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UPDATED: Paul Walker’s Hat Planted in Car Crash Hoax

It is now confirmed that a hat was planted in the Paul Walker hoax to help support the claim of actual fatalities. Did this hat belong to Walker or his associate? This is purportedly Paul Walker departing the charity scene with friend, Roger Rodas, the driver. While  Walker is not wearing a hat it would appear that Mr. Rodas may well be doing so. The hoaxers of Hollywood are capable of anything: they are specialists at creating fabricated reality.
Walker is pictured in the car moments before it careered off the road and hit a tree killing him and the driver Paul Walker race team

From one of our posters a picture of Rodas just before the car burning event. In fact, his associate (corrected) was wearing a black hat, which has a white logo on the left side. Did he, too, have such a hat?


In the high resolution photos well after the ‘fire’ was put out, a hat can be seen in the road. That hat is not damaged or burnt in any way? Did it fly out of the car?

Rodas was wearing a hat as the two departed. Then, too, did Mr. Walker have a hat, perhaps, held out of view?

Having fun: The friends, who had bonded over their love of cars, smile as they chat in the Porsche

Now, look: Walker, too, has a hat. He is holding it in his left hand, and this is shortly before he gets into the car.


Let’s have a closer look:


That appears to be precisely the hat that was planted on the scene. This would be good news. It would mean that Mr. Walker is alive and did not die a gruesome, horrific death, being burnt up alive, while no one could help him escape. It means that it is all a hoax, and that the downed pole and moving, then, charred trees were props, as were the fire extinguishers and more.


The hat is clearly seen below:

It is not the same hat as the racing one he was wearing but is instead highly similar to the one held in Mr. Walker’s hand.  Note that it is situated right on the stripe in perfect condition: not burnt. That is a planted hat, strewn there: not ejected from a burning car.


Yet, was that hat always there? It is not seen, here. The white line is fully visible. Where

According to TMZ, the family say that experts have told them the bumps may have caused the car to hydroplane and the driver to lose control

The items that are circled are done so in the inane suggestion that, somehow, those street reflection devices caused the accident, a lame claim currently being made the Zionist-controlled media outlets.

Regarding the interior or seat component, how did it get just off the curb? Another one is found in the street, a considerable distance away. No one witnessed any kind of explosion that could have jettisoned this part to that distance. Clearly, this is strewn (planted) wreckage, just like the hat. Simply put, it was planted there by the perps, just as was the fire extinguisher, which was later removed.

Jim Torp makes wild claims, saying that material was ejected when the car exploded as far as the roof of the white warehouse, which is obviously a gross fabrication. If he had to tell such lies, then, this proves that this is a set-up. He even says the explosion jettisoned material all the way up into the warehouse in front of the car, including the starter, which was hurled towards the building, a ludicrous claim.

Once again, why isn’t the hat in these earlier scenes? This proves that the hat was in place only after the fire was extinguished.

The hat is also NOT seen here. Obviously, then, it was planted as a part of the hoax. No other conclusion can be made, since it is laid there perfectly. Keep in mind that this is evidence of a supposed double fatality, and could even be a crime scene.

   Hat on the line                                                                       No hat on the line

See the water. This hat scene was well after the fire was put out.

Planting evidence or removing it is a crime in itself. Was not it not a major ordeal about someone who supposedly ‘stole’ a few parts to the car, offering them for sale on EBay (if this even really happened)?

Nor is the obviously black hat seen in this image, either.

What is seen are a number of people down in the parking lot. Who are they?

Of course, it is also gone as night closed in. Removing the hat would be the removal of critical evidence, explaining the nature of the impact and the state of the car; that a window would have had to have been open or blown open. Why would anyone remove the hat unless it was placed there purposely as a Psyops prop? Were they afraid someone would step on it?


Moreover, even though it was there in the police officer scene  it’s not there after the moulage mole sets up the cadaver dummies, making them appear as if they are mortally wounded humans. She can be seen standing about mid-picture.

Caption: hats and dummies don’t mix; it’s simply not to be found during the cadaver dummy skit. Who in the world would really think that this cadaver dummy is Paul Walker?


So, there is no use in pontificating about how the hat survived the fiery furnace. It was never in the vehicle in the first place. Nor was there anyone in there that could have been wearing it. That’s because it is all a hoax, where no one died, and no one was injured, all carefully and methodically contrived, and most people have fallen for it.


Wreck: Witnesses walk away from the tragic scene. Walker was killed by his injuries and by the fire

Fire extinguisher in the man’s hand who is seemingly walking casually away but no hat, at least not yet.



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(37) Readers Comments


    As you can see here Roger Rodas (2nd in from the left)was wearing a hat that day (this was taken shortly before the accident)

    Could this be that hat?

    • even if this were that hat..its odd its there in some photos, and its not in others

    • That hat is black, the one on the white pre-curb line, and may well have a logo on the left edge, which is somewhat obscured. The planting of the hat, if confirmed to be his hat, after the fire was put out would seem to confirm that this is actually a hoax.

    • Roger is 3rd from the left. The fact u can’t see a fckn hat on his head – for the pic- doesn’t mean he wouldn’t get one later… Also -as u can see from the short video with Paul looking into the inside of the car, then leaving..u can clearly see he keeps a hat in his hand (crampling it/nervous?/…Go check, I noticed that fact once the vid showed up.

      • Ah, is this confirmed that he is third from the left? That seems to be correct: and he could have removed such a hat for pic purposes.

        • There’s a lot of Roger’s pics on the net, u may go&check/compare. It is not important… All I’m trying to say is that Paul -forget Roger – had a hat in hand and the mentioned vid proves that simple fact. Perhaps ur post should be retitled.

