Kennedy Assassination — 29 November 2013
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Albert Thomas the ‘Wink Man’ and the JFK Coup d’ Etat

UPDATED with additional names of culprits plus commentary.

No doubt, Thomas, the notorious winker of the phony LBJ swearing in ceremony was a beneficiary of the slaughter of sitting President, John F. Kennedy.

Caption: the murderous hypocrite Thomas speaking to Kennedy, Nov. 21, 1963, full whites of his eyes showing. This was at a Houston dinner honoring the Congressman, who was likely involved in the kick-back scheme being uncovered by Robert Kennedy, RE: the Bobby Baker investigation, where it had just been revealed that a deal likely brokered by Thomas and surely by LBJ had resulted in a 100,000 kick back. This was a suitcase of cash confirmed received by LBJ for the gaining of a major contract of fighter airplane production for Houston-based General Dynamics. The potential revelation of such a kick back had much to do with the planned slaughter of this president.


Regarding the terminally corrupt and bribe soliciting/taking agents of the Suite 8 Group Thomas was one such agent who would be thrilled to see Kennedy dead.

Therefore, Thomas has the motive to see to the death of the President as well as, ultimately, Bobby Kennedy, all to protect his own skin.

During his swearing-in as president aboard Air Force One, which was actually a media fake, a kind of oppression, Lyndon Johnson flashed a grin at one of the assassination cohorts, Albert Thomas, who responded by an obvious wink. This was despite the fact that in their presence Jackie Kennedy to Johnson’s left. Thomas is clearly seen sending a wink to the newly appointed, that is fraudulently appointed, President:

Thomas had reason to be filled with glee. He was likely about to be brought down due to shady business dealings that involved a wide range of scoundrels and fraudsters, including LBJ, John Connally, and Bobby Baker.

Moreover, Thomas was chairman of the congressional subcommittee for defense appropriations. He and Johnson were members of a corrupt business alliance – Suite 8F Group. The entity was Johnson’s main means of funneling government contracts and other benefits to his wealthy, right wing political supporters. Johnson Senatorial worm and bagman Bobby Baker was notorious a collaborator in the group.

Caption: LBJ with best friend and Senatorial mole, Bobby “the money launderer and bribe arranger” Baker.

Among Johnson’s cohorts in the group including the then disgraced Bobby Baker, along with Clint Murchison, HL Hunt, Edward Clark, and Billy Sol Estes, all of whom are, like LBJ, linked to the JFK assassination.

Included in the war-solicity Suite 8F Group were Vietnam war moles George and Herman Brown of the Brown and Root company. Of note, in 1962 Brown and Root was consolidated into Halliburton.

It was the Vietnam war that then launched Halliburton into the realms of a financial heavy weight, which was a result exclusively of Johnson escalation of the war.

Regarding the terminally corrupt and bribe soliciting/taking Suite 8F Group notes Simkin:

Thomas became a member of what became known as the Suite 8F Group. The name comes from the room in the Lamar Hotel in Houston where they held their meetings. Members of the group included Lyndon B. JohnsonGeorge Brown and Herman Brown (Brown & Root), Jesse H. Jones (multimillionaire investor in a large number of organizations and chairman of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation), Gus Wortham (American General Insurance Company), Robert Kerr (Kerr-McGee Oil Industries), James Slither Abercrombie (Cameron Iron Works), William Hobby (Governor of Texas), Richard Russell (chairman of the Committee of Manufactures, Committee on Armed Forces and Committee of Appropriations) and John Connally (Governor of Texas)Alvin Wirtz and Edward Clark, were also members of the Suite 8F Group.

Let us list these known Suite 8F Group Texas moles, many of whom were extremist opponents against the Kennedys, some of whom simply despised them:

  • LBJ
  • George Brown
  • Jesse H. Jones
  • Gus Wortham
  • Robert Kerr
  • James Slither Abercrombie
  • William Hobby
  • Richard Russell
  • Alvin Wirtz
  • Edward Clark
  • Albert Thomas
  • John Connally
  • and by proxy, Bobby Baker

Connally was a bottom feeder and bribe coordinator and surely was concerned for his own personal fall as a result of the Baker investigation.

