Boston Bombing — 29 April 2013
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Boston “Dust Bomb” Confirmed: It’s Not Towels

There has been much investigation into the use of prop dust in the fake Boston bombings. In fact, it is so fake that it might be appropriate to re-name it Boston Fake Dust Bomb Bombings. Numerous freedom fighters launching their fight against tyranny through YouTube and various blogs have pinned this as another example of this scam. That use of dust seems to be readily confirmed. Even the debunkers are confirming it, though, albeit unintentionally, by putting up their own YouTube versions of the event. That’s because any thorough and close analysis of these various live videos it can be easily proven that, in fact, dust was used.

It is, after all, a routine part of Hollywood special effects. No surprise, then, that it would be discovered here.

The use of dust dumped over the fake victim(s) can be readily seen on both these videos:

Here is the video from an Internet shill or DHS mole attempting to debunk it. The shills are claiming it is just towels, which were thrown on victims. There is plenty of evidence for dust packets being dispersed but NO evidence of any kind of the throwing of towels. Nor would it make sense that anyone would do so, especially when also preparing an entire entourage, essentially yelling loudly to warn them of the impending toss.

Another excellent example

Dust-coated fake victims

This man has always appeared suspicious:


Obvious dust of some kind on his hair, forehead, and right side of his sweatshirt.

See the dust up close, here. Is that a ridge of putty covering the upper edge of his eyes? It’s all fake and painted; he’s not really injured. Clearly and truly this is a fake dust that was maliciously put on this person to create the appearance of blast damage.

Here’s Mr. Dusty Forehead and Hair in a wheelchair:

An injured person is taken away from the scene in a wheelchair.

More fake dust stuck to the hair, in this case of the lady in the wheelchair:


(Correction): Here’s what appears to be a coating on her coat, now thought to be an abrasion of the fabric from a fall:


From a poster on YouTube:



“Pyrolite is a healthier…substitute for Fuller’s Earth, which is used primarily by special effects companies for a multitude of purposes, like adding to the low powdered explosives to create a much larger-appearing explosion as in rocket strikes or hand grenades, for use in emphasizing dirt roads when driven over by a vehicle, for use in aging a set by applying thin layers within an hour (or as a) sifter on wood furniture and floors or turning a city street into an unpaved road.”

The dust bomb skit

It is just as real as the eyes determine. After creating fake victims with fake blood, a bomb of dust was dumped on one of these fake blood-dressed actors. That is what it appears to be when viewing it on the videos. Let’s do the due diligence to confirm it.



Here it is in another frame free of the caption/description. That blood-red element is truly evident and di rise up into the screen, was not there before:


After all, the presumption of special effect dust is based on the photographs issued by the Zionists themselves:


Was that leg of the man lying down on his back, left screen of the fake paramedic, which appears to have a caked blood appearance, the real target of the dust bomb, or was it someone else in a different location?

Back to the dust bomb:

Another view showing all the collaborators, as Mr. Dust Cloud Maker gets ready to dump his load:


Fingers pointing, numerous cohorts, man circled holding up a sign or attempt to block a view, another DHS mole identified on far right of screen.


Update: not sure yet if that is the mailbox in the background.



Banging together those dust packets, presumably to loosen up the enclosed, potentially caked matter:


It’s coming, any minute, now, that Hollywood dust will escape from the packets, strategically descending for purposes of fakery. Does it take that many moles to pull off a dust bomb?

dustbombersdhs Man in grey shirt comes into the frame, another perpetrator looking on, coordinating:


Man in black shirt starts handing over a packed of material.


Man in black reaches seemingly directly to squatting woman in front of him.



A fraction of a second later he moves directly in and smacks the two packets together, which can be seen clearly in the video. Yells out, along with the fake cop, letting the prop crew know in-advance. It is a fully coordinated scam:

Now for the real action. Puff, the dust bomb begins:


Now, it is known what is the precise source for that caking matter on the fake victims, like those previously pictured. It takes into the air, just as a dust cloud would be expected: not a towel.

The puff-ball of dust/dried earth moves, as expected, slowly downward and outward by the force of gravity. He threw it directly in that direction:


Down it goes, quickly but methodically, descending upon its intended source:


More evidence of the inevitable forces of gravity when finely pulverized dust (not a towel) is tossed into the air.


The dust, NOT A TOWEL, coats one of the operatives, surrounding much of his head and shoulders.  Still not sure what the fake cop is pointing to.


Arrow points to his being overcome by the dust cloud. No towel could naturally come around the bend and coat him. It would just fall to ground in a wad.

Another view of the blonde woman standing up straight plus the two male moles, left screen.



 The ultimate proof?

If it was a towel or anything would it be possible to see through it? If it was dust, it could be somewhat transparent.  Notice the green shrubbery in the back.



Miracle of Hollywood: the ‘towel’ is transparent, and reveals a dot of shrubbery before it. Regardless, if it looks like a dust cloud–and it’s from a real action picture–it is a dust cloud, not a towel. Does anyone know a Terri cloth or sheet that looks like that, even when thrown to the ground?


Gravity and the force of the man’s thrust, as seen in the video, driving the dust laterally. More see-through evidence proving this is Hollywood “special effects” dust.

Another clear view of the dust cloud.


Man rushes over. Is that a drum of water to splash on the dust-bombed individuals?

There is also this man, drizzled in fake blood; also appears dusty.


One of the victims of the dust bomb. Could pulverized clay have caused all this damage?

A victim of the first explosion is helped on the sidewalk of Boylston Street.

Now, with this Zionist plot known as the Boston Bombing Hoax the real definition of “smoke and mirrors” has become clear.






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  1. To my eye, that appears to billow like dust. I can’t see it as a towel or blanket. I do think that the jacket is distressed, probably done previously to look like it was blasted. It doesn’t seem to be powder to me. The blue “drum of water” though, seems to be a motorcyclist’s helmet when watching the original video with it in motion.

    • That could be on the blue item. No way to tell for sure.

  2. They are towels that are blurred from motion. They are yelling to try to help each other. “they” would never go through all this nonsense to seize more control over us. There are easier and more efficient ways to do that. You are all the real sheep – feeding off of each others miserable and paranoid lives. REAL Americans died and have suffered. You inbreds need to get jobs or acquire some skills that will help you develop into respectable human beings. None of you have proved anything except for the FACT that you all obviously live boring and worthless lives.

  3. I agree that its towels, but hard to tell. Seems weird that the guy would just run up and dust everyone like that. The second video was right, lets move past this because any wiggle room we give the debunkers, they’ll run with it and totally damage the truth movement.

  4. Too many things that make you go hmmmm. This is a fake event, IMO. From the cover up, to martial law being cheered. Great work here, thank you!

  5. Read all about Pyrolite. It has some health risks with its use.

    Its no wonder that DHS/FEMA requires these actors sign an Actor’s Waiver form. I’ve worked at Paramount Studio in several films and they never did anything to us that was dangerous to our health as we see here in the fake Boston Marathon bombing.

  6. I think this video debunks it.

    I have even thought of the possibility of both options, two towels containing dust. Although I don´t dismiss it, I think there´s no dust. It doesn´t mean there wasn´t fake dust, it would simply had been spread by the fake bomb itself.

    • It’s marked off site now, that is if this is now proven as a visual anomaly.

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