**Breaking News** — 31 October 2015
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Airbus Plane Wreckage Proves Russian MetroJet Sinai Crash is a Hoax

Make no mistake about it this world is a Zionist one. The multi-trillionaire arch-Zionist agents, the Rockefeller and Rothschild cabals and their collaborators, control all elements of the human experience.

They can manipulate it all and know well that virtually all people will follow their lead; all people will submit and comply. They will trust the spewing of the arch-Zionist criminally minded media complex, even if this violates the senses: even if it defies all logic.

Moreover, regarding the purported crash of the Russia-based Airbus A321 it doers defy all logic: in fact, to the extreme.

How is this a plane crash? How in a million years? Where is the evidence of an impact zone?


It’s just a bunch of airplane junkyard refuse dumped there. Conveniently, the logos are fully available for all to see. Where is the charring of the wreckage as would be expected from this crash, one that would involve a virtually full load of jet fuel? Why is there no burning of vulnerable matter such as the foam?


No fire has touched this fuselage component, not in the least degree. Notice the rather clean separation of the riveted aluminum material. Too, aluminum is vulnerable to burn and can readily be burnt as well as melted by the temperatures achieved by kerosene-based jet fuel.

There is charring in other plane crashes where the jets are fuel-laden. Why not here?


Here is yet another clean break of the fuselage. Obviously, this is an airplane scrapyard element, where the fuselage was dismantled in advance, cut apart with heavy or other equipment. These is no possibility that this is a residue of a real plane crash.

A clean break and symmetrical, non-traumatic fracture is hard evidence of strewn wreckage


Once again, what a clean cut it is, free of any evidence of fire or char. No one can find this plausible. It looks like it has been placed there, because that is precisely what had occurred.

Regardless, the G-forces of a descending, out of control Airbus are massive. This would lead to significant destruction at the ground level. There would be, therefore, an impact zone. Plane crashes cannot be faked. They are either real or staged. There is no impact zone before that tonnage of weight, that is there is no scarring of the earth. Thus, instead of a real crash this is a fake: a mere hoax.

Egypts-Prime-Minister-Sherif-Ismail-looks-at-the-remains-of-a-Russian-airliner  The-remains-of-a-Russian-airliner-which-crashed-is-seen-in-central-Sinai-near-El-Arish-city-2

The Egyptian ministers and other ‘officials’ can be seen inspecting the wreckage. How does this make it real? This is a distraction. Where are the bodies, body parts, and other clear and evident elements? Where in the world is the luggage that could be attributed to some 224 people? Where is that strewn luggage?


Instead, all that is seen is images such as the above: mere components of what is an obviously mechanically crushed plane. Not a bit of charring, staining, or dirt-related impact or other expected consequences is anywhere to be seen.

How is adding in a Russian Jew or two supposed to make it more real? Where is Zionist agent Shein, now? He’s not dead. Is he hunkered down in the Zionist strip?


Photo: The harrowing picture reportedly shows tragic 38-year-old Iurii Shein and his daughter Anastasiia Sheina, aged just three

The Zionists have been caught in the act, in the Israeli entity causing great corruption in the land, marked by fake shootings and stabbings. It is all to disguise the real agenda of these hideous ones, which is the extermination of the natural natives of the region: the Palestinian people.

It’s a psyops act as well. See the numbers: 217 passengers die, along with 7 crew: and 17 of the passengers being children.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 7.28.39 PM

It’s the same standard arch-hoax story of a large jumbo jet “vanishing from radar,” while descending at an incredibly high-speed of some 6000 feet per minute. Image the G-forces of this impact. Then, once again, why is there not an impact zone?

Here is an example of an impact zone from a massive crash, in this case, apparently, that of a Iranian jumbo jet:


Notice the massive carving out of the earth from the crash impact. There is always an impact zone which follows the laws of physics, as is seen in this zone from the crash of a fighter jet:

That is a significant zone of impact, one not seen to any degree in the purported crash of a Russian jet in the Sinai.

Yet, incredibly, the world keeps saying it is a real crash, whether East or West, even Oriental. Of note, PressTV claims this is a real crash despite obvious evidence of fraud and deception.

This means that every element of this ‘crash’ is a fake, including the so-called grieving relatives. They are mere actors, paid in full to play out the role.

Will anyone stand up and speak the truth, proclaiming loud and clear what is real and what is false? Can anyone fathom the coordination of all the Western and Eastern powers, all the agents of the cabal, to foist this fraud upon the whole world? Will not even a single person come out and speak the truth, which is the fact that all these airplane crashes are fakes?

Here is additional fraud disseminated by these fakes. Let us review it in order to demonstrate the fraud even more profoundly:

The wife of the co-pilot of the Russian plane that crashed in Egypt says her husband had complained about the plane’s condition, according to a Russian TV channel.

State-controlled NTV ran an interview Saturday with Natalya Trukhacheva, identified as the wife of co-pilot Sergei Trukachev. She said that a daughter “called him up before he flew out. He complained before the flight that the technical condition of the aircraft left much to be desired.”

Imagine the power the Zionist criminal cabal holds, that it is able to spread such corruption in the land, even to tarnish the reputation of jetliners and airline companies: all to perpetrate a fraud? Is distraction and controlling the Sheeple of such value to this cabal that it would create such havoc?

No one can make sense of it, not even those who are fully aware of such tyrants.


