is a crazed, lone gunman with white nationalist leanings are completely false. Such claims were purposely disseminated into media outlets as a means of deception. Nevertheless, regarding the purported Florida school shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school can no one see the truth? It seems that the vast majority of the people have been categorically deceived, actually believing that this is a real shooting when it is not, when it is nothing other than a fraud and a fake.

They believe that this is, once again, an act of violence by a lone gunman. “It’s another crazed, gun-happy American,” even, somehow, a “white shooter,” despite the fact that Cruz is Hispanic (Note: regarding the image on the intro page, this is a photo of one of the fake victims, not Cruz; however, their use of the Devil’s Horn sign simply emphasizes the nature of this arch-fraud)

They are also beginning to believe that loose gun laws are responsible. Thus, they are directly falling into the plot which has been set for them.

Nevertheless, rather than giving them up or making it virtually impossible to procure them the American people really do need to keep their guns, all of them plus every possible type of ammo and other support materials, more so than ever before. This is particularly true in light of the acclaimed events of the Broward County, Florida, ‘shooting.’

Supposedly, the gunman committed numerous magic tricks. After killing and wounding over 24 people he escaped, blending in with students, then, walked out with them, while before this he somehow disposed of his weapon, which has never, by the way, been found.

Cruz is a Jew, which he clearly himself admits:

Commonly, Sephardic Jews had historically taken Christian-sounding names, like Nikolas, ‘de Jesus,’ and ‘Cruz.’ As well, regarding this raging against Jews and blacks, as well as Muslims, this is a standard Zionist plot, which is done to create confusion, distraction, and dissension.

All sorts of theories are bandied about regarding this individual, that he is a ‘patsy’ or simply a depressed or deranged person. ‘He’s a loner, a weirdo, a loser.’ It is even claimed that he is a violence-prone white separatist or white nationalist. None of this is the case. Instead, he is a well-trained Mossad operative doing its bidding for financial gain and also for the sake of the schemes of fellow Jews.

In order to perpetrate this fraud a vast number of channels of truth seekers and others who have exposed similar lies have been sterilized. The YouTube channel of this Website has also been expunged. In fact, there is a malicious attempt by Google, YouTube, Twitter, and its collaborators to do so. This is so that the fraud of new full-staged ‘mass shootings’ can be freely imposed upon the people: without resistance.

That arch-plot is clearly delineated, here, supported, actually, orchestrated by the rabid, extremist pro-Zionist Annenberg crime syndicate. It amounts to nothing other than categorical censorship:

It was also added: “These companies all have tremendous engineering capabilities,” said Gabriel Kahn, a professor at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. “Until now they haven’t addressed these issues with the same urgency as issues they think are more core to their business.”

So it is that since mid-last-year much of the Internet has been purged of any resistance against the arch-Zionist cabal. ‘Misleading,’ really? Who is spreading outright misleading information which is nothing other than outright propaganda? It is clearly the lying, thieving Zionist-controlled media outlets, as well as the ADL and SPLC, which are doing so. Yet, none of their hideously corrupt posts or videos are censored.

In this regard even the gunman is fake. For instance, there is not a single video in existence demonstrating his role in actually shooting anyone. With all the cell phones  about why is there not a single image of him toting a gun, brandishing, as reported, smoke grenades, or wearing a gas mask?

Here is the hard proof of his role as a Mossad operative. He is merely in the scene as a staging agent. The proof is in the fact that blanks were fired to create a sense of realism. It is seen, here, that the fake realism was enhanced by the shooting of flash-bangs or blanks.

Arch-Zionist mole and local sheriff S. Israel claimed, incredibly, that there was gunfire exchanged and that one of his deputies was injured.

In a conference, Florida Gov. Rick Scott called the shooting “just absolutely pure evil.”

There can be no doubt that pyrotechnic devices were exploded/fired from the bushes. This means that these deceptive ones were hiding, there, as a means of the obfuscation.

Nevertheless, the arrest is obviously a fake, fully staged. It is all done for merely the cameras, for mere public consumption: in fact, to fool the people, who have, apparently, no ability to analyze or scrutinize.

Cruz was staged numerous times. He was put in the car and then brought out. He was even eventually taken from the squad car and placed on the gurney. This was in keeping with the earlier footage with the pyrotechnics.


