**Breaking News** — 02 February 2017
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How to Analyze a Fake Shooting – Quebec City Mosque Hoax

It behooves the world, now, to have a method analyze a fake and a fraud, in this in relation to hoax shootings, suicide bombs, or other staged ‘killings.’ A real crime scene is just as described, in is a scene of a traumatic event, here a person or persons are violently wounded or killed. Certain protocols are necessary to deal with such scenes, particularly if there is blood and tissue parts in association.

In take killings and bombings there is no need to follow any rules. There is no need for crime scene control: no requirement for forensics, HAZMAT, fingerprint detection, or detectives for reconstructing the crime elements.

Here is an actual crime scene, with HAZMAT cleaning blood stains on the wall, real blood following the pattern of arterial spray. It is a health hazard and must be purged from the surroundings. It’s hazardous, or dangerous, and that is why the call the workers “HAZ”-MAT. Notice the precautions being taken. Notice it well. These individuals are fully covered and even bear respirators (they are likely using strong chemicals, including bleaching agents, for this decontamination).

In the Western world at least, if blood is being dealt with haphazardly, with no attention to the risks at hand, which includes the contraction of deadly disease, then, the hoax is confirmed.

It is said in the Quebec mosque that people were shot dead. Then, where is the evidence for this? Why is there no crime scene? Why is HAZMAT not on-site decontaminating the hazard?

It’s hardly worth even analyzing the images, though. The scamming is obvious. The facility was up for renovations, which had, in fact, already begun. Thus, it is reported:

​Ahmed Elrefai, one of the mosque’s administrators, acknowledged that for some, it will take time until they are ready to pray again at the mosque.

But he said he and his fellow administrators are planning to do renovations and change the look of the space.

NOTE: Shame on them for associating prayer and devotion to God with scamming and defrauding the people. This is a gross violation of the teachings of the Islamic faith: completely corrupt.

Regardless, here is real arterial blood from an actual killing. Notice the variation in color from the oxygen-rich arterial blood versus the darker venous blood:

The bright redness remains even in the congealed, clotted blood matter. Here is another example of real blood. Notice the splatter pattern. That pattern cannot be easily faked:

Now, let us look at the mosque pattern. What about this looks like real arterial spray?

What about this inanity? How is this  blood splatter? Notice the color. It’s all the same. As well, there is no clotting. Moreover, there is no arterial spray. Plus, there is no spray against the vertical walls. This must be staged, no other possibility.

Obviously, then, this is no crime scene and was merely staged. Here is an additional image of real blood with spot splatter. There is a major difference:

Now, what else is seen?

Hoax confirmed: red coloring merely painted on the wall and allowed to drip down with gravity, separates, water soluble:

See what happens, here? It just starts out and then drips down from its source: via gravity. There is no arterial spray or splatter, resultant from the pumping power of the heart. This is a fake, no doubt about it:

Now, here is additional hard proof of scamming and hoaxing. See this fake bullet hole. It looks like an exit hole. How could there be an exit hole in such a column? Did the bullet go all the way through the column from the front.

Here is an actual exit hole. There is a major difference. It would appear that they only way there could have been a hole there was either via a drill or a bullet shot as an entrance element. An exit wound in the beam is an impossibility.

Caption: above, an actual, real exit wound through plaster.

It’s a media circus, a PR stunt, make no mistake.

Even so, they made it look somewhat realistic. Those are real bullet holes, actual exit lesions, right screen, the fake being left screen:

It has to have a sense of realism, otherwise, it would immediately be spotted as a fake and phony.

It was a sloppy job with plenty of evidence of much fabrication:

Smudging and slopping around of fake blood confirmed:

You can see the construction going on or the repairs early on in the following video:

Yet, the Canadian governmental powers have done this before, as in the Dawson College phony shooting:

Image result for dawson college; shooting; images; photos;

Or, in the absolutely staged 1989 Ecole Polytechnique phony massacre:

Image result for ecole; polytechnique; massacre; canada; images

Crucially, the mosque has become the new domain of Zionist-inspired frauds, largely because of the potential believable nature, that is “What Muslim leader or community would actually scam the people by faking a massacre, doing so merely for monetary gain?”

It’s a crime to cheat people. Islam fully bans it. It was the Prophet of Islam who said, “Whoever cheats…is not one of us.”

Thus, it is the duty of the individuals involved in this scam by the dictates of their religion to make right upon this: and, thus, return the donated money to its rightful sources, every penny of it. Then, to use fake deaths as a basis to generate money and sympathy, doing so through holding up a house of God as the basis…absolutely Islam condemns this.




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  7. Hey help me please!

    here in Mexico was a shooting in MONTERREY and we think is fake. Look this picture and tell me pls is fake or not



  8. There’s a supposedly picture of a victim of the quebec shooting wounded in hospital. Are you positive this is fake?

    • I can verify by calling the hospital and pretending to be a friend.

    • If you watch the video, you will see that there is no real arterial blood or blood splatter. By the way an AK-47 is a very powerful gun and would have blown that place up. Will be posting more, soon.

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