          Was Paul Walker’ Hat Planted in Hoax? /or maybe Roger Rodas hoax? Think about it. Who was RR? Paul as a distraction&how to kill 2 birds with one stone? U help me & I help u. Perfect. Got it? No? Just think about it…HELP. It’s what’s that all about. I so love to help, esp friends…

          • Will look into it. Am reviewing the stills of their departure now. Thnks.

          • Now in the post: https://nodisinfo.comanomalies-paul-walker-hoax/, with title change to Was Paul Walker’s Hat Planted in Car Crash Hoax?

    • The back wheel is a different pic to the origional photo it is close to pauls head on the first pic but a completely different space and angle on the second pic

    this is what roger rodas looks like..much more resemblence to the gentleman 2nd from the left with the scruff

  3. Actually going back and evaluating this a little bit more side by side, i dont believe he is even in the first photo i posted! womp womp my appologies

  4. Roger looks to be wearing hat in the photos here…looks like a darker hat with a white logo. I can’t make out what the logo says

  5. The hat may have been Paul’s…in this video right before the crash Paul is holding onto something…it resembles the hat found on the street

  6. Has anyone noticed that the guy in the last pic walking away from the crash with 2 other guys with the light blue shirt with yellow laces looks built like Paul? Even the way he stands and how his body is moving.And even his stance is very much like Paul’s
    Just an observation
    Just look at other pics and videos of Paul’s body language and posture and let me know what you think.
    Probably doesn’t mean anything but it’s just weird to look at. I honestly feel like I’m looking at Paul in that pic 0-0

  7. He is too thin and it appears there is a tattoo or something on the left arm/wrist

    • I dont think hes too thin
      Go and check out the last vid for reach out worldwide that paul did with some of the other fast and furious cast which was only a few days before this hoax.he seems much thinner than usual.and yes they do appear unconcerned.and they are supposed to be close friends watching their friends burn to death HMMM not at all believable
      They are walking away pretty calmly.the “best friend’s” pics at least are a little more convincing with his acting trying to appear more believably in shock.

  8. But all three of those guys do not appear overly concerned that there is a car on fire with their friends in it a few feet away….that’s strange just like everything else.

    • That is right, including the Fire Extinguisher Brigade: all props, all 100% hoax. Notice many people walking with a backward slant; no one in a rush to do anything.

  9. Have yall noticed how in one pic the rims are black and in another pic they’re silver! Wierd much!! He’s so not dead!!

  10. Maybe this hat of his friend? who tried to help them???

  11. Some people already said the video is not that one of the accident. (not confirmed)
    Anyway, I don’t get this seat story. The seat is not even at the same place in different pics.
    What intrigues me very MUCH are PW’s supposed FRIENDS. C’mon, they are walking calmly. What’s happening here?
    They did not know who it was? They were giving up so that explains why they’re walking this way?
    And his friend does look like him. Like a brother. Maybe a stunt.

  12. It is def. odd that they are calmly walking away from this. In that situation your brain does some seriously crazy things to save a human life. the fact that they dont even seem the least bit concerned is really weird. as if theyre walking away from a freaking campfire leisurely.

    i still dont understand why nobody else has suspected he faked his death at all.

    • Exactly
      The only sources who have reported these so called deaths are social media. No concrete party has. No official police or coroner statement or press conference like is fine normally.Big fat hoax

  13. Check this fan page on facebook


    • Interesting

  14. Maybe they were just like : there’s nothing more to do, let’s go.
    In one of the pic, you can see one of these guys running to the crash scene while it was burning. Maybe the firefighters were telling them to get out.
    I’m not even sure who these guys are.
    If it was not PW’s friends, it’s not necessarily surpising.
    But you do see some pics of a man knocking a firefighter because he wanted to save Paul. (Nute, I believe)

  15. there is a picture without the green savannah on the car??? to see the dummies in the day? sorry for my english

  16. No one has mentioned that there is no water around the car. I see water on the street. How do you hose a car with a fire hose and the leave ground completely. Also, as pointed out later there was a fire extinguisher against the curb. I don’t see the fire extinguisher in these photos. The tires aren’t melted in these photos as they are melted in the very last set of fake photos I saw posted. The leaves on the tree above the cars are still not singed and burned, which they would have been if their were a real fiery explosion. This whole story is such a joke.

  17. One question is this is all a hoax, do u think they would have done the funeral? And the memorial at universal? And put his daughter and GF through all of that,..? I believe your posts but realistically he is dead. What would he gain by living the rest of his life in hiding!? What about the coroners results!? Can u tell me why he wpuld do all that and put the 200 people at his funeral in that position and his co workers! I wish he is alive but can it be true after all my doubts!? Please explain thank u

    • The why is almost impossible to fully know. Ask “Why” about Sandy Hook, and that was about greed and lust and also the UN small arms treaty and absolute Zionist monopolistic control over American and also Zionist rage against the American people, clearly: but never the Zionist entity, no gun control, there: only here.

      Walker? Who knows and, really, who cares? Subliminally, he wanted to do this. We can’t crack his mind. Without a desire from him, this couldn’t have been done.

  18. No one really knows what is behind the scenes with actors, because their lives are in the fake mode. One issue: ratings for the F & F deal were taking a dive. Hard to say. This was a collaboration of may forces, including the show’s producers and directors, Universal Studios, Jim Torp, Mr. Townsend (a fairly prominent individual in LA), and more. Don’t have a full answer yet to your question.

  19. You can see more things clearlier here!!

  20. heyyyy, guy, I found the hat again!!! 🙂

  21. can u please explain the start of your film!??…

  22. take this of

    The crash happened. It killed two people. Get over it you crazy tinfoil hat wearing dweebs.

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