White supremacist plot

Zionist-operated AP News released the original information, along with the ADL, of a ‘white nationalist’ association.

Image result for 4chan; photos; nikolas cruz; images

The ADL says he is a “white supremacist.” Per its Website he was a definite member of the so-called white racist organization, Republic of Florida, the ADL claimed. This is merely another element of the Zionist plot, because it is the continuous scheme of the Zionists to fabricate racial strive, often through fake white supremacist groups. Here, it leveraged a relatively new Jewish asset, Jordan Jereb, recruiting him as the so-called leader of the Republic to support this scheme:

…also stating that Cruz carpooled to Tallahassee with other members.

The ADL brags that it was the one which broke this ‘white nationalist-Cruz connection,’ even stating on its Website that it “called Jereb” to ‘confirm’ it.

Jereb is a scheming, plotting Zionist Jew, not a ‘white nationalist.’ The following is extracted from the DailyBeast:

Is this not incredible? He is essentially stating he endorses racist-based killing. The Mossad operative clearly leverages the so-called anti-Semitism canard, a standard of plots by Zionist operatives. Right, sure, Jews were bullying him, so he went out for revenge. He can say all he wants. No one will take action against him.

See also what this Zionist agent said. Once again, would he not be taken down and arrested for such commentary in the face of all those deaths and injuries: or at least be resoundly condemned?

“…he was pretty efficient…” How callous. Why is no one going after him?

The Jereb group of Mossad operatives is relatively recent on the scene, as per WTXL:


Florida Shooting Provides Window Into How Google, Twitter Are Addressing Fake News

Republic of Florida: Nikolas Cruz ‘Linked’ to White Supremacist Group


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  1. yeh….. the media is telling y’all the truth abt this……. lol

  2. scum bag Fascist is using my posting name to spew his lies!

  3. well I just can not get my lines right!

  4. Cop car with the number 9407 on top. 9 + 4 + 0 + 7 = 9 + 4 +7 = 9 + ……11….. 9/11 !!!!!

    I am republishing your article. Keep up the great work!!

    • Welcome to re-post any blogposts on this scam. Be well. Seen your channel.

  5. So Mr K, the webmaster, is crying a river about YouTube, etc , deleting his posts/channel.

    Yet all the while Mr K purges this message board routinely of hundreds of posts he doesn’t like.

    Hypocrisy, anyone?

    • Yes, I know the truth stings, **** stirrer. Perfect avatar for a shitbag! I bet you spend alot of time playing with ****; another fetish of the Zio scum…

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    I hear he’s quite heavily involved in child trafficking, this the trips to Indonesia!
    I’m so sorry to have to report such unpleasant need to you about your son….he truly is a TPP!!

  7. Yes, I’ve heard his mother is quite a Zio ****. Decrepit & diseased….

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  9. And his “sis”, your daughter, a beautiful specimen she is. I know she provides sexual comfort to you. I am not one to judge. Sex with one’s daughter is not uncommon in many parts of the world. You must obtain comfort however you must. Just be careful of the law.

  10. Ex27) Parkland FL Fake Shooter Kanguroo Court Hearing! They picked a 19 yr old fake Shooter/ Crisis Actor so they could have ridiculous televised Hearings & phoney baloney trial!

    • Cow-

      What was the last mass shooting in the US that wasn’t a hoax? Can you remember any?

      • Ziotrash Jew Gabriel the troll dunder head posting as Buck asks a question…

        (Gabriel) Buck FEBRUARY 20, 2018 AT 10:22 PM

        What was the last mass shooting in the US that wasn’t a hoax? Can you remember any?

        Certainly ziotrash, I can, a filthy zionist jew murderous genocidal pig named Baruch Goldstein committed a mass shooting against innocent unarmed Muslims praying in a mosque in Jeresalem in 1984! And Then IDF Soldiers went in the mosque & murdered even more innocent people after the people killed this evil zionist monster in self defense!

        So there are real mass shootings but they are usually done in third world countries run by dictators and/or communist countries or by zionist jews or communist jews or their mercenaries. But among normal people they are not something that happens… other than by drug gangs which are not normal people either!

        • your answer speaks for itself in more ways than you can imagine.
          Don’t fall off the edge of the earth, cow man.