Additional names of perpetrators and collaborators are as follows (thanks to one of our posters):

Allen W. Dulles, the various generals: Quinn, Lansdale, Mediras, Lemay, Powers, Wheeler, and others, Abe Fortas, Robert Anderson, Thomas Corcoran, Dean Acheson, Edwin Wiesl, Benjamin Cohen, James Rowe, James Ling, Tex Litton, Roy Ashe, Clint Murchison, Sr., Clint Murchison, Jr. Hornor Thornberry, Richard M. Nixon, Thomas Dewey, Gen. Charles P. Cabel, Roger Blough, and H. L. Hunt. All such individuals had foreknowledge of the hit and did nothing to stop it. Many of them were deeply involved in the plot and reacted with glee at the realization of Mr. Kennedy’s slaughter. Included in these gleeful agents of murder include Clint Murchison, Sr., and H. L. Hunt, both of whom partied in pleasure after the hit.

Most of these people are now dead. Baker is still alive. He should be brought to his knees and more for his role in this assassination.

The following video claims that there was an added component to the coup, where JFK’s body was secretly secreted off to Bethesda, MD, which is highly plausible. It is merely an additional component to the surgical strike by the Zionist cabal against the America people and their future.

The hoax hearse pulls up, all for effect. This was all by plan. There was not way the cabalists would allow Mr. Kennedy to be inspected and autopsied as a murder victim. Mrs. Kennedy was railroaded to join in: what could she do about it?



Arch-Zionist and LBJ cohort Roy Kellerman leading the charge of the final elements of the coup, Mr. Front Seat Limo Collaborator. Any doubt, now, of his involvement in the plot?



Mrs. Kennedy’s blood and tissue splattered outfit and gloves, which she refused to remove at the SS’s request, because, as she said, “I want the world to see what they did to Jack.”



A Zionist agent, Jewish by birth, Mrs. Johnson is enthralled at the prospects while Mrs. Kennedy stands in shock. Mole of moles Albert Thomas, bribery taking scoundrel, is highly animated in the back, more so than any other. That prosecution of Baker had sure made them all nervous. Not any more. In fact, as of that day or the day after, the investigations were curtailed. Johnson in office: it all ended.

Note: Zionist collaborator Thomas is clear-eyed and thrilled at the new prospects. No more resistance to the Texas/Houston-based war machine, including his feather-in-the-nest contractors of the newly formed Halliburton and NASA.


Plenty of smiles at the expense of Mrs. Kennedy’s shock and despair.


Moreover, here he is, the wink man, responding, no doubt about it, look closely at his eyes to Johnson’s presumed smirk. Now, this phony and fraudster has the audacity to act as if he is showing concern and grief before Mrs. Kennedy: an wretched element, indeed. He could of at least winked to her, too.


Then, what else would be expected. Surrounded by raw cruelty, absolute wolves and vultures, Mrs. Kennedy is all alone, and even had to open the door for herself.


It’s America’s Coup d’ etat to the extreme, just like the Rockefeller plot against Mohammed Mossadegh, just like the coup against Mohammed Morsi, just like all the others, all at the hands of vile Zionist monsters and their lower-level lackeys, like LBJ, John Connally, Bobby Baker, and Albert Thomas.

Regarding the body theft – excellent work, here, courtesy of Time for Change:×5449636

The JFK Assassination: The Medical Evidence, Cover-up & the 2004 Election
Edited on Fri Nov-25-05 11:57 AM by Time for change
I presented this information in more detail to the Preventive and Occupational Medicine faculty at the Medical College of Wisconsin when I worked there. The opinion was unanimous: The bullet that killed Kennedy (as well as the one that went through his throat) entered him from the FRONT (in the direction of the grassy knoll). There may have been one or two additional bullets coming from the book depository (in BACK of him), these may or may not have been shot by Lee Harvey Oswald, and Oswald may or may not have been in the book depository at the time. Those issues don’t interest me as much as the bullet that killed JFK.Most of the evidence I discuss here comes from James Lifton’s “Best Evidence”, one of the most interesting books I’ve ever read.Evidence at the scene of the crimeMovement of the head
There is no controversy over the fact (since it is preserved on film) that immediately following the shots Kennedy’s head was propelled backwards and slammed against the seat of the car. Those who maintain that all shots came from the back explain the backward movement of the head either as a jet propulsion phenomenon (from brain material coming out of the front of the head) or as due to a neuromuscular reaction. The jet propulsion explanation makes little sense because (among other reasons) all witnesses who observed brain material leaving the head observed it coming from the back, NOT the front of the head. With regard to the neuromuscular reaction explanation, has anyone ever seen a person’s head move forward after being punched in the front of the head?Eye-witness accounts of the movement of brain material
Three persons have offered eye-witness accounts of the movement of brain material. All three say that the brain material and blood exited the President’s head to the left and rear of the head. Two of them were motorcycle police officers and were actually splattered with the material. One account was obtained from a contemporary newspaper article, one was obtained from Warren Commission testimony, and one was obtained from a book author.Evidence from the doctors who treated the President at Parkland HospitalThe throat (non-fatal) wound
Dr. Malcolm Perry made the tracheotomy incision, which was very close to the bullet wound of the throat. Transcripts of a news conference later that day quote Perry as repeatedly characterizing that bullet wound as an entrance wound (meaning it came from the front). Later that weekend, when told by reporters that it had officially been decided that the bullets came from the book depository in back of the President, Perry deduced that the President must have had his head turned (which the Zapruder film shows not to be the case).

