Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 18 September 2014
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Arch-Zionist Mole Rita Katz and the Mossad Orchestrated ISIS Beheading Hoaxes

Who in the world is terminally rabid arch-Zionist mole  Rita Katz? The daughter of a Zionist spy she is one of the most wretched, vile Israeli agents known. Her Israeli, though slightly Middle-Eastern influenced, accent is clear in her various videos.

Here she is speaking from the corner of her mouth. All that she spews is lies, all form the purpose of treachery and the creation of great chaos – for the creation of vast corruption in the land.

Zionist Rita Katz of bin Laden Studios

This treacherous one was the source of the link uploaded to the SITE Website and also, apparently, provided directly to the White House.

Here is some of Katz’s typical commentary, as demonstrated on PsyopsNews (CNN):

KATZ: There’s no information about other Americans that they have currently. We know now they have the next British guy that they’re threatening to execute. However, monitoring the sites and seeing the celebration behind the release of these videos, the joy that they have when they see the beheadings of Americans, and how we terrorize the Americans and other countries, there is absolutely no doubt that the recruitment aspect of these videos is something that we cannot ignore.

There is a very important element to the recruitment in these videos, maybe as equally as for the execution of attacks, because we’re talking about jihadi groups that don’t — that need the support. They need the general support. And the fact that they released the videos, both videos in English, by an executor who speaks English, most likely with a British accent, gives the double message of the strong element for recruitment from ISIS.


She is a spy, a Mossad mole, make no mistake about it. A mole of moles, she is the so-called co-founder of the SITE entity. According to research by James F. Tracy:

“Since mid-August 2014 major news organizations have conveyed videos allegedly found online by the SITE Intelligence Group. Unsurprisingly the same media have failed to closely interrogate what the private company actually is and whether the material it promotes should be accepted as genuine.

The Search for International Terrorist Entities Intelligence Group was co-founded by Rita Katz in 2001. Katz is an Iraqi-born Jew. Her father, an Israeli spy, was executed by Iraqis as a result of his intelligence activities.”

This fact is exceedingly telling. Clearly, Katz is on the warpath against the people of the Middle East, attempting to create the basis for a most monstrous consequence: the wholesale invasion and thus destruction of Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries by coalition troops. Katz is clearly consumed in this regard, orchestrating and surely disseminating hoax videos, all for the purpose of demonization – all to create the guise for murderous war.

The writer then adds:

SITE Intelligence Group consists of Katz and two “senior advisers,” one of whom is Bruce Hoffman, the Corporate Chair in Counterterrorism and Counterinsurgency at the RAND Corporation and former director of the RAND’s Washington DC office.


It should be noted that he RAND Corporation is merely a front for the arch-Zionist, pro-Israeli war machine, one that is aimed at consuming the entire Middle East in bloodthirsty wars. Hoffman is a mere well-embedded Mossad spy, an empty suit, a fake: an Israeli agent to the extreme.

In commentary on the following video clip this Rockefeller-Rothschild agent Hoffman spewing additional lies regarding the Boston smoke bombing hoax. Let him be confronted. Let him deny the fact that this was an absolute fake committed by mere paid Zionist moles. It’s good to review it. The video is revealing with a few previously not well emphasized crisis actors being interviewed.

In this video it can be clearly heard that there is a kind of modest noise, almost tinny in sound. That’s a smoke bomb, mere pyrotechnics. A real bomb would have been of different decibels, far louder.

Hoffman, while not interviewed in the video, spread the following fabrications:

“The influence of the older brother could have been critical,” said Bruce Hoffman, a professor of security studies at Georgetown University. He said the possible role of the older man reminded him of 2007 bombings in London, in which a cell leader radicalized the youngest member of the group. In that case, the teenage bomber “was much more impressionable and much more a follower.”

Therefore, Hoffman’s entire purpose in life is demonization, all in order to create the fake Islamic bogeymen. “There’s an Islamist under ever rock and around every corner. Watch out, they’re coming to get you at any moment.”

The be headings are entirely fake. Who knows the full scope of the fabrications uploaded to the Internet by this fraudster.

Note: This is a preliminary post only. It will be expanded in more detail as soon as possible.

Addendum: thanks to one of our posters.

In May, 2003, Katz published, anonymously, a memoir about her work, called “Terrorist Hunter.” (She was exposed as its author soon afterward, although she attempted to disguise this.) The book is as psychologically blunt as she is, and the tone, at times, verges on smugness; the F.B.I., she writes, didn’t “possess one-thousandth of my knowledge on the relevant issues.” It is also an account, in almost religious terms, of her revelation about the threat and reach of global Islamic terrorism. Not that Katz goes through any real conversion in the course of the book; the only change is the slow, mechanical development of naïveté into experience, of suspicion into conviction, like water into steam.

