**Breaking News** — 25 August 2016
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Australian Knife Attack by Man Saying Allahu Akbar is a Hoax

With revelations from one of our posters

The purported knife attack against Australian tourists, as well as, purportedly, a British back-packer, by a crazed man of Middle Eastern background is an absolute hoax and fake. There is nothing to any degree which is real about it. Even so, rather than a pure Islamphobic hoax this is largely a distraction hoax to move the world mind in whatever means it can be manipulated for a variety of nefarious purposes, one of which is to distract attention from the revelation of other fakes and scams.

Even so, by repeatedly using the “Allahu akbar” canard, by association, the Zionist-controlled media is, in fact, leveraging this as an attack against Islam. It is necessary to keep this demonization in play as this criminal cabal continues its nefarious plots.


Sure he is, right, this man pictured above, this religious champaign drinker; he violently charged her, stabbing and killing the ‘victim,’ while screaming Allahu Akbar. No one can find this plausible to any degree. It can only be a fake, a scam: no other.

So, while there is this alcohol-drinking supposed crazed Muslim, now, there is a homosexual woman who is supposedly the victim. Clearly, both these people are merely moles who have been reimbursed for their roles.

By no means did anyone die to any degree. Nor was anyone wounded or stabbed. This is a mere scam. Are monies, now, being collected for the fake victims?


Clearly, normal women would never be caught dead in such intimate poses. These women are lesbians, and it is common for gay individuals to participate in such frauds for mere financial gain. Extensively, the homosexual community is leveraged for such scams and hoaxes, taking much pay for any role in such fake deaths.

Once again, the civil servants have nothing else to do but stand around for camera-shoots.


Now, then, what greater proof could there be than this, that is the standing about of civil servants and others, including crisis actors, who respond not to an actual crime scene but, rather, to the directions of a director and/or camera-person?


What in the world are they pointing at? No one can find it plausible to any degree that this was anything other than a mere drill, purely staged.


Hoax index: it’s not possible to assess, because it is countless trillions to one. There is nothing to see, here. It’s hardly worth the time of day. Even so, it is curious to say the least that this arch-hoax occurs on the heels of the thorough revelation on this site of the Port Arthur arch-fake Tasmania massacre scam. More is coming. Another post is in the worlds revealing that, once again, there can be no doubt about it, Port Arthur is merely fake and any ‘corpses’ were just dapper cadaver dummies.









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  1. I do declare, this site may now be in the hands of Faux Dr. K. Time will tell. I just have a burning in my bosom. Oh dear….

    • Actress/Dancer/ Escort/Call Girl -Mia Ayliffe Chung will probably come to USA where I believe she grew up part of her life in NJ & went to high school in New Jersey She is probably vacationing in Europe as her reward for her treason & fake murder death. Her mother is a succesful writer & a zioscammer/mossad scum & owns a ranch in Australia. She was never about to be deported. She be a model/ high dollar escort & actress here in NY/NJ & LA as Mia or Mimi , etc., Chung without the Ayliffe add-on name. I think her grandmother is a jew if I remember Correct from some research. No telling who her daddy is!! lol

  2. Exhibit 1) 9/17/16 Marine Marathon NJ Bombing Hoax is a Tribute to Boston Hoax Bombing & Reinforcement Programming

    Below are Zachary Hubbard’s comments which I do Agree with. (I do not agree with all his comments in this video, particularly his comments on the Founding of USA. I do agree Zionists &Talmudist, jews & Freemasons Jewish Illuminati Central Banker Agents were at work from the beginning but that does not mean all who fought for independence even all the leaders, even many who were freemasons did it for evil reasons. Many leaders & military men joined freemasonry because they were invited to. That does not mean they became high level freemasons, or ziojew “robots”.)
    Zachary Hubbard comments:
    THIS VIDEO IS A MESSAGE TO ACTIVE SERVICE MEMBERS IN THE U.S. MILITARY. THE TIME IS NOW TO RESIGN AND STOP FIGHTING FOR THE ZIONIST-JEWISH FILTH YOU CURRENTLY SERVE. In this video learn the truth about this nation and the U.S. Military and “freedom” and what is really going on. What you’ll also learn, is how the false flag marathon bombings of April 15, 2013 in Boston, and the false flag marathon bombing of September 17, 2016 in Seaside, New Jersey were put on by the numbers, and in tribute to each other. Learn more by reading and watching below, be sure to checkout the Boston Marathon Bombing hoax playlist.