Perry completely changed his views on this matter after being “visited” by Secret Service agents. However, the other five medical personnel who saw this wound are on record as having commented on it (one to a newspaper, one in an official medical report, and three in testimony before the Warren Commission), including four physicians and a nurse, all described the throat wound as being an entrance wound.

The fatal head wound
Nine physicians and a nurse who treated the President at the hospital are quoted (four in Warren Commission testimony, three in their official medical reports, one in a contemporary newspaper account, and Lifton doesn’t provide the source for the other two) as saying that the fatal wound produced a large hole (5-7 centimeters by one account) in the back right side of the head. The skull at the back of the head was noted to have “exploded outwards”. All of the physicians characterized this wound as an exit wound, largely because exit wounds are almost always considerably larger and more destructive than entrance wounds.

Discrepancy between hospital and autopsy findings

There were numerous and glaring discrepancies between the findings noted by the physicians at Parkland Hospital, compared to the autopsy report, performed at Bethesda Naval Hospital, later on the day of Kennedy’s death. I will mention only the most glaring and important of these here: Instead of a 5-7 centimeter hole in the back right side of the head, as noted at the hospital, the autopsy report indicated a hole more than four times as large and extending around to the front of the head. This is the report that the Warren Commission used to justify its conclusion that Kennedy was shot from behind (though such a large wound wouldn’t much distinguish between a shot from the back versus a shot from the front). Why the huge discrepancy between the autopsy findings versus the hospital findings? Were all the doctors at the hospital who thought they saw an exit wound at the back of the head wrong? Or was the body altered prior to the autopsy?

Secret Service agents make damn sure that they have control of the body prior to the autopsy

If the body was altered prior to the autopsy, that would mean that the conspirators had to have control of the body prior to its arrival at the morgue. How could they manage that?

Getting the body out of Dallas
The first step was to make sure that the autopsy was not performed in Texas, as required by state law. In trying to do this, a vicious argument ensued between Secret Service Agent Roy Kellerman and Dr. Earl Rose, the Dallas County Medical Examiner. Rose tried to explain that state law required the body to be autopsied in Texas, and that removing the body to Washington would interrupt the chain of evidence. But to no avail.

Here is an account of the “argument” by Aubrey Rike, a Dallas official who was responsible for staying with the casket:

I was scared to death… I was scared all the time I was there… You know, we’d start pushing, and somebody would grab us, and push us back, and pull the casket back. You’d have to see it to believe it… it was the most unorganized, scary type situation I have ever been in in my life. I’m a policeman now, and I’ve been up against all kinds of stuff.

Arrival of the body at Bethesda Naval Hospital in a DIFFERENT casket
Skip forward a bit: Lifton quotes seven persons who noted Kennedy’s body brought into the morgue in a plain gray coffin, very different than the fancy bronze coffin into which Kennedy’s body was placed in Dallas after he was pronounced dead, and which was televised being unloaded from the plane that carried the body from Dallas to Washington. The time that the body arrived at the morgue in the gray coffin was about 6:45 p.m. This was well before the arrival of the bronze casket that supposedly contained Kennedy’s body. But how did Kennedy’s body arrive at the morgue in a different casket than the one into which his body was initially placed, and which was televised being carried off of Air Force One after landing at Andrews Air Force Base in Washington? Consider this:

Hiding the fact that the bronze casket unloaded from Air Force One did NOT contain the body
The Army provided a “casket team” of six soldiers who were supposed to obtain the casket for transportation to Bethesda Naval Hospital as it was unloaded off of Air Force One After landing at Andrews AFB. When they tried to obtain the casket (which unbeknownst to them obviously did not contain the body), however, they were pushed out of the way by Secret Service agents, who loaded the casket into an ambulance, which then proceeded by motorcade to Bethesda Naval Hospital. The Army Casket team then proceeded by helicopter to Bethesda to await the body.

