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Boston Shooting of Two Cops is a Hoax

Make no mistake about it the purported shooting of two officers, October 13, 2016, is a fake and a hoax: no other possibility. It’s the same old story, a radical man, ex-military, with an “assault-style” rifle, in this case a kind of shotgun, or so it is claimed. What else is claimed? It is that he “critically wounded” two police officers, injuring up to seven others. It’s all brought to the world by the Boston military-industrial-police state elements, the same ones that heaped that other arch-fake, the Boston Smoke Bombing Hoax upon the people.

Like in Boston, a “shelter-in-place” order was “put in place.” It was for an entire “East Boston” neighborhood. That alone confirms the hoax, as does the “lifting” of this fake sheltering after “shooting” or “neutralizing” the suspect.

The term “assault rifle” was leveraged repeatedly, another sign of a DHS-inspired fake.

In this video the “shelter” order, that is the ordering of people “not to leave their homes,” is discussed:

The image, below, is represented as one of the “live search” for the (non-existent) suspect. Nothing about the image is compelling of a real search. If this was a spontaneous search for a real gunman, then, what is the media doing there? How did they know even to search for him? It has been said that the officers were simply shot when answering a domestic dispute. Did all those cops let the man escape and then hunt him down? None of it makes sense.

Police search for a suspect after a shooting in the East Boston neighborhood of Boston, Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016. Police say two officers were shot late Wednesday night. Their conditions were not immediately available. It's unclear what led to the shooting.(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Police search for a suspect after a shooting in the East Boston neighborhood of Boston, Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016. Police say two officers were shot late Wednesday night. Their conditions were not immediately available. It’s unclear what led to the shooting.(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

NOTE: the Commissioner says they were shot while answering the domestic dispute and were caught unawares. The varying story lines is hard proof of the degree of the hoax and the scam.


Look at that fire-power. No one can believe that this is a real shooting and instead, the only thing that is believable is that this is a staged drill.

This is a total fake. There can be no other possibility. It’s not even worth any major degree of checking and investigating: an obvious fraud. No one is acting shocked regardless about two cops fighting for their lives. They’ve got the special cop-watching angels on their sides. It’s a scam and people will, once again, be bamboozled to donate their hard-earned money. It’s impossible to keep up with all these hoaxes. It’s endless, and it is all paid for by the gullible, vulnerable, arch-taxed to the extreme American public.


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    • The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which relatively unskilled persons suffer illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability to be much higher than it really is.

      Dunning and Kruger attributed this bias to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their own ineptitude and evaluate their own ability accurately.

      The bias was first experimentally observed by David Dunning and Justin Kruger of Cornell University in 1999. They postulated that the effect is the result of internal illusion in the unskilled. “The miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self”.

      The phenomenon was first tested in a series of experiments during 1999 by David Dunning and Justin Kruger of the department of psychology at Cornell University. The study was inspired by the case of McArthur Wheeler, a man who robbed two banks after covering his face with lemon juice in the mistaken belief that, because lemon juice is usable as invisible ink, it would prevent his face from being recorded on surveillance cameras. The authors noted that earlier studies suggested that ignorance of standards of performance lies behind a great deal of incorrect self-assessment of competence. This pattern was seen in studies of skills as diverse as reading comprehension, operating a motor vehicle, and playing games such as chess or tennis.

      Dunning and Kruger proposed that, for a given skill, incompetent people will:
      • fail to recognize their own lack of skill
      • fail to recognize the extent of their inadequacy
      • fail to recognize genuine skill in others
      • recognize and acknowledge their own lack of skill, after they are exposed to training for that skill

      Dunning has since drawn an analogy – “the anosognosia of everyday life– with a condition in which a person who experiences a physical disability because of brain injury seems unaware of, or denies the existence of, the disability, even for dramatic impairments such as blindness or paralysis: “If you’re incompetent, you can’t know you’re incompetent.… [T]he skills you need to produce a right answer are exactly the skills you need to recognize what a right answer is.”

      Dunning and Kruger set out to test these hypotheses on Cornell undergraduates in psychology courses. In a series of studies, they examined subject self-assessment of logical reasoning skills, grammatical skills, and humor. After being shown their test scores, the subjects were asked to estimate their own rank. The competent group estimated their rank accurately, while the incompetent group overestimated theirs. As Dunning and Kruger noted:
      Across four studies, the authors found that participants scoring in the bottom quartile on tests of humor, grammar, and logic grossly overestimated their test performance and ability. Although test scores put them in the 12th percentile, they estimated themselves to be in the 62nd.

      • Says he who is incapable of anything but dated copy / paste in lieu of his ability to sling together an intelligible sentence.

    • 10 characteristics of conspiracy theorists

      A useful guide by Donna Ferentes

      1. Arrogance. They are always fact-seekers, questioners, people who are trying to discover the truth: sceptics are always “sheep”, patsies for Messrs Bush and Blair etc.

      2. Relentlessness. They will always go on and on about a conspiracy no matter how little evidence they have to go on or how much of what they have is simply discredited. (Moreover, as per 1. above, even if you listen to them ninety-eight times, the ninety-ninth time, when you say “no thanks”, you’ll be called a “sheep” again.) Additionally, they have no capacity for precis whatsoever. They go on and on at enormous length.

      3. Inability to answer questions. For people who loudly advertise their determination to the principle of questioning everything, they’re pretty poor at answering direct questions from sceptics about the claims that they make.

      4. Fondness for certain stock phrases. These include Cicero’s “cui bono?” (of which it can be said that Cicero understood the importance of having evidence to back it up) and Conan Doyle’s “once we have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however unlikely, must be the truth”. What these phrases have in common is that they are attempts to absolve themselves from any responsibility to produce positive, hard evidence themselves: you simply “eliminate the impossible” (i.e. say the official account can’t stand scrutiny) which means that the wild allegation of your choice, based on “cui bono?” (which is always the government) is therefore the truth.

      5. Inability to employ or understand Occam’s Razor. Aided by the principle in 4. above, conspiracy theorists never notice that the small inconsistencies in the accounts which they reject are dwarfed by the enormous, gaping holes in logic, likelihood and evidence in any alternative account.

      6. Inability to tell good evidence from bad. Conspiracy theorists have no place for peer-review, for scientific knowledge, for the respectability of sources. The fact that a claim has been made by anybody, anywhere, is enough for them to reproduce it and demand that the questions it raises be answered, as if intellectual enquiry were a matter of responding to every rumour. While they do this, of course, they will claim to have “open minds” and abuse the sceptics for apparently lacking same.

      7. Inability to withdraw. It’s a rare day indeed when a conspiracy theorist admits that a claim they have made has turned out to be without foundation, whether it be the overall claim itself or any of the evidence produced to support it. Moreover they have a liking (see 3. above) for the technique of avoiding discussion of their claims by “swamping” – piling on a whole lot more material rather than respond to the objections sceptics make to the previous lot.

      8. Leaping to conclusions. Conspiracy theorists are very keen indeed to declare the “official” account totally discredited without having remotely enough cause so to do. Of course this enables them to wheel on the Conan Doyle quote as in 4. above. Small inconsistencies in the account of an event, small unanswered questions, small problems in timing of differences in procedure from previous events of the same kind are all more than adequate to declare the “official” account clearly and definitively discredited. It goes without saying that it is not necessary to prove that these inconsistencies are either relevant, or that they even definitely exist.

      9. Using previous conspiracies as evidence to support their claims. This argument invokes scandals like the Birmingham Six, the Bologna station bombings, the Zinoviev letter and so on in order to try and demonstrate that their conspiracy theory should be accorded some weight (because it’s “happened before”.) They do not pause to reflect that the conspiracies they are touting are almost always far more unlikely and complicated than the real-life conspiracies with which they make comparison, or that the fact that something might potentially happen does not, in and of itself, make it anything other than extremely unlikely.

      10. It’s always a conspiracy. And it is, isn’t it? No sooner has the body been discovered, the bomb gone off, than the same people are producing the same old stuff, demanding that there are questions which need to be answered, at the same unbearable length. Because the most important thing about these people is that they are people entirely lacking in discrimination. They cannot tell a good theory from a bad one, they cannot tell good evidence from bad evidence and they cannot tell a good source from a bad one. And for that reason, they always come up with the same answer when they ask the same question.

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  2. well done nodisinfo for pointing they are robbing tax payers money for there scams 100%

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  7. Exhibit 1) Boston BeanEater Hoax Buffoons release Photoshopped Picture of Hoax Cop ShooterOut & CopShooter Kirk Figueroa In Silly Red GuardianAngel Style Beret!

    Is He supposed to be one of Zionist Crypto Jew Curtis Sleazebag Sliwa’s Guardian Angels??? Why photoshopped out all the insignia’s & lighten his skin via photoshopping/airbrushing???

    And does he look so much like the last Boston Hoax Cop Shooter back in March??? Lots of Reinforcement programming. And friend of the Lubavitchers Sleazebag Curtis Sliwa loves the Zio Race War Agenda as Much as anyone & he’d loved to get the goyim’s guns!

  8. Ex2) Boston BeanEater Hoax Cop Shootout & Cop Shooter- Crypto Curtis Sleazebag Sliwa called & He wants his Silly Red Beret back!

    • If they push ahead Boston risks being turned to glass.

  9. Ex2-b) Boston BeanEater Buffoons Cop ShootOut- Reinforcemwnt Programming of Old PsyOps! Like Red Berey Sliwa- After Pretending to be a Catholic since 1979 when he started his Guardian Angels Zionist & Crypto Jew Sleazebag Hoax Vigilante pretended he was a Catholic & then when he was outed with a Secret Jewish Family with a sleazy zio jew politician named Katez he admitted he was raising his kids as Jewish! Hey…raise em’ zio jew just like Trump’s jewish daughter & Hillary’s jewish daughter!

    • If Hillary wins she may install a ‘No-Fly’ zone in Syria. So any Syrian or Russian jet will be shot down and that risks turning the war to boiling point. If Putin is attacked with nukes he will retaliate with nukes. That is Putins tactics an eye for an eye. He generally does not attack first but waits to see.
      Here is an example, the Anglo-Zios blew up some Russian Generals so Putin retaliated by launching a cruise missile(s) from the Caspian Sea into Syria, hitting a secret Zio Base killing 30. a mixture of Mossad and CIA. This makes the Cuban missile crisis seem like a joke.
      Saudi Elites have launched one known nuke into Yemen, now the Saudis risk retaliation from its known enemies. It’s a huge set back for them.

      • Oh! We’re so sorry. Russia (Gog) attacks its enemies including Mossad.

        • ‘I will put hooks in your jaws and bring you out with your whole army’
          Ezekiel 38.4

          Gog is addicted like a Junkie that can’t and never can come down.

          • Lol! I worked out the final piece of scribble on the ISIS flag:
            It says ‘Soros’.
            He is the chief mastermind behind these terrorists and a Zionist killer.
            All in all the ISIS flag says,

            ‘All to Jew,

          • Israel admits in a cryptic way they launched an earthquake weapon in Italy.
            Al Jazeera reports a long range flying scroll was launched at Mecca but was shot down. Might just be a false flag might be real. If it was real Mecca won’t be so lucky next time.
            The Mother of global abominations days are numbered.

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  11. Ex3) 33, 39, 66 & 666 Coded Script of Boston BeanEater Hoax Constable Vs Cops ShootOut- Fake Dead Crisis Actor Kirk Figurao is 33 & Fake Shot Cop is 27 yr vet Cop aka 999 upside down 666!

    12 yr vet cop aka 6&6 for a 66! 39 yrs together for 3 zio-Mason beloved 13’s. Ziotrash ZioJews & FreeMason freaks love their occultic numbers & coded them & occultic symbology in all of their lies, Hoaxes, PsyOps & Fraud!

  12. Exhibit 25) Palm Springs Cop Killing Hoax- Last Cop (Hoax) Killed in Palm Springs Was in 1962 Lyle Wayne Larrabee & I have proven he is Still Alive!

    He uses aliases & versions of his names but is still alive, Like Allen W Larrabee & Allen Wayne Larrabee & Allen Winifield Larrabee & Vern Larabee, yes with one ” R” lol! Even though his wife”s name Marlene Larrabee has two R’s at same addresses!

    Lying Ziotrash Troll, Liar & Mossadomite, Dinfo Fraudster Gabriel (as his Dr J troll name) says his wife was Ruth), a lie. Well Desert Sun & other sources all say Marlene was his wife & that his mother was Winifred & father was Samuel. So his Winifield alias came from his mother Winifred! And Lyle came from one of his wife’s aliases as Marlene Lyle, as I have evidence of.

    From Palm Springs’ Desert Sun Newspaper:
    Larrabee was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and had been with the Palm Springs Police Department for a year. He was survived by his wife Marlene and mother Winifred Larrabee.
    (Now mind you, he died exactly 1 year after his first official day as a cop! Was that the time, 1 yr, required for his wife to get full survivorship & pension benefits off his fake death of Palm Springs Police Department & California pension system???)
    Allen W Larrabee comes up as 79 or 80 in many searches and is connected to the same father, mother & wife as fake dead cop Lyle Wayne Larrabee same age as his character born around 1936! Wife come up same age too. Parents Samuel & Winifred come up 102. None identify them as dead. So maybe fraudster & spook Larrabee is collecting pensions & SS & Holocaust checks off his dead parents … or maybe they are still alive!
    Maybe he or his father killed enough innocent people as a spook as & in the marines to be considered a real jew. After all in the Babylonian Talmud if you commit murder & you are a goyim you are too be executed, but if you convert to Judeism you are to be freed! You cannot normally ever fully convert to Judeism but if you murder & convert you can! Isn’t it wonderful??? NOT!!!!

    • In about 10 words or less can you describe the motive for this ‘hoax’ car accident.

      • Ziotrash Gabriel troll posting as MAL (Mossadomite Agent Loser ask me on
        OCTOBER 15, 2016 AT 1:16 AM
        In about 10 words or less can you describe the motive for this ‘hoax’ car accident.


        Fear, Raising Property, sales, income taxes, increased spending & power, taking rights.

        • Oops, that’s 13 words. The gematria is way off.

          • Another fraudulet disinfo post by ziotrash Gabriel who is also currently trolling as
            MAL : Mossadomite Agent Loser

            (Brokeback fag Gabriel fakw version of )(Blocked) Cowboy OCTOBER 15, 2016 AT 2:59 AM
            Oops, that’s 13 words. The gematria is way off.

        • In as many words, describe how these aims eventuated in so much as how they directly relate to this event.

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  13. New Video on San Francisco Asiana Plane Crash Hoax PsyOp…

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  14. Ex5) KKK coded Boston BS Fake Failed COP Killer Kirk Dead Shooter Character Based On Konrad Figueroa Crisis Actor Playing His Brother Also!!! & see his fake Red Beret pic as Kop Killer Kirk (who is played by Konrad)

    KKK -Killer Kirk is Konrad

    Captain Kirk = Space, Konrad is tied to Airbus & Space & NASA.

    NASA is all about fakery so is this Kirk character & real Konrad playing both dead brother & himself.

    Everything About Attempted Cop Killer Kirk is Konrad Figueroa based, only Konrad is much more deversified & talented than his “brother” attempted Kop Killer Kirk character!

    1) Konrad is a IT systems engineer, & IT security, he also seems to be involved in plastics & polymers engineering & manufacturing & many things.

    2) He is a professional speaker/actor.

    3) He is an events manager & organizer.

    4) He is involved heavily in Security & systems security.

    5) He is involved in physical, person security & trains non weapons self defense.

    6) He trains in Martial Arts.

    7) He trains in weapons use & defense with knives & swords.

    8) He trains in Firearms.

    9) He trains fitness & Kettlebell fitness & is touring Europe Currently training it & giving seminars. He just happened to leave a few days off for this hoax on his Kettlebell tour in Italy & Croatia, etc.. I can prove that! His Kettlebell website gas the schedule.

    10) He has a position with Airbus & space so he is linked to NASA & EU Space BS.

    11) He works for Heron like his fictional shooter goax dead brother Kirk.

    12) He is trained im EMT like his brother.

    13) No man can worm this many full time jobs but I he has EVEN MORE!!! &I guarantee he gets paid big $$ for them all like a good spook!

    This guy Konrad Figueroa has more spook skills than James Bond! Like Zio Micah from the Boston Bombing PsyOp!

  15. EX6) Boston Failed & Dead Cop Killer Hoax- Supposed 7yr old Photo of Kirk -A photo-skin-lightened previous picture of Konrad Figueria who plays himself & Fictious Brother Kirk!

    Notice the script 1st said the Kirk character had no criminal arrest, now they flipped the script & claim he has plenty including Arson!!! LMAO! No way in hell could he own security companies in NYC, Boston & Florida as this Kirk Figueroa with serious offense like arson! FAKE Fake Fake! So ridicuous!

    Also notce how this photo supposedly of fake Kirk looks little his main Red Beret PsyOp Photoshopped airbrushed image yet very uch like supposed brother Conrad except ligher skin. Lightening skin is very easy in filming & photography with lighing and camera adjustments. No photoshopping. Just watch a press conference with any black man speaking like Obama puppet & switch the channel & half the time he’ll be ten shades lighter from one channel to the next!

    Fictious Kirk is 33 & real Konrad Figueroa is 38.

    • Thank you Ruduff. I like the feeling of your tongue between my cheeks.

      • Another fraudulent disinfo perverted faggotry post by ziotrash tranny-loving fag Gabriel the degenerate troll..

        (Brokeback faggot ziotrash Gabriel fake & faggy version of ) Cowboy

        October 15, 2016 at 7:44 pm
        Thank you Ruduff. I like the feeling of your tongue between my cheeks.
        Talmudically twisted weirdo ziotrash Gabriel exposes his homo fantancies & other perverted desires in all his fraudulent & troll disinformation posts here! He can’t help himself.

        • But I do enjoy Ruduffs rasping tongue.

        • That might be funny if you could speak English Ruduff. Can you translate?

  16. Ex 7) Boston Buffoons Hoax Killed Cop Killer Wannabe’, RaceWar PsyOp- Crisis Actor & Spook Konrad Figueroa doesn’t mind ficticious brother is dead, but worried about COP! LOL!

    I can’t get it to play. This is only o New England Cable TV. Not on youtube yet..Or blocked of ZioGoogle & youtube searches if it is… But I read corresponding story on it. It’s all lies anyway! Ziolies for the hated goyim masses!

  17. Exhibit A) Martin TV Show Actor Ritual Murder or Hoax Occultic Death of Tommy Ford, 38 days After his 52nd B’Day. 38 & 52 is 90, 3×30, 33O aka 33 in Gematria-zero doesn’t count…&
    Ford is A Master Mason in Prince Hall Free Masonry

  18. ExB) Martin Show Actor & Master Mason Tommy Ford supposedly Dead at 52. So likely 2 bigger stars will “die” (get murdered) or hoax die within Days. Maybe even Martin or someone else.