  3. Ex1) Seattle Area Mall Hoax Shooting By Crisis Actor “ZioHollywood named”:
    “Arcan Cetin” aka ridiculous subliminal
    “Arcane Cretin” Lol!

    Another young jewish crisis actor playing an Eeevile Goyim Shooting in yet another DHS Gun Confiscation PsyOp Treason Operation!

    So Which Ziotrash Jew Crime Family-Syndicate owns this Cascade Mall???

    Silverstein?? Growth Partners?? Westfield? Lowy? Not a Mall of America Mall since it ain’t a big enough Mall for them!


  4. Ex2) DHS- Cascade Mall (444 gemtria) Shooting Coded Hoax-PsyOp -Jewish (444) & Occult (444) Also! So they really put their occultic zio Babylon Kabbala & Talmud Fingerprints all over this one! LOL!


    In Occultic English Gemtria all three are 444 numerology:
    Jewish 444
    Occult 444
    Cascade Mall 444

  5. I just love how you infiltrated and destroyed that website. Good job dear. Such a pity the ladies don’t like you. Personally, I love lizard lips.

  6. Ex3) Cascade Mall Shooting Fraudster Owners: “MaceRich” Properties: Zionist Jews Mace Seigel & Rich Cohen- Begin MaceRice in 1964, Now 3rd Largest USA Mall Operators.

    Majority of their malls are in California, but the have multiple ones in AZ & Chicago & NYC Area & Have them scattered around in KY & Misouri & Iowa. They may be 3rd largest in USA in terms of owned malls which they operate themselves but I believe they operate less malls than more than two other of these ZioTrash-ziomafia outfits when you count-include malls operated for other owners. In other words some of these big zio mall companies operate other zionist jew & goyim owned malls on a contract basis. Most of the few goyim owned malls are probably owned Saudi Crypto, Arab Sheiks, Chinese billionaires and Asian Indians & Pakistanis..from what I can tell. The zio jews play hardball & block-pressure anchor tenants like Sears, Macy’s, Dillards, Lord & Taylor, Marshall’s, JC Penney, Toys R US, Big Movie Theater chains like Lowes & AMC, etc from opening in non ziojew owned-run malls.

    Macerich aka Mace Seigel & Rich Cohen

    • Jewpedia is the best source of intel on the net!

  7. Aw John. Isn’t it strange how the thing landed just off Gladstone? It’s just the zionists chucking flying scrolls! They’re trying to finish off the Barrier Reef so they won’t feel bad dumping their coal mining effluence onto it Geez, I would have thought you were onto that!

    • Perhaps a chunk from the out of control Chinese space station?

  8. Ex4) Cascade WA Mall Hoax Massacre HAPPY Hoax Laughing Crisis Actor Joanne Burkholder Can’t Stop Laughing & Smiling Doing her DHS PsyOp Script!!!

    19 Years Old (Supposedly) & Boy is she enjoying her 15 minutes of Fame! What a Fraudster!


  9. Y

  10. Ex4b) WA Mall Hoax- Hey Zio Joo-Anne Burkholder puppet Crisis Actor fellow Fraudster, Fake Dead, David Bowie called & says 15 minutes of Fame are up!

    But don’t worry the ziotrash can use you like a good little Act-whore in many future zioScams! …Even as terrible as your acting is the zios loved your extreme love for lying! It impressed them greatly as you laughed & smiled in satanic joy as you told tales of witnessing a bloody massacre!


