**Breaking News** — 04 March 2018
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Innocent Black Man Shot in the Back and Killed by Broward County Deputy, Sheriff Scott Israel Sued for Attempted Cover-Up

In 2013 the world lost a good, decent man in Jeramine McBean, may his soul rest in peace. The 33 year-old had recently completed a Master’s Degree as an IT expert was employed at an advertising agency, handling all its computer-related needs. This truly is a loss. McBean was killed while minding his own business. Though defenseless and not a threat to anyone he was shot dead by a Broward County Sheriff’s deputy in what demonstrates all that is wrong in this hedonistic, arch-corrupt police state-like world.

It was precisely a result of this climate, one of meddling in other people’s business, of watching others and reporting on them, that is reporting so-called suspicious behavior, which led to his death. It is a clime imposed upon the people of this country by nothing other than a criminal clique, the hostile, plotting, scheming arch-Zionist mob. It is these Zionists through their control of the media apparatus, as well as that fully Zionist-operated DHS (Department of Homeland Security) which have created this mentality.

As well, this attempted cover-up by the Broward County Sheriff’s office may largely explain the aggression of Israel and collaborators for supporting the arch-fake Parkland shooting hoax. This hoax amounts to a grand distraction, largely preventing full revelation of the crimes associated with this senseless killing.

It’s a matter of incompetence and dereliction of duty. The officers were answering a call but were clearly incompetent to do the job at-hand. When this incompetence became clear and when the inherent police excesses were committed, then, the Sheriff’s cover-up apparatus swung into gear. What better distraction for the revelation of this than a mass casualty ‘event’ directly under the department’s auspices.

Thus it is that it all started when people took the liberty of calling the police after this unsuspecting, unobtrusive individual. Three people called 911, though, they did state that they thought it was a toy. If they hadn’t felt compelled to do so, Mr. McBean would be alive today.

Image result for jermaine; mcbean; murdered; shot; dead; images; broward county; sheriff

It was a toy, after all. No one can say that this looks like a real, dangerous gun, especially a police officer. Even so, he was shot dead at point-blank range for doing nothing to harm anyone, including himself.

It gets worse. It appears that this innocent was shot in the back. Here is the photo, revealed some months after the shooting, of him lying on the ground, after dying nearly instantly:

Image result for Jermaine McBean; images; shot; dead;

It was the revelation of this image that led to the scandal. What is seen appears to be an exit wound, where the bullet ripped through the center of his shirt. It should be noticed that the mark is on his left side: the heart side. It appears from all evidence that it was a shoot to kill shot.

It definitely is an exit wound, arising through the front of his body, the spirals from the exit shock wave being evident – star-shaped. This means that McBean was shot from the back. The police officer was a coward, surely unfit for this duty.  The bullet likely ripped through his heart, and, consequently, he bled to death.

At best, Mr. McBean was a victim of circumstance. He fancied a pellet gun which he found at a pawn shop, paying some $100 for it. Then, placing it in a bag he carried it home. While doing so, somehow, the bag flew off in a windy day. As a consequence, he eventually transported it over his shoulders, particularly as he entered his apartment compound.

He could have at least fired a warning shot. He could have waited until this man turned around and faced him, man to man. Even better, he had his back to them, the (fake) weapon never engaged. They could have tazered him, tackled him, notes his older brother. Instead, he was shot three times: to kill. Nevertheless, they had no business doing so. Whoever called in on 911 said they thought the gun could be fake. With such an obvious non-lethal weapon, non-lethal force, at best, was indicated.

A nurse took the following image. When she attempted to aid the victim by rescusitation, the police refused to allow it.

Image result for Jermaine mcBean; image; new york times

Of note, Mr. McBean was wearing ear plugs. He was listening to music. The police said under oath that he wouldn’t respond. How could he do so with music blaring in his ears? Thus, any claim that he didn’t respond to police commands is a lie.

The police actually took the time to remove the ear-plugs and put them in the dying man’s pocket. Yet, they wouldn’t allow any attempt a resuscitation. They wanted the man to die, as they knew they had committed a wrong. The typical police department cover-up began immediately. Here is what the police continuously claimed:

McBean ignored their shots to stop and drop the weapon: and there was nothing to obstruct his hearing. 