    Also you will likely see a Crisis Actor emerge in the zionist RaceWar, Cops Vs Blacks, series of PsyOp within a few months who strongly resembles this Tommy Ford, because it will be him. Like where I discovered Hoax dead Isaacs Hayes playing Trayvon Fake Martin’s Dad! If this Tommy Ford is not really dead -murdered & he faked it, then it is 100 percent zionists & freemason authorized & orchestrated, so he will be required to do Crisis Acting for zionist agendas & in exchanged will get more wealth & a new celebrity!

    When you sell your soul to the devil (ziofreaks & masons & occultists- Babylonian Talmudist & Kabbalistic Jews) you gotta’ pay!

  19. Exhibit C) Tommy Ford Coded Death PsyOp- Murder by Numbers -Song by Police, a 3 man Rock Band 1983

    Note from me: (((I doubt the police band members actually came with these murderous lyrics own there own. They probably were working on a nice tune & melody, rhythym & chorus, etc..And didn’t have the right lyrics to match it, so some Zionist jew producer or manager had another occultic song writer -studio ghost writer write or cowrite these lyrics which basically tell you how to become a successful serial murderer, yes how to get over your guilt, morals, fear & become a psychopath murderer not get caught!) READ THE LYRICS BELOW!!!

    MURDER By Numbers

    Once that you’ve decided on a killing,
    First you make a stone of your heart.
    And if you find that your hands are still willing,
    Then you can turn a murder into art.

    There really isn’t any need for bloodshed,
    You just do it with a little more finesse.
    If you can slip a tablet into someone’s coffee,
    Then it avoids an awful lot of mess.

    It’s murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3,
    It’s as easy to learn as your ABC.
    Murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3,
    It’s as easy to learn as your ABC.

    Now if you have a taste for this experience
    And you’re flushed with your very first success,
    Then you must try a twosome or a threesome
    And you’ll find your conscience bothers you much less

    Because murder is like anything you take to
    It’s a habit-forming need for more and more.
    You can bump off every member of your family
    And anybody else you find a bore

    Because it’s murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3,
    It’s as easy to learn as your ABC
    Murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3,
    It’s as easy to learn as your ABC.

    Now you can join the ranks of the illustrious
    In history’s great dark hall of fame.
    All our greatest killers were industrious
    At least the ones that we all know by name.

    But you can reach the top of your profession
    If you become the leader of the land,
    For murder is the sport of the elected,
    And you don’t need to lift a finger of your hand

    Because it’s murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3,
    It’s as easy to learn as your ABC.
    Murder by numbers, 1, 2, 3,
    It’s as easy to learn as your A, B, C, D, E,……….

  20. Seek help and quickly.

  21. Criminal Hillary Clinton, ziotrash witch from hell, the next zio-computerized Vote Fraud selected President of United Police States of Amerika of ZOG!

  22. Sometimes when you’re done singing & dancing you gotta’ cleap up the trash!

    Best way to handle arrogant ziotrash trash! LOL!

    • I meant clean up the trash!

      • Ex 33) Clinton Camp Insists Stumbling Incident Had “Nothing to do with” Seeing Huge Puerto Rican Cock

        New York (AP) – The video showing Hillary Clinton stumbling into her van and nearly falling before secret service grabbed her shoulders has fueled speculation that the Democratic Presidential candidate may be suffering from undisclosed health ailments, but it has also fueled speculation that what could be the nation’s first woman President was “simply taken aback” at the site of a a Puerto Rican man’s “giant cock.”

        Clinton spokeswoman Sandra Gomers denies Mrs. Clinton even saw a huge Puerto Rican cock before stumbling that day, though witness report that directly across the street from the van she was about to enter there stood a short Puerto Rican man with his cock hanging out. The cock was described by one onlooker as “truly enormous.” The Clinton camp is downplaying the impact the cock had on Mrs. Clinton.
        “The Trump camp is spreading rumors about Clinton fainting at the site of cock and implying that if she can’t handle seeing a massive dong, then how is she going to deal with Putin lobbing a few nukes into Lithuania,” said Gomers. “Well, even if Putin showed Clinton his cock while lobbing a few at the hapless Baltic NATO member, he would be well advised to keep in mind that his cock won’t make Clinton faint and fan herself like some kind of southern belle, proclaiming the whole time “oh my! That rooskie man sure has a mighty large penis!”
        Gamers did not say if Clinton would retaliate with American nukes in the event of a Putin launch on Lithuania and appeared uncertain as to whether the country bordered the Baltic Sea.
        “Baltic, Capsian, Cock…What difference does it make?” Gomers said.
        The Trump campaign denies spreading short Puerto Rican man showing Hillary Clinton his cock from across the street as she bumbled into her van rumors, and attributed the former first lady’s fainting spell to a combination of undisclosed mental illnesses and experimental medication not yet approved by the FDA but used by CIA black OPS interrogators in Pakistan with no effect other than to cause prisoners to hallucinate.
        “They thought we were giant Hindu lizards,” said former Black Ops specialist Dan Smothers.
        Clinton’s Personal Physician said that it is not at all atypical for highly ambitious career women to grow light headed at the site of a huge cock, especially if the cock belongs to an “exotic” ethnic group, whom upper middle class “girls college types” have heard in whispered dorm room talk know all kinds of special sexual techniques.
        Clinton’s doctor retorted that was not the case with Hillary, that she has “seen plenty of huge cock,” has never had fainting spells at the spectacle of a large organ, and doesn’t believe “old wive’s tales about Dominican Men shooting women off their cocks and out windows during their unusually forceful ejaculations.”
        “She has pneumonia and was dehydrated,” he said. “And some other things too, throbbing warts and things like that, but those are none of your business and medical science doesn’t really understand them anyway, so telling you would be pointless and just add to press speculation that Mrs. Clinton has a complex series of disorders making her unfit to be a desk clerk at a Ramada Inn, let alone have her shakey hand hovering precariously above the big huge red flashing button that says “Nukes” on it.”

        • Another fraudulent disinfo pervert post by ziotrash jew fag Gabriel! Again perverted Gabriel fag is fantasizing about a giant penis!
          Cowboy OCTOBER 16, 2016 AT 7:11 PM
          Ex 33) Clinton Camp Insists Stumbling Incident Had “Nothing to do with” Seeing Huge Puerto Rican Cock

          New York (AP) – The video showing Hillary Clinton stumbling into her van and nearly falling before secret service grabbed her shoulders has fueled speculation that the Democratic Presidential candidate may be suffering from undisclosed health ailments, but it has also fueled speculation that what could be the nation’s first woman President was “simply taken aback” at the site of a a Puerto Rican man’s “giant cock.”

  23. Ex (-L is for Liars!) 33 Coded -ZioTrashy’N Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery Hoax- Ridiculous Script Robbers drop her $ 33K Pendant! Ziofreaks love 33’s!

  24. Ex 43) Clownville School Shooting Hoax CrisisActor-And Apparent Crackwhore Is Paid Big $$$$ & Given Future Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free-Cards To Act In This Treasonous Gun Confiscation Agenda PsyOp!

    …Because you know a wretched drug loving & addiction criminal this will keep using drugs & all this DHS blood money & zioScam fake dead kid donation money will run out in a couple years! So she will need all the get out of jail free cards she can get!…Until the drugs or drug dealers kill her, or untol the zios kill het when they are done using her!

  25. Ex 32) Conspiracy Theorists THINK They’ve Discovered How Hillary Cheated at the Debate, But We Now Know the Truth, and it’s Even WORSE

    Two days have passed since the record-breaking debate between Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.
    It was heated and intense. In front of millions of viewers, moderator Lester Holt interrupted Donald Trump 41 times when he repeatedly attempted to talk past the imposed deadline or refused to answer the question he was asked, and yet avoided interrupting Hillary when she actually answered the questions that were asked or stopped when told she had reached her deadline.
    This is shameless!
    But it gets worse.
    Key Republican conspiracy theorists have reviewed the debate on their Betamax tapes from within their basement bunkers and concluded that Hillary was using “signals” such as facial scratches, eye blinking or breathing air, all things that a reasonable person could only conclude as devious acts, to somehow influence the debate.
    At first it appeared that the signals were to Lester Holt to indicate he should question some ridiculous thing that Trump said, such as claiming that Clinton was the actual founder and champion of the “Birther Movement”. But further review has revealed an even more sinister plot. It has been determined that Clinton WAS indeed sending signals, but not to Holt. Keen review of the tape shows that Clinton had some device under her blouse.
    This device has been determined to be some sort of signaling device wired through her podium across to Trump’s, delivering a shock that caused him to react wildly and inappropriately, as there is no other reasonable explanation for his bizarre behavior in the latter part of the debate.
    It has been discovered that Trumps’ responses to questions regarding “Birthergate”, his reprehensible treatment of women and other “hot-button” topics were all preceded by these strange motions from Clinton. The “smoking gun” images are the facial expressions demonstrated by Trump as the signals were delivered to him, causing him to go off the rails.
    It is believed that the device utilized by the Clinton Camp is the same one used by the notorious ex-Columbia University Professor, Dr. Peter Venkman, during his controversial ESP studies of the early ’80s. Lol!

    • Another Fraudulent disinfo idiotic post by Ziotrash jew faggot Gabriel the troll! Who gives a rat’s @$$ which ziopuppet wins a fake & scripted debate & in a fake, scripted election where Crypto jew zionist Psychopath Hillary is already scripted to win??? Eat $h#t & die Mossadomite Gabriel!

      (Brokeback fag Trannlover Gabriel fake version of)
      CowboyOCTOBER 16, 2016 AT 7:08 PM
      Ex 32) Conspiracy Theorists THINK They’ve Discovered How Hillary Cheated at the Debate, But We Now Know the Truth, and it’s Even WORSE

      Two days have passed since the record-breaking debate between Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton……blah blah blah……..

      • Vote 1 Cowboy for admin.

        Make NoDisinfo great again.

  26. This song by Country Joe and the Fish (1965) is one of the most important in my lyrics collection. It’s the reason I first started studying gematria and also the reason I started living in Mom’s basement – to dodge the draft. Lol.

    Oh this is, this is just a try out. It’s not…
    ‘Fixin’-To-Die-Rag’, ‘Fixin’-To-Die-Rag’, Take 1.
    One, two, three, four.
    Well, come on all of you, big strong men,
    Uncle Sam needs your help again.
    Yeah, he’s got himself in a terrible jam
    Way down yonder in Vietnam
    So put down your books and pick up a gun,
    Gonna have a whole lotta fun.
    And it’s one, two, three,
    What are we fighting for?
    Don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn,
    Next stop is Vietnam;
    And it’s five, six, seven,
    Open up the pearly gates,
    Well there ain’t no time to wonder why,
    Whoopee! we’re all gonna die.
    Yeah, come on Wall Street, don’t be slow,
    Why man, this is war au-go-go
    There’s plenty good money to be made
    By supplying the Army with the tools of its trade,
    Just hope and pray that if they drop the bomb,
    They drop it on the Viet Cong.
    And it’s one, two, three,
    What are we fighting for?
    Don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn,
    Next stop is Vietnam.
    And it’s five, six, seven,
    Open up the pearly gates,
    Well there ain’t no time to wonder why
    Whoopee! we’re all gonna die.
    Well, come on generals, let’s move fast;
    Your big chance has come at last.
    Now you can go out and get those reds
    ‘Cause the only good commie is the one that’s dead
    And you know that peace can only be won
    When we’ve blown ’em all to kingdom come.
    And it’s one, two, three,
    What are we fighting for?
    Don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn,
    Next stop is Vietnam;
    And it’s five, six, seven,
    Open up the pearly gates,
    Well there ain’t no time to wonder why
    Whoopee! we’re all gonna die.
    Come on mothers throughout the land,
    Pack your boys off to Vietnam.
    Come on fathers, and don’t hesitate
    To send your sons off before it’s too late.
    You can be the first ones in your block
    To have your boy come home in a box.
    And it’s one, two, three
    What are we fighting for?
    Don’t ask me, I don’t give a damn,
    Next stop is Vietnam.
    And it’s five, six, seven,
    Open up the pearly gates,
    Well there ain’t no time to wonder why,
    Whoopee! we’re all gonna die.
    One, two, three, four
    Tell me that you love me more
    Sleepless long nights
    That is what my youth was for

  27. Im going camping on the weekend!

    • i’ll come ray can bring waterproof pants, a whistle and some mags you bring marshmellos

      • Count me in! I’ll bring an air rifle, a hunting knife and my favorite cassette tapes. Anyone have a recorder from the 70s? Lol.

        • ill bring some vaseline

        • I’ve got the oregano oil covered

        • Great does anyone have a tent?

        • no but i can steel some sheets off the naybors closeline

        • I normally dig a shallow ditch and cover myself in leaves and branches

        • Miss Judy & I will be camping out at the nearest Park Regis

        • Will this be a naturalist weekend? I’ll wear my sandals.

        • I can shelter 6 guys, a camel, 2 goats & a pig under my skirt ezy pezy

        • Nah – no dirty sheilas or I’m out

        • Im so glad your trying to come Cowboy. Do you know anybody else that wants to come a group would be good?

        • I like old ladies too Ruduff. How did you meet Gabriel’s mom?

        • Raymond, I think we got hASSan, Ruduff. The Mahdi, me & maybe dr k and/or the great almighty Jesus christ. I think that’s a group. If no one has a tape deck I can bring my lyrics collection for a singalong. Pity about Christinne. She can really rock that bell around her neck to the Rythm & fart in tune as well. Lol

      • Stop trying to pimp your ugly sister Ruduff. No one wants a hook-nosed thin-lipped flat-chested zio-trash whore that you’ve been raping for 40 years! Lol

      • What’s going on with you and your sister, poo?
        Is she hot?

  28. no we think your just camp

    • Please post the pic Ruduff. Are you naked in it?

      • Im in white coat & boots as usual when dealing with her.

        Btw did u alert her, under no circumstance she must be looking for love or marriage?

        • Are you necro as well as pedo Ruduff?

        • Im a devoted man and therapist, gayboy.

          But you will know more from your sweet sis’ lips…

  29. “Remember The USS Mason!” Attacked by Yemen? Or Was it a False Flag?

  30. 2 more Fraudulent disinfo posts under my name here by ziotrash zionist troll Gabriel Fag…

    (Brokeback fag Gabriel fakw version of)
    (Blocked) Cowboy OCTOBER 17, 2016 AT 12:18 AM
    Vote 1 Cowboy for admin.

    Make NoDisinfo great again.

    (Brokeback fag Gabriel ziotrash disinfo ziojew troll fake version of) (Blocked) Cowboy OCTOBER 16, 2016 AT 10:40 PM
    This song by Country Joe and the Fish (1965) is one of the most important in my lyrics collection. It’s the reason I first started studying gematria and also the reason I started living in Mom’s basement – to dodge the draft. Lol.

    Oh this is, this is just a try out. It’s not…
    ‘Fixin’-To-Die-Rag’, ‘Fixin’-To-Die-Rag’, Take 1.
    One, two, three, four.
    Well, come on all of you, big strong men,
    Uncle Sam needs your help again.
    Yeah, he’s got himself in a terrible jam
    Way down yonder in Vietnam
    So put down your books and pick up a gun,
    Gonna have a whole lotta fun. etc…etc

    My comments: Nothing wrong with the song but I did not post it dishonest coward ziotrash Gabriel did.

  31. Ex 1) Ziotrash Media & Hollywood Execs Exposed 1960’s interview: Famous Actor Montgomery Clift tells how 99% Ziotrash media columnists commentators & reporters & TV & newspaper media & Hollywood execs care nothing about the truth & makeup lies. He says most of them might as well just sit in their bedroom & makeup interviews, instead of interviewing people because they makeup stuff & lie anyway & care nothing about what the targets of their interviews actually say or do!

    This is during an interview where he is being asks to repond to allegations from a zionist jew columnist who wrote a hit piece claiming he & Marlon Brando hated each other & claimed Marlon Brandon made derrogatory comments about him. Which he denies & responds to very well & cleverly, exposing the filthy lying zionist media 60 some years ago. Also this was an attempt by the zionists to get back super Star Marlon Brando by the media for attacking the media & Hollywood as being completely dishonest, fake & inaccurate in history & reality.

  32. Exhibit 2) Zionist Jew Media & Hollywood Exposed:

    Marlon Brando Exposes Hollywood Zionist Racist Jews & Refuses his Oscar for the Godfather in Protest. & He tries to have Miss Littlefeather accept the Oscar award & speak for him on behalf of American Indians & the Federal Massacre at Wounded Knee & Federal Reservation welfare/slave camps but the Motion Picture Academy is zionist jew run so they would only give her minute or so & threatened cutting her microphone & forced removal if she went over that tiny amount. I think she would have accepted the award from Roger Moore if it had not been for the Academy refusing to give her any reasonable amount if time & ability to explain the plight of the American Indians & the government massacre at Wounded Knee. It was the best & wisest she could do given the threats she was under & restrictions & ridiculous time limit imposed on her by these vile zionists psychopaths! Atleast a good number of actors had the courage to defy the ziotrash & clap & applaud her for her courage!

    (Brando also earlier turned down the Great Ben Hur movie probably partly because he felt is was to be used for glamoring the jews & increasing their power & false ever victimhood. But It was a great movie & was actually about the Hebrews & Romans not jews per say…But it all has become interchangeable & like everything else it is always used to the advantage of the psychopath zionists & Babylonian Talmudists & Kabbalist freaks & their Freakmason minions!

    • Everything is Ziotrash unless I personally like it. Lol

      • Another Fraudulent disinfo comment by ziotrash jew troll & fag Gabriel the little tranny-loving Talmudist slime too cowardly post his attacks & disinfo & gibberish & pervertrd comments under his own name like the little impotent worm he is! The worm can’t even stick to his dozens of troll names!

        (Brokeback fag Gabriel version of) Cowboy OCTOBER 17, 2016 AT 5:51 PM
        Everything is Ziotrash unless I personally like it. Lol

        • You use your own name Cowballs. This name belongs to me and about 10,000 other Cowboys

          • Can I meet your sister Ruduff? Does she like to play dead?

  33. Ex A) Cryto Jew & Zionist Extremist Corrupt Governor Dannel Malloy of Sandy Hook Crook Crime Gang Criminally helps his Armed Robber & Drug Smuggler-Dealer Son Evade Airport Security with!

