Boston Bombing — 10 April 2015
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Arch-Boston Marathon Hoaxer Rebekah Gregory Uses Silicone Leg to Fool the World

Regarding the arch-fake Boston Smoke Bombing Hoax could it get more inane than this, that is the actions and arch-treachery of fake injury hoaxer Rebekah Gregory? She is a terminally corrupt deceiver, make no mistake about it. Moreover, she knows full well she is cheating the people and is completely indifferent regarding it. No one can prove otherwise. Her actions are terminally corrupt.


Like the other Boston hoaxers, including that arch-fabricator Jeffrey Bauman, she is a prior amputee and is using the hoax to enrich herself.


Even so, she is a key star for the hoax, an essential one, because, how sad, at first she did have a leg that survived the injury. Then, ‘boo-hoo,’ she lost it. Sure she did, right. She had a good leg, though scarred, but, somehow, they had to ‘cut it off.’ It’s a filthy lie, proven, categorically, here. Moreover, she is joined in the lie with former boyfriend/husband, Pete DeMartini.


‘Boo-hoo,’ they can’t even do a fake together without one of them giving it away.


Yes, she had a fully functional set of legs at one point before. Yet, that is not the issue. The issue is that this is a fabrication, a hoax. By no means did she loose her leg as a result of a terrorist act at the Boston Marathon. There was no terrorist act/bombing. It was all a drill, and she was a part of that drill.


Yet, she went about stating, as a lead agent of the hoax:
BOSTON:March.05: One of the first Boston Marathon bombing victims to testify in the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev had a message for him Wednesday night: “You are a coward.” USA Today reported.


“A little boy who wouldn’t even look me in the eyes.”

Rebekah Gregory, who lost much of her left leg (When? not at the Boston Marathon), posted her open letter to Tsarnaev on her Facebook page hours after giving her emotional testimony in federal court.

By Thursday morning, the letter had drawn more than 18,000 “likes” and more than 1,000 comments.

NOTE: The Sheeple are bamboozled, once again.

In court Wednesday, Gregory of Houston told how she tried to help her 5-year-old son, Noah, who cried, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy,” but her own injuries were too severe (nursery rhyme, he cried “mommy” three times).

My bones were lying next to me on the sidewalk,” Gregory said from the stand, a few feet from Tsarnaev. “At that point, I felt that was the day I would die.”

In the letter, Gregory wrote that Tsarnaev had been a fixture in her nightmares since the day of the April 2013 bombing.

But after facing him in court, her fear is gone.

Sure it was, right. So brave: and her words and her cold stare conquered all the fear in her heart. Who in the world believes such gibberish?

In fact, the world seems to believe it. Does this world lack all eyes and discernment? Is it entirely blind?


How can anyone regard this is real? There is no blood or serous fluid anywhere. She is happy and smiling despite the metal stabilizing device? How did those bones go from being next to her on the sidewalk to back into her the flesh of her leg? Look at the sloppy job with the elastic wraps. It’s fake, no doubt about it.

The ‘happy hoaxer’ psy-ops moles are partying it up, front and center before the entire world. Sure she was, right. She was allowed to go to the ‘Big Games’ despite having the fracture metal stabilizing rods in place. What a bunch of terminally corrupt arch-happy hoaxers they are.


There they are, the Masonic Zionist moles, complete with the pink sneaker. DeMartini is an arch-fraudster, too, faking it for big pay:

dt.common.streams.StreamServer (1)

How absolutely inane it is. Who in this universe would regard this real after viewing such images?

She had her left leg chopped off. Sure she did, right.


She faked it, along with her Zionist controllers. At that point, that is at the time of the Boston Smoke Bombing Hoax, she didn’t have a left leg. It was merely a fake one, make of mere silicone and latex:


How is that a real leg? Look at the blob. It’s mere silicone/rubber. There is nothing real about it.

images (3)

It’s non-human. Look at the blob on the dorsum of the ankle. How could it get more fake than this?


It’s 100% fake, mere artificial, mere moulage.

Too, at one point they painted the fake with moulage, no wounds are visible:

That’s obvious paint, dressed on the silicone by an arch-Zionist moulage mole. Then, here is the final, hard proof. She was faking it all along. The purpose was to create the impression of a grotesquely injured lower leg, then to make her a bigger than life figure by latter faking it, as if to have the leg amputated:


It’s all silicone, 100% fake. All the money she has collected is through fraud, mere extortion of the people’s monies through great treachery: through terminally vile lies and deceit.





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  1. Here’s the nurse who was responsble for the leg dressing of Rebekah:
    Michael Umana RN in Houston. Also providing excellent “microsurgery” there for Rebekah – Dr. Emmanuel Melissinos, who keeps a low web profile;380;7;70;0.jpg

    • hired *****

  2. This website is a joke…once someone believes every single conspiracy theory they are just a nutcase….

    • Anyone who believes them is stupid. It means you are able to swallow a story full of holes.

  3. And yet you say nothing to document your claims or to justify your foul mouth and your insanely disrespectful attitude. The reason her leg looks so unreal is that chunks of it were blown away and massive grafts had to be put in place of the holes. She lose several inches of her femur, the lower leg bone, and half the bones in her foot. The distortion in the photos is shows PRECISELY why she eventually had to give up the struggle to keep it — it was just too badly damaged. I wonder what kind of sweaty, lonely, fantasy-choked life a loser like you lives.Mentally unbalanced people like you carry such self-hatred around that they project it out onto the world. Therefore, the ugliness you are describing is, in fact, merely a reflection of your own fecal swimming hole. Stinks all up in there, don’t it?

  4. I’m in awe…now I understand that there are false flags sometimes. Those wounds look pretty real to me. A make up artist could not duplicate such detail. The stitches look 100% real, it all looks pretty real. Here’s the thing if you say 90% of the ” terrible events” are false flags, you would be sadly mistaken. If you said maybe 20% are false flags, I could agree with you. However when every terrible thing is fake, you seriously discredit yourself you make it hard to believe anything you say. Slow down and don’t get so excited. Did you study injuries before you became a doctor that knows what wounds look like? Go out side spend time with your family, exercise buy a dog and play with it go to the movies go to a theme park get away from your computer. Your life is flying by and your missing it, and before you know it, you will perish and been remembered as an over the top conspiracy theorists

    • The most well-publicized mass shootings are false flags. 100 percent.

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