Boston Bombing — 11 October 2013
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Boston Hoax Fraudster Lee Ann Yanni Resurfaces – Same Fake Injuries

Shills on behalf of arch-Zionist mole and Boston Marathon bombing hoax fraudster and rabid Zionist mole Lee Ann Yanni attempted to recently derail the post on this site regarding her, albeit unsuccessfully. They are mean-spirited and hostile, as would be expected, because that is precisely their nature, that is the nature of the godless Zionist moles who are responsible for faking their injuries during the Boston smoke bombing hoax.

Make no mistake about it despite the smiley faces and the put-on during interviews these are not nice people to any degree but are instead wretches, filthy liars. Moreover, the majority of these scoundrels are Zionist Jews whose objective is to create a crushing blow against the American system on behalf of the Zionist regime.

Yanni is one such lying wretch. Watch this wretch and her vile shill moles come to this site to attempt to derail this thread, just like they did previously. Here is just a modicum of her vile fabrications, per the Rothschild mouth piece, the DailyMail (Fail):

A woman whose leg muscles were shredded in the Boston bombing has shown extraordinary determination as she prepares to run a marathon this weekend.

Lee Ann Yanni, 31, was standing 10 feet from the finish line with her husband Nick, 32, when the first of two homemade bombs detonated on April 15, killing three and injuring more than 270.

Shrapnel shattered her fibula and tore her leg muscles – but just six months and three surgeries later, she will be taking part in Sunday’s Chicago Marathon.

‘I don’t care if I have to walk, crawl or piggyback,’ she told the Boston Herald. ‘I’m not letting these fools take my first marathon away from me.’

Read more:

One more time: Yanni and her fraudster husband or whoever he is are lying Jews, who are working as undercover Sayanim moles. All that issues from her mouth are fabrications. Let her and her lying, thieving husband be condemned, here, categorically, for their fraud and deception, and they simply will not let go of their pro-Zionist agenda. So, as long as she tells her filthy lies she will be thoroughly exposed, here.

The fraudster was never hurt; the more recent picture, left: the older picture after the fake Marathon ‘bombing’, right. Awfully smiley for suffering a shredding injury to the leg. A real shrapnel wound could likely have killed her or maimed her permanently. What a grand fraudster and arch-criminal element she is. Every penny she has collected base on her malingering and fabrication – her clearly invented injury – amounts to extortion.

While Zionist Jews blow people up all over the world with real bombs exploding into real shrapnel these two filthy fraudsters give the world plenty of silly smiles as they spread their lies, globally.

article-2455233-18AE586500000578-600_634x926 article-2455233-18AE586900000578-6_634x805

Super-smiley facey, supercilious as she is, a Zionist mole if there ever was one, unrelenting in her treachery. Yet, no matter. She is fully busted, thanks to the cover-up artists at the DailyMail:


Look at this phony. No one has injuries like this. This is strictly dabbed-on or applied Hollywood-style Ben Nye moulage. See the circumscribed patterns, the exactness, the straight or nearly straight line, the dabbing of each section with the moulage applicator. See the inane circular moulage area from which the line descends.

These fake wounds are also available as mere plastic stick-ons. This is the most likely type used by this fabricator.

She lives with herself over this lie, all for the furthering of wicked Zionist plots.


The same, lightened up, red tint added, which even more clearly shows the ludicrous drawing pattern of the fake wound. Let anyone prove otherwise, that is that this is a real wound. Any sound-minded medical professional will demonstrate this as a fraud.

Versus a real shrapnel wounds from exploding metal and more; no smiles and supercilious behavior here:



She is a perfectly normal person without any bomb-related injuries. The article is a cover for her apparent entry into the Marathon.

Just after the flash and smoke bombing team fraudster showed up, as below, all involved in supporting the hoax. Let them prove otherwise; they all know her injuries are fake, yet they support the lie regardless. All such fraudsters should be identified and duly put before the public light for supporting this scam of criminal activity meant to crush the people’s freedoms.


Clearly, this is mere moulage, mere paint, mere moulage stickers, mere silicon: whatever these arch-criminals use, all 100% fake.

yanniliar yannifraudoo

Here she is faking the limp and injury, along with the recycled picture of a shattered fibula, not hers, an extra of a different individual, showing the power of the Zionists to have this degree of control and to commit what amounts to medical fraud. For a real compound fracture of the fibula and tibia due to sudden trauma with real blood loss due to arterial spurting see this:

Regardless,the X-ray is not hers. Let anyone prove otherwise.

It is a certainty that Yanni is a faker. Let her come here and prove otherwise. Oh, no: just send the shills who will attempt to shut this down with their cursing and their spewing of hate. They begin their miserable posts with a curse word. They are miserable liars, just like Yanni and her ‘husband.’

