Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 28 May 2014
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UPDATED: The Fake Witnesses of the Santa Barbara Shooting Hoax

UPDATED: May 29, 2014, 4:00 a.m., CST

The Santa Barbara shooting, where a crazed young man in a fit of rage shot and stabbed people to death, is a diabolical lie. The lie involved a wide range of Zionist moles, along with a variety of other scam artists, including elements of the local homosexual community.

Even so, it would appear that the most hedonistic individuals conceivable are often selected to participate in the Zionist-orchestrated fake shooting hoaxes. In some instances alcohol, wanton sexual practices, and homosexuality, as well as the use of recreational drugs, are often closely associated with these diabolical scams.

There are others who are simply seeking fame and riches, while being so blinded by their desires that they will anything, including telling bold lies before the world.

In this regard there were dozens of false witnesses who acted to support the fabricated story of a real shooting with people killed and wounded.

Chief among these phony crisis actor witnesses is actress and model Sierra Swartz.

Here she is looking as if in shock at a hole in the fence. It’s just a tiny, little hole, regardless. What is the big deal? Clearly, when viewing her body language and speech it is clear that she is putting on an act.

Yet, what kind of hole is it? It would appear to be not a bullet hole but, rather, a drill hole made by a hand-held drill. Note the pencil marks above and below it. Regardless, the hole is a prop, but it would hold no substance before eh public eye without the hoax strengthening element of people bearing false witness.

She claims she had a direct encounter with “the gunman,” although she offers a variety of versions of that supposed encounter. Once such version is as follows:

Sienna Schwartz saw the gunman driving by her and thought he was a hoaxster — until she felt the whoosh of a bullet passing her skin.

“He lifted up a little black pistol and … I just thought it was an Airsoft gun or something, so I was like, hey, what up?” she said, becoming tearful as she recounted the experience.

Our note: Just a little tiny black pistol, is that all it was? There is sure no adrenalin shock in this individual; she’s as cool and collected as can be.

“And I turned around and I started walking the other way,” she said. “He shot … I just felt the wind pass right by my face.”

She, then, supposedly broke down and started crying in the interview (occurring a mere half hour after the event) as she recalled the ‘shock’ she endured.

Yet, who is Sierra Swartz? The name seems contrived.

She’s the same individual as the actress-model, pictured below:


Note the nature of the nose, the length of the face, and the nature of the long, curled hair. It is precisely the same person.

It would appear that this individual is hot on the trail for a movie role. Was she given any promises for her participation in this scam?

For Swartz it’s all an act for pay and recognition. Thus, she puts on a display as if she is astonished by nearly being shot. Yet, what is she doing? What is she pointing to? Is it a real bullet hole?

As is fitting for such Zionist-orchestrated hoaxes it’s not a bullet hole at all. Firing an experimental bullet, a live round, through a wooden fence would be way too dangerous. Someone could be hurt. Lawsuits would be inevitable.

So what was done instead? In all likelihood the hole was drilled. A drill hole will have the same bore at thee entrance and exit. There will be chipping, but the bore will remain precisely the same, while in contrast in the typical bullet strike the exit hole is usually larger than the entrance. Here is the hole from the front. Note what appear to be pencil marks above and below:


Note also the friction marks from the drill bit, while a portion of the wood within the hole is free of such carbon-steel friction marks,  as may well be expected from the rotary nature of the bit. See, too, the fact that the hole is the same on either side. The torque, though, from the bit causes chipping at the edge.

Here are views of ‘exit holes’ of what is acclaimed as gunshots. It cannot be said for certain, in any case, what is the source of these holes. Yet, one issue is certain, it is not from bullets shot by the crisis actor Elliot Rodgers.

santabarbarahoaxfence2 santabarbarahoaxfrence3

The holes are precisely the same bore as the entrance holes, a physical impossibility in a real gunshot blast through the fence. In fact, it would be a blast, and the bullets would power there way through the far edge of the fence, causing additional damage.