    What is in the backpack???
    1) Crack cocaine???
    2) Crystal Meth Amphetimine??
    3) High grade pure herione???
    4) Stolen Classified US Military Secrets bound for Israel???
    5) Stolen body parts from murdered Palestinians or others on dry ice bound for NYC or Boston or Maryland for wealthy patients needing organs!!

    It ain’t bibles for missionaries in Africa or girlscout cookies! It’s a extremely profitable criminal contraband that his Sandy Hook Crook Daddy Governor wanted to make sure got through security so the felon son could make some quick tens of thousands of dollars off of what ever it was! How many drug dealers & buyers has his son Benjamin Malloy & his gang robbed & murdered & had his crimes blamed on others by corrupt Connecticut & other New England Police & Prosecutors??

  34. Save me already, cowgoy!
    I’m swimming in excrement!

    • Would you like to come camping too Jesus? Swimming in excrement is one the featured activities.

      • Sounds like fun!
        Let me ask my dad.

        • If he’s coming, I’m out.

  35. You guys still need a tent?

    I think cowboy has a pair of my shorts in his hamper.

  36. dont worry just express my gay feelings

  37. dont worry just expressing my gay feelings Lol

    • More fraudulent Faggy disinfo posts by ziotrash jew faggot jew pervert GABRIEL falsely projecting his own homosexual desires onto the hated goyim actual truth seekers here (& even projecting his filth onto Jesus which these Talmudic jewish nutcases like Gabriel fag are taught from birth to hate Jesus with an insane murderous passion), in his fraudulent posts under their names like the dishonest perverted fag ziotrash troll that he, Gabriel, is!

      raymond daubney OCTOBER 17, 2016 AT 11:25 PM
      dont worry just express my gay feelings

      Jesus Christ OCTOBER 17, 2016 AT 8:33 PM
      Save me already, cowgoy!
      I’m swimming in excrement!

      Raymond Daubney OCTOBER 17, 2016 AT 9:41 PM
      Would you like to come camping too Jesus? Swimming in excrement is one the featured activities.

      Jesus Christ OCTOBER 17, 2016 AT 10:17 PM
      Sounds like fun!
      Let me ask my dad.

      Drkresearch OCTOBER 17, 2016 AT 11:19 PM
      If he’s coming, I’m out.

      Christinne OCTOBER 17, 2016 AT 8:37 PM
      You guys still need a tent?

      I think cowboy has a pair of my shorts in his hamper.

      raymond daubney OCTOBER 17, 2016 AT 11:26 PM
      dont worry just expressing my gay feelings Lol

      • But I am a Jew! Why do you hate me Cowboy?

  38. The idiotic ZioChristian, False Christian, AntiChrist false doctrine of “Blessing Israel” is (Satanic & antiGod, modern Israel) or being cursed by God!

    Aka support the most evil warmongering, genocidal country (Israel) on earth or God will punish you!

    • My Dad’s got a special plan for you Cowboy.

  39. For all my talk about shooting people I couldn’t make the cut for the military or the police.

    • Another fraudulent disinfo comment by ziotrash jew fag Gabriel made fraudulently under my name here as cowboy:

      (Brokeback Mossadomite fag Gabriel fake version of) Cowboy OCTOBER 18, 2016 AT 12:20 AM
      For all my talk about shooting people I couldn’t make the cut for the military or the police.

      My reply to above fraudulent disinfo comment made cowardly faggy fraud Gabriel the troll:

      I have no desire to shoot anyone ever but I do have a God-given born right to defend myself & family & others from criminals, including with a firearm & even to use all means necessary especially from criminals in government & especially from murderous zionist jews & their minions if attacked by them.
      No go to hell Gabriel!

      And I have no desire to join the military or police & murder innocent people for corrupt ziopuppet traitors or anyone else. The American people are still as free as they are ( though in a high level of slavery through UnConstitutionsl taxes for UnConstitutional government agencies & Wars) because they still have 100’s of millions of firearms, NOT BECAUSE OF POLICE OR SOLDIERS! If you want to join the military to die for your beloved zionist jew Gabriel be my guest you piece of human garbage! Join them & go fight with Israel’s ISIS & maybe a courage Hezbollah fighter ofvSyrian will put a bullet between your eyes! & maybe Israel honor you with your name on some plaque in Tel Aviv for dying fighting for Israel to exterminate Syria so your Satanic Greater Israel can be set up on the dead, jnnocent bofies of Syrians!

      • But I shoot vermin threating me between the eyes you piece of cowardly ziotrash garbage Gaybriel!

        • Dr K, aka Gabriel, aka wyatt Earp aka EP aka CARSSON BUSSES aka Rudulf Fredrick 01 aka me Cowboy, you dispicible deviant ziotrash a$$h0le. You are criminal trying to take away my god given first ammendment rites to FREE SPEECh by continully allowing fraudulant low life scum like you to post under my own name: Cowboy. I own this name i earned it at the NRA meeting in DC in 88, my adventure trip of a life time when I supporting Pat Buchanan & calling Bob Dole & Phil Gramm gungrabbers. I got thrown out of that meeting and EARNED the name Cowboy. Not even John Wayne has earned it like me – he never handed out pamphlets from his beat up old jeep with the bumper stickers!! HE never questioned the curator at the Smithsonean like I did when I was just a kid. He never read all the encyclopedias A-Z including Childcraft. Wyatt Earp or Jessie James himself never exposed the hoax of the woolly mamoth like i have as just being an elephant with hair!! Bob Tumbleweed didn’t expose David Bowie for the zio death faking fag he is!! Nobody but me has bought the truth of the flat earth, the truth about the sun and the moon and the stars and mars here and this is the way you repay me? You are so ungrateful for what i have done for you Zio trash scumbag pervert deviant zio trash Dr K. I quit. Let Gabriel and the pervert Rudulf provide your critical think tank for you. Christinne come with me superwoman, we can start our own youtube channel and leave these zio trash scum perverts to themselves.

          • More Fraudulent disinfo, cut & paste gibberish posts by ziotrash zionist jee Gabriel posted under my name here Cowboy to confuse & disgust new readers here…

            (Brokeback fag Gabriel fake version of ) Cowboy OCTOBER 18, 2016 AT 12:54 AM
            But I shoot vermin threating me between the eyes you piece of cowardly ziotrash garbage Gaybriel!

            (Brokeback fag Gabriel fake version of) Cowboy OCTOBER 18, 2016 AT 1:01 AM
            Dr K, aka Gabriel, aka wyatt Earp aka EP aka CARSSON BUSSES aka Rudulf Fredrick 01 aka me Cowboy, you dispicible deviant ziotrash a$$h0le. You are criminal trying to take away my god given first ammendment rites to FREE SPEECh by continully allowing fraudulant low life scum like you to post under my own name: Cowboy. I own this name i earned it at the NRA meeting in DC in 88, my adventure trip of a life time when I supporting Pat Buchanan & calling Bob Dole & Phil Gramm gungrabbers. I got thrown out of that meeting and EARNED the name Cowboy. Not even John Wayne has earned it like me – he never handed out pamphlets from his beat up old jeep with the bumper stickers!! HE never questioned the curator at the Smithsonean like I did when I was just a kid. He never read all the encyclopedias A-Z including Childcraft. Wyatt Earp or Jessie James himself never exposed the hoax of the woolly mamoth like i have as just being an elephant with hair!! Bob Tumbleweed didn’t expose David Bowie for the zio death faking fag he is!! Nobody but me has bought the truth of the flat earth, the truth about the sun and the moon and the stars and mars here and this is the way you repay me? You are so ungrateful for what i have done for you Zio trash scumbag pervert deviant zio trash Dr K. I quit. Let Gabriel and the pervert Rudulf provide your critical think tank for you. Christinne come with me superwoman, we can start our own youtube channel and leave these zio trash scum perverts to themselves.

        • Copy & past fraudulent post by ziotrash Gabriel the fag & mossadomite!
          (Gabriel fag fake) Cowboy OCTOBER 18, 2016 AT 12:54 AM
          But I shoot vermin threating me between the eyes you piece of cowardly ziotrash garbage Gaybriel!

          • He’s still not scared to post here Ruduff. Can you do something?

        • CowboyJANUARY 29, 2016 AT 11:26 PM
          Come with your zionist criminals for my Guns nitwit Coward Gabriel & I won’t stand up in the open & let you take the first shots Zionist! Bring lots of body bags for your zionists & yourself! lol
          I’ll think & focus on all the evil you monsters did to every Ukrainian & Russian & Kulak & Palestinians & Rachel Corrie as I pick you each off one by one! & immobilize each & every vehicle you bring so you have to run on your feet to retreat where I keep taking the rest of you down. ziopuppet criminal traitor at a time…When you are out of of range I’ll take out the 50 cal! If any make it past that I’ll the run the rest & best of you down in an old jeep & teach you how deadly gun grabbing for your $heckel$ is zio! Put that in your crack pipe psycho Gabriel & smoke it! And think about millions just like me when you wanna try coward zionist Jew Gabriel! lmao!

          • Cowboy has posted enough threats of violence, terrorism and death like the one above to warrant his arrest by the authorities. This man is a mentally ill ticking time bomb and needs to be locked up before he commits heinous atrocities.

            And Doctor K will be found guilty of aiding and abetting Cowboy’s crimes by allowing an obviously unhinged individual to spew his death threats all over this site unabated. This is not protected 1st Amendment speech. These are very serious threats on the part of Cowboy that need to be taken seriously by the owner of this site.

          • You’ve been kickin’ your boots in the air like a big ugly baby for a long time now, but the ‘Gabriels’ are still here in force, reminding you that you’re nothing but an unmitigated failure.

          • You can’t type a word without a lie slipping out can you?

            I haven’t been banned from anywhere – but you were quickly squashed like the bug that you are.

            Unfortunately for you I’m still hear. You’d do yourself a favor if you quit the interchange…

          • Your delusions are getting the better of you Poo. I haven’t posted anything anywhere that you know of except that one site where YOU are banned – not me. Although you may wish to enquire with a certain Heathen about a pm I sent, warning them about your out of control rape fantasies. I notice you don’t get many likes over there…

          • Gaybort, you demented deflection and repetitive, pathologic lies demonstrate you hate the destiny I have imposed on you.

            You have been unveiled and busted in front of anybody.
            Nice to know, an increasing amount of your data is currently being shared.

            Your nicks are now common words to identify a homo shill.
            You will always get kicked anywhere gaybob. And Rud is the architect of your constant defeat: she on you gaybob!

            Dont adventure outside! Stay in your safe zio crapper. Maybe I’ll come and kick you there too…:)

          • After all this time, you’re still hoping to land a kick – and did you just refer to yourself in the third person as ‘she’? Telling

          • It’s Echobuster reblogging, in fact. Pervert, how hard….is, to be always alone…?

          • Ironic. Echobuster’s a character you created so you wouldn’t appear to be on your own. (Did you cry when your wife ran away too?)

        • Disclaimer: only after they’ve been caught in a trap and are dead in my basement bedroom. Lol!

  40. Ex 3) Zionist Jewish Hollywood & Ziomedia Lies & Israeli Genocidal Racism & Tyranny Exposed by ExJew Oliver Stone -1/2 Jew by blood but doesn’t consider himself a jew & repudiates Judeism & Zionism aka Jewish supremist genocidal racism!)

    Stone had a heavily promoted Cable TV show canceled without any just cause for truthfully, in some interviews, exposing the jewish monopoly of Hollywood, TV NETWORKS & all US media & their dishonesty, racism & support of zionist wars US engages in for them & zionist orchestrated genocide of Palestine & Iraq, etc..

    • I am permanently stoned.

  41. Gabriel troll frauduent post:

    Brokeback fag Gabriel fake version of) Cowboy OCTOBER 18, 2016 AT 12:39 AM
    I am permanently stoned.

    You are permanently a lowlife piece of ziotrash Gabriel!

  42. Dear Dr K,

    Thank you for commissioning this report on “Cowboy”. I must say at the outset that this is undoubtedly one of the most tragic cases I have ever examined.

    Diagnosis – Paranoid Schizophrenia

    There are few symptom of this illness that the subject does not manifest – hallucinations, delusions, racing thoughts, apathy, non-existent social functioning, disorganized thoughts, confusion, difficulty concentrating and following instructions, difficulty completing tasks and memory problems. While lacking normal emotions, there is a tendency toward extreme outbursts of anger which amplify his disordered thinking.

    The subject has a strong tendency to assign unusual importance to normal events such as the death of a rock star and his obsessive hoax ideation signifies fixed personal beliefs (delusions). Acute paranoia is apparent in his antisemitism with the fear of Jewish people causing the subject to behave in an erratic manner at all times. There appears to have been a loss of all normal functions and the hallucinations and delusions become increasingly bizarre.

    The claim that an individual called Gabriel is tormenting him using dozens of different personalities is one example of persistent delusions of persecution. There are also delusions of grandiosity with the belief that the subject can save the world by exposing “phonies” often leading to boorish false accusations against innocent persons. When in this state, the subject will ignore all invalidating evidence and descend into “word salads” – the derailment of coherent speech stemming from grossly disorganized thoughts. He also suffers from delusions of reference (the belief that he is being electronically monitored) and somatic delusions (radio waves transmitted by Jewish people are passing through his body).

    This subject is very unfortunately afflicted by visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory and gustatory hallucinations. A recent example of visual and auditory hallucinations is his genuine belief that the dead musician Bowie is actually alive and posing as someone called Jack Steven.

    The mother was a prostitute who died of a drug overdose when the subject was very young, leaving him at the mercy of a violent and abusive alcoholic father. His youth was characterized by interpersonal and academic dysfunction. He first began to experience psychosis at the age of 12 and has been continually disturbed since then. There is also evidence of an autistic disorder.

    Finally the subject has little interest in any activities aside from “exposing hoaxers”, is socially isolated with inappropriate social skills and a lack of interest or an incapacity to socialize and make friends. He has no occupation and spends most of his time alone in the dark searching the internet for “criminal zionist monsters”. The subject has never held paid employment.

    Sadly the prognosis for this subject is very poor. He refuses medication owing to a “pharmaceutical conspiracy”. With so many gross abnormalities it is likely that he will be institutionalised in the near future. In the meantime, he should be kept in a locked room. Under no circumstances should he be in the vicinity of firearms. A copy of this report has been sent to the Committee for Executive Action on Gun Control.

    Your report on Christinne Radu is pending.

    • It’s good you haven’t forgotten FSTDT. At least you remember your absolute defeat.

      • I haven’t been banned from anywhere – including here, Loser.

      • Your insistence that I’ve been banned from anywhere is further proof that you’re a fucken idiot. I’ll post something tonight on Fundies just for you

      • Here you go Dong No. Proof that I’m alive and well on Fundies:

        All my comments are still there. On the other hand, you have had your ass obliterated – total was of lots of time and effort on your part. Lol! All you did was show off your insanity to a much wider audience. LMFAO

        I love that, while your comments are all deleted, the insults against you can still be seen. One of my faves – ‘how can you be this stupid and still remember to breath?’ – classic.

        Now. What are those other sites you’ve had me banned from Dufus Nodick?

      • Consider these facts:

        a) You’re too stupid to capture my IP
        b) I’m too clever for you

        That you can’t provide proof of any of your claims shows that they’re just bullshit and confirms that all your other claims about chemtrails and hoaxes etc are same.

      • Never,

        Be it Here or elsewhere, habe you been able to counterague news, info or claims: nevva gaybob, nevva, as your mum used to say when invited to vacate my six pack.
        Thats why you have recurred to weak trolling, or buzzing disturb, to tell it all.

        Your an open, filthy book to anyone. Be happy and smile. Dad is always standing on your spine.

      • No. I stand on you with my toes to the nose. Provide proof or shut the fuck up. No one believes anything you say.

      • Gayborted kebab..

        Your yells of sorrow dont move anyone here.

        None of us has ever witnessed a mega piece of shit like you.
        A crying homo. A real Peeso.

        A shadow of hos own butt.
        Mr Arch- Banned, you have no courage, filthy pervert.

        Yet your greed doesnt allow you to skip my boots up your back nottom. Shame on you gaybob.

      • Ten days to think that one up and it still doesn’t make sense? You’re even ‘slower’ than I thought.

      • Stop whining, shitty zio whore.

        Gaybriel, it’s you, the banned perv who tales a week to spam the same old boring crap.

        Ineducated, moronic fag: it takes lesser for you to copy, spam and learn something from my mex, …..son…:))

      • Cry some more dirty pervert.

        Consider this, gaybort:

        no one will EVER believe your lies. You have been busted wide open. In fact you have shoah’d your old accounts on gmail.

        Other blogs have banned you. Always Daddy Kool you have got to praise for that!

        It’s education I owe to you, after all…:)

        And it will go on, punchin’ butt.

        Now SHOW your last drop of decency. Grab your rotten courage for the last time and come to see your news on my Blog.
        Coward sodomite, it’s an experience you’ve got to do before exhaling your last breath.

      • Each time (and this won’t be the ‘last’) you beg someone to go to your blog, it shows how desperate you are for information. You obviously have none – and no means by which to gain it. Loser.

        And quit copying (((Sinhead))). It just makes you look even more like a dumbass.

  43. Southland Community Grieves For Fallen Hometown Hero (yep!)

  44. The comments section on this website are even funnier than the articles. Is the cowboy person real or is he the “gaybee” person ?

    • I come here to bottle the abject stench of failure.

  45. And who is Rudolf who everyone simply seems to ignore? Is he real?

    • Who?

    • Cowboy & Christine are characters created by the website’s author. Rudolf’s not actually a real person either – just a hollow parody of one.

    • I don’t know what you’re trying to say but you sound like a non-English speaking retard

      • Nup – no sense making there

  46. im as gay as can be and im not talking about happy#

    • Your abject misery is here for all to see hASSan non-man.

      • abject like object with a a i try to understand but cant

      • You call that an insult? Ha ha

        • You’re completely useless and you can’t prove otherwise.

        • Sorry if i use my old nick i was once proud of.

          Rud, can you inform distind i’ll be good henceforth?

          Sorry sorry sorry

        • It’s Ruduff who sucks up to the admin where ever he goes – probably thinks they got special powers

  47. im there#

  48. Rings any bell? Police didn’t stop truck in Nice horror, attacker drove on for 4 mins – French media

    • Do you still have the bell I hung around your neck Christinne? Can I ring it again – just once. Lol.

    • I’m a!

    • the usual bs and certain people fall for it christienne

      • Ugh, get away from under my feet you toe jam.

  49. is this a ‘cover’ story Ruduff. Lol. I understand!

    • Did your dad abuse you Ruduff? Is that why you like the pedofeelya?

      • Abuse and Fuse.

        Gaybort, it is useless if you skip your step father…unless you skip the fuse.