What connections the Sayanim mole has to use the DailyFail to save face, a face permanently muddied with lies and deceit for her faking before the whole world the claim to have been struck down by shrapnel by that “Mooslim” bomb.


Look at this hoaxer. That’s a moulage patch, not an injury. What happened to the shrapnel injury and the shredding of the tissue. Smiley-facey with her psyops green SH-style ribbon fools no one. She is a filthy Zionist Jew, a liar, a cheat, and a thief.

How many more Rothschild publications will Yanni achieve in order to attempt to disguise her criminal acts, revealed in-full on this site. A 100% fake, no doubt about it.


A bit cocky, yet it is irrelevant. This post will remain, God willing, in the public domain permanently, so that the whole world will know who is the real Lee Ann Yanni, a faker and a fabricator who was paid as a crisis actor to falsify her role as an injured person, all to incriminate Islaam and the people of Islaam for a crime which never occurred. She has the motive: Greater Israel.

The whole Boston scene was infested with Zionist Jews: hundreds of them. All of them, including Yanni, are culpable for far more than mere theft and falsification but actual capital crimes. Yanni with her lies is upholding precisely that fraud which led to the murder of two innocent men, Ibragim Todashev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. No wonder they use the DailyMail for cover. The world is beginning to see through their treachery.







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  1. Many marathon training plans are 16 weeks (or longer if you are not a runner). Her leg was shredded yet she is training for a marathon? That allows two months to recover a “shredded leg”? Utter garbage and lies.

  2. Remember, my concern is how the bombs were so discriminatory. The bombs would completely damage one leg or knee and leave the other leg completely unharmed. They must have used left leg bombs, knee bombs, or right leg bombs that left everything else unscathed. These people are completely pathetic.

    • my not very truther wife (still working on her) even said when looking the boston wrong people magazine “How is it possible all these people lost just one leg?”

      I think it is really hard for people to comprehend this was faked. I have told a couple of friends and people at work, and the look on their face when trying to process the information is priceless – denial, anger, bewilderment.

      • I found these 10 tips on; “How to share difficult information with friends without losing friendships,” very useful.
        Click on the link below presented by Foster and Kimberely Gamble.

      • I tell people at work and show them the youtubes of tamerlan and Jahar begging for the police to stop shooting and the one of Tamerlan being arrested and later killed and they still don’t get it. The public is so brainwashed by the media even with proof this was fake right before their eyes people still think whatever the media says is true. Even though the media changed the story 20 times. It’s very frustrating.

        • Keep trying to change their perception. It’s outside the paradigm of most people to comprehend that “their” government is acting against them.
          Bear in mind that the media bombards people 24 hours a day with their false narrative and people like you and me are fighting against this huge ,powerful propaganda machine.
          All we can do is our bit.
          I heard a saying that said if we see evil and don’t speak out against it then that in it self becomes evil.

  3. LOL RonK Wylie Coyote invented these fake bombs. They are as real as Netenyayu’s hand drawn “bomb” at the UN.

  4. perhaps it was a dog bite??
    Woof woof!

    “I’m not sure exactly where (the bomb) was detonated,” Lee-Ann said from her hospital bed at Tufts University Medical Center. “It sounded awfully close. We were probably about 10 feet from the finish line. It was quite loud and (you) definitely could smell the smoke and everything when it happened.”

    The Yannis, who moved to Boston from Orlando in September of last year, were using T-shirts to help stop the bleeding in Lee-Ann’s shin. She estimated it took about 15 minutes for her to be carried out, put on a golf cart and taken to a makeshift triage center before she was later taken by ambulance to Tufts University Medical Center. The couple was separated at that time, and Nick went into shock after seeing the extent of her injuries. ”
    check the video.
    Key perps.

    “It could be up to seven days before Lee Ann Yanni sees the inside of her home. And once she’s released from Tufts Medical Center, Yanni will make regular trips to the orthopedic surgeon to repair her fractured fibula. The bone burst through the skin on her left leg, requiring a series of surgeries to clean the wound, bring the muscle back together, and cover the hole with a skin graft.

    Yanni, a physical therapist, and her husband, Nicholas, were watching one of her patients and friends run the Marathon. They, too, were standing near the running store when the first explosion sounded. They both looked down at her leg, saw blood and bones.

    “I kind of jumped into Marathon Sports to try and get a tourniquet on my leg,” she said.

    Nicholas Yanni, who suffered temporary hearing loss, said he followed his wife into the store “freaking out. She was as cool as a cucumber.” The couple grabbed shirts from the racks to stem the flow of blood. Then he went to check on the rest of their group, and husband and wife were separated.”