That is the point. There would be velocity of forces in play, here, causing additional blast damage to the exit surface.
New evidence: It was a drill. Look at this finding:
This is the long chip of wood from the lower aspect of drill exit. This is hard proof of the hoax. It’s a set-up by the Zionist criminal minds, a gun control hoax and far more. Note that the side of the chip has the same color as the paint on the wood fence.
Arch-fraudster and D-grade actress/model Swartz wants the world to believe her inanity instead of the cold facts.

It would surely be far safer in such a fake to use a drill rather than bullets. Nevertheless, it is merely an analysis and whether the consequence of rubber bullets, blanks, or live rounds, the creation of these holes was staged.

Yet, in this hoax there was destruction committed to property, similar to that seen in Hollywood fakes. The BMW was totaled, and there is this obvious damage to the wooden fence. Surely, the owners will be compensated for the fraud-based damage.

More convincing is her behavior purportedly minutes after nearly being killed. Here she is for her fake crying routine during an interview on Santa Barbara’s News Channel:


As soon as she begins the fake crying she smiles – or smirks. Then, she begins the use of the hand  over the face technique.


Not very convincing is it? She looks precisely like a person attempting to fool others, while making, in fact, a fool of herself. How sophomoric. She acts like a mere child. It’s worse than this. She is willing to lie before the entire world for her own wretched gains.

Yet another phony is a woman named Cayla Bergman:

Santa Barbara Shooting Suspect Vowed ‘Retribution’ in Video

abcnews.go.com › US

4 days ago – PHOTO: In a video posted to YouTube, a young man, who identifies … all like ‘ Just take cover, take cover,’” UCSB student Cayla Bergman told …



Bergman is the woman, right screen. Her friend has an awfully powerful grip on her waist.
The Zionist mole would freely tell great lies in order to support the gun control hoax.

There is also Summer Young:

Summer Young said she was walking down the street and heard what sounded like fireworks set off by students. “People get stupid out here sometimes,” she said.

But the pops were gunfire, and the car passed her, she learned.

“He was just firing up shots,” Young said.

One of the main male fraudsters is the arch-liar Kyle Sullivan.

Witness Kyle Sullivan saw three young women lying on the front lawn.

“There was a young girl, laying right here. And she was — I could tell immediately she was gone,” said Sullivan, 19. “I saw a gunshot wound to her abdomen, also one to her side and one through her head.”


He sure acts calm and collect for someone who just witnessed a murder, a rather rare experience for human beings.

Apparently, Sullivan loves to party.
Here is another falsifier. A cursory review of his behavior and body language, as well s the tone of his voice, is hard proof of the scam:

The man is virtually comatose. Who would find his testimony believable? Regardless, all such people are fraudsters and fabricators. Not a word they speak regarding this issue is true.

‘From what I heard “There was a guy who was run over, and both of his legs were amputated.” Now, that would be quite a sight in front of the world. Moreover, there would surely be significant evidence for it. There is none. Yet, this man, like the other hacks and fabricators, is deemed an eyewitness? It seems that he alone has come forward with the amputation story. Regardless, the testimony of this fabricator acts as absolute proof that the entire claim of a real shooting with real gunned down and/or stabbed victims is a terminal hoax.




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  1. Kayla Bergin with a K without makeup.


  2. This is apparently her too with the usual Schwartz spelling . Trying to separate self from parents??

    I think this is her mother with this actor, always with him, a David Carradin Lookalike basically, Scott Glenn.


    maybe his real name is Lawrence Schwartz?

  3. That Kyle Sullivan sure looks like the guy from Boston who got his legs blown off.

  4. The Facebook depicting Sierra N swartz is not the Facebook account of the Sierra Swartz, witness to the “shooting” in Isla Vista. What is wrong with you people? Swartz is not an uncommon last name. The poor girl from Michigan is obviously a mother with a career halfway across the country; the “actress” Sierra Swartz looks nothing like the Michigan Swartz — NOTHING like her, and here is PROOF of Sierra Swartz of SANTA BARBARA’S age, which does not match the age of the MICHIGAN Swartz:

    Do your research, and leave innocent people alone. Shame on you for linking someone’s page that has NOTHING to do with this event!