That month, Katz went on “60 Minutes” to promote “Terrorist Hunter,” and to talk about her investigation into terrorist financing. Wearing a wig, five hours’ worth of makeup, and a large fake nose to conceal her identity, Katz also suggested that Mar-Jac Poultry, a Georgia chicken farm, was sending money to terrorists.




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  1. Rita Katz this zionist psychopath bent of destruction of America and the middle is is making these zionist beheading videos in conjunction with this ISIS CRISIS ACTOR OPRATION in the desert in Mesa Arizona for mossad where the landscape perfect for it and where Katz has residences and ISIS & her have operations and indoor movies sets available to them and unlimited actors avalable from ASU and even more from Aurora, CO and Denver. Other scenes can be made in the middle east and in Atlanta which is making more new relatively large indoor sets all the time.
    Rita is the lowest and most dishonest of scondrels. She is like a younger more hideous looking version of Joan Molansky Rivers. They should ship her on the next freight ship down in the hole to Israel and send Babara Starr and Cristinia Yampur with her and a host of warmonger fake journists with them! Adam Gadamn too!

  2. And Im 100% sure she is also related to this other Jewish scum


  3. CANTLIE? Can’t lie? What is this, an even worse joke of an identity?

    Prince William’s friend is third Briton to appear in ISIS propaganda video as it’s revealed captured photographer joined Royal on 2008 charity motorbike tour


  4. The History of ISIS Beheadings: Part of the “Training Manual” of US Sponsored Syria “Pro-Democracy” Terrorists


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  6. CIA is training and at once combating ISIL: Former CIA contractor


  7. Syrian opposition leader thanks Israel for supporting militants


    • “Syrian opposition leader thanks Israel for supporting militants”

      This guy deserves imprisonment for life, or, alternatively, saving the Syrians tax money, to be deported to Israel for soliciting the murder of non-Jews.

    • when he does his 2 fingers to his head,just like a gun..he does like ROBERT DE NIRO(travis bickle’)from the movie:TAXI DRIVER…………..

  8. Covert Origins of ISIS aka Islamic State


  9. Can’t LIAR in action

    Isis: British Reporter John Cantlie in New Islamic State Hostage Video


  10. And no rabbi among them, lol?

    The ISIS family tree: Sinister and organised network that begins with ‘the caliph’ and continues with a rigid chain of command down to foot soldiers


    • Speaking of Rabbis…
      Rabbi shot dead walking to Synagogue…hmmm HOAX!HOAX!HOAX!
      Total Hoax! Crisis actor Jean Louis Denis interviewed from side, only facing camera once briefly. And he has a myriad of aliases/variations of his name. 2nd to last un-named Rabbi has beady eyes & head twitching crazily, moving about contantly he speaks fast and calmy spreading his lies in this PsyOp!
      100% ADL/ZIONIST/MOSSAD operation with obvious full cooperation of corrupt Miami government government and medical examiner!

      • Crazed Israeli daughter is not angry or sad he’s dead just admament that it was because he was a Jew and keeps angrily saying they don’t protect this neighborhood like they do other ones and it has to stop– infering the cops hate us and won’t protect us because we are Jews. Also inferring that their are Jews being murdered in this neighborhood all the time by evil goyim Jew haters. lol Both her and the reporter (who also has an Israel name: Rosh) behave just like a couple paranoid crackheads all sweeting and eyes beading around. The Israeli.accented daughter is given no name. The writer for this hoax hate & gun confiscation operation didn’t decide what to csll her yet I guess. They say the Rabbi Yoseph Raskin was vising from NYC. And he is from Crown Heights. The coukd hide him alive forever in Crown Heights! Hoax!

        • Like in a old Western with his last dying breath the hero Lubivicher and star our picture said two men did it! Two evil goyim!

  11. How John Cantlie was ‘itching’ to return to Syria after being released from capture two years ago


  12. Completely off topic, but look how the Scottish vote was rigged by putting yes votes into the no pile.


    • Downloaded this video immediately. Thank you.

      • Here is another guy in Scotland caught filling out ballots as he counts them.


