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Another Arch Zionist Islamophobic Hoax with Inane French Priest Beheading Scam

Regarding the purported beheading of a French priest combined with the taking of hostage of nuns and others there is nothing to see. It’s mere drama, a mere distraction hoax to distract from the absolutely failed Nice truck attack scam. By no means is this real to any degree. It is, rather, an obvious drill, merely staged, as is made abundantly evident by even a cursory review of the imagery.

A policeman reacts as he secures a position in front of the city hall after two assailants had taken five people hostage in the church at Saint-Etienne-du -Rouvray near Rouen in Normandy, France, July 26, 2016. Two attackers killed a priest with a blade and seriously wounded another hostage in a church in northern France on Tuesday before being shot dead by French police. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol - RTSJOVLRT_France_Hostages1_MEM_160726_4x3_992

The purported knifeman and/or shooter is, once again, supposedly an ISIS or, rather, IS mole. Yet, what is ISIS other than the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service? The arch-hoaxing can be seen clearly, here, with the typical image of a supposedly grieving person, in this case the French agent with the long gun, feigning grief before the cameras. As always, the top calibre camera-people were on-site, fully embedded, taking all manner of HD-quality images. Yet, in another second the same man with the same gun can be seen acting all serious and military before the camera: hoax index, not measurable, that is off the scale.


Now, at this point there is supposed to be hostage rescuing going on. So, what are all these players doing at such a great distance from the church? Why are they merely hunkered down about the back-end of the unmarked van? Who can regard this as anything other than a fake and a scam?

Then, there is the highly contrived imagery of the purported beheading master? His surname is Petitjean which is rarely taken by Muslims and is, rather, a common name for Moroccan and/or Sephardic Jewry. The French-influenced Moroccan town of PetitJean is/was heavily Jewish. The ISIS mole to which he is giving this supposed obedience is Jewish in a appearance and is almost assuredly a Mossad agent. Regardless, no Muslim person is supposed to give obedience to another human, never with such posturing, which is, in fact, a crime against Islam. All such elements do, in fact, work for ISIS as the moniker for the Israeli Secret Intelligence Services.


Then, now, here is the image of one of the supposed attackers, now purportedly dead:


It has all the appearance of being nothing other than a dapper cadaver dummy. Plus, the shoes off are typical of a staged ‘dead’ or ‘wounded’ body, standard in these hoaxes. No wonder it is so well disguised.

Regardless, the imagery clearly shows it as a drill, as not a single person is in panic or emergency mode; there is no adrenalin rushing about, here:

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 12.27.30 PM

Yet, it is deemed the global fight against ISIL Rather, it is a war against Islam by the arch-criminal, terminally hedonistic Zionist mob.


Of course, it is a scam, purely inane, absolutely sophomoric, all perpetrated by the arch-hedonistic, terminally vile world Jewish cabal. Who can demonstrate otherwise?


This is an Islamophobic, that is Islam-demonizing, hoax. Once again, this grand, sophisticated faith suffers from being wrongly blamed. Surely, as a result of this Zionist-orchestrated scam, surely, there will be acts of violence committed against Islamic people. ‘Kill all Muslims,’ it is now being proclaimed, as well as ‘Bomb Mecca.’ Yet, on what basis: on the basis of mere lies and treachery by Islam’s enemies, the powers of world Jewry? Plus, keep in mind it was strictly the Mossad and its collaborators, including powerfully positioned, hostile, corrupt American and Israeli Jews, who are behind the failed Nice Islamophobic fraud.

The knifeman is a fraud, as is his mother and other ‘relatives,’ as are the phony ‘nun’ hostages: as are all others in this terminally vile scam.


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  1. All bullshit – more of the same

    And so blatant – now it is clear the message is, ‘yes we all know these are shams, that is the way it is going to be, so we will be going about our evil death machine business, and none of you will be getting in the way’.

    • Exactly. Your pitiful whining here achieves nothing.

  2. ExA) 2009 Tacoma/Seattle DHS RaceWar & Cops Vs Blacks Zio Agenda Black Man Paroled By Zionist Puppet Huckabee Kills 4 Cop PsyOp!

    Busted SWAT/Army Ranger/CIA Spook Cop Is Still Alive!
    Mark J Renninger Traitor Crisis Actor alias Mark J Kenninger!! And Mark Renni! Linked to entire family & Wife!! Same age same exact name, links shown his addresses like Bethlehem PA & Seattle area, etc & to military bases of this zioPuppet Treasonous fake dead cop!!

    Fake Black Shooter Maurice Clemmons a criminal got out of jail free by zionist Freemason fake Christian Mike Huckabee to do this Gun Confiscation, Race War, Blacks Vs Cops Hoax PsyOp!

    This radaris search shows Mark Renninger is alive, a fraud, a traitor & is using this Mark J Kenninger Alias & other aliases & his “real” name too:

    Mark J Kenninger
    Puyallup, WA
    Known as: Mark J Renninger · Mark R Renninger

    Has lived in: Puyallup, WA · Snohomish, WA · Tacoma, WA · Bellevue, WA · Bothell, WA · Federal Way, WA · Seattle, WA · Tukwila, WA · Fort Benning, GA · Bethlehem, PA · Columbus, GA

    Related to: Angela Renni · Angela Giacolino · Kathleen Ribik ~68 · Janice Giacolino · Allen Ehrman ~45

    His Fraudster Wife ZioPuppet Kim Ribik & some of her aliases:

    Kimberly E Ribik, ~44
    Puyallup, WA
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    Has lived in: Puyallup, WA · Bellevue, WA · Renton, WA · Redmond, WA · Woodinville, WA · Ellensburg, WA · Kirkland, WA

    • Curses, I’ve been rumbled by the investigative genius that is Cowboy. I’ll come quietly to face whatever charges you may wish to pull out of your ****.