Preventing access to the empty casket after arrival at Bethesda Naval
The motorcade with the coffin (supposedly containing the body) arrived at Bethesda Naval Hospital at 6:55 p.m. (AFTER the arrival of the plain grey casket which contained the body). But the Army casket team was still not allowed to obtain the casket. There are a number of similar accounts by members of the casket team as to how this happened, but here is a portion of the one that I find the most revealing – a taped interview of Army casket team member Hubert Clark, by David Lifton:

“I think there was a decoy, supposedly to get the people away from the hospital… And we went around to the back I remember driving some distance … before we actually came in contact with the real casket …”Lifton asked if he remembered losing the ambulance. Clark responded:“I … we lost it … We were saying, ‘Now where the hell is he?… Why is he speeding?’ And we were trying to figure out, ‘Well, why is he going so fast? We’re going to lose him.’ … and we were saying to each other … ‘What, is he trying to lose us?’…”Clark said that he thought the ride lasted 10-15 minutes and that the truck got up to speeds of 45 or 50:”We followed the ambulance until we lost it .. And then it was … another fifteen minutes trying to find … to get back to where we started from.”

So what happened with the body?
What is clear from all this is that the conspirators were absolutely determined to keep control of the body prior to the autopsy, so that they could make the necessary alterations to make it appear that JFK was shot from the back, not the front of the head. What this means is that the body must have been switched from the fancy bronze coffin into the plain gray coffin while on Air Force One. The empty bronze coffin was televised leaving the plane in the hands of the Secret Service agents (the conspirators). They could not allow the Army Casket team to gain control of the coffin because it would be obvious to anyone who carried it that it was empty. So while the Secret Service agents were maintaining control of the empty bronze coffin, JFK’s body, in the plain gray coffin, was being transported by other conspirators to a place where the necessary alterations could be made. After managing to elude the Army Casket team for about two hours, the Secret Service agents managed to bring the empty bronze coffin into the morgue, where it met up with the body after being unloaded from the gray casket, and was re-loaded into the bronze casket, so that a show could be made of unloading it from the casket which it was supposed to be in.

Control of the autopsy

Lifton quotes witnesses to the autopsy saying that there were numerous civilians in the autopsy room who seemed to be intimidating the three military physicians who were performing the autopsy, even to the extent of dictating their conclusions. This is corroborated by a book written by James Garrison, “On the Trail of Assassins”, several years after the appearance of Lifton’s book, in which Garrison recounts testimony at a trial. A Dr. Finck, one of the three autopsy physicians, testifies at this trial that he was ordered by civilians at the autopsy on various aspects of how to perform the autopsy.

Control of witnesses

The tight control with which the conspirators managed the whole scenario is exemplified by the fact that all potential witnesses to whatever happened at Bethesda Naval Hospital that day were ordered, upon threat of court martial, not to divulge anything that they saw or heard that day. So frightening was this order that several years later, as the House Select Committee met to re-investigate the JFK assassination (largely because of widespread public dissatisfaction with the Warren Commission Report), an official order from President Carter, rescinding the initial order, was required in order to obtain testimony from people who witnessed the events that occurred at Bethesda Naval Hospital on November 22, 1963.

Parallels between the JFK assassination and the 2004 Presidential election

The most important similarities are that both events were right wing coups, with earth shattering implications, masterminded by an extremely powerful group of people, and our government wants us to know as little as possible about these events. The powerful guardians of the status quo in 1963 (and now) did not want us to know that the assassination of our popular President was NOT the result of a simple act by a lone crazy person, because that would raise all sorts of possibilities in our minds regarding the potential role of our own government. Nor do our current guardians want us to know how poorly equipped our current election system is to express the will of the American people. That is why right wing media whores such as Tucker Carlson refer to those who question the results of the 2004 election as “grassy knoll conspiracy theorists” – which I proudly admit that I am. Furthermore, the failure of our government to ever acknowledge the truth about the JFK assassination helps to discourage doubts about our current election system, because this failure contributes to a general atmosphere that facilitates the belief that our democracy is in better shape than it really is.

In the following thread I discuss in much more detail what I see as the similarities between these two awful events (in the interest of avoiding making this thread too long, I placed the bulk of this discussion in another thread):