        • When I did an exit poll at two places in Wisconsin, Ron Paul won handily at one of those exit polls (I was there nearly the entire voting cycle) and placed second at the other. Yet, his official total in that state was a miserably low. God knows, but it is routine for these wretches to cheat in every way possible, not just the machines, but just as is being seen in Scotland.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bxuTxyKBrw
      Jim Collier caught them doing the same thing with vote fraud with his brother Ken in Miami and then elsewhere the 70’s 80’s and 90’sand beyond. They finally cancer virus killed him. He warned me about the zionists more than once–I should have listened to him on the zionists back then. And more importantly I should have listened to Eustace Mullins a lot more years ago about the zionists Babylonisn or B’aal Worship as he sometimes called it as I remember. Anyway Jim had a video he or brother Ken recorded catching, in the late 70’s or early 80’s, the league of women voters not sure of if that was in corrupt Miami or maybe Broward County, Florida. It should be on youtube somewhere. They threatened to murder him and his brother several times in Miami. One time they brought in some JDL/Mossad type guys and told them to leave town or he’d be murdered. If he wasn’t Jewish I bet they would have just wacked him. Oh yeah one of the main things they in Miami was use vote fraud in Miami and Dade County to steal an election which setup the takeover of all of Dade County by corrupt Miami whereby they were merged into an UnConstitutional Insane horrendous Corporate Metro Government called Metro Miami Dade government. This same awful type of government as setup around the country where ever they could get away with it by vote fraud or otherwise. Lexington Kentucky is one such Metro Government setup in Miami’s model. The idiots in Lexingtonand in surrounding town were dumb enough to allow it. Then the tricksters used it to increase the taxes in theses smaller town by several fold.

      • Jim Collier used to live in DC sometimes in the Bushes near the White House in Washington DC so he could go to the Library of Congress for many hours at a time and that is where and how he (with the help of another woman) discovered the Voter News Service and how it counts the votes and reports them from precincts to the State boards of Elections (where they can change the vote) instead of just reporting voting from the precincts to the people or from the state Boards the people. And VOTER NEWS SERVICE WAS AN ILLEGAL MONOPOLY CONSORTIUM of Zionist run AP, Washington Post, UPI, Time and New York Times and NBC and CBC and maybe ABC. It was claimed they Voter Exit Polls to tell what the result is with perfect accuracy but they were lying and you could never find them taking exit polls. It still exist in some forms and has changed it’s name many times. They stole the Senate Race in 96 in Virgina and magically predicted the exact vote count in each county and every polling place in Virgina! Complete scam, complete hoax complete stolen election as are most Elections in USA now!
        The scumbags changed the hours at the library of Congress to stop people from being able to research American History and American laws and criminal activity. So it is no longer open 24 hours a day.

        • I introduced Jim Collier to Bill Cooper and he saw a book about the Moon Landing being fake on Cooper’s table at a gathering where both were speaking and both had a table or booth and Cooper gave him the book. So then Collier went off on a tangent and adventure around the country to investigate whether the Moon landing was fake. He was 100% convinced it was 100% faked. He got several of then to admit the Lunar Vehicle could not fit into the lunar module.

          • “… the Moon landing was fake.”

            As for the Moon landing hoax, I find it interesting that there is no one explaining some easy questions, for example the bookkeeping. The cost for lifting one pound of mass must have been pretty expensive, but how expensive? And given that it was expensive, why did they carry so much nonsense, like badges and stickers on their spacesuits and mud guards on the buggy. Or, how spacesuits can be airtight with a dozen stickers sewn on them. Or, why they did it at all, not fearing that they could bring an unknown killer virus to Earth. Or, why they were allowed to jump around like kids, without any fear of damaging their suit when falling to the ground.

        • “… but they were lying and you could never find them taking exit polls.”

          This could be added to a list of media fakeries, like reporting on homelessness, and missing interviews of parents and neighbors of evil shooters and killers.

          I even wonder if there are lottery winners, because there are never reports about their lives years after they won the lottery.

          • The ***** can be slightly weighted on one side or spot so the heaviest ones will land in the the numbers they desire to be chosen. They can prepick winners and do. It has been proven before, even in court I believe. So they let a zionist connected chosen one win and get part of his money. Not every time but often. They can do it magnetically to. Which the do on Ruelette wheels.

    • The whole movement for independence of Scotland is another Zio Jewish scam to which many unfortunately fell for. Right now when Europe should stay united more than ever, out of nowhere some want independence: Scotland, Catalonia, Normandy, Bretagne, Genoa, Venice, not to mention the hell that broke loose in Russia and Ukraine. Brother rising against brother in senseless conflicts. Keeping sheeple busy with violence among other things. Europe split like in medieval times. Everybody knows that split nations are weak, so this is exactly what Zio’s want to do. Salmond is Jewish and I realized that before finding any info to confirm my intuition. Give my condolences to Scots….


    • Turkey Protects the Islamic State: Nurse Says She’s Tired of Treating ISIL Terrorists


    • Stupid Senate: Lawmakers put $10 million bounty on head of ISIS YouTube actor


  13. Don’t forget to mention Rita Katz’ fake nose!

    In May, 2003, Katz published, anonymously, a memoir about her work, called “Terrorist Hunter.” (She was exposed as its author soon afterward.) The book is as psychologically blunt as she is, and the tone, at times, verges on smugness; the F.B.I., she writes, didn’t “possess one-thousandth of my knowledge on the relevant issues.” It is also an account, in almost religious terms, of her revelation about the threat and reach of global Islamic terrorism. Not that Katz goes through any real conversion in the course of the book; the only change is the slow, mechanical development of naïveté into experience, of suspicion into conviction, like water into steam.

