Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 15 September 2014
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UPDATED: Beheading of British Spy David Haines is a Total Fake

UPDATED: Tuesday Sept.16 , 4:00 CST

Regarding the beheading hoax of a British spy, David Cawthorne Haines, David Cameron talks about the allies. Yet, the title of the so-called Islamic State video is a warning to America’s allies? Who believes this is a coincidence?


CAPTION: The use of such terminology, as well as sophistication, in the videos is proof against any claim of their being real. Rather, it is prove that this is the work of an espionage system heading by that arch-treacherous lying machine the Mossad. Even so, the use of ALL-CAPS is typical of spy agencies in their malicious attempt to induce intimidation.

Too, the fake executioner, that arch-Zionist Jew posing as an ‘Islamist’ is in the know about the real nature of David Haines? He knows his entire work history, it would seem.  Rather than a mere aid worker he is a British agent, which the black-clad Mossad agent makes clear, when he says that Haines spent ten years serving in the British military, specifically the Royal Air Force.

Now, how did he know that? The entire world has been told to uphold Haines as an “aid worker.”

For the exact quote of this English-speaking Mossad operative:

“This British man has to pay the price for your promise, Cameron, to arm the peshmerga against the Islamic State. Ironically, he has spent a decade of his life serving under the same Royal Air Force responsible for delivering those arms. Your evil alliance with America which continues to strike the Muslims of Iraq and most recently bombed the Haditha Dam, will only accelerate your destruction, and playing the role of the obedient lapdog, Cameron, will only draw you and your people into another bloody and un-winnable war.”

It is merely yet another Zionist plot to facilitate war, in this case a war against the people of Iraq, Syria, and, ultimately, Iran: a war against their governments and infrastructure. They are aggressors, make no mistake about it: absolute enemies of humankind.

The entire beheading is staged. Regardless, what does arch-Zionist mole David Cameron think he’s doing? Is it that important to get the UK public opinion in his favor so he can continue to wage war in Iraq? Then, too, is it so crucial for Cameron and terminal rabid Zionist Jew Ed Milliband to run cover for the Zionists, those cowardly ones who lost out to a mere minor militia in the form of the Palestinian resistance? Surely, these arch-treacherous ones are in dire need of intervention forces, people willing to fight and perhaps risk their lives: coalition fighters from the goy armies. No wonder the demonization of Islaam and Muslims is so crucial for the vile Zionist-controlled governments—it’s the only way they can achieve their dastardly goals, which is the creation of the murderous Israeli plot for global conquest, the plot to create so-called Greater Israel.

To do so the will tyrannize in oblivion as well as butcher to death all that they may. They will displace entire civilizations, destroy all infrastructure, cut trees, destroy crops, steal property and belongings – bomb people to death. Moreover, they will even kill little children, willingly so and without remorse.

WARNNG: Graphic image below.


CAPTION: The real reason for the Israeli-Mossad-created beheading hoaxes – great crimes against humanity committed as a result of Israeli aggression in Palestine, all on the basis of the fabricated claim for a kidnapping.


Too, what a distraction it is. Who now speaks of the war crimes committed by the cowardly Israeli Zionists now that the focus is on the cutting of heads? How could they? The world is fixated on those even more barbaric crimes of ‘Muslim’ fanatics. Oh, yes, they don’t represent mainstream Islaam. Yet, even so, surely this faith must create within its people such an element of barbarism. It is Islaam that must be fought. Look what it is doing to people. How cruel and barbaric (sarcasm).

Yet, all along real heads and other body parts had been taken off: by Israeli bombs, supplied directly by Western governments, the same governments whose agents wax in great arrogance about the danger of Islaamic extremism. ‘We’ll use our considerable military assets’ in the fight against so-called Islaamic extremism, Cameron makes clear. Yet, it is all a filthy lie. It is merely the fight for oil wealth and global conquest as well as Israeli protectionism; Cameron’s IS-quoted speech is hardly believable, as he stumbles about routinely whenever attempt to paint Islamic State as a real terrorist group:


Regardless, it is the typical Israeli-Mossad style. Give a good basis for a false terror group, “Hey, you Western governments. What do you expect? You come here and terrorize our people, killing us wholesale. Of course, we’ll butcher to death any hostages we take – a reasonable retribution.”

Moreover, thus the response, “We’ll attack them with all we’ve got” and from the public “Bomb them into the Stone Age,” as if such an age somehow represents the history of Islaam.

Nevertheless, it is the arch-Zionist war mongers who are entirely behind the ISIS hoax. Whether it is called ISIS, IS, Islamic State, Islamic Caliphate, and/or ISIF is irrelevant. It is all merely world Jewry propaganda. The entire entity relishes in the creation of phobias, Islamophobia being its most prominent one. Even so, the plethora of names alone is categorical evidence of the fraud. Does any actual Muslim resistance group have so many odd and sundry names? Clearly, this is not the case.

Too, who is the lone phony beheader? He is a Jew, not a Muslim.

Per PressTV:

In the footage, Haines also accused British premiers for not having the “courage to say no to the Americans.”

“Unfortunately, it is we, the British public that will, in the end, pay the price for our Parliament’s selfish decisions,” Haines said, referring to Britain’s engagement in war on the ISIL.

The British victim, who is a 44-year-old father of two from Perth in Scotland, was reportedly captured in Iraq last year.

Another hostage, identified as Alan Henning, was shown at the end of the video, with the masked terrorist saying he would be killed if Cameron continued fighting the ISIL.

The video was shot in a desert setting similar to the two previous ones with the victim wearing an orange jumpsuit.


It’s the same background as seen in the other hoax ISIS beheading clips. Moreover, it’s the same fake wind, that is the same fan blowing on both people’s clothes. This could all be done indoors for control and to prevent witnesses with the background put in artificially. Or, it it is outdoors, still, a fan is being used, as is seen by the effects on the lower aspects of their clothes.


Arch-Zionist mole Rita Katz used to put her logo on the videos. Not any more, not that she has been exposed for doing so. Katz is one of the most hedonistic, wretched, extremist Zionist Jews known. Her involvement in this production proves that the phony beheadings are a Zionist scam.

Picture 5613

Here is a screen-grab from the Sotloff phony. There is no doubt about it he is alive and well. So is Haines.

This time there is not only no SITE logo, but there is also no fake sawing back and forth. That was omitted, as nodisinfo.com posters first alerted the world to this fake, as did a number of other Internet researchers. No fake sawing; that would be quickly exposed as proof of the fraud, that is the fact that there was apparent cutting of the throat but no surging of blood.