As well, under oath the officer claimed that he was actually accosted by McBean, as the following Police Department photo demonstrates, that is he was mimicking McBean’s position. If this was the case, the victim would have been struck from the front, the exit then being visible from the back. Once again, the police spewed noting but lies.

One of the people who called him in had apparently stayed on the scene until police arrived: it is without doubt a police state mentality throughout the land. The witness fully disputes the ‘police story-lines,’ rather, cover-up:

He then said that he feels responsible for the victim’s death, saying he wouldn’t have died if he hadn’t called him in.

With all the lies and deceit the mother, Jennifer Young, and her eldest son, are distraught with indescribable pain.

The witnesses make the truth clear. When he began to turn around, that is he had not fully faced the police; as he was turning around, he was shot. At best the rookie cop panicked. At worst he took advantage of the situation and simply killed this man. Per NBC News quoting a sheriff’s official report the witness added: the “rifle was still on the subject’s shoulders

The policeman is incompetent. He should never have been placed in the job. Prior to this, he was a mere detention officer. Who knows what kinds of acts he committed in that role. Trigger happy, he got his first kill, slaughtering a man who couldn’t do anything about it, he or his family.

Destructiveness confirmed

Through the science of criminal Personology the lines prove this. Any individual with a greater wideness of the temporal region versus the cranial has a potential for criminality: known as high-destructiveness. This man should never be on the street with power over people. All he will spread is corruption.

So, he did nothing out of the ordinary. It cannot even be said he was being irresponsible. The bag flew off. So, he is merely a victim of not only circumstance but, particularly, the corruption of the Broward County Sheriff’s office.

The Sheriff lies, and so do his deputies. Here, while under oath the cowardly deputy attempts to dismiss his responsibility for this crime by placing the blame on the victim, saying that he turned around and pointed the pea-shooter at him.

Image result for jermaine Mcbean; murder; shooting; images; photos

The deputy had been instructed to falsify the facts, likely by Israel himself:

The fact is he, thus, purged himself. The poor man was shot in the back. By no means could he have positioned the gun in this way. Why would he do so? It was a mere pellet gun, and it was unloaded.

The vile Sheriff’s office is attempting to disparage the man, claiming he suicided himself ‘by cop.’


What if the man would have been Anglo-Saxon, perhaps, Jewish? Would he have been spared?

Image result for Jermaine mcBean; image; new york times

The lies, deceit, and corruption are a pattern with Israel. Civil wrongful death cases throughout South Florida demonstrate patterns of files missing, dashboard camera videos erased, and falsified police department reports.

With McBean, the police simply made up accounts, disparaging him, saying he was acting “crazy,” “weird,” and “high.” How doe someone act high? Eyewitnesses fully dispute this, saying there was nothing extraordinary about his behavior.

Alfred McBean, Jermaine’s older brother, had this to say:

… he was a gentle soul who loved his work, liked going to amusement parks with his nieces and nephews, enjoyed deep-sea fishing and doted on his mother.
He said he is certain of two things: that his brother did not hear police because he was listening to loud music on the earbuds he always wore and that he would not have defied police if he did hear them.

“They could have just tackled him, or just tased him. Why shoot him three times?” Alfred McBean said. “Criminal charges need to be filed.”

It is, no doubt, a very, very cruel world. This is a horrific injustice, which must be rectified.

As part of the cover-up Israel’s department gave the shooter a bravery award shortly after the killing: in fact, for shooting and murdering Mr. McBean.

Israel’s office is fully complicit and is, therefore, a subject of the suit: for lies, cover-up, and coercion. His hired gun wrongly took a life. Both the killer and Israel’s entire department need to pay the price:

The corruption in his office is extreme, all courtesy of the arch-Zionist mob.






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  1. Physiognomy is the more appropriate name for this personology nonsense.

    An archaic pseudoscience laughed out of any court.


    You know the drill, you bankrupt Israeli / Rothschild owned slavedogs, cowards, and traitors – cover up, conceal, and/or fail to formally report these heinous crimes and high treason, and you’re guilty of misprision and obstruction crimes and will ultimately do the perp walk.

    Better sing like canaries – most of you won’t last one day in federal prison – the inmates will eat you alive, chew your Zionist / Israeli owned asses up and spit you out.