        You won’t sort out of it with a simple anti-wrinkle cream…:))

      • You are aware that you make no sense. Have you been drinking again? Using anti-wrinkle cream probably won’t bring your wife back

  50. I checked the timestamps like you said Ruduff. Gabriel posted twice at exactly the same time. What does it mean? It’s like Twitter but worse. Lol.

    • How is that when you have no idea who I am? You must be thinking of your own mama

  51. Lots of pedo stuff from you lately Ruduff. Good work!

  52. Exhibit 1) San Francisco Hoax PsyOp School Shooting Proven Fake by Fake Bullet Holes In Wall Picture!!

    It took me less that 30 seconds into the CNN article to see these bullet (non) holes which I immediately knew were fake & not holes at all!!– No Indention, no chips, no holes!! at all, what so ever! You can see where the bluish gray painted textured suface of thia wall (maybe a panel) was previously painted white &/or made of a white plaster/cement type material from the white scrapes on it where it was gray paint only one or two layers thin, where it was easily scraped off & white underneath. The two white spots are basically level with the surface! Whether the textures surface is plaster, concrete, plastic coated plywood panel, galvanized steel or aluminum covered insulated sheets, etc., it does not matter any firearm (even a bb or pellet gun) would do more damage!!

    This the fake bullet holes picture from a ABC7 reporter Lisa Amin Gulezian on her twitter which is reposted directly on the CNN (hoax)-News Story:

    Also the concrete on the ground right below it was just done & very sloppily done (like this hoax)!! It is very dark gray & uncured, unseasoned! (Not saying it is not “dry” & hardened. But it takes months to cure more fully.) And the concrete is sloppily left dried all over the wall! So sloppy buffoon who did the concrete maybe he chipped or dented the wall & made those scrapes & maybe two little chips with his tools & then he just covered them with white spackle. And the supposed holes do looked like they were filled in with spackle or compound & you can see chalky, semitransparent residue around both the previous chips or holes! And let some buffoon tell you they filled in the bullet holes with spackle in the beginning of a supposed attempted mass murder evident! Only a ziotroll buffoon like pathological liar & deviant Gabriel freak would say something so stupid & ridiculous!

    • You’re a ballistics expert now? What other qualifications do you possess to justify making such absurd claims?

      • Looks like you need a new weapon bro. Ya boots aren’t cutting it here. Just look at this thread. You can’t even keep up with the comments. Ur being annihilated man!

        • Gaybort,
          Your nick is a full blown nomen omen..

          Smile to Rud, now…:)

        • Nomen est omen? Do I have to correct your Latin now as well as your English?

    • Cowboy is master builder no less. So much talent.

    • I don’t want realism. I want magic! Yes, yes, magic! I try to give that to people. I misrepresent things to them.
      I don’t tell the truth, I tell what ought to be the truth! And it that’s sinful, then let me be damned for it!

  53. Exhibit 2) ’18’ & Mega 666 Coded San Francisco Hoax School Shooting Proven Fake by Fake Bullet Holes In Wall Picture!!

    Happened on the 18, & 18 is 3 – 6’s!
    Also the school is called June Jordan which has 144 gematria, which is a “gross” a dozen – dozens aka 12 -12’s or 24 – 6’s & 8 – 18’s aka 8 trios of 6’s, by trio of I mean 666. So to these ocultic Kabbalists/Babylonian Talmudist & high level freemasons , etc.. it is like having their beloved AntiChrist, anti God, anti goyim 666, The Beast Hex coded 8 times into their Hoax PsyOp. These psychotic occutistz believe this magnifies their black magic hex spell against the Goyim 8 times! LOL! And remember the 666 image called Hexagram is what they dishonestly call the Star of David & have tricked the world into believing including even the Muslims & Christians! The Rothschild image of the Hexagram represents 666 by having 6 small triangles, 6 outer hexagram points & 6 points on an inner hexagon corners or points.

    • Cowboy has predicted most everything with this gematria nonsense.

      I find it interesting that these preditions are only made {reveiled} after the event.

      • gayboy aint you got a life yet time is ticking you havent got long left to find one

      • Well Gabriel, you asked for a prophecy date.
        I am going to give you one.
        I now have enough info to step out and declare it.
        I have been looking for the day of Departure since I heard about it and read about it in the Bible over 40 years ago.
        I always thought I was “Focused”, now I found I have a touch of OCD.

        Depending on the time zone you are in – the Rapture (the day no man knows- an idiom for Rosh Hashanah) will be within 24 hours of the 25th of September 2016.

        The Tribulation began on my birthday in ’08 with Obama’s promise on national TV seen by 33 (highest # in the occult) million people- to CHANGE the nation and the world.
        His covenant/promise was verified by the nation upon his election.

        Just as the Jews were given a choice at the “Trial” of Jesus, in the same way- America chose the criminal.
        Don’t blame God. He was involved with the choice but He did not make it.

        (Nearly no one in Christendom grasps that we are currently IN the Trib.
        The teaching among those who actually believe the bible (rather than the lies of tradition) is that 7 year period begins with the Departure.)

        In the book of Daniel, the false Messiah is prophesied to CHANGE the laws, note that Mr. Obama’s platform in ’08 was a single word- CHANGE. He has been changing laws illegally via executive order since elected.

        On the Five Doves website there was supposition that something big should occur on Oct 29 of the election year, because they had dialed back 7 biblical years from Sept 23 2015 Yom Kippor.
        I think they were calculating back from their projected date of the 2nd Coming.
        There are a couple of numbers geniuses on the Doves- I just listen.
        So when Oct.29 (my birth day) passed with just O’s infomercial – one of the guys said- “could this have been the “Covenant with many?”-
        We started looking intently at Daniel, there was no mention of Israel – the commonly held co-joiner of the covenant.
        The deal/ agreement/ covenant was indeed with many – millions and O.

        Interesting to me that my anniversary at work is the 22nd of Sept and being that Y.K. 2015 begins the evening before-
        that would be on my hire date.
        My clock number at work for all these decades has been 501- the same as the gematria of BHO in Hebrew.
        Not a co-incidence.
        I have come to understand my destiny was to reveal his destiny and the truth of the Gospel.

        The spark for this crazy post began last week.
        The gnawing perception was in my mind, that this is Noah’s second day- just as he went UP over the coming flood- so are those who are accounted righteous – going UP over the disasters of the conclusion of this age.

        My thoughts were- there is not enough time left for 7 years. 3 and a half years do not fit because Jesus is fulfilling the FALL feasts ( moed/ rehearsals)- not the spring feasts that were fulfilled 2000 years ago.
        There are 3 feasts to be fulfilled- Rosh Hashanah is next.
        Idioms from Judiasim- Trumpets/ the day no man knows/ the day of judgement/ the day of the awakening blast/ the hidden day/ the opening of the gates/ the day of the last trump/ the day of coronation of the King/ the wedding of Messiah.

        Part of the above paragraph is common knowledge among those of us who are “Watching” but that was not enough for me to post this.
        Confirmation came over the weekend via a couple of internet related sources that this year is the year I have been waiting for all this time.

        The Rapture / Resurrection will begin the great Harvest that is the end of the age.
        I was praying yesterday that justice and truth comes to the terrorists – ISIL and the word came to me- no- These wicked ones are gathering together- they have made their final choice and will be exterminated soon.
        The typical method of God’s communication w/ me is perception and the bible, occasionally a word.
        Some people get dreams/words/ visions, synchronistic signs.
        There is always an element of faith involved though (I would prefer it to be like you guys, right out/direct/face to face), but that is the way it is.

        What is coming is not the end of the world.
        The world never ends – it does get new management.

        What we see going on is not false labor- the ever increasing earthquakes, the evil of Islam exposed, mass animal fish and bird die offs, the AC and FP are here, on and on it goes, are the real labor pains.

        Half the professing Christians do not go up with the Heavenly Bridegroom.
        He takes all the little ones too- flower children I suppose.

        This post is your second invitation here on AF to enter the Ark- Jesus.

        Both the ark of Noah and the body of Jesus had an opening in the side.
        The blood of Jesus which flowed from His side made our Redemption possible.
        There is still time for each of you to enter the ark and miss what is coming, but if you don’t, please be a part of His harvest dead ahead.

        • Aw..does it take a week for ya gaybob, to spam the crap you have collected around?

          Try it harder gaybee. Your final prize is ready for rapid delivery.
          Mr Arch…?

          • I’m the only Mr Arch around here

  54. Exhibit 3) Door to Narnia Discovered in Truck Stop Bathroom

    Narnia, long thought to be a mythical place concocted by writer C.S. Lewis, has a newly found entrance in the U.S.

    A source, speaking only under the cover of anonymity, told this tale.
    “I was drivin’ on an empty highway in North Eastern California, and I stopped for gas in a one-horse town I will not name. I will tell you this. It was up on the high plateau. Miles and miles of shit-all, just grass, sagebrush and juniper trees. Just hill after hill. No traffic.”
    “The gas station had a small convenience store that I had to walk through to get to the john. It was just your standard bathroom. A lot of mud tracked in on the floor. A garbage bin overloaded with paper towels. A lock that didn’t look like it worked so well. Nothing unusual.”
    “I prepared myself to take a piss.”
    “While I was standing there doing my business, I noticed that the toilet water was starting to swirl around in the bowl. It sorta made me dizzy-like. I thought I was swirling too. When my head cleared again I was clearly somewhere else. Standin’ next to a spring in the woods. Pulling up my pants.”
    “And then the damnest thing happened. A squirrel came up and started talking to me.”
    “I’m not going to go into all of what happened next, but I will let you know that I’m now known as King Roy in some parts.”
    When asked how he got back, our unnamed source said he came back through the sink faucet in that same bathroom when someone washed their hands.
    “I sure scared the shit out of some poor lady, that’s for sure.”

    • Another idiotic fraudulent disinfo gibberish post made by ziotrash zionist Jew Troll Gabriel the mossadomite cowardlly dishonest loser fag troll & fraud poster of this site!

      (Brokeback fag Gabriel fake version of) Cowboy OCTOBER 19, 2016 AT 10:14 PM
      Exhibit 3) Door to Narnia Discovered in Truck Stop Bathroom

      Narnia, long thought to be a mythical place concocted by writer C.S. Lewis, has a newly found entrance in the U.S.

      A source, speaking only under the cover of anonymity, told this tale.
      “I was drivin’ on an empty highway in North Eastern California, and I stopped for gas in a one-horse town I will not name. I will tell you this. It was up on the high plateau. Miles and miles of shit-all, just grass, sagebrush and………..Blah, blah,blah & more gibberis disinfo crap by ziotrash fag Gabriel!

  55. Ex 3) 44 & 144 again coded in this hoax!!!

    Exhibit 3)San Francisco School Shooting PsyOp Script: 4 Students Shot & 4 Suspects!! lol for 44 & this Story posted at 12:12!!… for a 2nd 144 gematria code!

    Yes google cache says this was posted originally at 12:12..144 code again & thus 8 -666 again.

    Anyway so we have 4 hoax shot & one is only superficial!! Lol! How many bullets wounds in real life are only superficial Especially when most criminals & cops (who shoot most people between them) use 9 mm & above calibers, most now have switched to 40 Cal (9mm style but bigger) or even 45 Cal.
    Yet in these hoaxes superficial woundings happen every week over & over like a serial TV show. So 2 are in serious condition & 1 is in critical condition…so most likely the next coming scripts will say he died! & give him hoax Saint Hood of Hoax Shooting VicSim!
    Also this is like the balanced Masonic checkerboard black & white balancing act, the ying yang thing 1 badly hurt, 2 in the middle sorta’ bad but not likely to die or in a coma or be paralyzed or any such thing & one so bulletproof that the zioHollywood Hoax script says just waltzed into the Hospital like superman after getting shot! Bullets just bounce off him!

    • Are you adults who believe all this gematria bullshit? Next you’ll be beliving in the invisible sky daddy.

  56. Ex4) SandyHookCrook Style SanFrancisco School Shooting Hoax- Terrible Student Crisis Actors & Fat Desk-bound Donut-Eating Keystone Cops Drilling around, even some pretend running!

    & Lots of Firetrucks & Firemen! Yaaay!

    Pure Fake! Pure Ziotrash media, zioDHS & corrupt state & local government goons committing treason for $$$ to help the zionists’ Gun Confiscation & other evil agendas which they are perpetrating against the the “dumb, hated goyim” Americans!

  57. The only dumb goyim is cowgoyim.

    What an a-hole! Lol!

  58. Sounds like you and your mother ha ha

    • my mum says she wants a present from you

      • Wouldn’t it be great if you could find out who Gabriel really is? In the meantime all you can do is fantasize about him and his mother.

      • You are there, horribly naked and buttered.
        An offensive view for our eyes to see.

        Yet, your desperation provides us the laughter we need, sometimes

      • So tell us who Gabriel is. No idea? Ha Ha

      • Join my blog, son!

        Type an email. Use ur tor, invent a fake mail, but talk to daddy cool gaybriel!

        He’s missing sis..
        And that zio chick is missing Dong..


      • Phishing again? You really are the personification of Einstein’s theory of insanity…

      • And referring to you as a person is being generous.

  59. “Witnesses” to the San Fran shootin hoax

    • When in doubt roll out the rape fantasy eh? Show everyone that there is no end to your deep-seated deviance

      • Can you be my jackhammer & my daddy too Ruduff?

      • Deep-seated deviance & a woeful lack of imagination.

      • C’mon gayboy…

        We All Know you have been fantasizing on my stolen pics for months, fetid arse.

  60. Ex5) 33 & 44 Code In San Francisco School Shooting PsyOp 2nd School’s Name: CAATS (44 code) City Arts And Technology School 330 aka (33 code) In this hoax DHS Script aka zioHollywood Screenplay.

    Again I don’t believe in the Satanic Judeac Babylonian Talmud, nor Kabbala black magic, nor do I “believe” in gematria as some magical predicting of future events. But contrarily the zionist psychopaths, high level freemason do believe in coded this numbers and their symbology into all their both staged fake & real orchestrated events, and their wars, ritual murders, fake but ritually coded murders & deaths. Identitifying evil & insane occultic practices of the Talmudic jews & zionists & others does not make one who exposes it evil or insane or a “believer” in their black magic or insanity or evil…Rather it is just exposing it to the light of day and as a fraud, a falsification of history & news & reality. No amount of red herrings & lies by troll & fraudulent disinformation posts by ziotrash jew psychopath liar Gabriel can change that as long as it is identified & his fraud postings are identified & thus neutralized.

  61. Exhibit 6) San Francisco School Shooting Hoax- June Jordan School of Equity -uses Black Power Raised Fist Salute! -ZioJew Communist -Anarchist Symbol- Order Out of Chaos!

    Also the insane name of the school “Equity”, is putting the symplistic & false idea of equity as being foremost to stive for, over the infinitely more important concepts of Freedoms, liberty & rights & justice, such a free speech, religious freedom, right to self defense, right to life, right to property, right to a fair trial by a jury of your peers, etc. Equity is something the zioBanksters’ & zios use in their mega foundations funded Communist & Socialist ideologies & organizations to confuse equality or govt’ enforced equalizing of fake rights” ( supposed enforced economic & social equality rights) with real, actual freedoms, liberties & real rights!

    • Another idiotic fraudulent gibberish spam disinformation post by zionist jew psycho Gabriel the Talmud Tranny-fag oat god Baphomet worshipper!
      He has already fraudulently spammed this cut & paste gibberish many times under my name here cowboy. But his idiotic disinfo & fraudulent posts are strangley & submissively left up while actual research posts are often pulled! Lol

      (Brokeback fag Gabriel fake version of) Cowboy OCTOBER 20, 2016 AT 8:19 AM

      Exhibit 7) Gravity is only a THEORY and NOT a Scientific FACT!
      Gravity cannot be proven! The zio fraud Isaac Newton lied!

      – As a theory, gravity can never be proven, scientists admit this!! No one has tested gravity on Jupiter!

      Gravity cannot be seen, heard, felt, tasted, or smelt!

      If gravity exists then:

      How do birds, bats, and insects fly?

      How do airplanes fly?

      Why do balloons float up?

      What makes a hot air balloon keep from falling from the sky?

      How do Zeppelins or Dirigibles float in the sky?

      How does a siphon work?

      If gravity is pulling everything to the center of the Earth, then:

      Why aren’t we and everything else crushed to the ground and pulled to the center of the Earth?

      I don’t have any trouble jumping, do you?

      Why hasn’t the moon (or for that matter the sun and other planets) fallen into the Earth?
      -You think this would be an obvious one!!!

      Gravity can not exist. Consider the lies scientists tell us about gravity:

      Gravity is blind, ruled by random chance and chaos.

      – Why are all the stars, planets, and moons round instead of many different shapes. How did “blind” gravity make all the celestial objects perfect spheres?

      Gravity is a great force which permeates the whole universe that we are powerless to resist.
      – We are told that this force is blind, does not love us, and that we are not known to it. Can this be so?

      If gravity is the attraction of two bodies of matter to each other, then:

      Why isn’t there an attraction between small and large things, such as a car being pulled toward a mountain, or gnats being pulled toward a person walking in a field?

      Which is it? Is gravity the attraction of bodies of matter, or a force that pulls matter toward the center of the Earth? Make up your mind!

  62. Exhibit 7) San Francisco Hoax School Shooting @ June Jordan School of Equity- Anarchy Salute Symbol aka Black Power aka Order Out of Chaos.

    Synthesis- False & Created Problems, False Solutions offered to solve it…& desired false changes or synthesis is then enacted or achieved which never solves any real problems for the people but usurps & takes away more of their rights & gives more power to the government & ruling elites.

    • you really think white peoples should be wiped off the face of the earth i do too but dont tell cowboy

      • you must be a double amputee cause noone can feel it

  63. ExB) 666 coded Stockton, CA School Shooting Massacre PsyOp 1989, 27yrs ago & Stockton Shooter Lived San Fran’ & LA & Sandy,OR- 27 aka 999 aka 666

    Exact 22yrs & 1 month before Sandy Hook Hoax! (& This is also Exhibit 9) SanFranSchoolShootingHoax):

    Exhibit 9) San Francisco School Massacre 66 miles from Stockton & 81 Hwy mi. (99) Both Hoaxes are 122 Coded.

    San Francisco is 122 in simple gematria. The Stockton “3 Minute Massacre” ended at 12:02pm 1202 equates to 122. 106 bullets fired in script of Stockton PsyOp equating to 16 which is two 8’s for an 88 & also 4×4 for a 44–which has been showing up in most recent hoaxes.