    • That is correct. It is not the same person. The post must be removed.

      In fact, such posts have been removed and this one will be purged immediately. Posts are not screen in advance except for language excesses. Thanks for your concern.

      • DrK,

        Don’t pretend that you have any concern for the truth.

        • blah blah blah blah…Corrector needs to G O!

          for someone who just doesn’t give up…

          I will tell you once again…

          L E A V E.

        • PS: its sooooooo obvious that Shakespeare was correct in saying “the lady doth protest ..”
          Just like Elliott – he is talkig over and over and over in clear as day verbiage how much he likes girls…anyone can tell he is doing the opp. of Shakespeare’s quote…he is giving it out too much…too much info. Elliott

      • It is the same person. She is the only Sierra Swartz with her name spelled that way. I checked out her aliases. The one she apparently claims is her in California doesn’t even spell her name Swartz, but Schwartz the common way. They all link back to the same person. Many of actors in this operation have connections to Michigan. They often recruit several people/actors from one common trusted agent for these operations. Sierra of Michigan has been acting and modelng off and on for along time. You have kids & a husband & you’re not a big star, then you take time off. But when acting & fame is your dream you keep at it, even if you have to take time off. She clearly has pictures of her travels to South Beach, San Francisco etc. She dreams of the big life. Let her troll me and protest. She has been thinner and fluctuated a bit. When you want a role or a modeling gig you can lose weight pretty quick. You can make yourself look 15 years older or younger than your actual age for a role, with makeup alone. Does she deny that she-the Sierra Swartz of Michigan is an an actress? Maybe I need I need research her mysterious husband & family a lot more and see what more she can deny and reveal. When you take money to take my rights away you are not innocent. Let a thousands actors & trolls attack me.

        • @ Cowboy, so if that IS Sierra and the person is saying that’s not , does that mean the perps are actually here on this site ? 😮

          • Could be. Cerytainly people in Mossad hoax operations are posting here. So yes ofcourse. And anytime anything is pulled they are happy. And they don’t like their actors exposed. Let’s see if the trolls can get some more stuff I post pulled. Maybe they’d like to run the site. lol
            There are two blonde Women (and another 1 or two disimiliar ones using the tphe Sierre Swartz & Sierra Schwartz) name as crisis hoax actors. One of the disimiliar ones appears to have been used in the Boston Bombing Hoax on Israel’s 65 Anniversary Celebration Event In Boston. The younger one under Sierra Schartz is listed as going to Norco High Norco CA., and was a cheerleader & drama (acting/theatre) last year there. Yet you don’t turn her up on a people search in that town. Why? Because she goes by Chritiana Rae Schartz perhaps her real name. This is her father or uncle she lives with there wealthy zionist Harry Emil Schwartz.
            Yes I can prove the younger Sierre Schwartz /Swartz is also Christina Rae Schwartz.

        • Good grief you people are ridiculous! I personally know Sierra SWARTZ, you could even say we are family. She has zero connections to Michigan, she’s going through therapy because of this tragic incident and all you are doing is trying to call people frauds just because of the fact they have had acting or model experience in the past?! Who has time for this crap to sit and try to analyze a person based off a few pictures and video you didn’t even shoot?! Find something more productive to do with yourselves and let people be.

  5. Cowboy, PLEASE stop throwing mud into the water with your postings. These “events” are problematic enough without you adding the problems !

    • So why don’t you comment about the article rather than getting your knickers in a twist over cowboy.

    • MUDFIGHT !!!!

  6. Thanks for removing the comments. And to you, John, if you were thinking expansively and analytically, you would understand that the reason I had to post is because misinformation such as that posted by Cowboy is a discredit to any truthful element expressed in the above article. But I wouldn’t expect someone such as yourself to “get” that.

    • Bella,

      I’ve called Cowboy out over such postings before but he doesn’t seem to stop.

      The fact that DrK has in any way responded to a dissenting point of view is miraculous.

      Well done you!