    ——– Beginning of forwarded message——–
    04.03.2018, 01:43, “Glenn Canady” :

    See also http://www.IntelliHub.com / Shepard Ambellas’ account of the trained SWAT-like assassin at PARKLAND – and it wasn’t NIKOLAS CRUZ, the patsy and fall guy, a possible CIA / MOSSAD MK ULTRA mind-controlled victim.

    ( SHEP’s getting his *** kicked real bad and will be sued for FRAUD and other valid claims if he’s putting out mis / disinformation. Ditto for https://www.nodisinfo.com.)

    Here’s Mr Canady – the BITCOIN GUY – we cleaned up and separated his crunched up, rambling, emotionally-charged paragraphs into separate phrases.

    Hope the functionally illiterate ruth seeker doesn’t accuse us of being communist / NWO / globalist censors.


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  3. Sorry, doc, not buying it. As long as BLM is involved, any sane person starts to have doubts:


    • She’s as vile a ***** as has ever plied the streets of Bucharest.

    • Certainly BLM is as untrustworthy & cowardly & theiving & useless as ATF! I have not looked into it yet though. But ofcourse this beady eyed Scott Israel is as corrupt as they come too ofcourse.

  4. The site moderator / host or a hackster – not necessarily Dr K, but under his authority – is falsely posting under the banner of FL Global Documents, a State of Florida entity, and will be sued for tortious interference with advantageous business relationship and other valid claims.

    Like ZIONIST / ISRAELI SHILL ALEX JONES / http://www.infowars.com, we expect that this site will be banned outright on social media and will be bankrupted by shysters’ civil defense fees and/or settlements / judgments.

    Too bad you squirming cowards don’t have the guts to declare sovereignty and war against your Israeli / Rothschild / Corporate owned dictatorship that enslaves and impoverishes you.

    We have already declared soft war (media and courts) against the bankrupt Israeli / Rothschild owned war and terror state known as USA INC, a rogue entity.

    The Sovereign Nation State of

    CT America

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    Sovereign CT America accepts People’s Judge Anna Von Reitz as our Sovereign High Court legal authority, and rejects all other decisions/orders of inferior so-called “sovereign” tribunals, such as Dr / Pastor James David Manning’s illegal CIA-COLUMBIA-OBAMA sedition and treason trial “convictions” in the kangaroo forum held at The Atlah Church, http://www.atlah.org, in 2010.

    We submit the Atlah Church / http://www.atlah.org issues to Judge Anna for her opinion on whether the CIA-COLUMBIA-OBAMA sedition and treason “trial” has any binding authority anywhere, other than in REVEREND MANNING’s inflated ego and delusional mind.

    ( REVEREND MANNING allegedly paid off some folks to participate in his illicit trial. )

    Reverend Manning also trashed the defendants’ due process rights by failing to indict those defendants on serious charges prior to hanging them out to dry in this insane, one-sided, prejudiced, Zionist-infiltrated kangaroo court that he assembled.

    Holding this tyrannical tribunal in a Christian-Zionist church with proceedings conducted by a hatemongering ordained minister is also an obvious violation of the separation of church and state doctrine.

    ( Impartial observers were overhead commenting that REVEREND MANNING’s BASEMENT KITCHEN AREA at the church was like a dungeon. Truthfully, it’s downright scary. )

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    3. The above-stated entities are illegally attempting to perpetrate a subversive AGENDA 21 plan without the permission of the Town of Fairfield and State of Connecticut residents. Fairfield and State of Connecticut authorities and officials have also stolen and/or misappropriated multi-millions in taxpayers’ funds, and employed convicted felons on taxpayer-funded payrolls. These acts constitute crimes against humanity (financial terrorism) in violation of The Rome Statute, Article 15, and other international, federal, state, and local laws.

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  5. No Zionists here, and also no zombified cowards and traitors who call everything a Zionist hoax.

    Too scared to come out and say that your Rogue CIA INC, FBI INC, and Israeli Mossad slaughtered those Parkland kids?

    Too scared to go to bat for an obvious fall guy and MK ULTRA mind-controlled patsy named NIKOLAS CRUZ?

    If so, you will burn for eternity in Hell for your cowardice.