It’s like the other fakes. There is no proof of any beheading. That part is conveniently nonexistent in the video. Just with this fact alone how can anyone claim it as real?

Haines has a rather long, skinny neck. Where is this British spy’s neck or even a portion of that neck material? Did it shrivel away into the torso? Like the Foley and Sotloff fraud it is merely a head seen tilted at an angle, in this case and the case of the Foley hoax against the arm. In the above photo it is pointed out that there appears to be fake blood brush marks. In the arrow on the right a triplicate patter of dots is noted, following a triangular pattern, which is typical of Photoshop manipulation. Two such triplicate patterns are seen.


Triplicate patterns are seen as a result of heavy Photoshop manipulation, which was clearly the case, here. The crude three dot pattern is seen in two different multiple places, as is evident from close inspection. Regardless, it is completely anomalous and makes no sense in the event a real, natural photograph. Moreover, notice what is marked out by the green arrow. it is a repetitive blood pattern, also in a kind of triplicate pattern. This is clearly the result of computer manipulation versus the random spurting expected from actual arterial severing. The vile, hedonistic Zionists are trying harder. It is no matter; close-up inspection will always reveal the truth, that is whether it is real or fake.

Therefore, no doubt, this beheading is a fraud. The head is merely a Photoshop computer-generated fake. It’s a hoax, like the others.

Too, the flesh tones of Haine’s skin are too rich. Naturally light-skinned after the beheading the face should be far more pale, as he would have been in a real neck cutting drained of arterial blood and oxygen, which give color to the skin.

In fact, the post fake beheading tones are actually richer – or as rich – as his skin prior to the headless imagery.



In the computer-generated image Haines was give a tan. Too, it is clear: he had not Photoshop triplicate ‘blisters‘ on his face prior to the beheading hoax image. Nor was his hair so obviously razor-edged. THE BLISTERS PROVE that this video is an absolute hoax, purely a staged event.

Jim Stone Freelance and the leg imagery

Like Jim Stone’s original discovery no evidence is seen, here, of dirt and sand on the bare skin:


There is not the expect layer of sand that would be attached to the soles of the feet. If this is really outdoors, then, he could have been wearing shoes, which were removed for the final photo-op. Katz and Company are sure to pan in this part of the clip over the feet and then up to the head. The man willingly participated in t his fake. No doubt, he, like Foley and Sotloff, among others, is merely a Zionist spy who is now operating in another mode, well-paid for their participations in such scams.

Haines speaks and raises his eyebrow

Then, too, what about what happens right before the knife is presumably raised before the neck? What about the Haine’s wink-like reaction, as seen in the video, where he dramatically raises up his left eyebrow. He appears to say something just before doing so, something like ‘I will…” Is that not a signal to go ahead. Was “I will” a response to “Stay relaxed; don’t move; let me handle this?” Regardless, they are both spies working in unison. What else would be expected from these hostile agents, who have invaded the oil rich Middle East with the goal of undermining Islamic unity?


Haines says something. What is he doing saying anything if this was a real beheading?



He then raises is left eyebrow; it is quite dramatic on the video.

Unlike the Foley fake this time the Zionists did not throw the knife down as a prop. Nevertheless, this clearly proves that all these videos are hoaxes, as the same general pattern is used throughout, the same hoax Zionist faker acting as the beheading agent, the fact that this individual is all by himself, the staging of the filming with intermissions, and the same method of positioning the phony corpses. There is also the same use of the paint and blur tools of Photoshop, with the identifiable patterns as the marker.



The heads are always at an angle. What do the Zionists seek to achieve with this element of the imagery? Why not have the photoshopped heads placed straight up?

It’s all paint-brushed and computer generated. There is nothing real about these beheadings. All these men, Zionist spies, are still alive. The drama is merely a tool for wretched, vile Zionist Jews, who seek to create a grand distraction. All such fakes occurred after the placement of pressure upon the Zionist entity for war crimes. All are tools to create the basis for an increase in the murderous war campaigns of antagonistic Western powers in the Middle East and to justify mass murder of the innocents.

Additionally, spies, by which Sotloff, Foley, and Haines all can be identified, continuously change their identities. Fake deaths among them is routine. Additionally, Sotloff is a Jewish extremist. Why has no one mentioned anything in the media about an Israeli agent being beheaded by Muslim extremists?

What a filthy Zionist crime it is. A few minutes of mere treachery to cause great fear and panic among the people, all to solicit greater and greater criminal acts, including bloodthirsty murder, real murder and debauchery, all at he hands of arch-Zionist criminals.

Thanks to Nodisinfo.com posters for calling this out as a fake. You are the best.




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  1. Ure welcome, dr. K, again, a top job uve done.

    • 100% a hoax!!(again…..)more fake beheadings are on the way…..(and other hoaxes,lies,scams)

        • ZioBorg blocking me from posting Tammy Jo Blanton many aliases.

      • September 11, 2014 Tammy Jo Blanton of Jefferson, IN part of Louisville KY Metro-across the Ohio River. Supposedly dead and eaten by cannibal boyfriend Joseph Oberhansley from Utah. A zionist change agent orchestrated hoax or real Satanic ritual happening?

        • September 11, 2014 Cannibal Murder in Louisville area. Hoax? character Joseph Obershansley
          A lot of 33 year old shooter and shootees in this zionist hoax cop shootings since before and after September 11th this year and this freak is 33 also. He’s from a Mormon family probably who may be crypto Jews also from some things I have found but not posted here yet. Not sure about that.

          • Ok I am convinced the supposedly Cannibal Murder of Tammy Jo Harbin Blanton is a Hoax! Another Zionist Barbaric Murder Hoax! Tammy Jo Harbin is clearly this military and entertainment oriented woman and not dead. So she is a zionist Crisis actor. Though Jeffersonville, Indiana is not in Kentucky it is basically part of the Louisvile Metro City, It’s not like a suburb but like an inner city with crime and drugs and corruption. It seemed more crime ridden and corrupt them actual Louisville a couple times I went through there, probably worse now.Maybe it has very nice parts, don’t know. Like East St Louis is to St Louis. Kentucky doesn’t allow Methadone clinics so drug addicts drive from Louisville and from hundreds of miles away towns in Kentucky to feed there methadone addictions. So they have a government that would likely allow and participate in most any zionist orchestrated Hoax event: hoax mass murder or gun confiscation shooting or otherwise–even an insane Babylonian Talmudic type ritualistic murder hoax event like this.