      • Does not matter right now we are focusing is the lying jew hoax.

        • Anti schnazis,

          Not making much progress though!

          I doubt you will be “cracking the case” anytime soon.

        • Hey dude, You hit the nail on the head there.
          But you know the Ashkenazees have monopolized the hoax maket. They gotta have a new tag : Ashkehoaxy

          • Anti Hoaxes,

            That is a bit labored. I’m not sure it will catch on.

            3/10 Poor work.

      • Boy you must get a lot of cash for wasting your time here! You seem to be literally the only individual who is against this webpage, with exception to your alternate IDs…hehehee

        • Dear Mossad,

          Paula seems to think that my postings may have some value to you. If you would like to “sponsor” my future posts please let me know. I will need to retain creative control over the content but am willing to include hasbara if it is tastefully done.

          I look forward to doing business with you.

          • Dear Mossad ,
            Although Corrected thinks he deserves a raise , his jig is up here and you should replace him. If he’s your best ……time to get outta the shill biz,cause he stoopid.

        • Paula and Corrector

          This is the archive of what Corrector actually wrote…… The first sentence was added at a later time. Corrector you have been declared an outed paid shill.

          Dear Mossad,

          If you would like to “sponsor” my future posts please let me know. I will need to retain creative control over the content but am willing to include hasbara if it is tastefully done.

          I look forward to doing business with you.

          • Arbiter,

            It isn’t the first time I’ve been called a paid shill so don’t start thinking that your post has much original content.

            Anything else in your “archive” that you’d like to declare.

            For the record, I haven’t heard from Mossad yet. I imagine I’ll have to wait until Sunday.

    • You obviously care nothing about the truth. Do actors not lie about their ages? Why tell the outrageous lie that Swartz is a common name spelled that way? Your troll zionist disinfo Corrector sure likes your trolling. Do you deny the Seirra Swartz of Michigan is an actress. And do you deny that the Sierra Swartz who you claim is a different person from the Santa Barbara Hoax operation is an actress?

  7. That obvious acted out video produced by the so called killer should have trigger anyone with common sense that this thing was staged. If you actually believed what he was saying you have to be a total fool!. A rich boy like him can’t get a single girl in Californication?. BS!!!!!!!

  8. Thank you, The Corrector. I am flattered!

    • I just threw up a little in my mouth. Hey Bella , are you and inCorrector shills at the same office ?

    • awwwww go kissy kissy on eachother…so obvious its the same guy different alias. meh.

      • Spyvspy thinks Bella and I shill at the same office.

        Paula thinks Bella and I are the same person.

        Any other theories?

        • I don’t think your comments are constructive or intelligent. It’s best that you leave at once!

        • I find it amazing that Corrector is still here!
          What is the point of these rantings, musings, retarded comments, childish remarks, bullying, and exhaustive word play…

          Time to get A LIFE – Why are you here? IF you don’t like the site and / or its not your cup of tea…what are you doing here then?

          Oh yes…how could I forget!?
          1. Has to be paid or insane
          2. Bored and has nothing better to do
          3. Enjoys bullying, looking intelligent online bc in real life is probably not or seriously socially awkward
          4. Likes to make conversation with Cowboys! haha and more… rrrrr oh yeah!
          5,? fill in the blank
          6. ?

          • 7. All of the above.

      • The fact that you describe work by Bollyn as “outstanding” speaks volumes.

        Does he still plagiarize?

        • Bollyn did a masterful job exposing the Monsters who did 911. He is an American hero. You are a piss ant Mossadomite sayanim traitor, nothing more. You know the zionists did 911 and you hate that truth told. The truth is the enemy of evil.


          • Cowboy,

            Bollyn is a hack! His work (when not plagiarised) is pure fiction. I don’t know how he sleeps at night.

      • Ah right , forgot the same agents use multiple aliases.Good call P.

  9. Thank you for your honesty and truth Dr K

  10. 37 year old Sierra Swartz alias Sierra Schwartz alias Sierra Steele alias Sierra Haines, etc has an several address in California she shares with Makeup artist & Hollywood Actress Carol Schwartz alias Carol Deniz and Larry Schwartz. Now I have discovered more but let the lying trolls dispute this.