  6. a fairly well-researched article if i may say so;
    to be frank, this incident puts a major dent in Sheriff Israel’s credibility, re: the latest shooting incident @ the Florida Parkland School;
    so much so that, in most Common Law countries under the Westminster System such as Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, a Crown Prosecutor would not be calling him as a witness being too liable under cross-examination by a defence barrister to be brought undone or, @ the very least, precipitate an Appeal to a higher court that would quash any conviction and sentence from a trial where he was a principal witness;
    of course: the US justice system is different in many respects but it speaks volumes that any “difference” which would permit such a tainted witness to give testimony would render any “guilty” verdict as being less than credible if not unsafe and unsound;
    all-in-all: a disturbing state of affairs

  7. Counselor / Solicitor / Barrister / Drunk Homeless Guy at a Chicago Train Station, (questionable) Esq –

    The USA INC courts are all tangled webs of illegal, privately-held, money-laundering shadow corporations and LLCs.

    Your American law license (if you have one) is a joke – issued by an illegal, privately-held, illegally-incorporated State.

    That makes you a private corporate agent – loyal to a foreign, unconstitutional entity.

    That’s also high treason.

    Your choice – firing squad or public hanging, Old Boy?

    Let’s discuss this and possibly identify you.

    Call USA 904-208-8200 and/or
    write [email protected] .

  8. Ex93) Parkland PsyOp Gets Comeo Appearance Fake NY State School Shooter Jon Romano 2004 who Praises the Crisis Actwhores of Parkland PsyOp for Pushing Zionist Gun Confiscation Agenda So openly with their scripted anger & speaches Hollywood Style!


  9. Ex94) Fake Shot & Instant Healed Parkland PsyOp Crisis Actwhore Maddy Wilford aka Jewess Marissa Marinkovich & cohort Rob Meaders Steal $70,000! In Theft by deception while committing treason against the American people while attempting to disarm US!


  10. Ex95) Parkland PsyOpbStar Crisis Actwhores Sisters
    Marissa, 23 & Madeline Marinkovich, 21 who play Maddy Wilford & Julia Cordover, resectively I have total proof. Madeline Marinkovich admittedly is the girlfriend of Sam Zeif, Supposedly 17! Why would a 21yo actress /dancer be dating a 17 high school student?? Because Sam Mossad scum bearded Zeif is either 25 or 31! And he is from NYC Chabadist family & Palo Alto CA! Look at the pictures I posted! The idiots were dumb enough to have ’em Sam &Maddy Marinkovich (as Julia Cordover) interviews together as students pushing this PsyOp!


  11. Ex96) Proof Parkland PsyOp Mossad Agent Sam Zief the AshkeNAZI Chabad Lubavitcher Zionist Jew Liar Crisis Actor Is Atleast 25 Years Old..Under his Sam Zeif Spelling Variation he using in South Florida he is listed as 31! Again no one can deny his 21 yr old girlfriend Madeline Marinkovich is playing Julia Cordover! I posted pictures her both as Julia & Maddy here next to him! It’s the same woman & she is not 17!
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  12. Another ridiculous thing about this Israe is his Jewish wife pretends to be a Catholic! She’s been married Yet his sons had bar mitzvas & Daughter bat mitzva! LMAO! And supposedly his 2 sons & daughter are triplets! One played quarterback. He claims he’s leaving it up to them which religion to be..HA!Ha! Sure…You don’t have to be a jew kid…Do you wanna’ be a jew or a Crypto jew??? Either way is ok with me as long as all the Israel kids serve Israel & zionism! ROTFLMA!

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  14. (B) So this Talentless Singing Group One Direction steals everything!! And wouldn’t you know their leader is a zionist crypto jew extremist too. Harry Styles..Well he’s not really Crypto but the zio MSM media keeps claiming he’s not Jewish! Even though he says he is Israeli, he speaks yiddish & hebrew, sometimes dresses hasidic, wears a yurmulke..got bar mitzva’d! Supports extermination of Palestine!


  15. ExC) Talentless Lip-Syncher Harry Styles Fake Singer & Song Thief Swings the Jewish Hammer of Israel at Concerts representing crushing Palestine & Lenanon & Iraq & Syria & other hated Goyim enemies(targets for destruction!


  16. (D) Ziotrash Israeli plagerist, Fake musician Harry Styles swinging the Hammer of Israel representing the desired Extermination of Palestine by this psychopath at a concert.


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