    • if people are going to the DENTIST or see a SPIDER or a MICE they are more affraid than these GUYS who are knowing there HEADS are going to “BEHEADED”

      • This reply is actually a reply to Zio-Shill MCAP & his alter ego Gabriel. and for all to take note of when dealing with MCAP & Gabriel in any incarnations on this site.
        I would expect that you Gabriel would be the only person on this site who has actually witnessed a ritual beheading since you are a zionist shill and love giving out ritualistic murder death threats to Dr. K and other posters here. And that is the kind of thing zionist genocidal psychopaths are into doing and watching. However that does mean your word of what beheadings or any type of Satanic Ritual murders you have watched are like is to be believed since anything you say here is best to be assumed a lie and deception and disinformation to serve your zionist masters.

        • COWBOY?very,very,very,strong good comment(S)about mcap aka gabriel aka gabs aka jacksback aka PIECE OF ROTTEN DIRTY RAT SHIT,WHO IS LYING IN THE SUN,FOR A WEEK,WITH SHITTY FLIES BUZZING OVER AND ON THE DIRTY RAT SHIT!!!!!

    • THE THREE AMIGO’S….(chevy chase,martin short,steve martin)the movie…

    • Jewish Lightening Strikes Synagogue in South Africa killing 67 people! Please send your money dumb goyim to help these mostly wealthy families of these crisis actors upgrade their lifestyle! Some may not be able to cash in those large life insurace policies for a few weeks! These hoax mossad actors have lavish vacations planned to celebrate their deception mass casaulty event. Please sent all you can! http://www.bellanaija.com/2014/09/17/synagogue-church-building-collapse-67-south-africans-reportedly-dead/

      • Magic Mossadlim Boko Bogus Haram Mystery Plane causes collapse of Jewish Lighting Controlled Implosion of Synagogue..So says self chosen, self proclaimed local profit prophet of the Synagogue! Not joking! Laughing perhaps, but not joking! And the sucker went down like the building called 7 World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 & the One World Trade Center & 2 World Trade Center went down. Also done by EeeeeeVvviiiiilE MOSSADlims!

        • In other insane sounding news involving Mossadlims and Boko Bogus Haram -mossad front group “Civilian JTF” crisis actors in Nigeria claims the Nigerian army & national police killed 450 Boko Bogus Haram Mossadlim crisis actors in massive gun battles against them. Apparently they magically did this with zero Nigerian super soldiers killed-since no casualties are mentioned on the Nigerian army and police side of these battles! LMAO!

          • Even more wacky this apparent mossad front group “Civilian JTF” admits it and the Nigerian government armed children with sticks and machetes to hunt down and kill grown men of Mossad front group Boko Bogus Haram who are armed with machine gunes grenades, explosives rocket lauchers and armoured personel carriers. Good way for the racist zionists to slaughter a lot of African goyim children I suppose in Babylonian Tamud fashion guess..if it were true! http://www.trackingterrorism.org/group/civilian-jtf

  2. 100% Fake ISIS CRISIS ACTORS fake Beheading video, yet again made in the Mesa Arizona desert by zionist mossad ISIS Corp located there in conjuntion with Rita Katz mossad agent psychopath & pathological liar who has residences there. No other place fits the bill.
    Please see two more recent cop shooting hoax operations in PA & INDIANA I have posted on and still am posting on and do posts on them. It is very important to show these ridiculous scripts with no believe motive.

    • Part 2 &1/2 Indiana Cop Killer Hoax
      .so he -Mike Hrnciak- brought in lots of big long mean guns and bombs (like zionist ISIS CRISIS ACTOR WOULD DO) Also they claimed he had a mother and grandmother living below his apartment in a condo. So if his family had an apartment right below him why woudln’t he just go there and stay? Also in reality his father and mother Genevieve and Robert don’t seem to have even lived in that town but other cities and with a possible brother Daniel. Don’t think a grandmother lives with them either. Did I mention BIG FAT HOAX. No talk of drugs or heavy drinking just that would make it more believeable, just he lost his job & owes lots of rent and penalties. And that made him decide to murder cops and get killed or committ suicide? Pure BS TBC

      • Part 3 ) Cop Killer Hoax in Indiana by Zio Actor Mossad Agent & zionist DHS and sayanims-continued- Can’t pay rent so things are so dire he Mike Hrnciak decides breaking in and having a shoot out with cops and blowing up some cops is the answer?? All that money on explosive and long guns could pay lots of rent. But also how could he owe over $80,000 in rent on an apartment in a little town in Indiania? He’d have to go two years without paying rent to owe that much in some little town in lol

  3. Part 5) This is a much more recent incarnation of Ryan (8years later picture) and note he spells his name missing one “a” Hrncik for more seperation from other identities. But his main twitter adddress is Aurora Colorado. And I never typed in Aurora I just looked for pics of Ryan I’d seen earlier today znd this came up. There he can make money full time as crisis actor and try to get agents in Hollywood to get him into TV and movie parts. And knowing he is particating in this evil to a zionist hollywood casting agent is a very big plus to be rewarded by trying extra hard to get them part in SAG PAY SCALE JOBS, Broadway, movies, TV, Off broadway.


    • 6) Indiana Hoax Cop Killer
      Lighten the eyebrows a little and he can have a shell job or real job at a Christian school “Back Home in Indiana” as the song says. Tying him back to Indiana with the same Ryan Hrncik spelling and face as the verson used for his Aurora semi-different identity. So if Mossad/the zionist want he can do a job, an act, a scam, death hoax, a car wreck, a mass shooting, whatever he can be from whatever place they want under any of several similiar identities or different ones that are already establish as individual people on paper and by people in circle they know in a given community, position, church, town etc.

    • GOOD links,info COWBOY!!you ROCK!thanx!

  4. Haines’ arms look like props plugged into a padded jump suit. From the spot where the neck of the dummy body is, the distance from the left shoulder to the left ellbow (in the foreground) seems to be too short, and the distance from the right shoulder to the right ellbow (hidden) seems to be too long.

    And I still think we can see Haines’ right shoulder under/near his right ear (what at the first look seems to be the right upper arm of the dummy body), and Haines’ body is hidden behind the dummy body.

  5. Found at Jim Stone: A real fake beheading.

    LiveLeak.com – Faking a “beheading” the ISIS Foley-Sotloff Way


  6. Rita Katz’ 2003 book of hoaxes:

    First the out of print edition with her name on it:


    And here the anonymous edition, in the reviews it is mentioned that it is her book:


    • I have it now. It reads like a collection of Frontpagemag articles woven into the description of her daily life witnessing hatred everywhere.

