Boston Bombing — 14 May 2013
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Boston Hoax Pink Hooded Look-Out Mole Detected

with Pink pom-pom-signaling operative as collaborator

The degree and scope of the Boston bombing hoax scam is truly unprecedented, with the coordination of a vast and sophisticated conspiracy to achieve it. Have no doubt about it incredibly as it may seem and with such a short span of time to achieve it a fake massacre was coordinated and truly perpetrated: no one died, and there were no emergency services provided.

The lack of legitimate, appropriate emergency care to purported bleed-out patients with single and double amputations along is proof that the entire taxpayer sponsored act was a scam.

Did anyone see a corpse? The slightest arterial bleeding, the tiniest degree of spurting, real, sticky blood, bloody footprints, real blood on shirts, pants, skirts, or skin? It’s non-existent. The fake blood is always the same color. People can be seen pouring and spreading it on? Others magically have no blood on their bodies and then, suddenly, after they wipe themselves with something, it appears.

The  planning, money, and coordination it took is surely immense. In this regard it must be mention that this hoax of hoaxes was perpetrated by Zionist hostile ones through their illicit entity, the DHS.  Furthermore, it was done with the utmost secrecy in order to keep elements of the plot hidden from the American people. The Mossad and its collaborators developed an elaborate plan to attempt to evade detection of their venomous scam and hoax.

It was the Mossad that orchestrated 9-11, resulting in the injuries and deaths of countless individuals from all over the world: know thy enemy. Now, this is a warning to this wicked regime: no more murder for vile gains, no more war, no more deceit, no more corruption.

“By Digsuise Thou Shalt Commit Terror”

In this regard specialized, secretive tactics were used as a key component of the criminal act. Bright colors, notably the color pink, was used in the attempt to codify key people and also as signals. It was particularly used by the look-outs, whose job was to alert the fraudsters of the encroachment of law enforcement and other potentially unsuspecting agents. This required the coordinate effort of hundreds of people. With this degree of malice and plotting by the DHS, it should be banned from the universe. It’s only function is to create angst and corruption, while forcing the people of the land to pay for its inane schemes.

In this scam DHS moles had infested the region. Acting as hoaxers and even fake victims, they foisted great, vile lies upon the people. Therefore, the entity should be banned from the universe. It is a committer of great tyranny, while, incredibly, forcing the people to pay for the tyrannical acts, which are directed against them. Two such tyrannical acts include the Sandy Hook farce and the Boston fake bombing hoax.

It is the Zionists, regardless. The DHS is theirs. Yet, it was necessary to prevent any outside element from discovering their fabrications. The effort to do so was vast and included the creation of the necessary distractions, like the fallen jogger, Bill Iffrig, who could well be one of their agents, the DHS moles in the stands chasing people out and far more: all brought to bear upon the people in a brutal fashion at their own expense.

The pink hooded mole and the pom-pom girls

Thanks to the work of an Internet sleuth involved in the free Dzhokhar movement, Denis Travin, the following was discovered: A  pink hooded man, a pink pomp-pomp mole and more. By determining this Travin has essentially all but broken this case, essentially to oblivion:

It is just as is seen above, a pink hooded man and a pom-pom woman acting to give warning.

Her purpose was to warn the control room of the approach of any legitimate individuals, who might report the hoax to the appropriate authorities. The great issue is not to catch the fake blood drizzlers in the act as well as the transport of the double amputee, Jeff Bauman, to the staging site. The do so the operatives would have to remain ever-so elusive, operating in secrecy under the cover of the utmost distractions and, of  course, the Hollywood-style smoke:

As the smoke bombs begin to dissipate and the scam components become more evident, there was a need for a warning system, including look-outs. There are at least three moles of note, here, the hooded man, top of whose hood is just seen, the pom-pom signaler, and the fake grief actress fabricator in the light-colored long jacket. It would appear that she has a fake blood packet lodged in her back-side. She will later pour water suspiciously on the pavement, apparently to either activate dried blood or spread the existing fake blood. At this point this woman is being signaled to move vigorously to the staging site: cameras are arriving already.

Key operatives, like the peach woman, had ear-pieces in place, so they could hear instructions and warnings above the chaos:

bostonscissors lightenedpng

Amidst the smoke and chaos a great discovery: a mole of moles is seen under the fog of heavy smoke on the look-out. What is he looking for and why?


Caption: one of the few reported injuries, neck strain

This is the hooded mole undercover. It can be seen that he is stretching himself up over the barricade to evaluate the circumstances, hidden from humanity, as a mole well is; person in the blue is acting as a blockage and further disguise. Purpose of the pink is so that the control room can keep tract of the event on a split-second basis.

Plenty of smoke around; should be OK for now. Time to place Bauman; keep spraying the fake blood.

With Bauman now in place the mole and his coordinators still have other concerns. Notice, too, the body language, or what can be seen of it, of the man to the left and behind of presumably Bauman. Notice, too, the deliberate posture of the officer. What is he looking at? Is it the hooded man, the man with the suspicious device on a tripod–the clandestine blood drizzler?


“Houston,” or shall it be said, Tel Aviv, “we have a problem,” as a police officer peers over at either the fake wounded or presumably the blood drizzlers:

Just what’s got the officer’s eye: is it the fake wounded or this man, the one placed strategically behind the pink hooded moles? This increases the suspicion that individual and his associations, though poorly identified due to resolution issues, IS the subject of their look-out. It increases the suspicion greatly that this device is a fake blood drizzler. It certainly is the right color and structure for such a device.