    The Stockton shooter “Army Kid” Spook Crisis Actor Jeffrey Edward Purdy hoax died at in the hoax age 24 aka 888-Satan Number. He hoax killed 5 cambodian & other asian kids. He shot 32 others. All in a zioMagic, ZioHollywood 3 minutes with just 106 shots! So he shot 38 total by firing 106 rounds from a semiauto rifle & 2 other firearms. So he supposedly hit (killed or wounded) more the 1 victim atleast once for every 3 bullets he fired at –nearly 36 percent but he would have hit some more than once rapidly firing semiauto weapons. So if he averaged 1.5 bullets in each the would be a 53 percent hit ratio for example.

    Anyway the vicSim kids ages all 5 were 6 to 8yrs old & combined age was 27 so another 27 in the Stockton PsyOp script & the zio-Mason beloved 999 aka 666 upside down.

    Also in the Script again he wounded 32 & he spent 32 days ss a teen in jail for shooting at trees in a giagantic forest. High unlikely he went to jail for such nonsense!!! If every guy who target practiced in the forests in Oregon & California & Washington state & the Northwest you’d have 100’s of of thousands arrested for it every year! But they needed another 32 in the hoax PsyOp news script for duality & to show you it’s a hoax & to make their insane black magic more powerful (in their occultic Talmudic twisted minds).

    This guy was probably pedophiled & Army-CIA drug experimented on from time he was three at army bases & elsewhere by the likes of satanic jew Talmudist pedophiles Anton Levay & Michael Aquino (who worked on PsyOps for CIA, Army & AF NSA & advanced to AF General in the NSA even after child witnesses testifying he raped & molested them at the Presidio Military base daycare in San Francisco & at his home their as a Leutinent at the time.

    Regardless Purdy shot & killed no one nor himself at the Stockton hoax school shooting & is most likely still alive & still a spook & Crisis Actor & Actorwhoring himself for these psychos to destroy societies & steal rights & create more psychopath ziopuppet servants etc.

  64. Ex8) 666 & 66 Occult code San Francisco School Shooting PsyOp 27 years after (Ex A)Stockton School Massacre PsyOp- Shows Hoax Scripted Connection!

    All their Gun Confiscation hoaxes & PsyOps are connected in the scripts via occult numerology & symbology they code into them & even their other hoaxes, etc.. (Because to these Satanic psychopaths
    this [they believe] gives them black powers against the goyim masses. Hexes, curses their Kabbala & Babylonian Talmud books teach them). It is not my belief it’s their’s!!!)

    They also most always include predictive programming to future hoaxes they plan into a present hoax.

    & Reinforcement programming of past hoaxes & PsyOps are scripted into current/present ones.

    Time/yrs between 1989 Stockton School Shooting & San Francisco School Shooting:
    27 years aka 999 upside down 666.

    San Francisco Shooting to Stockton Shooting 66 miles.

    San Francisco to Stockton shortest driving miles by mostly hwy is 81 miles, 9×9, 99 aka 66 upside down.

    This above is all my own research of linking gematria scripts of Stockton & San Francisco. A youtuber has done a lot more gematria/numerology on just this San Francisco hoax different from mine but not any linkage to Stockton & San Francisco school hoaxes together.

    Also I will show scripted occultic numerology & symbology & name linkage between Sandy Hook Hoax & San Francisco & Stockton school shooting hoaxes.

    • Absolutely fascinating…

      Do you have a social worker or do you live in a group home?

  65. i can bend over while u sniff my but if its easier

    • you are a butt-sniffing monkey

      • butt sniffer

  66. i never click on ur linx cos ur toxic but what is ur little sister doing in israel can she give me a head job for under 5 euro

    • is ur sista gonna blow me or what

  67. i never had a dad like you never would like to be one but girls dont like me we have a lot in common have you ever been with a girl

  68. A Baltimore man said that he quit his job last week in order to save his soul.

    Walter Slonopas, 62 (known as Cowboy), resigned as a maintenance worker at Contech Casting LLC after his W-2 tax form was stamped with the number 666.

    The Bible calls 666 the “number of the beast,” and it’s often used as a symbol of the devil. Slonopas said that after getting the W-2, he could either go to work or go to hell.

    “If you accept that number, you sell your soul to the devil,” he said.

    Bob LaCourciere, vice president of sales and marketing for the Revstone Corp., which owns Contech Casting, said that Slonopas’ W-2 was labeled with 666 by the company that handles Contech’s payroll. It refers to the order in which the forms were mailed out, he said….

    Slonopas, though, said he has no interest in suing anyone. All he wants is for his former employer to give him a new W-2 without a Satanic number on it. Otherwise, he said, he can’t file his taxes.

    He shakes his head when asked if he’d go back to work for Contech, even if the company gives him a new W-2. That would send the message that he sold out his faith for money.

    “God is worth more than money,” he said.

    His mother, Anna, said the couple will be fine. She said God will take care of them.

    • Do you fantasize about my uncle too? No surprising.

  69. Can you get me into this place

  70. i’d ask you what oral sex is like but i know you never had do you think christine can help

  71. Exposed Viral Hoaxes Prove How Easy it is to Dupe the World with Disinfo

    Divide and Conquer – The Role of the Agent Provocateur

  72. tyson gay another fraudster althlete sister shooting hoax

  73. terrorist drill in london

  74. Unsurprizingly, you don’t know what a boycott is…

    You also don’t have a clue who I am but you can be sure, if I had a sister, like all females, she wouldn’t spit in your direction. Dropkick

    • Prove just one of the above statements. Like your chemtrails nonsense, you can’t. Ha ha

    • Deflective? You were asked for proof and provided nothing. Just a single gmail account as evidence will suffice. But you can’t can you? Either show the evidence or STFU. It won’t do you any harm at all to abandon the delusions.

    • Gaybee, little junk..

      Come to my blog and ask for that psw,..!

      Ive invited you, as a son, different times.
      Alas, your innate cowardice and fear dont allow you to succeed in getting in touch.

      I have provided here two complete IPs already
      And the full amount of faggy nicks you use & abuse.
      I have busted you on your site where your zio reputation is totally compromised by now.
      I have unveiled you on any site where you use to pop in and annoy the conv.

      I own you and many important data of yours.

      Accept it loser. And again, if u want to know more, just ask Rud. Meanwhile keep crying and whining, old butt.
      Rud will help….:

    • A quick recap. You have managed to phish 2 IP addresses from that moronic waste of cyberspace you call a blog. One a female in the US and the other a male from Australia. Which one am I? Am I male or female? American or Australian? Neither? The IPs themselves show that you have no idea. That you keep pleading with me to post you a message on aforementioned useless blog is further proof of your complete cluelessness. Give it up, it’s never going to happen. Apart from this site, you also have no idea where or what I post. You realise I only set up the account on Fundies AFTER you made an appearance and only to give them your background. You can see that I never pasted there before and scarcely since. In truth, I like the Fundies part, but the comments section kinda bores me. Even if you had managed to get me banned (which you didn’t), it wouldn’t bother me.

      Here’s some advice because I’m feeling generous: Why don’t you ask super sleuth Cowboy to run “John D” through Radaris and see what he comes up with. It certainly can’t hurt. and I’d very much look forward to seeing those results. Pahahahahhaha

    • No way gaybob!

      In no way you’ll be able to steer the eternal shame and fetid musk grown on top of your butt.
      Wanna know more??
      Join my blog in the Provate section.

      You are currently a banter in many a site where I use to share my info on your new, hilarious nicks, email and g plus accounts and IPs. All Your data are Available.

      What dont u get exactly?

    • There’s nothing to stop you sharing it here – except the fact that your lying. Loser!

  75. Why haven’t you responded to my message on fstdt? IP blocked is it?

    • OK. At last t. he acknowledgement that you didn’t have me banned – from there or anywhere else. See? It’s very easy to debunk your lies. HA HA

      • How the hell could you possibly know that? Can you prove it? No. Your bullshit is laid bare for all to see..

        And what were the other sites you had me banned from? You still haven’t named any. More bullshit.

      • I get the impression that Rudolf desires to anally rape men.

      • Keep kicking those boots in the air. One day if you’re lucky they’ll connect to your own head.

  76. Ex C) Stockton Hoax School Massacre Amazing ZioHollywood Script Similarities with DC Navy YardBase Hoax Shooting 25 years later!

    I just disvovered this video (yesterday) done by excellent researcher formerly known as youtuber “Living On Planet Z” linking the Navy Yard Hoax Shooting PsyOp to the Stockton School Massacre Script.

    Separately, so far I have found Stockton PsyOp scripts-screenplay datelines, gematratia, symbologies, these other PsyOps -Hoax scripts:
    (1) San San Diego School Shooting Hoax -Stockton Hoax happened 12days before the 10th anniversary of the San Diego Hoax & SD gets even more ridiculous in it’s connections to San Francisco Hoax!!! & I just began to look into San Diego Hoax!
    (2)San Francisco School Shooting Hoax
    (3)DC Navy Yard Shooting Hoax
    4) Sandy Hook Crooks School Shooting Hoax

    • The nonsensical Sandy Hook denier narrative – wholly invented and peddled (quite literally, via autographed books, endless panhandling fundraising drives, and advertising revenue) by lunatics such as Wolfgang Halbig, James Fetzer, James Tracy, and Maria Chang – is one that aggressively defies all logic and reason. It requires us to believe that the United States government was able to successfully (at least in the minds of 99.99% of the world’s population) engineer an enormous, sprawling drama, involving hundreds if not thousands of fiercely loyal, silent conspirators and co-conspirators, simply to pass some limp-dicked local gun legislation, while simultaneously refusing to accept the idea that a mentally-ill twenty year-old obsessed with school shootings and with easy, unrestricted access to powerful assault weapons could shoot up an elementary school. It also requires us to believe that those same criminal masterminds possess the nearly endless resources required to pull off such a feat (which includes buying nearly everyone in Newtown a house apparently), but need to continually re-use their “actors” in vastly different “roles”. For instance, we’re told – presumably with a straight face – that Sandy Hook parent David Wheeler also needed to “play” an FBI agent. And as I learned the other day, veteran medical examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver even had to direct traffic at the entrance to Dickinson Drive. Why would this be necessary when Newtown has a fully capable volunteer fire and rescue company? And why would he allow himself to be photographed this way by a member of the complicit mainstream media? Trust me, these are not the kinds of questions deniers like to answer.

  77. Is cowgoy just crying out for attention? Even if that attention is ridicule?

    That’s my theory.

    Everyone here thinks he’s a fucking nut case.

    For whose benefit is he posting?

    What a god damned loon.

    • Studies suggest that conspiracy theories flourish when people feel anxiety, alienation, paranoia, or loss of control. The implication is that stressful events promote anxiety and other uncomfortable feelings, which then leads to conspiratorial beliefs, the communication of those beliefs, and perhaps action. Those who are initially prone to conspiratorial beliefs will be pushed to communicate or act on those beliefs; those who are less prone to conspiratorial beliefs will become more prone in the face of high anxiety. In the lab, researchers have found that inducing anxiety or loss of control triggers respondents to see nonexistent patterns and evoke conspiratorial explanations. In the real world, there is evidence that disasters (e.g., earthquakes) and other high-stress situations (e.g., job uncertainty) prompt people to concoct, embrace, and repeat conspiracy theories. After the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster in Japan, those closer to the disaster were more likely to tweet conspiracy theories than those less affected by it. So, too, for 9/11 conspiracy theories: those in New York City were more likely to believe Truther theories than those farther away.

      • Where might the conspiracy dimension come from? Similar to other belief systems, socialization is probably the most important influence. Children typically learn the rules of the game early on, are raised to trust authority figures, and are taught that others respect established rules. Thus, mainstream American thought appears to contain a strong anti-conspiracy theory bias: avowed conspiracy theorists are viewed with suspicion and derision, and the media as a whole scoff at conspiracy theories. Nevertheless, an absolutely large but relatively small number of citizens are socialized to have a worldview in which conspiratorial thinking is more pronounced. This is perhaps because they were exposed to socializing forces that drove them toward conspiratorial thinking (i.e., a conspiratorial parent, a conspiratorial media environment, or experiencing an actual conspiracy) or because they grew up in communities with alternative norms.

        • Few parents claim that they want to raise conspiracy theorists, and it is not clear that socialization into conspiratorial thinking is purposeful. Likely much of it is not, but assuming that some is, one might ask: given the strength of institutions in this country and a seemingly anti-conspiracy culture, why socialize anyone to conspiracy theorize at all? We contend that conspiracy theories are weapons of the weak and on balance an adaptive behavior. By definition, powerful groups are powerful; their tool of choice is brute strength; they have less need for, and fear of, fraud. Not so for those who perceive themselves as weak. They feel more exposed to divide-and conquer strategies and need to be more responsive to threats. Groups lacking raw strength must compensate with better speed and sight.

          • Conspiracy theories are an early warning system for group security, and like all warning systems they issue false alarms. This may be a price worth paying. As the saying goes, “politics ain’t beanbag,” and who controls the state apparatus has massive and sometimes lethal effects. Erring on the safe side makes sense. Even in the more settled world of advanced democracies, the stakes are high and groups fight fiercely for the spoils that states generate. Conspiracy theories are prophylactic because they raise awareness, indicate vulnerabilities, imply measures to shore up defenses, and unify the group against others who do not share their values. Conveniently, conspiracy theories also explain away losses by scapegoating, which has the joint benefits of absolving people from blame and uniting the group against a recognizable foe.

            Groups that have long labored at the bottom of the political hierarchy will be slower to relinquish conspiracy theories than those with more variable fortunes.

          • Sinead McFarty and husband KHunt lose their shit – show the world that they’re unhinged loons


          • ‘What is emerging is a new bi-polar world, with the United States and Israel on one side, and the rest of the world on the other.’

            Isn’t this statement a complete contradiction to the multitude of claims you’ve made about how the whole western world is aligned with Israel? Europe, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Canada, Saudi Arabia and others. Are they not part of the ‘rest of the world’.

            You really don’t have a grip on anything you espouse do you?

      • all that coming from someone who’s all the above

        • You probably don’t realise it hASSan but whoever posted that is probably not a wild-eyed conspiracy theorist. It’s all about you – little shitkicker.

        • Yeah..

          Its the SOP gaybee making the usual outing by abusing the nicks of posters he fears.
          He’s convinced Cowboy is John..


          Nah, hes the same one telling he’s not Gaybob ( remember the oral spelling of his kikey name)….:)
          …and that hes not been busted wide open.


          • Gabriel thinks Cowboy is John?? The smell of your farts doesn’t constitute evidence you know…

    • Duck n cover dude. There’s an all out assault happening on this page n ur getting buried man. Retreat is all u got bro!

      • The assault is always on ur butt, gaybort.

        And its u the fag calling for it…:)

        Dont ask me more, son. Uve spoiled my BootSs already.

        • Keep trying. You’re complete failure to have any impact is always amusing.

  78. i should know a psycologist for gays

    • You should ask Ruduff hASSan. He sees one 3 times a week but I don’t think it helps lol.

  79. and they think im normal yeah right#

    • High Altitude Balloons Reveal a Close Sun & close Moon of same size, a Flat, Level Horizon & Earth, & no satellites at all. & No stars! Try to debunk it. Try. Try!

      What the hell are stars?? I don’t know. But they are not billions of “light years” away & they are not suns, nor planets. You cannot see stars in “space”. You cannot film or photograph stars from space nor from high altitude balloons nor from high fights. They are some kind of round lights, certainly, visible from earth, which revolve together above earth around the North Star & North pole and so called planets are wandering stars which have different, independent orbits from the other “stars”.

      Fraud posts, nor disinfo, & troll posts cannot refute any of this visual proof. No NASA fakery can disprove any of this.

      • When examined closely at high altitude, I realised Christinne’s balloons were flat! Ruduff’s big moon is the real thing though

  80. it must be that leftover crack i was smoking its turnt my brain to mush Lol

    • Whassamatter hASSan. Feeling lowly ’cause ur the runt of the rat litter?

      • Rudolf’s minion is more unimaginative and toothless than his master.

        • Wouldn’t waste time on your rubbish blog – no emails from you either.

          BTW copy/paste and rehash blogs cannot be called a boycott.

        • ‘Ineducated’, ‘Under any aspect’, ‘spendable’?? You’re hardly an expert on bad writing.

          I’m sure your sister is grateful that your groin resembles the flat earth…

        • Rudolf shot down in flames again.

        • Rude-Dolt is as effective as the Italian army was.

        • Non-English speaking monkies don’t pass on the teacher effectiveness scale. Effect size -9.99999999

        • We know everything of you, illiterate perv.

          One thing is missing though…

          Why do you use your ass more than your finger, here….?…..:))

        • You’re fixated on asses and fingers aren’t you little italian baboon?

  81. This Rudolf character here- is he a troubled teenager?

    His rape fantasies..
    His anal fixation…
    His obsession with his boots…
    His interest in his own sister…
    His continual empty threats about doxing…
    His lies about others being banned from other sites…
    His empty promises about getting his “buddies” on this board…
    His inability to write a 9th grade level English sentence…

    The guy is almost as fucked up as cowdung. Sad cast of characters here…

    at least there’s Hassan who seems to have half a brain.

    • NIce summary Rocky. Every post made by Cow/Poo exposes them as them as artless purveyors of bullshit. Unfortunately this is a characteristic of hoaxtards, as is the tendency to become irrationally incensed whenever they’re called out on their crap. They’re all nuts…

      A very generous assessment of hASSan. It would be surprising if Cow/ASS/Poo collectively had half a brain.

      • Bit cranky Poo? Don’t like it when we laugh at your shit-for-brains?

        • Kebab gaybab..

          Why do u honestly thonk I do come here when no new threads are published?

          I check the real comments and appreciate the Real Posters’ posts.

          Then I dont resist. I like to bash you. Even if, you are not an issue here. All the world knows you, mega-fag, slanderous bitch of the net (……).

          Maybe cos u are my horrendous, deviant son..?

          Gaybee: I own you, as always. Thanx for the laughter u provofe….here and there….:)))

        • Thonk? Provove? Real posters?

          At least, despite your intellectual incapacity, the Italian army managed to teach you (like a little monkey) one of their most famous strategies…Launch a disorganized attack. Fail. Scuttle away like a stinking dago cockroach.

      • Aw are you a bit cranky Poo-for-brains?

  82. The copy / paste ape strikes again.

    • The original comment was a very succinct analysis of you. I did re-read it and laughed again.

      • Good..

        Keep laughing on the top.

        You know something will happen sooner than expected, fag…


      • Too many promises. No action. Bring it on you gutless pile of dog poop.

  83. More misogynistic bullshit from Mike Adams, funnelled by Poo, whose hatred of women is well-known.

    • Plenty of evidence that ur a misogynyst – ur just too dumb to realize it. Never mind women hate you too.

      • Faggot and zio excrement:
        Mom and sis in ur family guess right the opposite.

        Ask them, women hater & milo follower..