  5. Her “wounds” are so fake it makes u wanna kill urself, lol…. Even a blind could see that….

    • It’s just a thin plastic stick on wound. Just like the type hollywood makeup artists use.

  6. It’s amazing how all these “victims” are so cheerfull after being ” injured.”


  7. On amazon (dot) com, I just ordered two boston marathon bombs. Both bombs are lower left leg bombs. This means that even if you are holding the bombs above your head with both hands when they explode, the only damage it will do is to your lower left leg.

    I wanted to get a “knee bomb” but those were all out of stock because so many were used in the boston marathon hoax. The knee bombs completely shred only one knee while leaving all the lower parts of the same leg unaffected. The bomb manufacturer assures that the entire other leg will not endure even a scratch in their guarantee.


    Apparently, she has completed a few half marathons, plus other road races. Her half marathon time is in the 2.5 hour range. In the article, she says she will finish in about 6 hours. She would have lost some fitness during her “recovery time”. Even if she was still capable of running 10 miles after “numerous surgeries”, she would still have to build up to at least 20 miles. If she increased her distance by a mile per week for the long run, and adding in the weeklong “taper” period, she would still be looking at 11 weeks. I can’t believe how gullible they believe us to be with heaping more lies long after the fact. This would have given her 13 or 14 weeks to recover from this.

    This site recommends taking it slow to transition from a half to a full.

    Injuries happen and the further you run, the longer you are out there, especially with tired muscles you do open yourself to a greater risk of injury. Thats why you should give yourself several months, 6 if you can, to gradually build up the mileage.

    I tell friends all the time if they are “thinking”of doing the marathon they are half way there, training is hard and time consuming but it is doable.

    Read more:

  9. It is so fake it hurts. Where are the scars? The loss of tissue? The swelling due to damaged circulation? Where is the altered skin color? The skin is smooth as a baby’s…

    Found this to compare what a real injury and several operations will look like over time:

    • Look at the pictures at day 147… Compare that to what we see in the article above..

  10. Well, this hoaxer ran the marathon yesterday in 5:44.

    Place overall 34762 Place gender 14968 Place division 2855 » Yanni, Lee (USA) Boston, MA Bib 50009 30-34 32 Half time 02:48:34 – Marathon time 05:44:39

    From searchable website

    Here are her race photos.

  11. I cannot believe you people. Don’t you have anything better to do than rip apart two perfectly wonderful people? Lee Ann is genuine. Her injuries are true. Could it be that she recovered quickly because: 1) When you are in great shape at the time of an injury, it is faster to heal from it, or 2) because she herself is a physical therapist so everything her PT told her to do, she knew exactly how far to go and how far to push herself to get where she wanted to be.

    I saw her at the marathon. I cheered her on at 3 different locations and sat with her afterwards as she iced both knees and the side of her leg by her scar. The girl was hurting and the pain was real. Maybe if you watch this video (see below) you will stop spreading such terrible lies about the girl. It shows her with her therapist, working her tail off to get to where she wanted to be all along… paying tribute to her father’s passing by running the Chicago marathon in his honor. The hate on this web site is unbelievable.

    News story video link:

    • Colts98-I completely agree with you. This is my…IDK how many…article that I’ve read on this site, and they’re all full of ****. I mean, seriously-you (the writers of this article/people who run this website) are NEVER going to prove to people that this stuff is false, because we all know it to be true! People were seriously hurt at the Boston Marathon (and other bombings/shootings/things like that), and you claim that just because people in pictures aren’t exactly symmetric or because their injuries aren’t “just so” that’s it’s some huge cover-up by the Jews! Just….just shut up and stop, all right? Seriously…just stop making everything about you and how you have to prove some “big Zionist conspiracy”…cause everything that appears on your website (except for what Colts98 and a few others have said) is absolute ****. Absolute. ****.

  12. Colts,
    It’s more likely that she recovered so quickly because her injuries are not real. When you don’t have real injuries, there is no recovery time.

    You make absolutely no sense. Ok, she iced her knees. Why would she ice her scar? That would be the craziest thing to do unless it was a publicity stunt to show that she still has a scar that she sticks on for the cameras. She needs to figure out what kind of injuries occur from an explosion. If she would have the right kind of injuries, she wouldn’t have to look so dumb. And then her friends, like you, wouldn’t have to stand up for her because her claim is so ridiculous.

    • He’s not her friend. He’s a disinformation agent.

    • I live in Boston and met this hoaxster!!!!
      And wow. Do I have a scoop for you guys. I’ll share it here and not with any journalists because you guys don’t judge or fact check. Call or text me at +1 (240) 479-9284. I can set up a one on one and I’ll expose her for the Zionist mole that she is. But I must tread lightly–her evil knows no bounds. She is mysterious, clever, and dangerous. Like doctor octopus but super into Israel.

