9/11 — 22 January 2013
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Bombs, not Jets, Outward, not Inward

There were no jet strikes on 9-11. This can be readily proven. One easy way is to look at photographic evidence. Not videos, photographs.

Here is a glaring one. See  any evidence of airplane strikes? Is the momentum going in or out, forward or backward? It’s not so complex.

Note especially the second tower. This photo is catching the actual detonation as it is occurring. All the force of this explosion is directed outward: simple laws of physics. That means the charges were planted, then detonated, inside the buildings.

Sept. 11, bomb, with red lines

See the trajectory of the building matter, how it is all being forced by the laws of physics from the region of the explosion downward? It  is following gravity from inside downward. So simple, but, seemingly, so elusive.

How many witnesses for planes are there, anyway? Not many, and for an area as densely populated as New York City that alone is exceedingly bizarre. How noticeable would a 767 be barreling down the middle of Manhattan at a level above-ground amounting to no more than three football fields high? The fact is there would be thousands of deliberate witnesses to this. Where are those witnesses?

The perpetrators planted detonator charges in the buildings and then blew them up. These were the explosions meant for public consumption. simultaneously, earlier, there were bomb-blasts occurring in the lower floors, including those occurring in the sub-basements. That was to destroy the powerful, sturdy foundation, so the buildings would come virtually straight down, to a degree within their footprints.

The culprits, Israeli demolition experts, were caught. What happened to those culprits? They were sent back to the Zionist strip.

Can anyone dispute these facts? The answer is an avowed, “No.”

Regardless, who benefitted from this? Surely, no one in this county, and for sure none of the Middle Eastern people, whose lands were invaded and destroyed. There was, though, one obvious beneficiary, which was the Zionist cabal. That was revealed on national TV, when Benjamin Netanyahu said on that fateful day that the attack was “good” for the Israeli entity, then immediately qualifying it, saying, “Well, not good.” He could resist spewing the venom even among the death and carnage.

Larry Silverstein also made a tacit admission, when he said that he himself was involved in the destruction of the buildings, saying he “had it pulled,” namely WTC 7. There were dead bodies in there. A top man in the Emergency Management office, Barry Jennings, said so. He was forced to walk over the bodies during his escape. Jennings shortly thereafter died under suspicious circumstances. Was Silverstein trying to bury the evidence?

It was all a well-orchestrated criminal plan. Moreover, it was perpetrated exclusively by Zionist moles, who wantonly murdered the people for their own vile gains.


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  1. back to the zionist strip? wtf is that?
    this is without a doubt the lamest attempt to create an argument over nothing.

    There is video of both planes hitting both towers. There is video of people watching the planes. People made statements that very day that planes hit the towers without having watched any of the videos that were on the news later.

    • Have you taken the time to slowly review those tapes of so-called planes crashing into the Towers. Slowly, slowly, slowly: you will see that parts of the planes disappear before striking or even melt into the so-called buildings. If you are serious, you will look into it.

  2. The Official ReThink911 Video


  3. “Mr. Middle America Discusses 9/11 With the President.”


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