      • I promise you. Women think you’re disgusting.

  84. what a fraud i am no life no money no friends the boys dont even want me thats why i stalk people on blog#

    • I am Rudolf’s artless lickspittle.

      • im rudis fave peace of arse

      • We have used the wrong nick above.
        We are imaginary mates on the net but twin butts in the park’s toilet.

        • Is that the toilet where Rudolf works?

    • Why are you so obsesses with Fundies? Is it because you were banned and all your comments deleted?

      • No deviant son..

        Dont wanna hear ur story back.

        We do know it already!

        • Another enormous fail by you. Defeat really eats you up doesn’t it…

  85. where does she live IM THERE

    • i dress up like a girl when im alone with rudolf

  86. rudis mama chased me out of the house with a broom

  87. Letting all my followers know that me and Christnne can’t post this weekend because we’re on the road with Dr K and the 3 of us can’t be in two places at once. lol. We’re at the Whole Life Expo in Toronto and I’m manning Exhibits A-Z and 1-100. It’s really hard work. Also up here hate speech is a crime so I can’t post my usual hate-filled ravings and defamatory radaris data. Christinne is passing round the donation tin at Dr K’s lectures. We’ll be hanging round in Canada for another few days to scam some unsuspecting health food freaks but we’ll be back in Chicago later in the week and I’ll make up some more hoaxes then. Thanks for your patience.

    I was going to ask Ruduff to take the helm while we’re gone but his performance on this thread has been disgraceful. He really is a sick pervert lol. Hassan can you fill in for me? It’s really easy. Just pick a name from a news story and identify anyone with a name that sounds the same on radaris. Then stalk their facebook and twitter accounts, post a few photos of people who don’t look anything alike, claim there the same, pull some numbers out of a hat and call it gematria, write it up breathlessly with a few anti-zio hoaxy folksy buzzwords like preprogramming and psyops and Bob’s your uncle!

    And don’t let Gabriel the ziotrash satan worship tamuld loving occult worship fgt use my name without a fight! See you next week.

    • dunno man you know i cant even rite a sentence properly

      • Lol! Dude. That doesn’t matter at all none of us can! And you make a lot more sense that Ruduff. And you don’t even have to know how to read just match faces!

        • Funny stuff!

    • Does any of you find my mental butt mate’ production, hilarious, new, interesting or unusual?

      …just saying…

  88. If Gaybee is Rudolf’s son, wouldn’t Gaybee’s “sis” be Rudolf’s daughter?

    Why does Rudolf have rape fantasies about his own daughter?

    • How can that be when you don’t even know who Gabriel is? Go on be honest. You’re talking about your own mother aren’t you?

      • Come on deviat coward, son.

        Type a comment in my blog and I publicily promise you’ll be introduced to the filthy world in which u live in.

        Show a drop of ur courage and show Daddy Cool you deserve his boots.

        Now bring sis back. I need to ..relax…:)

        • If you had anything, you’d drop it here. But you can’t – hahahahahahah

  89. im a bigger idiot then what everybody thought i was


  91. just had a bit of good news my membership for the ymca club has come HAPPY DAYS#

    • Good for you hASSan! You’ve managed to find the capslock key and use a hash!

    • YEAH Im the one who wears the coppers outfit!

    • It’s simply an expression of wonder that your little butt boy can even use a keyboard

  92. Ex 10) San Francisco School Shooting Hoax -DHS paid PsyOp Crisis Actor & False Witness Nia Gastinell is From St Louis, Missouri & NOT San Francisco!! Busted!!!

    Wattch her @ 1:08 mark where she says our teacher ax’ us to push our “deskes” together. Same script writer as LAX (& other hoax shootings) where the Hispanic guy says I pushed all tge luggages together..

    This is Nia Gastinell with big hair braids/hair weave top left of picture. Her San Francisco Facebook shell has only one friend & he is on this facebook account as 1 of her friends as well.

    Also she is older than 15, probably 18 to 20 & imbeded in the army as a crisis actor… Brought to San Francisco this fall & doing half a day at this high school playing a 15 year old student.

    I apologize to all the new reader for all the idiot troll disinfo comments & fraudulent comments made by zionist jew extremist Gabriel a perverted coward under real truthers names to disgust & confuse new reader & real truth seekers & to discredit the site & hide the truth.

    • Ha Ha! New readers? There haven’t been any new readers here in months. You and Rudolf drove them all off ages ago… Rudolf with his rape fantasies and you, cowgoy, with your abject fundie stupidity…

      Sorry, bud, now it’s just you dumb dicks and the dozen or so guys you like to call “Gabriel”.


      • Dozen…what, gaybab…?

        Does ur bitt keep …multiplying randomly…?


      • We all know you like a ‘bitt’ of butt. Run away again, do a few more English lessons, learn to type and come back for more grandiose failure.

    • A warning to new readers:

      If you’re ever caught up in a mass shooting event DO NOT under any circumstances attempt to cobble together a makeshift barrier with any materials you may have to hand, or my client will use it as incontrovertible proof that you are an actor in an elaborate hoax. Of course if you happen to get shot dead, my client will claim that you never existed. There’s no win-win for you. Be warned.

  93. Ex 10-b) San Francisco School Shooting Hoax -DHS paid PsyOp Crisis Actor & False Witness Nia Gastinell is From St Louis, Missouri & NOT San Francisco!! Busted!!!

    This is Nia Gastinell with big hair braids/hair weave top left of picture. Her San Francisco Facebook shell has only one friend & he is on this facebook account as 1 of her friends as well.

    Also she is older than 15, probably 18 to 20 & imbeded in the army as a crisis actor… Brought to San Francisco this fall & doing half a day at this high school playing a 15 year old student.

    She has probably been used times in the Saint Louis Area ferguson hoax many times in staged protests etc…

  94. Ex 10-c) San Francisco School shooting Hoax- DHS Crisjs Actor Nia Gastinell fake 15 yr Crisis Actor Shipped-In From St Louis for this PsyOp Operation for Treason Gun ConfiscationbAgenda of the Zionist Enemy of Americans!

  95. Hey cowgoy-

    How does this lady and her 15 year old daughter Nia fit into your narrative?

  96. Rudolf, there is no measurable evidence for this condition. That is, there is no evidence for viral, bacterial, genetic origin and, most of the time,the fibers, when tested, are constructed of nylon, and other cloths.Verbal evidence is the worst kind of evidence, as can often be seen by the range of descriptions from “eye witnesses” to an event. Additionally, there is no known mechanism to create these fibers.With the kind of evidence that can be repeated & measured acceptance will follow.

  97. The phrase “conspiracy theory” has definitely come to mean something more than “a theory (in the vernacular sense) about a conspiracy.” To say that someone’s explanation of events is a conspiracy theory is definitely to imply that their theory, however intricate it may be, probably bears little resemblance to reality.

    But then you assert that “conspiracy theory” came to have this connotation because of underhanded spin-doctoring by unnamed “public relations groups.” Maybe conspiracy theories got a bad reputation for a much, much simpler reason: most of them are bad theories.

    They are bad theories in the sense that instead of trying to find the conclusion that most naturally fits the evidence, they try to find a way to twist the evidence (or invent evidence entirely) so that it can still come to their desired conclusion no matter what.

    They are bad theories in the sense that, almost without exception, they are constructed to be unfalsifiable. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, it does not mean, as some people erroneously guess, that the theory could not possibly be false. It means that no matter how false the theory is, the theory is such that the person who believes it will never see that it is and always has been wrong.

    They are bad theories in that they do not bring believers closer to the truth, as good theorizing does, but lead them further away and weaken their ability to find their way back. They isolate believers socially and put them through unnecessary fear and suffering. They set believers up for the ridicule, pity and contempt of others because, freed from the constraints of reality, the believers’ theories grow unbelievably lurid, baroque and improbable, and the believers are self-blinded to this. Is the reaction of the mainstream when exposed to these bizarre theories frequently mocking and cruel? Yes, but that’s also frequently the reaction to someone who walks around with underpants on their head; the root cause of the mockery is the bizarre behavior, so clearly bizarre except to the person who’s doing it, convinced that it’s actually rational behavior.

    Let’s look at a theory about a conspiracy that wasn’t a conspiracy theory: Watergate. We had high-level political figures caught in an act of burglary and we had the President of the United States trying to minimize and hide the crime. The theory “the President was aware of their illegal activities and may have been the one to order them” is a perfectly reasonable extrapolation from that evidence.

    Now let’s look at how “conspiracy theory” thinking goes by contrast. There is an extremely fringe theory out there based upon a couple of individuals who claim they are the victims of “Project Monarch,” a secret CIA mind-control project that used “trauma-based mind control” to deliberately create multiple-personality disorder in certain children so they could be employed as both assassins and as sex slaves for public figures, not just political figures like Henry Kissinger but also entertainment figures like Bob Hope. It should also be mentioned that instead of supporting each others’ stories, the two individuals who claim to be “Monarch” survivors accuse each other of having “ripped off” their tales of woe from the other. One of the survivors, “Cathy,” tells frequently how her abuse by “Project Monarch” left her with horrific scars all over her body. The only one who claims to ever have seen the scars is the man who effectively acts as her agent, sharing in the money she makes talking and writing about her lurid supposed history.

    As was said before, good theories try to explain the evidence. In this case, the first question that should come to mind is: WHAT evidence?? There isn’t any! Even the evidence that could be revealed any time, i.e., the scars, has never been seen, and there is no good reason why someone supposedly so eager to have the truth of her past known should be withholding that evidence. The most reasonable explanation for the evidence that actually exists is not that “Project Monarch” exists or existed, but that one very sick woman dreamed it up, another very sick woman imitated her, and one very venal man saw money to be made by playing along.

    Now this is how the people who adopt “conspiracy theories” handle evidence by contrast: at a conference for supposed survivors of “mind control” and “ritual abuse,” Cathy was a speaker, and her lurid account was given great attention and credibility, despite not a shred of evidence to support it. Someone did ask, however, if Project Monarch had forced Cathy into the wildly sexually promiscuous life that she claimed, why had she never contracted any sexually transmitted infections, as so many people who live sexually promiscuous lifestyles do? The speaker, without missing a beat, hypothesized that probably “trauma-based mind control” affected the immune system and provided protection against STIs. Think about that, for a second: that is a medical miracle being casually hypothesized on the spot. We know ways that bad mental states can make the immune system worse, but now we’re being told that mental torture can make the immune system awesome? Is that really a more logical explanation of the evidence than “Cathy didn’t actually have the sex with hundreds of perverted celebrities that she claims she did”?

    Yes, there exists an “us vs. them” attitude between conspiracy theorists and the mainstream. I think you are missing the obvious by thinking it doesn’t originate with the conspiracy theorists, who so frequently divide the world into “the brave truth-seekers who have figured out the conspiracy even though they can’t back it up with evidence,” “the sheeple who don’t agree with the conspiracy theory because they’re hoodwinked into thinking extraordinary evidence should be had before accepting extraordinary claims,” and of course “the shills and everyone else in on the conspiracy.” Are you telling me that isn’t “us vs. them” thinking?

  98. Cowboy would look less foolish if he simply ran around with his underpants over his head.

    • Wearing my underpants on my head creates additional gematric forces which assist with creativity when I’m concocting a hoax. Lol.

  99. Banging on about your pathetic rape fantasy again

  100. Ur a stupid fucken cuck Rudolf. You’ll never get a seat at our round table you faggot. And stop creeping my wife out pervert.

    • GAyborted gaybab…

      How much would u like to sound as a man.

      No way for ya, believe this dad..

      Stick to ur evolutionist fraud.

      Ah, post some more outdated dung of the Morgellons deniers tpo.
      My gut is…ure gonna get ill soon….:)

      • You’d love to make that happen wouldn’t you – pity you can’t because you’re a complete failure.

  101. Absolute proof that Rudolf is an arch lunatic! Who can prove otherwise?

  102. Ex12) San Francisco School Shooting Hoax- DHS Crisis Actor Jairo Huezo Busted!! As a Champion a Bay Area, California & National Champion Debater & Speaker!!!

    He is supposedly a Freshman but he is likely older & probably has already been to college & was re-entered in High School this year for this PsyOp & to setup a future political role & maybe movie acting roles from his debating & speaking contests at this school as Jairo Huezo.
    Also notice the bizzar “scripted wardrop -art director choice” lavender scarf around his neck to tell viewers he must be homosexual to reinforce the use of the other obvious real flaming fag “Gentrification” Crisis Actor.

    See Exhibit 12-b to see proof of him as a champion debater & public speaker.

    Again…Slimely ziotrash freak Gabriel the invisible (to 1 guy) giant flaming fag pink elephant troll of Nodisinfo is again taking massive smelly dumps of disinfo, fraud, gibberish trolling all over this thread of posts.

  103. Ex12-b) San Francisco School Shooting Hoax PsyOp DHS Crisis Actor Jairo Huezo Busted!! As a Champion a Bay Area, California & National Champion Debater & Speaker!!!

    Again, He is supposedly a Freshman but he is likely older & probably has already been to college & was re-entered in High School this year for this PsyOp & to setup a future political role & maybe movie acting roles from his debating & speaking contests at this school as Jairo Huezo.

    • If that kid was in college cowboy than Im einsteins cousin.

      • Dirty little ass sniffer fails again

    • A praise to Cowboy for his patient & constant research for the truth.

      No multi-nicked gaybort can do anything, anymore.

      He’s an open, albeit stinking talmud.

      • Dirty little ass sniffer fails again

  104. Which Jairo Huezo are you referring to Cowgoy?

    There’s a bunch of them… I’m confused.

  105. Ex 12-c) San Francisco School Shooting Hoax DHS Actor Fraudster Fake Witness Jairo Huezo Busted as champion public speaker & debater!

    His picture from San Francisco June Jordan Equity School Website.

    • I am a mass-debater.

  106. 11-a) San Francisco School Shooting Hoax witness fake mother Dr Kim Wise Gastinell of Nia Gastinell was DHS moved from New Orleans to San Francisco late 2015 to take part in this Treasonous PsyOp- Her sister Betty is apparently the real mother of Crisis Actor Nia.

    Nia looks just like sister (of Kim) Betty as well!

    & Kim Gastinell gets to keep her old paid job back in New Orleans too as a paid shell job bonus for doing her treason & fraud for the Zionist psychopaths. Lol

    Notice she uses has a masonic 33 on her healthgrades…
    & She uses a masonic 69 in her twitter account.

    • Gaybab.

      Its ur fav digit.

      Wait! Its ur rabbi’s too…!…..:)) arch-Oi…!

      • I’m an arch virgin for safe

  107. Ex 11-b) San Francisco Hoax Shooting PsyOp- Kim Wise Gastinell removed New Orleans info off her site after I posted about Crisis Actor fake Nia Gastinell! Lol!

    Busted anyway ziopuppet!

    So she got a Govt financed job in San Francisco in late 2015 so she take part in this PsyOp! & So did her unmentioned husband!!

    From Healthgrades (see Ex11-a):

    Substance Abuse Counseling
    Kim Wise-Gastinell
    Review Kim Wise-Gastinell
    Her public office in New Orleans.
    6400 General Meyer Ave, New Orleans, LA 70131
    (504) 393-xxxx

    She probably got some Stolen, condemned land on the cheap when the ziotrash had New Orleans “Gentrified” by blowing up the levees a couple days after Katrina & condemning & demolishing the homes of poor & middle class cajuns, creoles & blacks & whites—all hated Goyim masses! & Freemason like her wouldn’t care as long as close relatives & herself made out well from it!

    • Since you know everything about the object of your stalking, why not contact her and present these absurd theories instead of behaving like the bottom feeder on a conspiracy site. Do some real investigating.

  108. Ex 12-c) San Francisco Shooting Hoaxer Kim Gastinell stopped using her 69 coded Twitter At the Same time she left New Orleans for San Francisco To do her fraud & treason for pay!

    I bet she is getting pay $$$ for crisis -grief counseling at the June Jordan Equity aka Occultic Anarchy- Order Of Chaos School! With the black power & anarcist occultic symbol as their official school symbol! I bet DHS & FEMA gives some of these Crisis
    -Grief counselors $100 an hr or more right after these hoax shootings & stabbings! a payoff ofcourse to keep taking part in future fake shooting PsyOps & to hardcore brainwash kids into that a real shooting happened.

  109. A recent study by a physicist at Oxford University has effectively dismissed your favorite conspiracy theories by using math to show the unlikelihood of being able to keep something like the Kennedy assassination secret for any period of time.

    Conspiracy theories – Math says you’re off your bloody rocker

    Dr. David Grimes at Oxford University has an equation that says there is no way that alleged conspiracies could “survive” the scrutiny of the public either because someone would come forward or it would accidentally be disclosed.

    His work was recently published in Plos One journal and his equation put four famous conspiracy theories to the sword. His equation is put together with three primary factors: the amount of time that has passed, the intrinsic probability of failure and the number of people involved in the alleged conspiracy.

    The four conspiracy theories that his equation “disproved”: the fake moon landing, the belief that vaccines cause autism, the fact that pharmaceutical companies have a cure for cancer but won’t disclose it, and the idea that climate change is nothing less than “fraud.”

    “The mathematical methods used in this paper were broadly similar to the mathematics I have used before in my academic research on radiation physics,” Dr Grimes said.

    That same math has the moon landing “hoax” being revealed in 3.7 years, the climate change “fraud” in 3.7 to 26.8 years (so you deniers still have time on the top end), the cancer “conspiracy in 3.2 years, and the vaccine autism link taking 3.2 to 34.8 years before being publicly revealed.

    The conspiracy debunking equation explained

    Dr. Grimes equation was essentially reverse engineering actual conspiracies that were ultimately revealed: The US National Security Agency (NSA), surveillance program known as PRISM that was revealed by Edward Snowden, The Tuskegee syphilis experiment wherein African-Americans were not given the cure to syphilis (penicillin) in order to study the diseases effects and finally, the FBI’s misleading statements about its forensic analysis techniques that led to the imprisonment and even execution of innocent people.

    In order: the PRISM program involved, at the top end, 36,000 and was revealed after six years, the Tuskegee experiment involved as many as 6,700 people and Dr. Peter Buxtun turned whistleblower after roughly 25 years and Dr Frederic Whitehurst revealed the FBI’s lies that involved as many as 500 people six years after the conspiracy began.

    The equation gives the conspirators the benefit of the doubt and a “best case scenario” in which those involved are good at keeping secrets and there are no ongoing investigations from the outside.

    After working through all sorts of math and devising the equation he worked out that it’s nearly impossible to fake it for that long. Take the moon landing, in order for it to be faked it would have required 411,000 NASA employees to say nothing. Now that 50 years have passed, Grimes equation says that in order for the moon landing to be a hoax, only 251 conspirators could have been involved.

