Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 10 May 2014
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Nigerian Schoolgirl Kidnapping is a Zionist Plot

Revelation thanks to one of our posters

It is the Zionists who are behind the so-called kidnapping of Nigerian schoolgirls, not the Muslims or, rather, ‘Muslim terrorists.’

Actually, this is an oxymoron. There was no kidnapping. In other words, it is all fake.

First, it was 200 schoolgirls, then 233, and now, 275. This alone should cause the thinking mind to realize that this is a staged event; in other words, it is a hoax. That means, simply, that the entire claim of the kidnapping of such youths is an absolute fabrication.

Boko Haram, Nigerian terrorist extremist entity extraordinaire, is rather than a Islaamic group an agency of the Mossad, just like al-Qaeda. It is the Israeli Mossad which has fully infiltrated the Nigerian infrastructure. For instance, the 2011 so-called Christmas and/or Underwear Bombing was perpetrated by a Mossad agent or patsy (yet to be determined, even so, it could have readily have been a staged act at all levels by Mossad agents).

Sure they did, sure agents of Boko Haram kidnapped 200-plus school girls. Sure – and the world must believe it – and then just as believable is the claim that he his now about to “sell them off” on the open market, meanwhile retaining them as slaves to do his bidding. He just took his fellow militants and waltzed into a girl’s school, kidnapping some 200 of them. How did he do so? Furthermore, how did he manage to haul them away? What kind of vehicles did he use, and how does he keep control of such a mass of humanity now? Then, too, how could he do so without anyone noticing?

Moreover, it happened without a single witness, a single person who could bear legitimate witness to the event.

How sly are these Muslim terrorists.

The organization, if it even exists, is headed by Abubakr Shekau. Is he really a Muslim terrorist seeking to destabilize the country?

Clearly, this is not the case. He is an actor, in fact, a Zionist mole. Notice the Kalashnikov’s painted as a logo in the background, along with an open Qur’aan. It is all a fake. Worse than this, it is a fraud to attempt to, once again, make Islaamic people appear demonic. He’s thrilled. He has 200-plus little girls in his haram.

The mole is a Mizrahi (black African) Jew, not a Muslim. He is an enemy of Islaam, not it’s savior:

Who believes this is a Muslim? What devout Muslim must wave about a foot-long tooth-cleaning stick (miswak) as a prop when doing a YouTube video?


Clearly, the man works for the Zionist cabal, not for any Islaamic cause. He is belittling the Islaamic faith through hs fake display. If he is even a real person, his eyes appear diseased. Shekau, Zionist mole, is surely one sick individual, living in lies, although he clearly takes relish (or his effigy) in attacking and undermining Islaam.

That’s a mighty long index finger. It is also one massive tooth stick. The video needs to be analyzed more fully.

This is a plot to solicit US intervention into Muslim North Nigeria. The Israeli Army won’t do the Zionist’s bidding. Only the goy grunts will do so. Imagine that: a Muslim group, Boko Haram, does the bidding precisely – to the most exacting degree – of the Zionist cabal. This is by setting the necessary platform for military intervention into the country. Well done, Muslims. You brought the full force of tyranny, once again upon yourselves (sarcasm).

The demonstrations and placards, the signs, the shouting, the facial expressions, and more, are all fake:

No one is distressed in the least. It’s a business transaction, and the involved hoaxers were surely paid.
There is yet additional drama, here, right before the camera. Notice the people in the rear shooting cell phone footage. Another woman gets into the act, plopping her hands on her head yet keeps her purse in the left hand while doing so. It is not believable in the least.
Now, here is where the plot becomes clearly evident. Notice the ring-leaders or coordinator in the front. Notice, too, the man in the background in the white shirt, smiling and laughing. It’s megaphone city, with yet another staged event for the Zionist hoaxers.
All the demonstrations are staged. Yet, the plot – and it’s purpose – now becomes clearly evident in this next series of images. “No one is safe,” help us.
Why all the vagueness, “our sisters” or “my sisters” or “our daughters” or “my daughters?” Doesn’t anyone in Nigeria have a name, especially the missing schoolgirls?
‘We are no longer safe.’ Thus, ‘We need you, Zionist-controlled Britain and America.’ In other words, ‘Our government is incompetent and our military corrupt. Help us. Save us. Intervene with your strike forces, your Special Ops and Marines.’ Notice, too, how organized they are with the placards and posters, with the names (presumably of the missing) attached in the red bars.
It is as if the Nigerians are saying, apparently for a fee, “Come, now, Western forces. Wildly intervene in our country.”
Once again, the posters/placards are vague. “Where are my sisters?” How about, “Where is my sister Marjorie?” Too, who is “our daughters?”
5 days ago
Oh, mighty Zionist-controlled cabals, please protect us. Bring your mighty metal here and save us. Invade our country immediately and rescue us from this threat – these Islaamic boogeymen, these Mossad agents posing as Muslims. Save us from them. We will so ever be grateful. “Rescue” means military intervention, and so does “Let Peace Reign, Please Protect Us, Bring Back Our Girls (the placard held by the coordinator in the burnt orange clothing), and Can anyone help me?”
Help is on the way, as the Zionist assets in the US Senate have put forward the platform for murderous intervention:nigeriankidnaphoax
There is no doubt about it the kidnapping is fake. Moreover, once again, the plotters and schemers behind this hoax are Zionist Jews.



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  1. This reminds me of the freeing of the abducted women in Ohio last year around this same time, only on a bigger international scale.

    • The kidnapper: Castro and brothers (originally also accused) were Jewish (Marranos) and all the alleged criminal behavior was in accord with the evil book called the Babylonian Talmud. His daughter assisted in atleast 1 of the abductions by getting the girl to meet her that night. The son, a journalist Ariel(named after his degenerate father) wrote news stories about the missing girls–pretending apparently that he knew nothing of there whereabouts or that his perverted father was the monster who had them captive. The son lived in the house at times after one or more abductions & has pictures clearly taken there after the abductions. Another daughter ( or his sister???) also is in prison for murder. Without morals and only a Babylonian mentality any evil is possible. Fidal the Mass murderer Castro of Cuba is also a racial supremist Zionist Jew (like the Ohio Satanic family), who was placed in power by psychopaths like the Dulles brothers and the communist zionists & their bankster benefactors in USA, as authorized by Rothschild & the elders. Voltaire said if you want to know who your real rulers are find out who you are not allowed to criticise then you will know who your real rulers are. Before he died he discovered who the real rulers are.
      He also decided God did indeed exist despite all the zionists lies he learned and spewed his whole life.

  2. Nigeria is very prickly about its sovereignty. Until now it has rejected requests to base Africom, the US military’s African command centre, in the country…Under the global spotlight, and with delegations form many nations in the capital, Abuja, for the World Economic Forum for Africa this week, it has relented and allowed in foreign security advisers..

    from 8 missing to over 200 in a few weeks. That’s progress!
    with another big clue that this is a hoax…
    Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai joined the campaign…..Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl who survived a shooting by Taliban insurgents, joins the #BringBackOurGirls campaign and says the world must not stay silent over the abduction.

    Check her out, Dr K….

  3. One big “tell” is the printed posters. There are a number of professionally designed and printed posters depicted here plus a banner with a logo. (There are a few that are handwritten, which look more “real”.) Someone had to pay for these to be designed and printed. Real protests are usually either hand done, or designed and printed at home or maybe photocopied. Just take a look at what missing pet posters look like for an example of home-done graphics. These posters are slick.

    • And the picture of half jewish British Prime Minister, David Cameron, that looks way too good to be done by poor African people.
      Why is there a picture of Cameron in the first place?