      Either that or I will lure you out of your mothers basement and curb stomp your worthless ***. That phone number above is real call it and we can talk more about it. Burn in hell fuckers. I can’t wait til I sick my anon friends on your piece of **** website AGAIN. Hoaxers have powerful friends.

      • Brian, did any of these mentally ill people dare to call you yet? If they did, and you pummeled one of them, I hope you took pictures of their injuries. That way you can post the pics on here and the rest of these morons can try and point out why the pics are “fakes.”

        Hell, these people are so screwed up in the head, even the person you injured would probably try to prove why the injuries are “fakes!”

        These people wouldn’t understand or accept truth if it walked up to them and introduced itself, with seven forms of ID.

        Just look at what these nutballs consider “proof” that the Marathon bombing was a hoax: the pictures of Lee Yanni’s scars. The people on this site are too stupid to understand how surgeries work. I guess they expect every surgery to only take place through the skin that was broken when the injury was caused.

        A curb stomping might actually knock some sense into these nutbags.

        Here’s another example of the morons’ idea of proof:

        Idiot A: “Kids supposedly died at Sandy Hook. That is so hoaxed!”

        Idiot B: “It sure was. But they messed up. Here is a picture of some kids.”

        Idiot A: “Look, they all have hair, and ears. And look, all of them have eyes!”

        Idiot B: “Yes, no kids died at Sandy Hook, because we have a picture of kids! And they all look similar!”

        Idiots C-Z: “It is proof! Undeniably prove it was a hoax! Watch out, you just became an enemy of the Zionists! They will now try to silence you!”

        Their insanity/stupidity is amazing.

        • no. the stupidity lies in the fact that multitudes dismiss events sequential order and not really pay attention to the political agenda(S) accompanying these events… actually in super close successions… not saying the events didn’t happen… what is absolutely indisputable is that the “story” the media finally sold/showed us is not quite what actually happened… either at sandy hook, at boston or in colorado… the first 6 hours many photos, stories, video feeds leaked out before “proper authorities” swept most facts under the carpet and gave the official story . and since most news media outlets are controlled by the same interest… it is easy to disseminate any story to generate the desired public opinion (outrage) so new legislation can be passed….

  13. I get an incredibly accurate feeling that brian has multiple personality disorder, or something along those lines.

    • Or he started out pretending to agree with you, then actually pointed out how sick in the head you are. And he gave a number for you to call if you want to discuss why you think it was a hoax, and provide your evidence to him.

  14. Hey Brian, do you have anger issues? Call 555 555 555 and seek professional help. First consultation and frontal lobotomy….. free!
    Have a nice day !

  15. I can’t believe people do this with their time! I am pissed because I just lost 5 minutes of my priceless time reading it!!?

  16. Sol8,
    We are glad we could assist you in seeking truth and information. We can’t help that you believed this stuff was real.

  17. The moulage on this woman is better than the fake stuff applied to all the actors at the boston smoke bomb event. I don’t find the costume offensive – what is offensive is the pathetic liars involved in the boston hoax.

  18. wow. You peeps are insane. Literally.

  19. Eric,
    You fail to realize sandy hook was never proven to have actually happened with 26 dead people. You are the one who actually believes things that are unproven and inconsistent with facts. We can’t help everyone, because our efforts require people to realize the obvious like the confirmed and verified lying by msnbc and cnn, the multiple usage of green screens at the firehouse and with anderson cooper, and absolutey no verifiable information that a single person died on that date. Not even any injuries have been verified.

    Now for boston hoax – Why were there multiple armed military personnel at the hospital? Doesn’t that strike you as entirely out of place? There was the same military presence at sandy hook hospitals too. I can assure you any armed military presence at any hospital makes absolutely no sense. If you think it’s a normal thing, then I hope you enjoy your permanent relocation to your designated re-education camp courtesy of FEMA. And finally, do you accept that a couple dozen people had their leg ripped to shreds while their other leg only a couple inches away was completely unaffected? Don’t you think that is just a little bit unusual? Don’t bring up the double amputee because he entered the boston sidewalk scene as an existing double amputee. Just address the other couple of dozen people with such lop-sided conditions. We appreciate your feedback, man.

  20. Why else would Tamerlan show up dead? That’s the biggest question you should be asking to the idiots that arrested them, why did Dzhokar face a shoot out? There was absolutely NO need to shoot the kid, “shoot first and questions later(never)” that’s what everyone loves to do now a days…

  21. You’re pictures won’t load, again.

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