  11. Manhattan NY Bombing Attack HOAX Reveals MAJOR REVELATION Ahmad Khan Rahami EXPOSED (Redsilverj)


  12. It’s so cute how you struggle with your words dear. Please don’t get ever get English lessons.

  13. NASA ActorNots Clowns Discover LAX Airport Hoax Attack Way To Protect From Van Allen Belt Radiation!! Yep : Pile Up Luggage on top of you!! Like 5 & 6 kids playing space travelers!

    So click your heels 3 times & Pile up the luggage ontop of you & close your eyes tight & snuggle up close to your fellow ActWhoreNots & wish upon a zio-magic star & you & Toto will make it throw the Van Allen Radiation Belt Dorothy!


    SNL couldn’t make up a more ridiculous skit than this one!

    NASA LIES just Get dumber & dumber & more ridiculous! But whatever you do, remember you live on a spinning ball hurling through space 100’s millions of miles per day! ..Cause occultic psychotic freemason & jews say so!

    • Perhaps not you smell-dumping putrid breathed saturn loving ziotrash fgt Gabriel. But if you want to know anything about the Wizard of Oz, I’m definitely your man. Lol.

  14. Lovely little bottom jokes dear. Funny, you look older than 10 in those photos Do you play with your own cacky too? How sweet.

  15. This is all old, old news. Is Dr. K DDDDDDead? Oh, my. I’m getting worried. Never answer the door to strangers. They are only there to do you harm. Something just really smells foul around here. Did someone forget to take out the trash? Why are all those flies buzzing around? Please, anyone, open a window. My Grandmama told me stories about this, back at conscience creek. Oh no, here we go again….

  16. My dear boy. Do you have a problem with flies? I can imagine that because I know that you Ities need to squat around holes in the ground to do your business. So backward but adorable. God bless.

    • You are very funny dear. I bet your old mammy just loves that you still live at home. She must laugh all the time. Do you help her clean the basement? Does she smother you in wet kisses?

  17. SOUTH CAROLINA SCHOOL SHOOTIN HOAX. Sleeper cells anyone?




















  18. Exhibit 1) S.Carolina School Shooting Hoax -14 yr (77 code) Old Kills Dad 47 & 2- 6yr olds (66) Code.

    VicSim Jacob Hall 64 Simple Gematria 8 x8 for 88 code! In Honor of Manley T Hall was Famous Freemason Psycho Occultist Leader.

    This info (ziomedia scripted fake stories) i Northeast s from this AP Story via Yahoo & a People magazine story.


    More occultic coding story says Townsville is 110 miles of Atlanta, Atlantic is on 33° parallel. 33° highest degree of Scottist Rite (American) Freemasonry.

    Killery boy calls Grandparents at 1:44 (44 code) to cry & tell them he murdered Dad, Jeffrey Osborne & is now starring in a DHS Kid killing shooting spree!

  19. Ex2) Townsville,SC Shooting Shooting PsyOp Crisis Actor Staging Area @ Oakdake Baptist Church miles Away, helping with the Zionist Gun Confiscation Agenda Treason Operation!

    Water bottles for everone at this disgraceful ZIO DHS/zioMedia Treason Fake Shooting Event as usual. You can be sure the minister i at this church is a freemason zionist & most likely a Christ-hating Crypto jew as well!


  20. Ex 3)Townville SC School Shooting Hoax


  21. Ex4) South Carolina School Shooting Hoax- Anderson County has 9 Free Mason Lodges, 6 in smaller towns & 3 Lodges in the city of Anderson.

  22. Something just isn’t right around here. I feel a cold bite on my nip. Voodoo, that old cat bone under the rickety floorboard. It’s a calling my name again….. Can you hear it? I feel like I’m back at conscience creek, the sun’s beginning to set. Oh dear….

  23. Be a nice young man and pour me a drink. Oh, the days have past and the years, they follow…. Ahhh yes, those were the good ol’ days.

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