  5. The most ridiculous stage props and give away of this entire Mossad Zionist operation are the armored personnel carriers used in all the pictures. Where would this Mossadlim group get armored personnel carriers? They are so poor they supposedly sell these Christian & Muslim girls they steal for $12??? They don’t bother ransoming them for hundreds or even of dollars to their families or towns or churches!!! lol So did they previously sell 10,000 of these girls to to buy some armored personnel carriers??? And is a Muslim group supposedly blowing up Mosques?? And churches??? Who does that??? hmmmm Let’s see Israel has blownup, burned down & bulldozed atleasrt 900 churches in Palestine & israel since 1948. Israel has destroyed perhaps 10,000 Mosques in Palestine & Israel since 1948. So this is what one group does. hmmm

    Would the Nigerian government or any local police just let them roam around the countryside stealing girls with their magical mystery armored personnel carrier? NOT!! Why would Nigeria want to anger the world as barbaric & it’s own people? It would not. I would venture to guess these fake Mossadlim School girl kidnapping videos are made by Israelis in & their Indian/Kenyan tv & movie making cohorts in Kenya who created the ridiculous Kenyan Westgate Mall fake Mossadlim mass shooting & terror false flag hoax event.
    Everyone needs to know who always ran the slave trade in History as in the modern days. Even in the Roman Empire Jews ran all the slave auctions, were the slave handlers, exporters etc. In the American New World the slaves ships and auctions & owners of the most brutal slave plantations in the Caribbean, Cuba, Central and South America where all Jewish– be they using Dutch, Italian, Spanish or English names. The Babylonian Talmud and it’s ruthless genocidal results upon Africans in others just since 1492 has been horrific. Thank God Christians & Muslims & Africans rose up & wiped out this horror of slavery brought about through this evil Talmudic deception racist theology (and it’s infiltration into masonry & zio-false-Christian leaders and zio-false-Muslim leaders) in so many countries.


    The zionist lies & hoaxes & threat to the world gets bigger each day. Have courage to wake up to it, take a stand! Have the courage to break the chains of the zionist media led psychological warfare brainwashing fear employed against you humanity to speak against your evil wouyld be masters! FRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDOMMMM!!!

  6. Jewish Zionist Hollywood Slimeball Director of the Fraud Campaign Operation Ramaa Mosley


  7. Great work once again DrK exposing the hidden demonic Zionist threat.

  8. destroy israel with nuclear bombs.

  9. another fake!! stupid jews!

  10. Israeli anti-terrorist experts flooding Nigeria….the same Israeli anti-terrorism experts who were advising Sandy Hook school last year?

    Schools a speciality.

  11. Why are you such an advocate for Islam throughout all these posts? It makes me wonder if you have some kind of ulterior motive. I am not a big fan of Israel and I know they’re doing some nasty **** around the planet – don’t undermine your cause by showing support for Islam though.

    • Dr K IS a Muslim, duh. Why does supporting his people undermine his credibilty? Is it “Muslim = bad” with you? Brainwashed by the media much?? I think you’ve missed the premise of Dr K’s work.


  12. Australia news stated on April 17 that the girls were released. If true, why are they continuing the deception?


    Scores of female students kidnapped by Islamic militants from a north-eastern Nigerian school are free, Nigeria’s military says.

    Only eight of more than 100 students are unaccounted for, Major General Chris Olukolade said in a statement that gave no details.

    “The others have been freed this evening,” he said.

    The government had reported that security forces were in hot pursuit of militants who abducted more than 100 females from a high school yesterday.
    More on website.

  13. Hahahaa! I laugh at this piece of sh*t that is disguised as an article here. First we heard from some foolish muslims that all these boko haram incidences are as a result of a covert operation by the CIA. And now, we are hearing that it is Zionist Mossad movement? These stu.pid muslims will not cease to amaze me. So the Zionists are responsible for the activities of the taliban in Afghanistan? They are probably the ones who also trained the likes of Osama bn Laden too? You f*cking muslims should bring yourselves to order and stop the violence! Oh…lest I forget, the muslim terrorist who is a taliban member that shot Malala Yousafzai on the head because she was going to school is also a Zionist? Right?? I laugh at islam. A religion which has claimed the lives of many innocents in the world than any other…commiting atrocities and blaming others later. *Spits*

    • This has to be the craziest blog I’ve ever read. Even crazier is that people will believe this ****. The truth? Just examine each religion mentioned here. Islam promotes violence, hatred and death all in the name of Allah. Theirs is a god of death. The only thing they are good at is lying. This article is one more example of stupidity gone public. Wake up. Look at the facts. Wake up. It’s incredible than anyone would follow this absurd man made religion.

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