**Breaking News** — 27 April 2018
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Analysis of White Van in Toronto Pedestrian Attack Proves it is a Hoax

For a van that purportedly ran over some 10 people, killing them, then striking another 15 or so, it surely is relatively clean. Now, keep in mind that the human body is a, essentially, a sealed bag of soft-tissue compartmentalized fluids, some 70% fluid matter by weight. Surely, if a metal object weighing multiple tons were to strike a human or a group of them at a high rate of speed, as is acclaimed, there would be evidence of this not just in regard to the injury patterns but also on the van itself.

Yet, there is no such evidence, categorically. For instance, according to ‘eye’ witnesses the van did strike metallic objects, including ‘mail boxes,’ crumpling them and running them over the people, mangling the boxes and people together, and also, apparently, this newspaper stand and also a fire-hydrant.

Both these are yellow in color. By the way, where is the water fountain that would consequently occur from the knocking off the hydrant?

The fact is there is no yellow paint to be found anywhere. Moreover, this looks like a junk-yard van which has rear-ended another vehicle.

Supposedly, it struck people so hard they were “flung into the air”, while in one case it struck a person so hard, it is acclaimed, that the person was flung from the street back into the store. These are mere movie-style story lines. There is no evidence to any degree that they are true.

Here is an image of the van provided through a McClain’s video of it driving through a red-light. The same type of damage is seen:

The vehicle was followed by an unmarked police car some 30 seconds later, also seen in the video.

These are some of the people that the van was supposed to have hit. They do not look by any means as actual vehicle strike victims:

This was a psyops, a mere staged event. The supposed murderer/driver is a military individual. It’s a set-up. There is nothing real about it. The injuries are mere moulage. Nor actual trauma or blood is seen. No one was run over. All the witnesses are merely crisis actors, paid for their inane roles.

Notice also how perfectly parallel it is parked against the buildings. How is that possible?

Image result for images; van; toronto; attack; pedestrian; ryder van

Moreover, there is not even a spec of any matter that would indicate a strike or multiple strikes against living beings:

Nor is there even a crack on the windshield. Nor is there any blood or human tissue on the tires. Instead, the crumpling, universal as it is, indicates a strike against another vehicle. Therefore, the bodies cannot be real, dead bodies, and the wounds cannot be real ones manifested with actual arterial blood:

This is nothing other than mere water-soluble paint. Nevertheless, no injuries of any kind are seen. As well, what are these mere common people, young women, doing dressing the wounds of a person with a potentially fatal vehicle-induced crush injury? As well, where are their rubber gloves to prevent their contaminating his wounds?

Where are the tread marks on this man’s chest or face? Where are the crush wounds, as expected to his face and chest from being struck by a multiple-ton vehicle?

Nor can the perpetrator be real and, thus, must necessarily be a part of the scam:

Image result for images; van; toronto; attack; pedestrian; ryder van

Guns are illegal in Toronto. He is pointing what is reportedly a cell phone towards the officer.

He was ‘suiciding himself by cop,’ some of the movie-style actors reported:

Image result for images; van; toronto; attack; pedestrian; ryder van

It is, regardless, inane to the extreme to believe that this possibly active duty military man would do this as a real, actual act and then, after running over all those people, point a cell phone at a police officer. The cop is pointing a gun at him. Yet, he is simple standing upright, not even flinching.

Even where the van was parked is part of the staging and scam. Notice that it was parked in an area with Arabic writing and with hanging material that obstructed any view from the ground level within the building:

Also, this building is under construction and is largely empty. This is a hoax and a scam. There is no other possibility.



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  8. Great post again, doc!

  9. Where the hell is the front grill on the van. I have never seen an auto accident where the front grill is completely gone as in this case. Van was an older Chevy with a Duramax diesel probably scheduled for retirement soon. Here is a picture of the complete van. Tell me how the grill was surgically removed in the “attack”. Ryder would never rent a van out with no front grill.

    • This is a great point and you are right, it would have to have been mechanically removed.

  10. I love the comments here!!!

  11. http://fakeologist.com/blog/2018/04/27/toronto-van-sidewalk-hoax-2/

    Video on this site shows the damaged van in question casually traveling down side streets before fake sidewalk event.

  12. That’s casually driving?
    But besides that, where is the van supposed to come from- the sky?

  13. Really that much damage to front end and yet not a ounce of blood. All that front end damage and not a drop from radiator coolant/trans fluid/oil or radiator at least steaming from impact? Agenda further hatred towards muslims and new government control push for self driving cars. Same government/media that has lied to us time and time again. No CCTV footage ,just as with every hoax/false flag crappy cell phone footage before and after event but never during. Nato country ..check…

  14. Except that the van driver wasn’t Muslim, “common sense”.

    You want cctv footage? Why? Is it common for authorities to release cctv footage of people being killed? I don’t think that’s the way it goes.

  15. The pre- damaged van was probably delivered to a close-by side street on a flat-bed truck. Then the fake drama was begun. The fake vicsims were positioned in stores on the route. This fraud event is similar to Boston Bombs.

    Speaking of Boston, whatever happened to Heather [Abbott] , age 39? Has she gone back to making movies as an amputee actor? She was all smiles in that hospital room interview with CNN CIA asset Anderson Cooper.

  16. Ex5) Toronto Fake Van Attack… Posted on Fakeologist comment section…

    xileffilex on April 27, 2018 at 7:24 am

    Yup, an intentional release from an invited photographer.
    Strange thing is, this fake witness trying desperately to remember his scipt, Henry Yang, says the van started “hitting like post stands post boxes news stands, bus stop signs on the sidewalk” once it had mounted the pavement [allegedly]
    “..like in the movies, movies…” – fake witness Kasra Ebrahimi – another little joke from the controllers.

    The list of “victims” has that familiar ring to it of easily recycled people. A 94 year old woman must be the oldest fake victim ever!
    Here’s the list of new lifers/retirees

    Note the “salt o the earth” Korean chef whose
    ” wife, who had been living in Toronto, recently returned to South Korea.”

    Well, fancy that.

    According to the Toronto Sun
    “It’s unclear why Chul Min “Eddie” Kang… was in North York that fateful day”

    It seems pretty clear to me that he was already off to South Korea before the pre-crashed van was parked up in Yonge Street.
    More suspicious CCTV –

    Can anyone pinpoint the place the van was finally parked up? I can’t find it on Yonge Street google maps.

    Read more: http://fakeologist.com/blog/2018/04/27/toronto-van-sidewalk-hoax-2/#ixzz5E3x1qMEX

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  21. Pedestrians calmly walking by ‘victims’ as though nothing has happened…


    …because, of course, nothing did happen, otherwise the passerby pedestrians would be reacting to the ‘carnage’.

    My blog…


    • Well done on the site. Might I refer to it in later articles?

  22. It happened. I was there. So were another thousand people.
    You’re an idiot.

  23. No, you weren’t.

  24. And your qualifications for performing trauma and crash assessments based on nothing but common news footage are…?

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