    Dr Grimes added: “While I think it’s difficult to impossible to sway those with a conviction… I would hope this paper is useful to those more in the middle ground who might wonder whether scientists could perpetuate a hoax or not.”

    Looks like we walked on the moon.

    I for one, having lost a number of friends on 9/11, look forward to having Dr. Grimes research at hand when I run into the next 9/11 conspiracy theorist rather than just punching them in the mouth per usual, I’m getting too old for that.

  110. Ex11-d) San Francisco School Shooting PsyOp DHS-Spook -Change Agent Kim Gastinell linked to Multiple military base Cities like Fort Hood in Killen TX– the largest military base in the World!

    In other words she is a DHS US army or AF embede DHS Crisis Actor & Grief Counselor, etc..

    Herself & her apparent real daughter former track star Kim Meagan Gastinell are both linked to Southwestern University in Hammond, LA as well.

    And what is the likelihood she waited 13 years between two daughters with the same father Lorenzo Gastinell (also alias as Leonard Gastinell)???

    Kim W Gastinell
    age 47
    Daly City, CA; San Francisco, CA; Fort Stewart, GA; Killeen, TX; Jennings, LA ; Augusta, GA; Hammond, LA

    Lorenzo Gastinell, Frank Wise, Henry Wise, Brandon Wise, Marion Jones


    & Daughter:

    Kimberly Meagan Gastinell
    age 28
    New Orleans, LA

    John Williams, Christopher Gastinell, Evelyn Gastinell

    • “In other words she is a DHS US army or AF embede DHS Crisis Actor & Grief Counselor, etc..”

      A lot of waffle there Cowboy with not a shred of evidence to back it up. Just your insane claims.


        • can someone please help me get a life ive never had one before#

          • i know CAPS LOCKS & # i’m so clever my special ed teacher ruduff took me to the storeroom and gave me candy bit sore tho

  111. Ex11-e) San Francisco School Shooting HOAX-Fraudster Kim Wise-Gastinell’s Sister fellow Crisis Actor Army Major Yolanda Wise Poullard (& Niece) PsyOps with Barry Soetoro Aka Fraudster Prez Barrack Obama!

    Crisis Acting, change- agent, army embeded spooks & Ziopuppetry certainly runs in the family!

  112. Ex 14) San Francisco School Shooting Ziotrash DHS PsyOp- Crisis Actor Nia Gastinell’s fake Dad Lorenzo Gastinell got a job in San Francisco City College in late 2015 also & moved from New Orleans. This fraud is alias as Leonard Gastinell previous records & obituaries of his mother show!

    This shows his position at SF City College.

  113. Alice laughed. ‘There’s no use trying,’ she said, ‘one can’t believe impossible things.’ ‘I daresay you haven’t had much practice,’ said Cowboy. ‘When I was younger, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.’.

  114. Ex 13) San Francisco School Shooting Flaming Fag Crisis Actor- Scripted “we were watching a ‘Gentrification Documentary’ ”

    See super faggy Crisis Actor do his script after 28 seond mark.

    (150 in Gematria occult means chosen one or devine!)

    Gentrification means to “steal/cheat” & destroy homes & apartments & lives of poor & lower middle class & middle class & small businesses by condemnation & forced higher rents for the benefit developers & crooked politicians $$$ & the wealthy to get new neighborhoods & new homes & cookie cutter generic mega corporate franchised businesss at lower than market rates would be by forcing out the existing businesses & homeowners & aforementioned at the point of a gun basically with forced evictions & condemnations forced higher rents, non renewal of leases etc…

    The blowing of the Levees in New Orleans by Army Core of Engineers & or spooks a couple days after Katrina was a barbaric ziotwisted way at instant Gentrification for New Orleans. After they flooded them out & forced & tricked thousands of homeowners & renters to supposed temporarily move Texas & Indiana & Oklahoma, & trailers in Mississippi etc, them the psychopaths at DHS/FEMA & govt’ had their homes demolised under the guise/disguise/trick/lie that they had abandoned their homes! lol So many got little nothing for their homes at all!
    So the scripted use of Gentrification was to subliminally tell you – these shooting shooting are to destroy the lives & property & rights of you dumb, hated goyim for the benefit of the chose/devine zionist & Talmudic jews & freemasons & elites!

    • Thank you for explaining to the dumb goy the meaning of gentrification Cowboy. Disgusting practice to be sure yet Dr K and Judy sit pretty in their own beautifully gentrified home in Lake Forest Illinois. How does that sit with you?

      • Let me hail at u vegetable abort
        Are u an Ogm organism?

        • Hailing the Vegetable Goya is the best thing you’ve done on this thread

  115. 13-b) San Francisco School School Hoax Script used Gentrification for: (1) the meaning the word, (2) the 150 Gemtria & 150 meaning Devine or chosen, but also…

    in Jewish Gematria 459 aka 99 or 66
    & In English Gematria 900 aka 9 aka 3×3 aka 33.

    • Thank you Cowboy for sharing your Gematrian calculator. It has been invaluable in deciphering the hidden meaning of this website. In short I can conclusively state that Nodisinfo (coded 630 in English Gematria) is a joint enterprise between the Zionist Entity and the US Government (and maybe the British). Its aim is to spread so much crazy disinfo so that the Jews can take over the world while the rest of us are distracted. Henious! Here are some highlights (and I seriously could not make this shit up). The top ten results the eeeevil mossodamite Nodisinfo number of the beast 630 (9 in standard numerology) are:

      1. Alex Jones

      2. Nine Eleven

      3. Internet

      4. Christine

      5. Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi

      6. Francis Bacon

      7. Blood Moon

      8. Ferguson

      9. Zionism

      10. Benny Hinn (televangelist)

      I’m sure you don’t need me to break any of that down further. Here are the next eleven:

      11. Light Bearer

      12. Tipareth (Beauty in Hebrew)

      13. Masonry

      14. Flagstaff Az (near Colarado, site of the Lowell Observatory AND the US Naval Observatory, a meteor crater and the centre for medical device manufacturing – probably the nodisinfo cabal’s secret meeting spot)

      15. Lightening (the speed at which hoaxes are identified)

      16. Amazing Grace

      17. Gods Word

      18. Messenger

      19. Saviour

      20. The World

      21. Sudden Death

      Are you seeing the pattern yet Cowboy?

      Others wretched 630s include:

      Vitriol, Nonsense,Vin Uru (Babylonian Dynasty), Waffediyok (Romani gypsy for “The Evil Eye”), I am the Lord, Equinox, Manvantara (Hindu – lifespan), Zyklon B, Go Postal, Chief Big Foot, Lightbearer, Omar Mateen, Dirty Diana, Dead Spirit, Obamanation, Obama the Liar, God is Great, I am the Lord, Jack Van Impe (aka the Walking Bible – prophesier of doom), Suffering, Pyramids, Blake Edwards, Liberation, Shania Noll, Win the Game, Fools Gold, Dorothy, Sonic Boom, New Zealand, Malka Stein, Qliphoth (evil or impure spirits in Jewish mysticism), Play By Ear, Mark INGRAM, Bog Standard and Fly Poop.

      In Jewish Gematria Nodisinfo = 298 (1 in normal numerology). Malignant coded 298s include:

      British, Shoot, Death Sleep, An Idol of Death, He Hates All Life, Doom Shape, Behemoth, Ramaseas (death index), Cuckhold, Mendenhall Glacier (global warming), Probate, Mandragore (mandrake plant) Sasha Fierce (aka Beyonce), Flaming Ones, Abuse, Einstein, Pepsi Cola, Tesla Coil, Bereishis (Genesis 1:1), Eric Fromme, Chained Dracos, Bastet, Sacral Chakra, Shu, Shining One, Mark of Self 888, 0 Three O, Be Not Afraid, The Lion King (Elton John), The Birds (Hitchcock), Episcopal, clinopinacoid (crystallography), Ahathoor, Blue Man, The Red Sea, Dream of Hecate (dark goddess), Busae, Akron Ohio (High Tech Haven, Goodyear Polymer, Centre for Reproductive Health, 2014 GAY GAMES – another meeting place for the wicked cabal), Keego Harbor (means ‘big fish’ in Apache, on DOLLAR Lake which connects to CASS Lake – another meeting place), Dodecahedron Field (Lion serpents), Ian Oeschger (web designer, co-founder of CAPE FEAR Economic Development Council), Red Faction, Moon Beams, Hammer Light, Stone Age, In a Sphere, Fornicated, Cosmic Fish, Bad Drug, Helpless, Mark and Brian (probably high-level cabal members eg Mark INGRAM and Brian Jones Rolling Stone who faked his death – although it could be Wilson, Eno or Ferry too!), Ascites (the accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity), Is a Allah Miracle, Allah is Magic Is, Funkadelic, Tin Tin and Fresh Eggs.

      Thanks again Cowboy for leading me through Gematria to a billion percent proof of Nodisinfo’s diabolical plot to help the Jews take over the world! I feel like I’ve just discovered a thousand flat earths at once! This is just the beginning. There is much, much more to come from Gematrix on Nodisinfo. Of course, I will be reporting my findings to the Curator at the Smithsonian Museum! Lol.

      • Correction: infowars is actually #4 in the first list (no kidding); Christine is #5 – rearrange the others accordingly. Next up Dr K. Lol!

      • And where are Trump & silversten, son….??

        • In your wet dreams?

          • You wouldn’t know the truth if it kicked you in the arse and got it’s boot stuck. I guess with all those other blows you’ve suffered down there…

            It’s strange how you call yourself the terminator when you’re the one been terminated – what was the name of that site again? Oh Heathen Women.

  116. im glad you’s have made me the butt of all jokes

  117. all i want is to be accepted please

  118. why dont you’s follow me i do a lot of research i study boys my favourite subject

    • really starting to like you cabbie you rite and sound alot like me can you do caps lock ICAN#

  119. Cowboy-

    The Lord does not look favorably on you and your slanderous proclamations.

    Proverbs 6:16-19

    There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.

    Proverbs 19:5

    A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who breathes out lies will not escape.

    Proverbs 19:9

    A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who breathes out lies will perish.

    Exodus 20:16

    “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

    Ephesians 4:25

    Therefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another.

    1 John 2:4

    Whoever says “I know him” but does not keep his commandments is a liar, and the truth is not in him,

    Revelation 21:8

    But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”

    John 8:44

    You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

    Matthew 19:18

    He said to him, “Which ones?” And Jesus said, “You shall not murder, You shall not commit adultery, You shall not steal, You shall not bear false witness,

  120. I’d say cowgoy is in one big heap of trouble. Lol!

  121. Cowboy is a lying twat.

  122. Dr K – coded 33 in Simple Gematria (magic # 3), 198 (magic #9) in English and 94 (holy #4) in Jewish. Here’s the hidden meanings:

    Magic, Gay, Camp, Aids, Qaan (Somalian adolescent), Aleph (Jewish gay society), Nambla (North American Man/Boy Love Association), Adir (Air data reference system and Yeshiva Boys Choir), Libido, Rhea (gonna), Crak, Sac (ball), NRA, KKK, LAPD, ICU, Rabbi, Rebbe (Rabbi), bimanic (bisexual or bipolar), Rabbah (Jewish text), Hear, Doll (blow up or Dolly Parton), Ineffable, Adi Mahakali (girl’s school in Calcutta), B H Obama, Pebble, Ben Ben, Adimahakali, Hera (wife and sister of Zeus), Sam (Sammy Davis – Jew who faked his death, cabal member), Dread (Judge – Cabal member), Kidman (Nicole – cabal member), Isaac, Berg, Alas, G Card, Barak, Amen, Aram (Syria), Arabia, Anaheim (cabal meeting place), Gadara (town in Israel), Diane (Princess Diana – former cabal member, murdered by the Cabal), Phi, Don (the), Jard (joke), Pile (of shite, hemorrhoid, or Gomer – Cabal member), Ahava (Dead Sea products – Israel Trade Commission), ASM (American Society for Microbiology), Nandi (Fiji), Akrab (Kazakhstan), Hadar (Africa), Blame, Bold, Gate (gateway to evil or Bill Gates), Kim (Kardashian), Seed (to plant), Kali (short for Khalil), Al Albani, Mean (nasty), Ill (mentally/sick), Radah (‘rule over’ in old Hebrew), Find Me (dare you to), local (hint) Epic, Barbed, Amaco, Wade, Said, Fence, Neck (behead), Kill Me, Radha (Hindu goddess), Bakar, Enlil (Sumerian god), Arica (commune in Chile), Ebay, Haggai (Hebrew prophet), Beber (misspelled Justin – member of Cabal), Akasa (thermal products), Fabian (socialist society), Cainan, Arcade (rabbit hole), Hare (rabbit hole), Uka (Ukraine), The 113, Dell, Igbo (African), Rama (Hindu god), Het, The, Teh, Chim, Xi, Coo, Comb (lice), Danni (Minogue, Kylie’s sister – member of the Cabal), Pache (Partnerships to Advance Cancer Health Equity), Kinked Back, Idoma (ethno-linguistic group that primarily inhabit the lower western areas of Benue State, Nigeria), Crib (meeting place), Dias, Bop, Hike, SAC (ball or possibly a unisex pack-away jacket), CTIA (Cellular Telephone Industries Association), Fail Again, Neill (Diamond – Cabal member), Henna, Aloe, Reed, Herb, Ganja, Nod, Raid, ADIS (Alcohol & Drug Info Service), Baccer (Pokemon), Fir, I am Hen, Pig Head, Peach and Banana.

    I don’t really know what’s going on here but there seems to be all kinds of debauched Tamaldic, satanic drug-riddled multicultural faggotry coded into Dr K’s name. Cowboy, can you help with an interpretation?

    Cass Ingram’s looking REAL interesting – up next.

    • You’ve struck pure gold with the infallible Gematria tool. Please continue exposing the irrefutable truth.

      And Cowboy; feel free to comment.

    • It’s not as simple as entering words into a calculator, you ziotrash talmudic freak, Gabriel. That will produce pure gibberish as you see. Gematria is an art and only a skilled practishioner can get the desired results. Don’t even try to meddle in gematria. That’s my forte and nobody does it like I do . Lol!

    • Rabbi dieter schlierberg is a tranny:

      Controversial statement made by netayahoo aired by red-ice radio on the night show

      ‘I$rae£ is in your hand,

      claimed the strip’s boss..

      But my both hands are on your teets..’ ..he added..

      • I also fantasy about putting my hand on the teets (and the bitts as well)

  123. we think your a dick head what! gaybee

  124. they say im a sandwich short of a picnic basket there RIGHT!

  125. US Hoax Presidential Election 2016
    100% Pure Computerized Vote Fraud!

    Exhibit 1) Hoax Election PsyOp to Install Hillary proven by Witch Hillary & Donald Duck Trump zioPuppets Having a jolly good time Together at AL Smith Dinner in Big Rotten Apple!

    Look at these to buffoon ziotrash slimebags together everything is preset in this phoney election Trump knows he’s going to lose! Trump will jump (take a dive) for the zio jews at every command like the ziopuppet he’s been his whole life!

    Zionist Crypto Jew Hillary is ready with Satanic glee to bwgim bloodbaths of killing fields of hated goyim Christians & Muslim killing each other for her delight & to set up Greater Israel!

  126. US Presidential Hoax Election 2016 – Computer Programmed-Rigged Selection of Hillary Zionist Warmonger Crypto Jew as phoney President!

    Exhibit 2) Hoax Election Clowns Fake Enemies Witch Hillary & Donald Duck Trump Laughing at The dumb goyim as they act out the Last Acts of this PsyOp Election Theater Show!

    Trump’s ridiculous scripted Orange colored (33 code) skin alone prove he is mere zioPuppet change agent & Crisis Actor! Hillary is loving his continued act as a Kosher & fake version of Pat Buchanan 20 years later after the Presidential 1996 primaries & vote fraud, ziomedia attacks , etc.., eliminated Buchanan!

    • Drumpf is supported by many a zio jew.
      A deviant, psychotic sell out.

      A creature who’s spent his fkn life with trannies and bitches.
      A pervert who’ d gladly frack his own daughter, if he didnt do that already. A fake candidate.

      Now the globo jewry is using the cia asset assange to attack the sick, violent zio dyke lillary.

      Note that gaybob is a supporter of trump and his obscene bunch of faggy mongrels.

      • I wish to boycott the Drumpf but I really do like his personal baseball caps (and his bitt)

  127. Every Picture Tells a Story! Don’t It? In the 2016 Fake
    USA Presidential Election–Installing of Hildabeast!

    Ex 3) Hoax President Election Actors Hideous Abortionists Hillary & Doofus Donald Trump with Crypto Zio Jesuit Jew Joker Cardinal Laughing it up together like freemasons & drinking buddies proves it’s a fake rigged, orchestrated, phoney predetermined election to fool the hated goyim masses!

  128. Ex4) Hoax US Election 2016- Even Trump’s name (Code 88)
    88 – Master of knowledge, was changed from Drumpf & Trumpf to Trump to get the right Occultic number & meaning!!!

    Trump is 88 in Simple Gematria & 88 in the Jewish-Babylonian- Satanic occult means:

    88 – Master of knowledge, Self-Discipline. Pioneering, Assertiveness, Universal Laws, Authority Challenger, Eternity

  129. Exhibit 5) Hoax Election Hillary Looking Lovingly Into Her CoStar Actor’s Eyes!..Knowing she gets the Prize, Its All Lies!!! 3 filthy Zio Pigs-in-Pod: Ziotrash Kissinger, Clinton & Trump together! NO ELECTION!! ZIO SELECTION!

    Via Computer Programmed Vote Fraud! They pick the winner, they own the actors, you, hated goyim, get the shaft!

  130. Ex 6) 2016 Prez Election Hoax Election! All Staged Theatrics! A PsyOp! Computerized Vote Fraud! Zio Puppet Trump Actor paid to lose to Hillary! Divide & Conquer!

    Listen to Trump’s own words & his self professed love of psycho’s Slick Willie & Hillary!

    And don’t forget both Trump & Slick Willie were frequent flyers to Zio Jew owned & run Pedo Island!

  131. Ex 7) ’16 Election Trump Vs Hillary Is As Fake As Trump Bodyslamming WWF Wrestling King Vince McMahon in Wrestlemania XXIII! LOL!

    Yes I kid you not! They actually staged Trump bodyslam Vince McMahon! Fake as can be??!! Yes…but just as fake as this election! Trump would be lucky if he could bodyslam Paris Hilton! Lol! What a phoney poser! And he will lose exactly as scripted, regardless of any & all drama & zioHollywood scripted suspense near the end!

    • Great head ups Cowboy.