      As for now I know why Rita Katz is nuts. She says that as a child she drank a $60 bottle of perfume, ate handfuls of nails, and chewed a package of camphor balls.

      • YOU TUBE:medal of SHIT sgt bennie G .adkins you are a LIAR and GOAT-dave johnson channel.(A must SEE!!,just for the FUN!!!)and it’s also TRUE!

      • This I found on from Irene Caeser’s site.
        A good video by Paulstal Service as his usually are. especially since he doesn’t ignore the the zionists nature of this New World Order and why we commit these evil genocidal wars from zionists deception.

      • Here! Forgot to place the link with post above!

        • GOOD video!!i love the paulstal service channel(did you see his hugo chavez video’s?part 1 t/m 4)A MUST SEE!

      • Maybe Rita was a circus carnival freak. They couldn’t find any gypsies or drunks to do the really sick twisted stuff so they knew that young psycho Rita would do anything for enough $$$! She was probably turning tricks and stealing men’s wallets years before she was old enough to drive. And she’s probably poisoned men for mossad as well. I bet you could find mugshots of her from 30 to 35 years ago or more all over Europe in old police file cabinets.

  7. 1)The dummy is a woman. Look at the long slender legs unshaven- australian style woman’s legs to try to look hairy like a man’s. And the short torso like so many woman have compared to their legs or a man’s torso in proportion. And clearly those are his shoulders. This way they didn’t have to photo shop the head onto the top of the body, they just buried his body in the Arizona sand and then had a very limber lady bend down her head to one side or even to one side & down into a hole in the sand and wth ventilation. And then shaped padding/clothes around her head shoulder and neck. tbc ZioborgBS

    • Part2 And most importantly they tried to blend the top of his shoulders with padding/clothes to make the the trick look like it was his one shouder and arm atop him laying on his side, his behind facing the camera. TBC (Zioborg Blocking whole post)

      • Part 3 (This is not my desire to post small pieces of each comment at a time but necessary)
        All we have to do is this: think how we would do it on the beach with sand and clothes and towels & fake blood if we were teenagers on the beach trying to play a prank on some friends. No camera tricks would work, no photoshopping, no greenscreeen..How would we do it?
        Only we’d do a better more, real looking, scarier job than this gang of idiots, ISIS CRISIS ACTORS, OPERATION OF BAFFOONS with all their DHS/ZIONIST FUNDS stolen from Americans!

      • I would bet all I have that even when he opened his eyes accidentally the media would still claim that the video is authentic.

        • Sure ISIS CRISIS ACTOR SLIME hoaxster Davey boy could still do another little monologue with his zionist head chopped off and the ziomedia would have a zio-brain neurologist or something tell how it was just a nerve tissue neuromuscular reaction like a chicken running around when you chop it’s head off causing him to spout off zio-psyOp terror lies post death! And Barbara Starr and Bill Krystol would agree with him and demand we bomb Syrian and Lebanon now to stop the ISIS CRISIS! And John Satanic Warmonger Zionist False Christian Hagee would say it was a divine warning from God to help the zionists chosen murder all the Arabs & Muslims and any other goyim in the middle East! Then John Insane McCain would attack Hagee for being antisemitic for being too soft on the Muslims and Arabs and demand all of Africa, middle East and Asia be bombed immediately except China , North Korea and Viet Name ofcourse.

          • 7)Something very imporant to note. At this supposed Christian School in the Heartland of America where some of the most decent down to earth Christians people you’ll ever meet–Look at the names of the facaulty. (Your car breaks down in Indiana and you may have two cars stop as soon as you pull off the road to help you. If your cars breaks down in big rottten apple NYC in many places two or three thugs will be stealing parts off your car within minutes and may try rob you!) Anyway Most of the facaulty are clearly Jewish, crypto jewish names, Marrano or Converso names or Anglo/Irish/English names that Jews often expropriate to conceal their influence and increase their wealth and stranglehold over society TBC

    • Either that or he had a serious case of man-boobs. Couldn’t they at least use a male mannequin in that last photo?

      • “THEY”want that the people see it’s FAKE!why?THAT’S POWER!!and MOCKERY!!

      • I think they had to use a woman so she could have the flexability to hide her head as no man could do, especially able to look like a tall non asian man, but white looking with long legs. So you use a relatively tall white woman whose is very flexable with long legs. Also I am not saying they didn’t use any photo shopping. I just think they tried to achieve the main difficulty (poorly, albeit) of the grand finale dead head resting on “his” dead body scene of PsyOp Psychological horror and demonization of those EEEEEeeVVVIILLLE MOSSADlims by using a women with her infinitely more flexible body and neck and shoulders. The maniac zionists want Muslims seen by millions of people as Savage, murderous animals at the level of the the old tales and myths of Savage head hunters-savage Africans the zionist Jews used to justify the savage system of genocidal slave trade they perpetrated against tens of millions of Africans between the 1400’s and 1800 throughout Africa and the world, and against Christians and others of all races for many centuries before that (and they did have a massive white slave trade in the early Americas as well, but it was failing and back firing on them so it gradually ended). Yes even in the Roman Empire most slave traders and trainers and abusers were Jewish, heavy into Bablylonian Talmud racism aka ancient zionism. No one wanted to take part in these industries of such barbaric behavior. Not the Roman’s or Ottamans.or any Sheiks or Muslims or Gypsies even or even pirates.

    • 7 b) Hoax Cop Killing in Indiana
      ..continued- and their stranglehold over society and businesses and government and even the Christian religion which they are taught to hate from early childhood and to desire to destroy and weaken it at every opportunity-(just as they do to muslim institutions at every chance.) I could probably find a hundred supposed Christian & Catholic schools in Indiana alone where this is the case.

      • Anyway this hoax operation in PA is getting more ridiculous. They’re changing and adding to the script of this hoax quite a bit. And now they recostumed this fake dwad guy with a Canadian Mountie Hat and costume! Their test audience and fashion gurus moat have really loved it. So here is his new look since Today! lmao @ these psycho clowns! It looks like same artist as that did the Canadian Mounty Hoax artwork also did it here & put a mountie hat on this Massod agent fake dead cop!

  8. James Tracy tackles Katz and SITE – your tax dollars working against you.


    Portion of article – more on site: In 2003 and 2004, though claiming to be a 501c3 non-profit, SITE received more than $500,000 from the US government. Also in the early 2000s (Rita) Katz received $150,000 from the FBI for consulting services. A Guidestar search for nonprofits yields no recent records for SITE, suggesting how it has abandoned its non-profit status and now relies on corporate and individual subscriptions for revenue. In 2005 the private mercenary contractor Blackwater hailed SITE as “an invaluable resource.”