    That month, Katz went on “60 Minutes” to promote “Terrorist Hunter,” and to talk about her investigation into terrorist financing. Wearing a wig, five hours’ worth of makeup, and a large fake nose to conceal her identity, Katz also suggested that Mar-Jac Poultry, a Georgia chicken farm, was sending money to terrorists.


    • Then Mar-Jac Poultry is Probably an independent Chicken farm/operation not under control of zionist psychopaths like Tyson/Holly, Smithfield or ADM, etc. She probably did it as a favor to the zio owned slaughter crooks as some call them.Remember what these evil bastards did to meat packer called Topps-an over 100 year old repudiable company- I believe in NYC by framing them for ecoli in a zionist scam which put them out of business and let the monopilist zionists who you know were behind it buy the company and assets up for pennies on the dollar and permanently lay off their employees and steal their pension.

      • Well the Topps business was apparently Jewish owned and was only 67 years but it still was a zionist scam. Nobody else pulls such scams and can get away with them because of unlimited sayanim network to cover them up.So either the owners were not supporting zionism enough politically and financially like Donald T Sterling aka George Donald Tokowitz was not and was punished for it as an example with the tranny girlfriend wiretapping by mossad & TMZ operation or the owners were involved and found a way they could gain from it while helping the meatpacking zionists further monopolize the industry and layoff dumb goyim employees and steal their pensions. My guess is the first scenery some compension to the owners since they were jewish. And remember Donald Sterling is making out like a bandit minus his reputation since his extreme Babylonian Talmudic based racist idealogy was exposed–just not to it’s Babylonian Talmud roots where it should be exposed..

      • Yes, playing a business into the hands of the Kosher Nostra makes sense.

    • Also check this two articles:

      — The SITE behind those beheading videos — Or: Lovely Rita looks a little like a military man


      — Rita Katz folds S.I.T.E. Institute and opens SITE Intelligence Group. Can another Bin Laden tape be in the making?


    • Thanks; now in the post.

  14. They cant even hoax smth as it should. Idiots giving themselves away…. Proof Joan Rivers is alive


    • She will do it again with iPhone 9, iPhone 11, and iPhone 33.

  15. In addition to Christinne’s links, here is the first John Cantlie video:

    “Lend Me Your Ears”: Islamic State Captive UK Journalist John Cantlie in News-Style Report to Reveal “Truth” About IS


    • I think their new release is the most unprofessional ISIS video. First, they should have replaced the lapel mic with a news style mounted desk microphone featuring a printed ISIS logo foam cube/plop cap. Second, no glass of water on the talking head’s desk, very unprofessional.

      Link for ISIS, just in case Rita Katz’ prop department never saw a microphone foam cube:


  16. Shocking anti-Islam ad campaign coming to MTA buses, subway stations


  17. AP pulls fake conga line photo of kids in Sandy Hook from its library and tells media outlets not to use it – strange that Newtown Bee photographer Shannon Hicks won an award for it, but has withdrawn permission for its use.


    Site also has questions on other “Sandy Hook” photos and other anomalies.

  18. I’ve wondered why so few have followed the story of the alleged shooting of Pennsylvania State Police officers by actor Eric Frein.Also I don’t know how many with the last name Frein are not Jewish but it appears most are of German Jewish or Ashkenazi origen.Also interesting is that Eric Frein’s father Michael allegedly residing in Canadensis Pennsylvania is an ex miliitary man and so is Julie Frein who offered her Arlington National Cemetary plot to Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s dead body.I presume she and and her husband are the same couple I found involved with a Jewish temple. I’m wondering if actor the Eric Frein who starred in a Nazi movie and other second or third rate military thrillers before he allegedly went bonkers and shot the Pennsylvania State troopers is related to probably Jewish U.S.Air Fore’s Julie Frein or not.It’s become a CERY quite story although irt continues and FBI put him on their top ten list.
    And what about those Afghan soldiers gone awol after they were brought into Massachussetts on September 11(only a month after a U.S.GENERAL was assassinated in Afghanistan by Afghani soldiers cause they don’t seem to like us too much for some reason and caught trying to cross over to the Canadian order .Maybe they were the ones CIA,NSA Michael Hayden and his CIA terrorists were so prophetically warning us about crossing over Canadian or Mexico border soon…..

    wolfblitzzer0: Actor-‘Survivalist’Eric Frein,Pennsylvania State …
    1 day ago – Eric Frein,Pennsylvania State Police,Boston Marathon Bombs,Jewish Air Force ***** Julie Frein,Tsarnaev Arlington National Cemetary Burial

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