**Breaking News** — 14 November 2015
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Bombing and Shooting at French Rock Concert is a Grandiose Arch Zionist Hoax

With revelations thanks to our posters.

It truly is a Zionist-controlled world demonstrated by the fact that so many people could participate in a fake, that is the fake death and injury of hundreds of people, and yet the world is led to believe it. This is the most ludicrous arch-fake of all, make no mistake about it. Nothing in regard to the claims of this fake is real.

What a terminally corrupt hoax it is, all occurring at a ‘death metal’ concert. No one can find it plausible. The French should leave such arch-fabrications to the Israelis. At least they make the fake blood appear more realistic. With that much bleeding going on, why isn’t this man rendered supine?

There are no open wounds to be seen anywhere. There is no legitimate source for the red matter. This is a hoax to the extreme. Who can prove otherwise?


That red matter was painted and dabbed on by an arch-fabricating moulage mole. And what a poor job of realism that mole performed. Furthermore, the cell phone is a key prop in this arch-phony, as it was in Sandy Hoax and a litany of other ridiculous fakes. So are various falsifying good Samaritans, who are performing heroic acts which are fully staged.


What in the world is this supposed to represent? How is this supposed to be an example of a truly injured person? Why in the world is he nearly fully naked?


Only the man right before the camera is ducking. Notice, too, the man in red faking a ‘run for it’ scene. It’s so phony it is nearly laughable. Yet, it all occurs while the others await their instructions.


‘It’s your turn now. Come on, we only have so much time to stage this.’ Even so, here is a new technique introduced by the French hoaxers. It’s the grit the teeth routine when carrying away the fake wounded.

There is, furthermore, clearly more staging, here:

This area is clearly the staging facility for this terminally corrupt fake. How many crisis actors are needed to fool the goy? One or two should be sufficient. One or two fake huggers should do the job. Surely, most people won’t even bother to look, that is to scrutinize. They will simply hold it all as true, especially if Islamic people are blamed.


It was terror all over France, so it is claimed. Yet, this is nothing other than a most ludicrous arch-Zionist grand distraction.

It is Zionist criminal minds who are behind these large scale fabrications. Who else would find it fit to represent such falsifications before the entire world? It is these treacherous minds who were behind the school shooting hoaxes in the United States, including the terminally ludicrous Sandy Hook fake.







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  1. kurwa you are all lunatics, go get some sleep

  2. Exhibit # 47) Zionist France MultiTerror Psychological Warfare Attacks Against French People To Trick Them Into Genocidal War & Extermination of Syria To Set Up Greater Israel in Destroyed Syria!

    ZioPuppet Obama Admits Training Israel’s ISIL aka ISIS Terrorists Murderers!

    & The Acronym – ISIS is The Official Name of Israel’s Mossad.

    ISIS Stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.


  3. Aurora CO BATMAN shootings…

    Sandy Hook mentioned inside The Dark Knight Rises film:


    Boston Bombings by a man named Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (pronounced Joe-kar Sar-NIGH-EVV…”Joker is our knife”.)

    now a “Bat-a-clan” terrorist attack?

    It’s subtle, predictive mind control. All the low bass you hear in all the movies now and television ads, that’s where they hide the subliminals. Research ELF. Electronic Low Frequencies.

    We are all creating this reality with our emotions and what we perceive as truth and the more people they can get to believe something…the more it becomes real. The idea Virus. The boogeyman of terrorism.

    If you really want to shut these assholes down. Stop buying gasoline and oil based products.

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