    The majority of “jihadist groups” operate one or more media outlets that produce and publish “the group’s multimedia, and in some cases, communiqués and magazines,” SITE explains on its website. “These media units involve production teams and correspondents who report directly from the battlefield, and craft propaganda to indoctrinate and recruit new fighters into the group’s ranks.” SITE provides no direct links to the jihadist groups’ websites or multimedia productions from its own platform.

    Katz describes SITE as geared toward international Islamic jihad. In fact, it performs an international function akin to what a Southern Poverty Law Center or Anti-Defamation League do domestically–ferreting out and publicizing terrorist and “extremist” threats. “[W]e at SITE for over a decade monitor, search, and study the jihadists online,” she explains.

    • James Tracy is so soft that I wonder if Alex Jones pays him.


  9. How to make your own beheading video.


    Portion of article – more on site: I for one am sick of these fraudulent “beheading” videos… Everyone with any common sense can see by now that they are indeed the fraudulent creation of that Mossad front called “SITE” that is run by that snake in the grass Jewess known as Rita Katz… This very criminal group created those absolutely laughable and atrocious “bin Laden” videos in the last decade well after Osama bin Laden died in December 2001, and they are again on the US Government payroll to produce these latest scams to scare the gullible American public into supporting new wars of aggression for the glorious state of Israel! Pathetic is putting it mildly…

    For this article, I want to present the following short video that someone sent me earlier today… It comes from Youtube and shows EXACTLY how to make one of those phoney “beheading” videos for yourselves.

    • Actually those two guys and their little group did a much better quality and more realistic looking hoax beheading than psychopath Rita Katz and her criminal Mossad cohorts ISIS CRISIS Actors in Arizona. Very ironic too considering those young men would never kill an innocent person. Whereas the entire purpose of this demonic creature Rita Katz & ISIS CRISIS ACTORS & Mossad is to murder through war and stavation and genocide as many people as possible via deception, propaganda, lies, etc

    • It’s a small world. I know exactly who sent him the video. Anyway, the YouTube title is even better than the LifeLeak title:

      ▶ ISIS Beheading Teen Full Brutal Video Newly released


      Now let’s count the days until YouTube will remove it because it is too graphic or whatever.

  10. Who is Behind the Islamic State (ISIL) Beheadings? Probing the SITE Intelligence Group


    • “Probing the SITE Intelligence Group”

      I love the following found in the comments section:

      No mention of all 3 beheadings being fake?

  11. “In the arrow on the right a triplicate patter of dots is noted, following a triangular pattern, which is typical of Photoshop manipulation. Two such triplicate patterns are seen.”

    I think these patterns are too different to be Photoshop .pat-patterns. As they already used a bottle with fake blood, it is far easier to brush his face with some fake blood and paste some cereals on the wet fake bloog to create the impression that the sewered head plumped into the studio’s desert sand.

  12. What no one seems to have analyzed before:

    ‘SITE claims to have “found” the videos on Islamist websites and was able to release them before ISIS did, which is of course a logical contradiction. ISIS would have to release the videos before SITE can “find” them.’


  13. Strong propaganda at work

    College Students Sign Petition To Support ISIS … On 9/11[VIDEO]


  14. Tip-off led to Brit hostage Alan Henning’s kidnap by ISIS just 30mins after he arrived in Syria… and even Al-Qaeda tried freeing him on grounds his capture was ‘un-Islamic


    • “Tip-off led to Brit hostage Alan Henning’s kidnap by ISIS just 30mins after he arrived in Syria”

      So, as the beheadings thankfully are hoaxes, he deserves to be fake beheaded. (But I still believe that his neck is too stiff to do the head trick. I virtually see him wearing a neck brace.)

  15. Mock executions, lol? U mean rehearsals? Does the French guy hint at smth?

    Captives are so calm because they’ve been through so many MOCK executions that they still do not know they are about to die, reveals former hostage


    • Yes, lol. According to this logic, people should have no problem watching brutal zombie films as a means of sleeping-aid because they’ve been brought so many brutal crap stories by the news.

  16. German my ass, ethnically he is Jewish or Albanian, but Jewish most likely

    German man on trial for being Islamic State jihadist played for Jewish football club


    • Guess what. The whole spectrum of the German media from the left to the right reports this as if being gleichgeschaltet.

      • Um, and when this lost kid returned to good Germany from evil Syria (years before it would have been Iraq and Libya), why are there no familiy members present?

    • GOOD links,info christinne….thanx…(just like always…;)you ROCK!

      • I can also roll, u know 🙂

        • didn’t know that christinne…thanx for the info…..;)YOU rock ‘n ROLL !!;)

  17. Add one more hilarious mistake to the list of mistakes in the beheading videos:

    “Even more, the background in the video moves, and this produces a really weird effect. This defect is evidently due to the use of the wind-machine, so that the green screen in the studio got also moved by the artificial wind, produced by the wind-machine, and the fakers could not get read of this effect via the video-editing.”


    • GOOD links stephan…thanx!…you ROCK!

  18. LOL big time….

    MI6 does not know where Isis hostage Alan Henning is held, says UK


    • “MI6 does not know where Isis hostage Alan Henning is held, says UK”

      Solution: authorities must chip all journalists, aid workers, diplomats, etc.

      Best solution: replace their brain with a chip.

      • He’s hanging out in Phoenix and Tempe having checking out all the nice bars and restaurants and checking out the hot half naked college chicks while having beers and wine like most actors would do in a college town. Maybe Slimeball Katz & the ISIS CRISIS actors gang have already made the video and our waiting for their test audience reaction before he can leave town-in case they want a redo. And then see if he can find any any parts in any plays in theatres or such in NYC or LA before he heads back to UK. He probably will drink a lot after having to spend anytime with the super obnoxious & creepy Rita Katz. Rita would be perfect for the wicked witch of the west in OZ. She could do her makeup same as her recent interviews. It would scare a lot more children with her in it than the 1939 version. Amazing how much better the quality of the Wizard of OZ was than these mossad ISIS CRISIS BEHEADING HOAX VIDEOS! Huh? And they were made 75 years ago!

  19. If someone beheads a person cutting with a knife, not chopping it off with a sword in a second, wouldn’t the personn due to screaming and making awful facial expressions because of pain, have in the end a weirder look on one’s face? I mean, they look like they took something to sleep. Or after they die their expression gets back to normal?

    • Exactly. The propaganda about fear and terror bringing terrorists ten years ago was far better done. I fear the propaganda of today just indicates the advanced dumbing down of society. Why are not millions of people cancelling their subscriptions of so called newspapers?