  11. Forgive my lack of clarity, my scholarly friend, but this girl you refer to as “sis”, when communicating with your son Gaybort- “sis” is Gaybort’s daughter? Many here were of the understanding that it was Gaybort’s sister. If his daughter, why do refer to her as “sis”?

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    • Holy ****, Roxi! (You a tranny?)
      Got your undies in a bunch?


  13. Ex28) Parkland School Shooting PsyOp Florida State Rep Aide Fired For Exposing Mossad Zio Jew David Hogg Is A Crisis Actor!

    An aide to a Florida House lawmaker was fired Tuesday after he said that Parkland students who were speaking out on gun control after Wednesday’s mass shooting were paid actors.

    Benjamin Kelly, the aide to Republican Rep. Shawn Harrison, emailed Tampa Bay Times reporter Alex Leary to claim that two Marjory Stoneman Douglas students who appeared on CNN weren’t actually survivors of the attack.

    Zio Media Reporter was angry when then state rep aide told him the obvious truth David Hogg & the female jewish sayan were Crisis Actors!

    An aide to state Rep. Shawn Harrison, using state email, sent me this: “Both kids in the picture are not students here but actors that travel to various crisis when they happen.

  14. Ex29) Parkland Gun Confiscation Advocate ZioJew Crisis Actor David Hogg Crisis Acted In News Story In California Last Year! He is from California brought in for the Parkland Fake Shooting Gun Confiscation Agenda Treason PsyOp!

  15. Cowboy, that’s incredible!
    Good work, my friend!
    They even look sort of alike! Well,not really, but that’s ok. At least they have the same name! That’s all we need to dupe the troops!
    Wanna be on my show tomorrow and talk about this immense discovery?
    You’ve blown this hoax WIDE open!
    You will end up in the truther Hall of Fame!

    • Ziotrash Gabriel the troll psting as Alex Jones say on: FEBRUARY 20, 2018 AT 11:49 PM
      Cowboy, that’s incredible!
      Good work, my friend!
      They even look sort of alike! Well,not really, but that’s ok. At least they have the same name! That’s all we need to dupe the troops!
      Wanna be on my show tomorrow and talk about this immense discovery?
      You’ve blown this hoax WIDE open!
      You will end up in the truther Hall of Fame!

      Nice disinfo try Zio Jewboy Gabriel but too bad David Guyton Hogg did his PsyOp news Story in Rodondo Beach just 6 months ago where he looks & speaks exactly the same! So your disinfo fails as usual Gabriel!

  16. 29f) Parkland Fake School Shooting Fake Student David Hogg Apparently posed as a student for DHS/ Mossad for atleast 1 yr at Rondo Shores High 2015 & Graduated Then He must have posed as a Student in South Carolina in 2015 & 2016 then moved on and posed as a Student at Parkland High School in 2017 to 2018 now in Wealthy Coral Springs, Palm Beach Miami area where could make a fortune dealing his drugs & setting up history (“legend”) as a student at Parkland!

    So this guy is an Antifa activist but still he is telling the truth exposing this clown David Guyton Hogg & his account & posted have been deleted several times & people reposting them!! And he threats from confused Right wing & left wing tweeters & media & twitter for exposing this clown! He actually went to school in Rodondo Beach with this a-hole so he recognized him! Even though Hogg lost weigh since 2015 probably from doing so much meth & cocaine & or herione.

  17. Ex30) Parkland Massacre PsyOp Crisis Actor David Hogg Screws his Lines Up A lot & Wants Retakes! Just Like Gene Rosenslime the old Freemason ZioJew Crisis Actor from Sandy Hook & FEMA

  18. Ex30b) Parkland Massacre PsyOp Crisis Actor David Hogg Screws his Lines Up A lot & Wants Retakes! Just Like Gene Rosenslime the old Freemason ZioJew Crisis Actor from Sandy Hook & FEMA

    Compare Hogg bloopers & to Gene Rosenslimes’ here:

  19. The truth stings, doesnt it **** SI
    The truth hurt,
    The truth dtm

    The truth stings, doesn’t it shitbag? Or was it **** stirrer? Obviously you have a fecal fetish! Care to hear more about the origins of your super hero, “Cowboy?”. His father & I can fill you in on all the hilariously gory details!

  20. Ex30c) Parkland/ Redondo Beach Coke Head Crisis Actor Mossad Drug Runner David Guyton Hogg screwing his lines from too much speed & crack, etc!