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  1. Exhibit E) DHS Colorado Happy Halloween Hoax Mass Murder Shooting Random Rampage PsyOp for Zio Gun Confiscation Agenda -Where 4 People Got Hoax Murder & The Shooting got Hoax Killed, Shot full of Holes..But in Reality NO DIED & NO ONE GOT HURT!
    ZioFraud Hoax Staging Teams Unravel Reams & Reams Of Emergency Hoax Crisis Tape Everywhere to make it Seem like something really happened! Treason Happened! The zionist Jews & their despicable DHS & Media and all their evil & deception like this & all their wars must be stopped! Wake the hell up America! Wake up world!

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    Hoax-a-Thon Mass Murder PsyOp Theater Hits Near Our Home Stage Again! Hoax Murder, Massacre, Mayhem & real treason to get your guns dumb goyim Amerikans! And the NRA fake zioPuppet leaders will pretend this was a real event as they pretend to resist the Gun Confiscation Agenda of the Zionist Enemy! And the hoax band of demons plays on like the pied piper as the brainwashed zombies follow them over the cliff to slaughter!

    Exhibit B) DHS Colorado Springs Hoax Shooter Rampage Ends with 4 Hoax Dead & Hoax Cops Shooting him full of 20 or more Bullets according to the DHS Hollywood Script!


    • Exhibit G) Happy Halloween Hoax Hoaxer Shooting PsyOp in Colorado City Colorado
      This Aurora Crisis Actors Studios Reject Crisis Actor must’ve flunked hoax Acting!

      Freaky Faggy Aaron Nicks of Freaky’s Tattoo Parlors & Tobacco Stores is even more bored while doing his script than the other idiot lying Crisis Actor clown in my Exhibit F)! They must have not let this little demon smoke any pot or do any drugs or drink for several hours otherwise atleast he could have managed to be atleast a little animated… I mean it was Halloween anyway so why didn’t the director just have this zombie like actor dress up as a zombie?


    • Exhibit G-1) HAPPY Halloween Hoax Mass Murder Roving Rampage Colorado PsyOp For Zionist Gun Confiscation
      Crisis Actor -False Witness Aaron Nicks’ Linkedin Account & his Colorado Employer besides DHS & Crisis Acting.
      This Radio Station sounding name KCJS-FM is just an alias corporate name for Freaky’s Tattoo Parlors & Tobbaco & Marijuana Paraphenalia Stores of Colorado. There is an unrelated Radio Station by that name: KCJS-FM in Missouri.


  3. Exhibit F) F is For Complete Failure Horrible Crisis Actor!

    Colorado Happy Halloween Hoax Shooting Bored Lousy Crisis Actor/ Fake Witness does his lame Script in monotone of Hoax Mayhem & Murder. He should have played a Zombie for Halloween instead! But he wanted the Sheckel$!


    • His lack of the pronoun “I” is an indication that this is a script and nothing of reality. “Saw someone running” is not the same as “I saw someone running” etc and shows up consistently in the language of liars.

  4. Thanks.

  5. Not the slightest trace of them

    • Didn’t we have one of those 7 hour RT marathons for the Transasia plane hoax in Taipei? Easy money for the actors involved.

  6. Similarities between hoaxes (were real any of them btw?) remembered rite now, why by all means? And what chance is that 3 “tragedies” to happen exactly around/on Halloween? I mean the Romanian “xplosion”, the Russian hoax and the H’ween “car crash”. Just my cents….




    • Great find. There are elaborate Satanic Halloween hoaxes. multiple, disconnecting story lines. Being analyzed. Does look like a dummy. Can’t say for certain on car accident (retraction).

      Hoaxes are a detriment. When something real does happen, it truly is a determinant to publish all these lies.

    • Anyone got a video of boobi?

  7. An abject hoax. What pilot would take out an unsafe plane? It’s a ridicuous script.
    Trukhacheva/Trukhachev will meet again shortly, perhaps in the strip, as you say, Dr K.
    A word of caution though about the illustrated Iranian “crash”. Every country is at it. This one looke like it might have been exploded on the ground, hence the crater.
    Another photo from 2009:

  8. There’s some aeral footage here
    No reason to be looking at a 20 square kilometer area, except to make the hoax look credible

  9. Aha, it’s not his wife, it’s his EX-WIFE, which, naturally, he is fying on from St Petersburg to Moscow to visit on November 2, 2015, like you do. So, easy for him to “move on”.
    Video here, with daughter Sofia and “Ex-wife” Natalia [shown as Semya – family – in the subtitles]
    “ex-wife” doesn’t look too phased by it all. Bet they were glat that short interview was over!

  10. This is not a Zionist hoax,this is a Russian hoax,plain and simple!

    You’re definitely anti-semite people on this website!!!

  11. So was it a bomb? Experts reveal Russian passenger plane which crashed and killed all 224 on board broke up at high altitude


  12. A321 or 3 & (2+1) or 33
    Another masonic reference = 33

    Flight(s) of Oz – Malaysia MH370, Lost, Twilight Zone, Asiana, Crowley 777, Oso, Oscar(s) & MSM Mystery Religion

  13. Speaking of “33,” Antonio Banderas was on the Late Show, promoting his new movie “The 33.” Speaking of masonic rituals. How many people remember when the men in the mine came up to the surface after all of those days, the miners were all clean shaven and had on clean clothes.


  14. Why is there no evidence of fire? It’s the tail you fucktard. There is no fuel in the tail…. and it’s separated from everything else that has burnt…..

  15. Where are the bodies, Cargo, luggage? It’s just a tail section you fucking *****………

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