    • Yeah of course, because you’ve been party to a few real beheadings have you? How are you an expert on beheading analysis? How many real beheadings have you witnessed?

      This is all ridiculous.

      • DID you witness a REAL beheading?

    • Rigor mortis is not something which is immediate, it takes a while to develop, before eventually releasing again. The expression on your face when you die is not then frozen at the time of death.

      • STILL a hoax,fake,not real……!!!

      • Zio-Shill boy Gabriel MCAP CLAPTRAP–Live Mossadomite ISIS CRISIS Actors don’t get Rigor Mortis.

    • JUSTCURIOUS?of course!(and the blood would be EVERYWHERE!!)

    • They are not drugged obviously because the know their memorized scripted lies and say them clearly before their fake beheading “happens”.

  20. The SITE behind those beheading videos — Or: Lovely Rita looks a little like a military man


  21. Need some words in Arabic, can anyone help? (I have no idea if Google translate does it without lots of mistakes.)

    — Feel the love

    — Feel the power of love

    If possible not written in lines as above, but one word below the other.

  22. Thanks again, for the information, documentation, and cites.

    We’re now alleging that these fake beheadings are being staged at, or near, Fort Huachuca, Arizona, compliments of Rita Katz and SITE Intel . (Or at least some of the head chops).

    Pertinent part of recent press release received this morning :

    These are opinions based on known facts.

    Highly credible and trusted sources posit that RABID ZIONIST / ISRAELI MOSSAD
    MOLE RITA KATZ and her bogus SITE INTELLIGENCE GROUP are staging the FAKE BEHEADINGS in the ARIZONA DESERT at the ISIS WORLD HEADQUARTERS, Fort Huachuca, Sierra Vista, AZ, a front for the U.S. MILITARY.

    Refer to Public.ISISHQ.com to confirm .

    We’ll be tracking subcontractors, agents, and customers of ISIS, and publishing our findings in mass-distributed worldwide press releases. You’d better watch whom you do business (and pleasure) with, folks.

    Joe Sansone, West Coast Press Agent, Tempe, Arizona

    From http://www.Indcependent.co.uk :

    Who are the SITE Intelligence Group that distributed the Sotloff video before the jihadis? at

    • All I can say is, is that I am 99% sure they are doing the outdoor scenes in the desert somewhere in the Area of Mesa (which is right next to Phoenix and Tempe where the actors and equipment available are unlimited at ASU & there small movie studios (mostly zio owned) which rent for hire! But the outdoor stuff that would most likely be on desert land SITE & ISIS CRISIS Mossad crime syndicate can completely control or own. And it’s so Easy there is desert everywhere out there. You just do it where there aren’t native cactuses or sagegrass or non Middle Easter Palms or other plants animals in the scenery, and that’s easy to find. I knew a old lady in Tempe who had a large desert of a back yard that looked just like the ISIS CRISIS Movie set LOL! I wish I was out there with some friends and some resources we could make a fake beheading video better than Gene Rosen Creepy-Level Rita Katz Slime and ISIS CRISIS in a couple days I bet!

  23. I had no idea that MEMRI is also in Berlin. Anyone interested in doing an interview? Maybe asking if SITE is also in Berlin? Here they are:

    The Middle East Media Research Institute, Memri, Linienstr. 115 in Berlin Mitte, Telefon 030/97893872


    • oprah winfrey the fat illuminati,satanic COW?in 2016 is hillary the new president AND the new world order!!!(and joan rivers,THE MAN,DUDE,GUY is the vice president…..lol)THE REPTILLIANS….

    • I heard there will be a bonus scene with Ron Jeremy.

      • lmao!!

    • Bill promised to do anything to one day make Hillary President way back in the early 70’s and and the same she promised him. And it is the only reason they remain in their shame marriage arrangement with Bill free to as many women as he wants in his Penthouse in the rich part of Harlem or his penthouse at his Library in Little Rock or at any wealthy benefactors mansions places like Potomac Maryland, Malibu, Palm Springs, Palm Beach, Manhatten, Veil Colorado,Geneva, Switzerland, Paris, London you name it. And Hillary has her fulltime, longterm, lesbian lover Mossad Agent Huma Abedin and which ever lovers she can bed when she or Mossad sends Huma off on a mission. Anyway being that Hillary is a complete psychopath and hardcore zionist warmonger–who finally admitted her Grandmother was Jewish a few years ago, Hillary is planning on being the next President of USA and appears chosen by the zionist elders and top of Illuminati–who is probably Jacob Rothschild of London (unless it is an unknown brother to Jacob and Evelyn we have never been told about???)
      And I think the next Rothschild to head the Illuminati will be a much more charismatic and younger and better looking character than zombie-like Jacob or Evelyn or any of their ghastly looking cousins like Prince Charles Phillip or David Rockefeller or Jay Rockefeller or Soros. Probably a character like this Rothschild character apparently played by the Greenberg (whose name slips my mind) brother of Sandy Hooker character Laura Phelps aka Jennifer Greenberg Sexton.

    • Dear Carson, I dont know but that “match” I dont think is goin to happen. As for HILLARiouslY and Oprah, indeed they are two lesbian frauds, lol….

      • i think they are bi-sexual….cathy o’brien was a sexslave for the sick hillary clinton,she is raped en abused by the usa sick govermant….google/you tube:cathy o’brien…..(bonus:YOU TUBE:freemasons VLAD PUTIN and GEORGE W BUSH hell wars)a MUST SEE!!it explains/shows everything is SHOW!!!the “conflict”now about usa,netherlands,u.k etc..against russia is alll a SHOW!!reason:new world order!!please watch the video!!

        • I know about O’Brien, but I also question her credibility.

          • christinne do you know this song/band: wild nothing-“nocturne”(it’s a masterpiece,the whole album)watch the videoclip(s) on you tube:wild nothing-“nocturne”….i think you like it,maybe you already know them,but maybe not….;)and about o’brien,….you knever know these days what’s true and what’s not,what somebody is claiming,telling…but i believe her..(hillary licked her pussy..)

          • CAT…;)

  25. Irene Caesar’s Essay: “CIA, SIS and ISIS Beheading Fraud, or Obama The King of Photoshop”:

  26. Even though Sandy Hook is a busted fake, the gun banners keep on keeping on.


    Portion of article – more on site – The Sandy Hook Commission met on 12 September 2014 and has developere onsitete -a plan for firearm purchase, background screening, review of types of firearm carry permit, purchase permit, and ammo amount purchase.