  21. Ex31) Parkland PsyOp Fraudsters & Mossad Actwhores **** Emma Gonzalez & Homo David Hogg
    together pretending to be students at Parkland High School! The Zionist Jew Drug Runner Is 28 & she is well over 22 atleast!

    Their staged, fake anger is just redirected jewish supremacist anger & hatred of the goyim whom they’d both been raised since birth to hate with a satanic level passion & obsession & bloodlust for murder & genocide like the psychopath, cowardly ziotrash jew troll here Gabriel!

  22. Ex31) Parkland PsyOp Paid ZioJew Crisis Actwhores stage Angry Demands For Gun Confiscation of tge Hated Goyims SemiAutomatic Rifles aka Repeater Rifles & aka most common riles owned by Americans!

    These 4 actwhore$ are all paid zionist jew enemy agents!

    No Gun Confiscation = No Jewish Genocide of Goyim

    Ziotrash know to genocide Americans you must disarm most of them. No Army can genocide any larged well armed population with semiauto weapons aka Militia! Never forget the jewish holocaust of Russia & Ukraine & Eastern Europe & (later Spain) which begin fullspeed after Gun Confiscation wss successful! Never forget the jewish holocaust of Palestine by the Jews in 1948! And never forget the So-called media beloved holocaust of jews in Poland & Germany is a total lie & Hoax!

    • RIGHT ON! Once our guns are taken – game over. They will kill us! Please spend some time reading about the Jewish Bolshevik revolution and the hate crimes committed against Christians. The first law passed was an anti-Semitic speech ban where soldiers could kill anyone that uttered a breath against a Jew! Are we repeating history with the rise of HATE crime laws stifling us to be able to speak out? The first law passed in Communist Russia… was not about the workers, bettering their lives, etc. Communism was a scam and used by the Jews to take over Russia – 30 million dead. How come our history books are not teaching us that?

      • The history books are not teaching it because it’s not true. You ignorant dolt.

  23. Ex32) Busted Parkland CrisisActor & FBI mossad Dad Demand He is Not A Crisis Actor! This Lying Punk Mossad Agent Drug Runner & His Treasonous Father Really have no shame with their filthy lies & fraud & denial! Watch these A-holes with homo CNN fellow mossad agent lie the criminal traitors they are!

    Thou do’th protest too much!

    Shooting survivor: “I’m not a crisis actor”

    Student activist and survivor of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, David Hogg, calls alt-right conspiracy theories about the shooting “disturbing” and responds to Donald Trump Jr. endorsing it.

  24. Ex32-b) Parkland Fake Massacre- The end of this video contains the CNN VID of Mossad Trash Crisis Actor David Guyton Hogg & his FBI/ mossad FATHER denying that he is a Crisis Actor!

    Ofcourse he nor does the zionist media explain why he s a high school student at age 28!! LMAO! Nor why he is a high school student at 28 in 2018 in FL after already graduating as a (fake) high school student in Redondo Beach California at Redondo Shores High in 2015! Yet a poor staffer of a Florida State House Representive gets fires for truthfully exposing this scumbag 28 yr old Mossad Agent as a fake student & DHS Crisis Actor!

    • Don’t be so gullible. Just because people post crazy stories on conspiracy sites and YouTube doesn’t make it true. Don’t believe everything you read.

      • Linda idiotic reply says:

        Linda FEBRUARY 21, 2018 AT 1:37 AM
        Don’t be so gullible. Just because people post crazy stories on conspiracy sites and YouTube doesn’t make it true. Don’t believe everything you read.
        His arrest record proving he is 28 years old is not from a conspiracy site. Anderson County South Carolina is not a conspiracy site. You should look at the evidence I posted! He was arrested with his picture proving he was born in 1990! Are you stupid or dishonest or deluded enough to tell me he is a real 28 year old student? You ever have any 28 yr old studrnts in your senior class in High school?

  25. Ex33) CBS News TV of CA Does Disinfo Story But Admits David Guyton Hogg of Redondo Beach Is the Same David Guyton Hogg of Parkland FL yet Lies that he is 17 instead of his proven age of 27 or 28!! And amazingly ignores the fact the already graduated 3 + years ago in 2015 in Redondo Beach!!! Where there too he was posing as 17 or 18 yr old student! He is proven to have been a (fake) senior who was in their Redondo Shores yearbook & on classmates website! So even if he was 17 or 18 then he’d be 20or 21 now! But his arrest record proves this punk zionist jew treasonous lying criminal was born in 1990! So he is 28 or nearly so!

