Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 17 August 2013
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All Egyptians Are One

Thanks to one of our posters.

In one of his addresses to the world on YouTube Mohammed Mursi said, “We are all Egyptians” and, essentially, ‘all Egyptians are welcome’ to come to the country and participate in its future. Not any longer. Any Egyptian who is a devout Muslim, and, particularly, anyone who is even remotely associated with the Muslim Brotherhood is no longer welcome in Egypt and is surely not welcome to voice his or her opinions on Egypt’s streets.

The Coptic Christians know the score. They know that all suffered, Christian or Muslim, under Mubarak. Surely, they know the same is under play – but they also know that when the chips were down and no one cared about the life of a Copt – and would take that life without the slightest hesitation – the Muslims were there for them:



Throughout Egypt Muslim and Copt rallied together after the Church of Alexandria was bombed by Zionist moles in an attempt to create sectarian strife. Jewry invented the following name for their murderous strike, a never-before-heard-of group – how could anyone have heard of it, the Israelis invented it for this purpose:

“al-Qaeda affiliated group from Gaza known as the Army of Islam;” mere Zionist hocus-pocus.



After the Mossad detonated the Church, the Muslims came out in force to protect their Christian fellows:

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(photo: Muslims serving as Human shields for Christians at Coptic Church – notice their flag has a cross inside the crescent)

One poster noted that in Cairo there is a “group of Egypt’s most vulnerable Coptic Christians. They are the poorest of the poor…the Zabaleen…the “Garbage People”.
Yet, the former resident of Egypt noted, “following the brutal attack on the Coptic Church in Alexandria which left 21 dead on New Year’s Eve. On Jan 7th, Christmas Eve, thousands of Muslims attended the Coptic Christmas mass and offered their bodies and lives as Human Shields to Egypt’s threatened Christian community.”


Christians protecting Muslims with human shields. Would that the orthodox Christians of America achieve such profound acts.

Christians faced outward and joined hands in a circle to protect a Muslim group of protesters as they prayed in Egypt

The people of Islaam doing all in their power to protect the Christians from an thuggery or assaults.



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