    They continue to say that “If you are a hunter or a target shooter, you only need so much ammunition…etc.” Not once a mention about the reasons why our founding fathers spelled out the 2nd Amendment.

    This group does not mention Adam Lanza, their investigation or any verification of the fact that this event even occurred, but instead dive right into the ban/restriction on firearms.

    More on site.

  27. Fraudster con artist Tammy Jo Harbin Blanton is clearly a sayanim Crisis Actor working with zionists DHS and corrupt locals in Indiana & Jeffersonville, IN government. She is not dead, was not murdered and did not have her head eaten by fellow Crisis actor John Oberhansley. He was not her boyfriend and is atleast years younger than this slimey moraless mossad agent hoaxter. She has loads of aliases and addresses and surely many shell jobs for helping the zionists destroy America with Insane PsyOp Terror Events and operations like this Insane Cannibal Head and Liver & heart eating one carried out near Loiusville. Their are no depths of deprievity to which the zionist will not stop to destroy America & conquer it and one day genocide millions of Us once & if they can dumb US down & destroy our morals and virtues enough to disarm enough of US. http://www.wdrb.com/story/26526425/loved-ones-remember-jeffersonville-woman-and-reveal-graphic-details-of-her-murder

    • Zionist Hoax Supposed Cannibal Human Eaten Tammy Jo Harbin Blanton crisis actor has lots of aliases so she is definately a longterm scamster/fraudster history. No telling how many zionist PsOp events this psycho has taken part in as a change agent/mossad agent working hard against America. Her mother very apparently is the same type mossadomite with aliases and addreses al over–Linda Meeks Harbin–she works in the defense (War for $$ & Zio Goals!) industry shell jobs too. Back to slimey Tammy Jo Harbin Blanton. Aliases:

    • Hoax index: one million percent. Thks. Will look into it.

  28. Maidhc Ó Cathail on Jewish hoaxer Azzam al-Amriki:

    Bin Laden Is Dead; Long Live “Bin Laden”

    August 16, 2010

    According to U.S. and British intelligence officials, al-Qaeda’s media wing, As-Sahab Foundation for Islamic Media Publication, has been run since 2001 by Adam Gadahn, a California-born convert to radical Islam who now goes by the name Azzam al-Amriki.

    Gadahn found his way to the Islamic Society of Orange County while living with his grandfather, Carl Pearlman, a board member of the Anti-Defamation League. Ostensibly a civil rights organization set up to fight anti-Semitism, the ADL is “little more than a de facto adjunct of the Israeli government” which has even been caught spying on American critics of Israel.

    Adam’s parents changed their surnames to Gadahn in the mid-1970s. The name refers to the Biblical warrior Gideon who, with the aid of trumpets and clay jars, defeated Israel’s enemies.


    • How convenient, Azzam as in Hollywood’s cartoon motto, “Shazzaam,” and al-Amrki, as in the Arabic word for America. No right minded Muslim would take the surname “Amrikia.” An absolute Zionist moles. Links, please, photos and otherwise on this arch-Zionist fraud.

  29. New Emergency Drills Simulate Nuclear Explosion In Nebraska – The Role of Drills in False Flag Operations


  30. Israeli Persecution of Palestinians Unrelated to Defense – Soldiers, Intelligence Officers Speak


  31. Devil’s Deal: US-Backed Syrian Rebels Already Signed Pact with ISIS Prior to Haines ‘Beheading’


    • Israel needs nuclear weapons to defend herself against the world.

  32. Murdering Syrian children….

    Dozens of children feared dead after being injected with ‘tainted’ measles vaccine in Syria


  33. Greetings Hoax Busters ! Thank you again for the cites and documentation. Great work…

    How about this latest shooting, at


    A sequel to Ferguson ?

    • Could be, I saw his “mom” and she had a hard time making us believe she was crying. Most likely more anti-white agenda.

    • Jim Stone said when their holy number 6 pops up it is most likely a hoax:

      “Black man shot six times from behind by Utah police: Autopsy”

      They also show their love for multiples of 11:

      “Police had earlier claimed that the 22-year-old was shot as he brandished a sword and lunged toward officers with it.”

      Masons will understand that this is just another episode of the acclaimed series called Fear Porn.

  34. Authenticity of Protocols of Zion Affirmed – Henry Makow

    September 17, 2014

    A little-known 1938 booklet rejected the conclusion of a Berne Court in 1935 that the Protocols of Zion were a forgery and foresaw that World War Two was an Illuminati (Masonic) Jewish trap.


  35. “Iran is not the enemy” of America or any other country

    They lied before and they are still LYING NOW…



  36. Tammy Jo ..Aliases:
    Tammy Jo White
    Tammy L White
    Tammy L Blanton
    Tammy Whitetammy
    Tammy R White
    Tammy MacIntosh
    Tammy Skaggs
    Tammy M Blanton
    Tammy LaRue
    Tammi Blanton
    Tammy Borden
    Tammy Winquist
    Tammy Lee
    Tammy C Smith
    Tammy Lea
    Now there are many more, these are just Kentucky linked aliases of her Tammy Blanton alias!! from one identity search!

    • LMAO!
      Anyone doubt that?
      Google or other search several of these names and you will most likely find crazy hoax murders, freak accidents, barbaric murders and shooting stories involving these aliases in USA, UK, Australia, Ireland and sometimes in non English speaking countries.

      • Linda Meeks Harbin, Fellow operative mother of Tammy Jo Harbin “Blanton” Cannibal Hoax actor. Linda has aliases and http://marriage-divorce-records.findthebest.com/d/c/Darryl-Harbin addresses like con artist. And has important postions in WAR for $$ & zionist power racket genocide industry called the defense industry.

        • The real Tammy Jo Harbin. The not dead, cannibized Tammy Jo Harbin Blanton character. A Mossad zionist PsOp crisis actor/change agent changing your reality with fear & usiing it to strengthen government’s power over you and the zionists running your goveenments: local, state, country, as they usurp more power and are tricked into ceding your rights and liberties as you become more dumbed-dumb and confused while falsely thinking you are getting truth and answers and solutions from the zionist media and zionist puppet government over you.

          • Many of the pictures they use of Tammy Jo as the murdered, cannibalized victim character are of when she was younger or times when she fluctuated in weight and was heavier.

        • This is not dead crisis actress Tammy Jo Harbin’s real daughter, Krystal Raye Harrington A Clemson student & perhaps former or present cheerleader if she made the team, which is likely since her mother is also apparently a big cheerleadering booster & coach on the side as apparent from older pictures. https://m.facebook.com/krystal.harbin#!/krystal.harbin?slog=7996&seq=271642325&rk=0&st=user&fbtype=2048&fref=search
          She will likely become an even more useful mossad asset than her devious mom with her looks.

