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Bill Gates Paralyzes 48,000 Children in India in Single Year Alone Then Claims a Cure for Polio

Terminally corrupt psychopath Bill Gates has done it again, this time claiming a cure for polio in India while actually causing polio-like diseases, in this case paralyzing, in 2011 alone, some 48,000 local inhabitants. The paralysis was directly caused by the Gates-orchestrated intervention, in this case the administration of the oral polio ‘vaccine.’

Now, 48,000 or so cases of partial or full body paralysis, afflicting formerly health children, is a major debacle. Here is the key issue. It did not, and could not, happen pre-vaccination. That means that, clearly, the polio inoculation is the cause. Moreover, it demonstrates that by no means is the oral polio immunization of any value and that, rather, it is strictly a detriment: disease-inducing.

Moreover, it is being covered up in the following manner. The cases of paralysis are being called “non-polio,” specifically, “Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis.” Now, how in God’s name can they be non-polio when they are caused directly and categorically by the polio vaccine?

The data is absolute. There is no wiggle-room. Gates is guilty of negligent genocide. Right, though, sure he will; he’ll claim victory in a PR gig. That doesn’t mean there’s the slightest bit of substance to his claims.

It is, after all, hard and incontrovertible proof. See that hard proof, here. Notice, first, that polio was relatively rare, 1996, with in such a massive population less than 5000 cases. Notice, too, that acute flaccid paralysis in children was also relatively rare at that time.

Look at this chart, and look at it, again. Large scale vaccination was introduced in 1996 through 1998. As a result, the, essentially, polio mimic of acute flaccid paralysis began rising exponentially. It is just polio re-packaged. According to the Indian Journal of Medical Research:

There are no other possibilities. See this data above. At the time when some 125 million children in India were inoculated, this is when the paralysis pandemic developed. As the number of inoculation coverage was increased, so did the number of childhood and adolescent cases. Moreover, if polio seemingly went down it is only because aggressive, immunological cases were replaced with cases caused by the vaccine where the body could not react, immunologically, to the infectious load.

The story was originally broken in the Deccan Chronicle, the largest English language newspaper in India:

Investigators Vashisht and Puliyel have brought this to light, making it abundantly clear that there can be no possible doubt about the cause of this horror upon the children of India, which is the Gates-inspired, WHO-mandated, UN-enforced polio inoculation.  It was Puliyel, Delhi pediatrician, who said in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics that the oral, live vaccine is causing definite and significant harm and that the source of this harm is the donor-funded “polio eradication program.”

Here is another quote (Dr. Jacob is the same, that is first name, of this author):

12 times higher than base levels is categorical evidence that the polio vaccination push is the source of this pandemic.

Yet, says Gates:

Caption: right upper corner, image of Maasai child paralyzed directly by injectable polio vaccine, given to both the child and pregnant mother

Let this this vile one say that in the presence of Arsh Singh and his absolutely distress and overwhelmed parents. Let him do so, instead of hiding behind his wretched, arch-corrupt PR machine:

He lies. He eradicated it, sure he did, right. All he eradicated was the immune system’s ability, that is of those who were inoculated, to obviously fight with and recognize actual polio, instead causing the pathogen to go into stealth mode. This allowed it to destroy the central nervous system.

NOTE: all of these children need to have the proper therapy to purge the vaccine viruses from their systems, ideally, edible, daily use oil of wild oregano and also the juice of wild oregano.

The ‘eradication’ occurs in 2014, yet the cases of flaccid paralysis aka stealth polio infection syndrome continue to rise, since the vaccine merely created a slightly different version of the disease. This is through direct inoculation, which causes an extremely severe and highly fatal form of polio.

Let the liars and the propagandists be damned. It’s still polio, stealth version, likely complicated by SV40 and other stealth monkey virus infections. The drug companies, along with the Gates Foundation, are covering it up, calling it non-polio acute flaccid paralysis.

Vashisht’s analysis is definitive, where he and his group, Vashisht N, 2012, reported that the rate of full or partial body paralysis increases in direct proportion to the  “number of polio vaccines doses/child given in that area.”

The argument, too, that this is an inadequate ration, because of so-called ‘coverage’ is fraudulent, since the “coverage rate in these areas is also monitored and is excellent…” Nationally, the NPAFP (non-polio acute flaccid paralysis) rate was 12 times higher than expected.

Now, here is the final proof. Says the investigator: “In the states of Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Bihar, which have pulse-polio administered to individual children nearly once every every month, the NPAFP rate is 25 and 35 times higher than expected.

Adds Vashisht, “This is a huge burden of disease.”

A burden it is, one of unfathomable proportions, while that devilish one runs and hides, covering up his plethora of signs, smirking and smiling, knowing that he has won in his plot of global, systematic genocide.

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Note: The author was alerted to the degree of this horror by journalist, Christina England, whose profile is seen at:




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