    No amount of idiotic fraudulent, spam, perverted, & gibberish post by ziotrash jew troll Gabriel or any other slimebag can change the fact that this a-hole zionist agent POS David Hogg is a Crisis Actor, a liar, a traitor, & a fake student, grown man playing a 17 year old pathologically lying & defraudjng tge American people while treasonously trying to disarm them!

  26. Another fraudulent & idiotic gibberish disinfo post by zionist jew idiotic troll Gabriel…

    (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of–> Cowboy FEBRUARY 21, 2018 AT 12:52 AM
    A lot of people are fascinated by my zealous hatred of Zionists and my prolific postings on NoDisinfo. Today, I am going to open up……blah…blah…blah…etc ..etc..
    ……and more gibberish & disinfo…..

  27. Shalom

    A double Devils horns Cow very powerful as we can see.

  28. Ex34) Parkland School Shooting Hoaxwhore Mom the Happy Hoaxwhore CrisisActwore Giggling @1:51mark
    Watch this wretched paid Crisis Actor Expose herself in Duping Delight Laughter on TV!

    She says my daughter called in the middle of the Massacre (PsyOp) scared and said: “Mom I don’t want to go to school tomorrow and I told her ‘Dont worry about it! (Aka It’s a Hoax!) Then she breaks out in laughter! (Magnifying IT’S A HOAX!) It’s like this silly actwhore oman found it even funnier because she just did a Robert DeNiro line: “Don’t worry about it!” like “Forget about it”…

  29. Yes, Gabriel Lehal Kicker, thanks for pointing out to us the lameass, pathetic tactics of your wayward, warped son, gayboy gabriel….I can only imagine the shame & utter disgust you must experience, having produced such a total failure of not only a human being, but a shitty troll as well!
    Your tactics are quite transparent to those of us in the know, gaybob. Notice the lack of capitaliztion of your name; only real humans deserve to have their names capitalized.
    You should show more respect to your father, and your grandfather the Rabbi! He’s anxiously awaiting your nightly ********! Hurry now! I’m sure your tweeyer sized **** is hard just thinking about it!

  30. Dear all,
    it is really difficult nowadays to obtain good results when searching on “XYZ hoax” using the usual search engines. Most results that come up are various MSM “debunking of alleged XYZ hoax”.

    Can someone here please give me a list of good sites that report well on hoaxes (such as!
    Further, is there any search engine available that can help me find such sites easier?!

    I´m wondering …
    is it illegal for a an agency such as a court to perform an “exercise”?! Is it illegal for the media to report on such exercise to the public withholding the fact that it´s an exercise? Maybe it´s legal when the reporting of the exercise in the news in itself is also an exercise. Sick sick world.

    • No, they have this covered. Google has sterilized much of the net, as has Youtube.

      • Which is good news. Because pathological liars like you, Dr. K, won’t be able to spread your disinformation so easily.

      • Dr K – thank you for all you do. Can we start a consolidated alternative to Youtube that is not controlled by the opposition. It seems we are all scattering to Steemit, D-tube, etc. We need are own search engine and are own channels for sites that can provide an avenue for truth that can’t be scrubbed. I have some resources, if you want to email me to discuss further.

        • My email: [email protected]; this is an important issue. I’ll email you back.

  31. I wonder just how many times………………….they are going to try to get us to believe this utter hoax bs……………..lone gunman…………on drugs………………no ctv or cel ph vids or pics……………no death certificates……………… ambulances or helicopter mts…………………….gunman immediately pleads guilty to 17 counts of murder, so that there is no discovery process……… subpoenas for evidence……………………no depositions under oath……………..crisis actors out the ***…………………Hog wash graduated from a redondo highschool in 2015, so he’s at least 21 yrs old…………………what about the supposed victims that were shot multiple times and are up and going back to school……………….real hoaxy recovery………………………..and a sheriff with the last name Israel, definitely jewish that has a Lamborghini sheriff’s car for work……………………………….WTF………………………..

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