Policeman likely checking out the drizzler. Pink mole now exposed.

After being discovered–or look-out job completed–the hooded mole now moves out from the barricade, then, up against the wall, slithering along past the staging site.

Note the person in yellow. Is that the woman in the yellow scarf? By this time Bauman and Williams are already in place. Surely, one of the purposes was to prevent any potential eyewitnesses from seeing the placement of Bauman, who would be difficult to disguise as well as to have such an act photographed.

Here is a close-up of the pink-hooded look-out mole, rapidly moving along near the edge of the building. Yet, now watch what happens:

Boom, he pulls of the hooded disguise. Any doubt, now, of his role in managing the events to prevent any incriminating revelations?
If it was a legitimate DHS exercise for public consumption–fully disclosed–why the elaborate disguise? Why hide in the smoke? Why the deception and slithering? The reason: it’s a high crime.

The pink pom-pom collaborator and more

Here is a screenshot captured from the Travin video, apparently showing the moles getting into place just after the smoke bomb detonation. These mole, like the others, are able to move freely, unhindered. Anyone still believe anyone got hurt?

Rapid-paced drizzling is going on, Hollywood-style, have no doubt about it. However, suddenly all that changes. The smoke begins to clear and law enforcement didn’t take the bait and hover over the fraudster runner on the ground. They moved in to investigate the bombing site. Then started noticing the anomalies, including the pink hooded man and the pom-pom woman.

Time to make a move, pom pom visible as the mole moves quickly away from the picket fence. Simultaneously, the pink-hooded mole has already mobilized, then, stripping off his disguise. Pomp pom woman breaks down her signal and is moving rapidly, below:

“Move, move, quickly, we have been discovered. Let’s go.”

Suddenly, the strategy must change: more clandestine, greater deceit.

Regardless, they are all moles.

The strategy suddenly changes, with the loss of the cover of smoke and the encroachment of law enforcement. Any further signaling would be readily detected and also captured by HD cameras, cell phones, and more.

Since the presumption is that all people in this area are operatives, all of them must be investigated. What is woman in the burnt-orange coat holding in her hand, and why is the woman in the beret giving her the caution sign?

“Hold on, don’t dump your load of fake blood  (or some other suspicious device), yet until we get the all-clear signal. The Sandy Hook scam was a bust. We have to be careful this time not to be detected.”



Doesn’t look blood red. Can’t be sure.

Is this our pom-pom mole? Not likely, since she is carrying a more rectangular object yet, pink is the coded color.


No, here she is:

Not the normal paraphenellia for a disaster survival zone. Now that the danger is over, why is she leaving? No interest in being a good Samaritan, like the others?


Yet another Mossad mole attempting a clandestine escape. Later, it can be seen that she has deposited her wares with others, and leaves the scene empty-handed, pom-pom disposed of.


Reiteration of the findings


Here, it can be clearly seen in a screenshot from the Travin video, that pink was the color for clandestine communications, likely well known in Hollywood for such smoke-related scenes.  Is he now moving to give direct warning, or is there a fear that he will be exposed now that he was spotted by police? It could well be the later, because it was at this that he stripped off his disguise.

Making the escape.


This is a criminal enterprise operated in part by the DHS under the coordination of the Zionist world order. Local law enforcement was kept at bay, as was the fire department. The Boston Marathon bombing hoax was a vicious attack by Zionist terrorists and their collaborators under the cloak of deception and disguise. If the divine works command that the enemy be known, so shall it be.



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  1. Good shot of Pom Pom Lady in lower right corner, checkered coat girl pouring “water” in middle and Peach Lady and Purple Woman too:

    • Excellent: into the post. Note, all, many screenshots are taken to combo with videos. The staff, here, is over-taxed, right now. Any better images you provide as links is invaluable and will be installed to replace the poorer images.

    • You took it right out of my mouth 😉 That red hooded woman, I think is the one in this picture before,×351.png

      so she was interacting with the rest of them before leaveing the scene with the pompom and maybe somebody´s else purse and extra clothes.

      Let´s take into account while analysing pink shapes as there´re also some people with pink cardboards (as you mau know). I think that´s the explanation of the

      “Hooded Man Caught Spraying Fake Blood at Bombing Site”

      • Sorry, I ment the red hooded woman to be the same than in this pic of this same post up there were says:

        “Since the presumption is that all people in this area are operatives, all of them must be investigated. What is woman in the burnt-orange coat holding in her hand, and why is the woman in the beret giving her the caution sign?”

  2. Sitting here shaking my head, now fully convinced that this was staged. I have been resisting the facts, trying to cling to what the rest of the world still believes so that I could make sense of this world. But if you truly have an open mind, and you look at the facts, you must conclude that this was staged. We are living in a fake world with extremely capable operatives. As a Christian, my identity and destiny are found in Christ. But in the meantime, while on this earth, I will strive to uncover the truth and found out what/who is behind the curtain. The issue is, what to do about it?

  3. Not for nothing, but I’m sure Boston PD was involved as well, if not they wouldn’t have participated in the fake gun battle the next 2 days which was also filled with actors and lies. Good stuff just wanted to add that. Of course they will get more Dept. money from us for taking part in it all.

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