Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 11 August 2013
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Acid Attack Used as Ploy to Destroy Zanzibar Islamic Revival

Zanzibar police arraign Ponda hosts

3rd August 2013
Editor’s note: Remember the five people “arrested in connection” with the acid attacks? Are they the same people who hosted Islamic scholar Ponda Issa Ponda in his speech tour of Zanzibar? Clearly, this attack is being used specifically to undermine any Islamic revival, which calls for the rule of law in Zanzibar not based upon good-buddy-ism and Capitalist cronyism but, rather, the principles of high justice and decency for all.
Routinely, in such Zionist-controlled enclaves the people of Islaam are imprisoned for their beliefs. In contrast, it was Israeli stooges, including top rulers, who are culpable for the 1998 US Embassy slaughter in Dar es Salaam. Yet, none of such culprits are hunted down, as is Ponda Issa Ponda and his fellows, then, attacked, tormented, imprisoned, and killed.
Details of the attack remain sketchy. Yet, what is far more evident are the consequence, which is the immediate blaming of Islaam for the attacks, and thus the rounding up and possibly imprisonment of Islaamic activists.
It is clear that this is the plot. Ponda Issa Ponda has called for Egyptian-style protests and demonstrations against the ruling regime. Reportedly, he has been shot, the acid attack being excusive. Thus, the Zionists are doing all that is possible to shut down his movement, which is merely the assumption of power and control into the hands of the people.
Islaam itself is completely opposed to any such act. To thrown material that could cause such trauma, disfiguring people, has no substance in this faith. “Do not be the aggressor,” per the Qur’aan. Simple enough.
The speculation that Ponda Issa was behind the attacks was just that: purposeful speculation. The use of acid as a weapon has no basis in Islaam, completely prohibited. Here is now what the police are saying relative to this, per the UK’s Guardian:
“Earlier reports suggested police were pursuing a radical Muslim cleric, Sheikh Ponda, in connection with the attacks. They later released a statement saying Ponda had been arrested but was not connected with the attacks.”
Sheikh Ponda Issa Ponda

Police in Zanzibar are holding five persons who reportedly gave shelter to controversial Muslim cleric Sheikh Ponda Issa Ponda accused of instigating violence in the Isles.

The police started interrogating them for hosting Ponda who addressed inciting public meetings in the isles. He is Secretary General of the Islamic Community.

The Zanzibar Police Commissioner Mussa Ali Mussa told The Guardian that the suspects are also alleged to have taken him to various mosques where the cleric issued inciting words to believers.

He declined to name them but said they would appear before the court once investigations were complete. The suspects were being interrogated at Mwembe Mademu police station at Mjini Magharibi, he said.

According to him, the police have perused through Sheikh Ponda speeches delivered at different times and places while in the isles.

“We have arrested five people and the police are interviewing them…these are natives of Zanzibar who hosted him, taking him around to various mosques and we are also looking for other suspects,” said Commissioner Mussa.

He said Ponda entered Zanzibar secretly using Islamic credentials to spread inciting words that could threaten national peace and solidarity among the people.
The police are looking for him using the country’s intelligence network and to ensure his arrest and bring him to court, he added.

“Our colleagues on the Mainland know where he lives and the places he frequents…we are sure of arresting him,” the commissioner insisted.

While in Zanzibar, Ponda addressed Muslims in mosques at Mbuyuni, Kwarara and Nungwi. He requested the believers to be ready to fight for their rights and stressing that they should remain courageous.

Ponda is quoted to have said he had gone to the Isles to visit imprisoned sheikhs of the Revival Islamic Group, with whom he held conversations.

It is also reported that he claimed giving instructions to relay a message to Islamic believers to maintain their stance when it comes to pursuing their rights.

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Yet, what a coincidence: Ponda Issa has just that week, just before the attacks, been promoting resistance by the people against the Zionist-controlled regime. In the 1960s the Mossad perpetrated a coup against the leadership in this country and has largely been in control ever since. The following is, apparently, the effort put for by Ponda Issa as of the first few days of August:

Sheikh Issa spent a week in Zanzibar at the beginning of August, preaching in mosques and advocating his supporters to demonstrate “like in Egypt” in order to secure the release of 10 imprisoned members of an Islamic separatist group.

Note: now it is being reported by the police that Ponda Issa Ponda is not associated with this attack. Yet, the blame has been cast, and, once again, great hate is generated, even some calling for the ethnic destruction of the Arabic-Islamic residents of Zanzibar.

  • The Arabaziation/Islamization of Zanzibar is the hidden hand behind this acid attacks upon women.

  • There should be another Arab cleansing of Zanzibar…those who survived the last cleansing have already procreated, while the survivors were tolerated…look at them now! Back to square one. No civilized nation can pretend to live side by side with Islamist. It is their way or the highway.



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  1. Zanzibar acid attack – are the UK media right about Muslim cleric?


  2. just heard a Fox news item on the Nairobi hoax with Ambassador John Bolton and the Fox anchor throws the Zanzibar acid attack into the GWOT terrrrrist mix along with Algeria, Libya and Somalia discusion at 4.36.
    (was the Algerian gas plant hostage taking a hoax?? Seemed very weird to me at the time)

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