          • Like grandmother, like daughter grand daughter This isbapparently an alias of Krystal Raye (Harbin) Harrington as Tammy Harbin in these wedding pictures, using her mother’s name as an alias. This is a mossad asset trick they used over and over, having their actors used names of their own family members as aliases to confuse researchers and prosection of their scams. And ofcourse identities that canlokk real and be used for future scams and hoaxes. http://indulgy.com/post/eLyR17k4h1/white-altar-for-an-outdoor-wedding

          • continued on Tammy Harbin & Krystal Raye Harrington. Now this Created character, this younger Tammy Harbin can be used for future hoaxes. She can become the next Vicky Soto hoax hero martyred teacher of say a mass murder school shooting hoax for GUN CONFISCATION EVENT in South Carolina or Florida or Louisville or some place with sayanim family members at the ready to hoax mourn, fake cry and collect donations and cash in big life insurance policies. And the real Krystal Harbin Harrington will go on living her life -not dead-watching her character self as a dead hero, laughing and being a lot richer! And she’ll be treated as royalty by the tribe member in-the-know of her “good” work in helping the zionists defeat the goyim in a diabolical war of PsOp deception the dumb goyim doesn’t even know is being waged against them for their eventual destruction, death and slavery.

  37. The following was posted on the Real Jew News website a little while ago.

    We will see whether it will appear as a permanent post..

    “Restore Christianity in America!

    May Christianity blossom in America, Europe, Russia and other Eastern European countries, Australia and New Zealand.

    Let Islam govern the Middle East, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan. Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa etc.

    Let Buddhism reign in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Nepal, Myanmar etc.

    Let India be Hindu.

    And let Christians, Buddhist, Hindus etc understand the evil of Zionism like the Muslims do.

    It is only Islam that has stood up to Zionists and that is why Zionist Jews want to kill all the Muslims and destroy Islamic countries.

    Christians and Buddhists have been for the most part too naive and had not done anything about this Jewish problem.

    The Zionist infested Christian church should have no business in Islamic or Buddhist countries trying to convert people who are Muslims or Buddhists and Buddhist monks should have no business in Africa trying to convert Muslims there.

    We don’t see Muslims trying to convert Christians or Buddhists and the people behind these conversions are Jews who have subverted the Christian church and now have infiltrated the Buddhist countries and the Buddhist temples and manipulating politicians and monks into visiting places like Africa where they have no business at all.”

    The nodisinfo link was also posted

    The following was an addition:

    What business do Sri Lankan Buddhist monks have in Africa?

    The African government should get rid of Buddhist monks as well as all the so called Christian missionaries who should have no business in Africa. Are they there to help Jews to exploit Africa and make poor Africans poorer?

    Is there a new Slave Trade that we don’t know about?

  38. Syria criticises exclusion from anti-jihadist talks – F24


    A senior Syrian official on Tuesday criticised the international community for excluding Damascus from recent talks on building a coalition to tackle the Islamic State group.

    Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Muqdad, quoted by state news agency SANA, expressed “astonishment” that Syria was not invited to the talks, which were attended by countries that Damascus claims fund “terrorism”.

    “The fight against terrorism is not a public relations exercise.

  39. Russia Today goes MEMRI:

    ‘Send her to Gaza’: Belgian doctor denies help to Jewish 90yo woman with fractured rib

    Published time: August 01, 2014 15:01

    A doctor in Belgium has refused medical help to a 90-year-old Jewish woman with a fractured rib,saying that she needs to be sent to Gaza to “get rid of” the sharp pain she is suffering.

    “I’m not coming,” the physician said and hung up after receiving the call at 11pm Wednesday.

    Bertha Klein, 90, had a fractured rib and was suffering from “agonizing pain.” She had her son, an American citizen, call the doctor via Flanders medical hotline and ask for help on her behalf.

    “Send her to Gaza for a few hours, then she will get rid of the pain,” the doctor told the man, as he called back for clarifications, according to local Joods Actueel newspaper. The paper said that the doctor knew right away that it was a Jewish patient’s name, and he heard an accent, which might have predetermined his reaction.

    The family then called a friend, Samuel Markowitz, who is an alderman of the Antwerp District Council and a volunteer paramedic.

    He also called back the doctor and confronted the doctor with his statements. Markowitz managed to record their conversation.

    Hershy Taffel, Bertha Klein’s grandson, filed a discrimination complaint with the police.

    “It reminds me of what happened in Europe 70 years ago,” Taffel told Joods Actueel. “I never thought those days would once again be repeated.”

    As Joods Actueel reached the physician, he did not deny having such a phone call. He confirmed that he did made an anti-Semitic comment and had denied the woman help, but said that he had an “emotional reaction.”

    Health ministry officials are looking into the incident.


    • Note the numbers 9 and 11.

  40. You people a truly disgusting and need to get help! It is you who are trying to encourage hate against Jewish people by making up a lot of stuff that simply is not true. Maybe you just do it to make yourselves feel important, or maybe you are just hateful people trying to spread your venom, either way, just get over yourselves!

    • ashford?most of the jews,are behind allll the lies,scams,hoaxes,9-11,etc..etc…even the holocaust is a LIE,HOAX,SCAM!!!!!!!soooo screw the jews(not alll but most of them,in their gashole!)

  41. Now, media is saying a new “executioner” is North American hahahaha. Cameron British PM says he’s not sending in military help. Then within 48hrs they sent out propaganda BS beheading tape of British citizen. I re watched these BS tape if you zoom into background you see one of them have houses in the background! Then other two doesn’t have in background. Those house roofs aren’t a ME types houses . This is ridiculous

  42. Also, Kurds are fill with a bunch of Zionist! Just like you have idf women in distinct uniforms the Kurds wear the same colour. Those Kurds you’re seeing in media news picture is Israelis. As soon as the Zionist Kurds captured areas in Iraq. The first thing they did was ship oil to Ashdod& Ashkelon sea port for pennies on the dollar. While there’s all that fighting in Iraq Zionist Kurds are funneling oil to Israel . Then Israel resale it for triple profits. This entire thing is a [email protected] the expense of those of us who have no one to hear us out& defeat this retched vile venomous sh!t stain that is Zionist.

    • Absolutely true and therefore their cooperation in the fake beheading of a Kurd.

  43. Clampdown: Wikipedia Puts “David Cawthorne Haines” on Hold | Truth News International


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