      • Loony fucken toons. Just love it when they run of the cliffs. Beep Beep.

    • ExB) 2009 DHS RaceWar Cop Killing- PsyOp Traitor Busted More –

      Fake Dead Cop-Spook-SWAT-PsyOp -Spec Forces-Crisis Actor
      Mark J Renninger proven alias as
      Mark J Kenninger is not just showing up on old addresses- he has two new present addresses long after his fake death 7 years ago! Renninger is a Traitor just like his wife. All their aliases are often jewish names as well: Kenninger, Renninger, Renni, Ribik, others she has as well…

      This are two after his fake death Addresses as found on People Finders (More on to come on this PsyOp):
      Mark Kenninger
      Mark D Renninger,
      Mark Renninger
      #### Applewood Acres
      South Abington Township, PA 1841
      Age 46
      Locations: South Abington Twnp’, PA, Roy, UT, Ogden, Utah

      More Military Bases Long After his fake & treasonous fraud death & also he uses “David” an an alias middle name shown her from USA People Search:
      Renninger, Mark David

      Associated names:
      46 Hill Afb, UT
      Hill Air Force Base, UT
      Ogden, UT
      Roy, UT
      Clearfield, UT

    • You are an absolute uneducated idiot! If you believe everything you find on the Internet is true then I have an island to sell you where money grows on trees. I challenge you right now to provide concrete proof oh I don’t know maybe a video date stamped this year of him live and living in the flesh. But you won’t because you can’t. Find something more valuable and productive to do with your time than to slander fallen heroes of this nation. I’ll bet you can’t because you have likely never done anything productive or served a valant cause. Rather you are a coward that stands behind false allegations and dilutions of gander.

  3. Killed in hospital row: Man sets ward on fire in horrific attack, 3 dead (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

  4. Pertinent point, doc! As for the pic showing Adel and Petitjean together many say its photoshopped/fake and that would be no wonder.

  5. “His surname is Petitjean which is rarely taken by Muslims”

    True, the same goes for Maur. Bogus name/identity by far. Actually a words play: “Maur” meaning “Moor” and Petitjean, an ordinary French name, sometimes Jewish as dr. K stated. “Petitjean” meaning “Little John”. “Moor Little John”, not much for a Muslim name, is it?

  6. Meet ADEL KERMICHE – Supposed ISIS “Killer” from a Family of ACTORS?

  7. CIA Productions Inc. – Syrian ‘Rebel’ Commander Forgets His Lines

  8. France church attack FALSE FLAG CCTV images of chruch deleted?
    Good, no view this priest to be slain, video of the priest etc … just a picture of the completed quarter and old video of the priest so that we can see his face: short people repeat like parrots what the media and corrupt politicians tell us, the media bunch of politicians and other mafia.

  9. Ex C) DHS RaceWar 09′ Traitor Cop Hoax Quadruple Murder By Black Man- Fraud Crisis Actor Found Alive!

    As a Construction Project Manager Traitor
    Mark Renninger has been getting lucrative Govt’ & Zio Disney construction contracts rewards for his Race War/Gun Confiscation Treason committed against the American people!

    So, protected by DHS & CIA & Zio Power, in Florida he felt safe enough to even use his real face & Name, after his fake death uo to now! He just keeps away from his military & police persona..
    Busted you traitor piece of Ziotrash!

  10. Ex D) 09′ Tacoma Quadruple Cops Killed PsyOp Fake Dead Crisis Actor Traitor Mark Renninger Busted! Found & Proven Alive!

    Living the High Life! Rewarded Well for his Treason Against the American people by his Zionist Jew masters!

    Compare this PsyOp dead cop picture to his Tampa Florida based Construction Projecta manager! Same beady eyed devil!×0.jpg

  11. ExE) DHS Tacoma/Seattle Area 4 Cops Kille PsyOp- Hoax Police SpokesLiar Does Ridiculous Script:
    Giving instant number of 4 dead cops, & complete motive, detail of the cops morning, Ambush murder theory, yet insanely claims we don’t know which departments the fake dead cops worked at! LMAO!

    Anyone of these “cop” crisis actors was never murdered & is still alive! So therefore none of them were murdered & it is a treasonous PsyOp done under cover of a zionist-run DHS funded drill to be portrayed as a real mass murder of cops by a black man to further the zionist agendas of a Coming RaceWar, a police state & foremost Gun Confiscation!

  12. ZioPuppet Rapist Slick Willie Clinton Buffoon Falls Asleep During Ziotrash Psycho Hillary’s Convention Speech!

  13. Ziotrash Bill & Hillary Proof Psychopaths can Be Blithering Bozo Bubbling Buffoons!

  14. Psychopath Zionist Hillary Clinton calling for a False flag or provocation against Iran so she can commit Genocidal Mass Murder War & Bombing against them!

    This Lunatic Zionist & Crypto Jew Will be the next Vote Fraud President of USA! Never mind that the Constitution has never been changed to allow a woman to be eligible to President!

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