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  1. from: david t. krall
    email [email protected]

    as a 40 year researcher…you want more names? J.E. Hoover, A.W.Dulles, Generals: Quinn,
    Lansdale, Mediras, Lemay, Powers, Wheeler, and others..(including some admirals too..)
    lets not forget some heavy -heavy duty behind the scenes equally up-right standing constitutional respecting citizens like Abe Fortas, Robert Anderson, Thomas Corcoran, Dean Acheson, Edwin Wiesl, Benjamin Cohen, James Rowe, James Ling, Tex Litton, Roy Ashe, Clint, Sr, & Clint Jr. Murchison, Homor Thornberry, Moursand, H.L. Hunt…many others….
    “supporters”/ sponsors/ backers of LBJ AND RMN—with most, flip sides of the same coin !!!!
    LBJ was JFK’s “Brezhnev”….”mirror”/inverse of what happened in the USSR in Oct. 1964…
    the result and resolution of a serious conflict and power struggle within the heart and epicenter of a world power…11/22/63—a major political and financial, if (?) not an immediate
    intentionally, visible “tectonic shift” under the surface aka behind the scenes within
    the governing power structure….
    david t. krall
    [email protected]

    • Yes, those names are very much needed as additions to these posts, and they are culpable for this man’s murder.

  2. from: david t. krall
    email: [email protected]

    thank you !!! these men and many other assoicties, feared and hated JFK, and groomed
    LBJ and RMN, and others like Reagan, Bush I and Bush II (they may have turned on Reagan
    in March of 1981-they will “eat their own”, if & when necessary & vital!!!) also evidence by “abdications” of LBJ and RMN),

    In spite of the Oct. Surprise /Briefing Book Plot against Pres. Carter (which may been anticipated to be used against Ted Kennedy), Reagan also may have been on the receiving end of some major pol/eco policy schism that erupted, manifested and “showed its hand”
    ever so quickly and brazenly in March of 1981… It’s about power, money–BIG POWER
    BIG MONEY- AND ITS FOR “KEEPS” as evidenced by the brutal slaying of the murder
    of the President of The United States on 11/22/63…ONLY A FOOL WOULD THINK OTHERWISE….don’t assume that some group/network would not be smart or pragmatic enough to limit its influence, scope, attention and power only “towards” one perceived pol or eco view or poss. threat or infringement…to its power and “stamp of approval”.
    called “spontaneous events” to the public…

  3. from: david t. krall
    you can also add Thomas Dewey, Gen Charles P. Cabel, Rodger Blough, to the “mix”…

  4. from: david t. krall
    email: [email protected]
    DeMohrenschildt was a facilitator…mid-level cut-out,& laison between some factions of the
    plot..he was also in key position of being involved in many questionable & shady deals with some of these same individuals who were being investigated and “squeezed” by the JFK/RFK
    justice department, which was one of the major-mega reasons and motives to murder JFK
    and simultaneously “lame-duck” and isolate/marginalize RFK…. and he was also LHO’s “baby-sitter”, (CIA/DIA/ONI, etc.). and around this time (of his death) & just like William Harvey, David Morales, John Rosselli, Sam Giancana, Gary Powers, Carlos Prios Socorras, and many others what he knew had, at all (& any) cost , had to and need to be “swept under the rug…” anybody who can not or fails to see the mosaic and the connected & inter-connecting/ inter-woven dots has some serious issues…Sprauge was continuing on the trail burrowed by
    Garrison…it was still hot and the plotters and their witting sponsors knew it !!!
    Garrison scewed up and to some degree was screwed but he was looking in the right direction. The size,scope, breadth and strength of the cover-up gives a good (!) indication
    of the acual size, level and power of the plot….they’re intertwined, by default or by intent….
    take your pick….probaly parts of both….

  5. LBJ was an FDR progressive socialist – in other words, a leftist kook.

  6. A couple more names that can be added to the list of scum, one of which has already been mentioned would be George H.W. Bush, who is the only one of a few that cannot for the life of him recall where he was on the day that JFK was shot. There is photo evidence to show that Bush was outside of the Texas Book Depository also there has been photo analysis on the photo and it shows that it is Bush. He also has lied about not being involved in the CIA back then when there is evidence to the contrary. He was in charge of finance and directing through the CIA, the operation “Bay of Pigs” incident. Now the other name that can be added to this list is Gerald Ford. He was personally in charge of editing the records of the Warren Commission and what they were supposed to officially record. He went back and forth more than once after being told what to have the Warren Commission record “Officially” as to what happened on JFK’s assassination day. Only a fool or complete imbacile would believe any of what the commission, and the rest of the Government including the FBI and the CIA, tried to pull on the american people.

  7. Excellent investigative documentation!
    I seen the video , no doubt he was shot many times and the first time I noticed seem to be by a disguised firing mechanism being operated by 2 individuals whom turned away immediately after the shot , and some split seconds afterwards , again under another line of fire , with different firing teams , inside and high tech job by usual corrupt intelligence outfits!

  8. Currently it looks like Movable Type is the preferred blogging platform out there right now.
    (from what I’ve read) Is that what you are using on your blog?

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