    • And HELLO, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/sierra-n-swartz/6b/877/522
      Not an actress. NOT the same person. Is Sierra Swartz depicted in this article a sellout crisis actor? Absolutely. But these two are NOT the same people. You would flatter yourself, Cowboy, by employing logic and common sense to your rants.

  11. Now here is a Hoax murder the younger “Sierra” Crisis actor Christina Schwartz (aka Sierra Schwartz & Swartz) was in last year in Michigan. She played a murder victim in that one. Zio actors get 7 lives or more apparently.


  12. The younger Mossad agent/crisis actor going by Sierra Swartz & Schartz and who went to Norco high School of Norco, Ca, last year as cheerleader & acted in theater & drama club is listed some places as 24, so that is likely her real age. And like the other blonde Sierra she has an one or more addresses in Michigan. http://www.usa-people-search.com/search/searchpreview.aspx?fn=sierra+&mn=&ln=schwartz&city=&state=&btnSubmit.x=69&btnSubmit.y=22

    Now look at this other young woman with her. Could those two not either play the same part as a murder witness Sierra Swartz or whoever, interchangeably with a little makeup.?

  13. Harry Schwartz of Norco and LA & elsewhere seems to sponsor & house a lots of Mossad/Crisis actors. This one from Russian sayanim goes by Valya Cherisa & Valentina Cheritsa in Kentucky selling high in Kitchens with admitted husband Ivan in wealthy Racing Horse Ranch Country: Versailles & Lexington. Don’t ask me why she uses another name on her facebook even though her husband is in the pics with her and friended as Ivan Cheritsa.


    Then in LA/Hollywood & elsewhere California & NYC she also goes by Valentina Schwartz or Vinyla in modeling & acting and DJ-ing sometimes as Valentina. And she had another alias as Valentina Gagach

  14. It’s a miracle!! She was shot FIVE times by 9mm rounds in the arm, leg, and chest, and not even a week later she’s up and about and all smiles:


    Hopefully it won’t affect her acting career:


  15. Hey Genius … err, I mean, cowboy, there are at least 5 Sierra Swartzes on Facebook. Not just one exists in the u.s., as you claim. You’re a fool if you think the two women in question are the same person. Makeup could not alter their obviously vastly different bone structure so much that they could even possibly be confused as the same person. Who are you, Dallas goldbug???? Moreover, aliases on radaris aren’t necessarily real aliases. Misspellings made in public records (i.e. Schwartz), maiden names or married names, (i.e. Steele), etc., referred to as “aliases” but, again, are not necessarily bona fide aliases. The more important point here is not who’s who or who’s not who, however. Its that the paranoia, misplaced anger, and hatred expressed in the preceding comments is a great disservice to anyone trying to lend credibility to the fact that this was a staged event. And despite your laughable and patently false suppositions about my identity, I totally believe this event was a massive fake! In fact, I am a mere seeker of information who was passing through, trying to collect more facts to make sense of this farce. But people like you and the other commenters acting like assholes isn’t helping support any cause to convey a message of truth to this who might be otherwise swayed to consider an alternative opinion. Lastly, the disgusting anti-Semitism rampant here is absolutely reprehensible. Judaism and Zionism are as equatable as is being italian and being in the mafia. Evil pervades all races and religions, and there are many more individuals and groups responsible for manipulating the public and carrying out an evil agenda than just the Zionists.It is terribly disheartening to read content containing substance and merit when it is followed by wholly unintelligent, prejudiced, and untruthful commentary.

  16. Families of three men stabbed by Calif. madman Elliot Rodger in his apartment want answers


  17. What’s wrong with you people? I know Sierra Swartz; I’ve known her for years. She is not part of some wacko conspiracy-theory hoax. Haven’t you got anything more productive to do with your time?

    • So, you know her? Ask her why she faked her role as a witness in the hoax. If she would admit to the fake, that can be put in the post as a credit to her.

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