      The freak show is completely busted in the very head of the boobuses.

      Fox news aired comments of average bubbas claiming the elections are a joke!

      • I mean the boobus Trumpf supporters for safe.

  132. Ted Nugent Vs Psychopath Zionist Jews & Their Evil Gun Confiscation Agenda Against Americans!

  133. Now, now, cowgoy- Not all goyim are hated. Just the really stupid and hateful ones- Like yourself.

    The rest are good people.

    • Gaybab, sharkslurpa…

      ‘ good goys-good goys whatcha gonna do
      watcha gonna do when they come for youuu?’

      • Just laugh – like I do at you

  134. I persecute Jews and posess a persecution complex.
    Am I paranoid or just schizophrenic?

  135. Happy Holocaust Hoax Halloween Birthday Party Hillary! Born October 26, 1947 – Turns 69 Oct.26, 2016! ***Today

    Ex 9) 666 Occultic Coded & Rigged Hoax Election Trump, 70 Vs Hillary 68 & Turns 69 Wed’ Oct 26, ’16..

    Hillary To Take office 24 yrs After Bill Took Office 66 66, also 888! She Spent 12 yrs AR Gov’ Mansion, 8yrs White House & 8 yrs US Senate & 3yrs US State Dept. For 31 yrs & 31° is 1st ° of 3 highest level degrees of Freemasonry.

    • I’m such an expert at predicting numbers you’ve got to wonder why I haven’t managed to win the lottery yet.

      Christine won her head in a raffle. What’s her secret? Lol!

    • Spooky stuff, cowgoy!

      I’m going to burrow in between Christinne’s ample butt cheeks and try to forget about my worries.

  136. Ex 10) Zio US Hoax President Election -Ziotrash Hillary Vs ZioPuppet Trump – ZioJews Win Either Way – Hillary is already Rothschild PreSelected Hollywood Scripted, Chosen Master Race, Crypto Jew Zionist To Hoax Win!

    • Hillery 2016. stronger together and more refugees please.

  137. What the hell Cowgoy?!!

    ‘Trumps ridiculous scripted Orange (33 code) skin’???

    Where do you get 33??

    According to the magik Gematrix:

    Orange = 183 / 360 /60

    Orange skin = 332 / 678 /113

    Trumps Orange skin = 892 / 582 /97

    Trumps ridiculous Orange skin = 1557 / 2106 /351

    Trumps ridiculous scripted Orange skin = 1908/2670 /445

    I can see that Trump = 88 which is the same as Reptilian Blood and Xeno Alien. You don’t think that…could he be?

    BTW Cowboy’s gray pallor = 227 / 1362 / 2214 which all look like scary numbers to me. Have you had your health checked lately?

    • Even your own mother runs away from you – frightened by her penisless progeny.

  138. Ex 12) Hoax Election 33 Degree Masons: Hideous Hillary Vs Trump Orange(33) Faced Clown Debated at 33 coded Debate Sites: Hofstra (33) @Hampstead, NY- (303) Jewish Germatria’ for a (33) & Farmville(33), VA! & New York is 666 in English Gematria! 3rd Debate was in Nevada 133 in Jewish Gematria..Lol!!! Lots of 33’s in this Hoax Election!

    Also I found Manhattan is 321 aka 33..

    According to ziotrash fraudster Gabby Faggy Gabriel : truth about the zios is persecution, hate and AntiSemitism! Eat $h#t & TrannyFag – Lover Gabriel!

  139. Ex 12 b) Hoax Election 33 Degree Masons: Hideous Hillary Vs Trump Orange(33) Faced Clown Debated at 33 coded Debate Sites: Hofstra (33) @Hampstead, NY- (303) Jewish Germatria’ for a (33) & Farmville(33), VA! & New York is 666 in English Gematria! 3rd Debate was in Las Vegas, Nevada 133 in Jewish Gematria..Lol!!! Lots of 33’s in this Hoax Election!

    Also I found Manhattan is 321 aka 33..

    According to ziotrash fraudster Gabby Faggy Gabriel : truth about the zios is persecution, hate and AntiSemitism! Eat $h#t & TrannyFag – Lover Gabriel!

    1correction Las Vegas Nevada…

  140. Ex13) 2016 Hoax US Election Trump Vs Hillary PsyOp
    Predictive ZioHollywood Programming Screenwright- Writer of Back To The Future Admits “Biff” the Bully & degenerate Gambling Casinos Operator was modeled after Fraudster bully degenerate Gambling Casino Operator Donald Trump!

    & the Physical Likeness at middle age, to late middle age, to now is Uncanny!!!

  141. Ex 13-b) 2016 Hillary VS Trump Hoax Election– Biff of Back to the Future Bully Buffoon Character VS Trump Buffoon Bully Fake President Candidate undeniable!
    Same Orange Skin, same screwball horrible cheap toupee style- comb-over reddish blonde hair, Same stature, blondish brows & lashes! and the writer admitted he modeled him after Trump! Only amazingly the older future version of Biff character looked more like future older version of Trump than the younger trump did himself!!LOL!!!

    How?? Why??
    Because Trump is a scripted, created actor just like Biff! How else do you think Trump has managed to go bankrupt & fail at his multimillion dollar projects & businesses & the within a short time get more massive loans & lines of credit & backing from the zionist jew Banksters??? Because he is their puppet! .Their actor, their actwhore , their changeagent, their shabis Goy puppet!
    No magic! Just playbooks, playbills, playwrights, longterm scripts & screenplays, orchestration, PsyOps!!! No magic! Occcultic gematria codes & symbolism & caracters are carefully written into the scripts!

  142. Ex 14) Hoax Election 2016 Bully Buffoon Candidate Character Trump Predictive Programmin As “BIFF” & “Back To The Future” in 1980’s & In Illuminati Card Game in 1995!

    Biff like Trump never became a billionaire mogul because he was magic or a creative genius. He did it because he knew the script just Biff & he followed it justblike Biff!

    • At last smth more believable than ur gematria bullshit. Moron.

      • gaybriel gifferd thats my name!

      • Banned from where again? Does lying make you feel better about your hopelessness?

  143. Ex 14-b) Hoax Election 2016 Bully Buffoon Candidate Character Trump Predictive Programming As “BIFF” in “Back To The Future” in 1980’s & In Illuminati Card Game in 1995!

  144. Ex 15) Hoax US Election Fraudster Ziotrash puppet Donald Trump says he will protect Zionist Jew Psychopath State of Israel in Genocidal Wars 100 percent No matter what!!!
    This ziotrash traitor would use American soldiers as sub-human goyim fodder to die in Israeli wars with no regard for their lives, nor with any regard for the US Constitution, nor right or wrong at all!!!

  145. Ex A) Palm Springs Hoax Bus Crash Kills ZioMagic13- Dummies Detected!! 31 (reverse of 13) All 31 Others Injured..44 Aboard. Semi-Truck it Hit Going 5 mph!

    Another Palm.Springs, CA DHS HOAX!

  146. hey! it gaybee the fag writing under christinnes name i know im sandwich short of a picnic basket

  147. stop with the gementria nonsence if you was talking about boys i’d be more intrested Lol

    • Can you look through your picnic basket again hassan and tell me if there’s something in there to treat gementria?

    • especially 3yr olds my favourite the talmud says it the legal age#

    • If only you had a dick – some of these fantasies might have been real

  148. where are you pooduff i’m here on my own with cowgoil and i’m scared

    • Theres me and I want to go camping in Yosmite Canyon with Cowboy. My vision of him is He’s like the Cowboy from the Village People.

  149. Ex1) Happy Halloween Hoax (GUN) Banning High School Shooting in Wilmington, LA, CA, Home of World’s Largest Jack ‘O Lantern! 3 million Gallon “Pumpkin”! 18 yr old (666) Hoax Killed.

    The Phillips 66 refinery in Wilmington is also home to the “world’s largest jack-o’-lantern”, which in fact is a 3 million gallon storage tank decorated every year for Halloween. Decorated annually since 1952 (back when it was owned by Union Oil), the jack-o’-lantern draws 30,000 visitors annually. (from Wikipedia)

    Perfect school & place for a Happy Halloween Hoax Gun Banning Agenda School Shooting. Home of Phillips 66 Giant Jack O’ Lantern & School named Banning High! Kid killed is 18 (666)! You just can’t make these crazy DHS PsyOp Hoax Shooting Scripts Up!… But DHS’s ZioJew Hollywood Script Writers-playwrights can!

    • I love snorting pumpkin spice. Lol!

  150. gabriel gifferd my favourite vicars and priests molesting boys im there!

    • You wish you had some yogat in that empty sac of yours

  151. Ex1) Sandy Utah School Shooting Hoax Crisis Actor, False Witness, Forgets his Lines (Lies)!

    16 Yr old 8th grader! Lol! Yep!

  152. Ex2) Sandy Utah Happy Halloween Hoax School Shooting Principal Kelly Tauteoli doing a Happy Hoaxy Hugging Scene for the PsyOp!

  153. Ex 3) Sandy Hooky Halloween Hoax School Shooting Kelly Tauteoli- Here the Principal with one of here 25 yr old Middle School graduates apparently! Lol

  154. Ex 16) Hoax Election ZioCryptoJewWitch Hillary Vs Donald Duck Trump- Scripted Fake Fights & other Scripted Crap between good friends Trump & the Clintons!

  155. Ex45) Clownville, SC School Shooting Hoax-
    Original 1966-68 TV Batman Star Adam West Joins the PsyOp of Clownville!

  156. Ex(2) Gun Banning High School Happy Halloween Hoax Shooting SpokesLiar “Tony Im-A-Hoaxer”

    Tony was Brought in from Kansas to LA, CA to help with the HoaxSpokesLying for LAPD DHS funded Hoaxes! And LA & California have a lot of hoax shootings & Hoax train & bus wrecks to Lie about! California is pounding out the Hoaxes at full speed around Halloween in a real Hoax-A-thon for sure… But California is doing them heavily all year!

  157. Ex 3) (33 Coded) Gun Banning High School Shooting Hoax Story Script 3:15 follow by 1500..So 3 followed by 15 &15 (zeroes don’t count) 30 is 3 aka 33!

    These ziofreaks & Talmudists & KABBALISTS & freemason psychos, writing these hollywood hoax scripts for ziomedia & DHS, code all their hoax- PsyOp with occultic numerology-gematria & symbology. This is not my obssession nor my Satanic, insane religion! IT IS THEIRS!!! LOL!

  158. Ex 4) Gun Banning School Shooting Hoax -Pre-Staged, Prior-Taken Picture Proves Hoax!

    This picture was absolutely take prior to the fake shooting! Nearly all cars are marked cop cars & white & silver cars which cops use also. Only 1 is red & 1 gold! This picture could not have been taken after the supposed shooting at 3:12 or 3:15 since it is impossible for so few non-cops & non-govt cars to be present after that time on a wkday-school day, especially after a shooting! & no fire trucks & no ambulances are present. 2 Restaurants are in this picture with only one possible non-police car between the two lots! So this picture had to be taken prior to the day of this hoax shooting & early in the morning maybe on a Sunday before any customers arrived at the restaurants. This picture was taken during practice drill a few days or weeks before for sure! That also is likely when they record many of the crisis actors at these PsyOp events.

  159. Ex5) Gun Banning High School Halloween Hoax Shooting @ Home of Phillips 66 World’s Largest Halloween Jack-O’-Latern Pumpkin! For 69 yrs plus!

    3 Million Gallon Pumpkin big enough to make 270,000,000 Pumpkin pies! If you think a this is co-incidences you are as dumb as a barrel of doorknobs or as lying as fraudster Gabby faggy tranny troll ziotrash Gabriel!

    This area Wilmington was it’s own town until 1909 when LA basically bribed the town with ten million dollars & other promises to let Los Angeles annex it so LA could have a shipping port within LA City limits.

  160. german bank scam asking EU taxpayers to help slush fund to keep banksrunning

  161. Ex 7) Gun Banning High School Hoax Shooting Fake Dead Crisis Actor Richard Tafoya- Marrano Jew Flashing Mason/Gang Signs. Scripted age 18 (666)

    Supposedly 18, he supposedly went to the (Gun) Banning High School for a fight & without gun. Yet his supposed underaged killer, a supposed non gang member, supposedly had a gun & killed him! Horse $h#t!
    Drug dealers don’t go to schools to settle disputes & certainly don’t go to collect money or settle disputes without a gun! And they also don’t actually come right out & explicitly call themselves a “dope dealer” publicly on Facebook!
    Also this crisis actor maybe the son of a very vile, Zio Marrano jew Criminal known also as Richard Tafoya alias Robert Tafoya amazing very strongly proven to be the same Robert Tafoya ia city attorney of nearby Balswin City, CA & his apparent picture even appears on thia younger Richard Tafoya’s facebook!!! If not his son he could even be a creation from younger, 35 years ago pictures of this evil fraudster, thief Marrano & freemason Richard/Robert Tafoya!

  162. Ex 8) GUN BANNING High School Shooting Hoax- Amazing proof Psychopath Serial Fraudster/ RuthlessThief Freemason, Marrano Richard Tafoya Is Balwin City Attorney Robert Tafoya!

    & Very likely the father of this younger Richard Tafoya gangster crisis actor Of the Gun- Banning School Shooting DHS PsyOp!!!

    & I have found additional evidence that the older Richard Tafoya is Robert Tafoya… ((unless are identical twin brothers)) Same relatives, same age everything & also proof he faked his death with help from zioMedia Yolo County Daily Democrat & Yula County police/DHS in an elaborate killing by car! Photo evidence of him in his fake death show it’s the same scumbag by the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco & other pics from the Daily Democrat!

  163. Ex 9) Gun Banning School Shooting Hoax- Older Richard (alias Robert Tafoya Photo Shopped Picture @ Golden Gate Bridge from his Hoax Death In Yolo Cnty Daily Democrat Paper

    100% proof this man Richard Tafoya is Robert Tafoya of Baldwin City, plus 100% obvious photoshopped “Old Navy” onto his Hoodie Sweatshirt! They rounded off a square with old navy from another Shirt & cut & pasted it to his shirt! Why a generic Old Navy chain mall brand??? Because they were Babylonian Talmudically-Judeically-masonically were revealing he is Robert Tafoya. How because in his Robert Tafoya alias as an attorney he claims to be a Navy vet! Now mind you as Richard Tafoya this evil satanic Talmudic psycho was caught forging hundreds of stolen ID & using them to steal hundreds of thousands through forged checks & stealing from the same water Company (& others that he is now in charge of as Robert Tafoya). And he mostly targeted & ripped off poor & lower income people knowing they would just go to jail or be destroyed financially & not have the resources to hire a good lawyer or investigator! This bastard was working (& still is) straight from the playbook of Crookery & evil –>>>The Babylonian Talmud!!

  164. Ex10) Gun Banning High Hoax Shooting- Picture of Official pic of Supposed Robert Tafoya who has been photographically forensically proven to be Criminal, vile pathological fraud & thief Richard Tafoya– the research of several people see blog I Posted. & I believe the father or relative of new Banning High School Hoax- Fake Dead Richard Tafoya who strongly resembles the elder Richard/Robert Tafoya!

    & my own research backs it up & links Robert/Richard directly together with same relatives, same towns in California etc, via identity searches! & Also in the hoax death & photos of Richard Tafoya in Yolo County Northern California that I found. My research is completely independent & different than theirs but validates that this evil bastard is the same guy & he is now a wolf guarding the hen house with amazing power for massive corruption, theft, ability to cover up crimes & frame innocent people, help pull off hoaxes & receive large bribes & extort money etc.

  165. Exhibit 11) Gun Banning High School Shooting Hoax Dead Crisis Actor Richard Tafoya’s Official Facebook, He says is a Dope dealer!! Now would any real dope dealer say he was A dope Dealer?

    NO! Hell No! He would say gangster or whatever, but never explicitly say on Facebook “I’m a dope dealer” while actually being one!!….Unless it was part of the DHS zioHollywood PsyOp Script!
    He is also supposedly 18 & a drug dealer, & yet also married!! 1, drug dealer & married??? No chance! No picture if supposed wife, no link to her FB website. He may be married but if so he is atleast 25 or older & probably is anyway regardless!
    This zio clown is a Crisis actor & maybe not even a drug dealer at all & 100% alive & getting DHS $$$!

  166. Ex12) Gun Banning High School Shooting Hoax Dead VicSim Crisis Actor Richard Tafoya & likely father fraudster Richard-Robert Tafoya are Confirmed Marrano-Crypto Jews!! By Jewish Ancestry Website!

    I can’t post a direct link because it is a pdf– but type in “Tafoya Marrano Names” on zioGoogle & it comes up first! Also you should be able to find it on the Jewish American Ancestry Website here ((the site of the PDF)) :

  167. Exhibit 1) Ho Ho Ho Hoaxy Christmas Santa Claus is a bunch of different crisis actors!.

    I’ve started my research and by Christmas will be able to prove that Santa is a total fake and the festive season is is a hoax. More exhibits on the way.

  168. Ziotrash Talmudist Gabriel couldn’t be here today he is celebrating the death of Baal Worshipping & Goyim -Hating Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev (he died Oct 27 1810 aka Oct 25, 5777)–order out of Chaos lol! He is considered a Baal -Mystical Rabbi leader to Hasidic & Chabadists Ashkenazi jews & a great hater of the goyim & God! And he taught that anything a jew does wrong or evil is the fault of God that God should be yelled cursed at & blame for anything a jew does wrong!–Jewish wisdom! He also was a big of the Noahide laws which mostly means beheading as many Christians & goyim as posdible for any possible imaged or real offense to any jew! Such Jewish Baal wisdom!

    Let’s see some of this jewish Baal (insane & Synagogue of Satan) wisdom:

    Rabbi Levi Yitzchak is one of the most known and liked of the Rebbes from the period of the beginnings of the Chassidic movement. His love for EVERY Jew (without fail) expresses itself in almost every story told about him. He is the ultimate example of what true Ahavat Chinam (baseless love) is all about. If Rebbi Levi Yitzchak is to find a fault in anyone, it must be in G-d Himself Who simply is not doing what He should to make things right in the first place! A famous teaching of the Baal Shem Tov expresses this very idea. When the Baal Shem Tov began the teachings of Chassidut, one thing that stood out was his hurt at the fact that Jews should find fault in each other – rather than seeing the fault as being a “problem” in G-d Himself. After all, if G-d has created man in the way He has chosen to, why does He become so upset with his behaviour?!
    If G-d would just set up creation in a way that doesn’t cause a Jew to fail, then there would be no need to be upset at any Jew. While there are many Jews in today’s world who will find fault in everything that another does, pointing out that the reason for many punishments in the world are because of inappropriate behaviour etc., the Baal Shem Tov would rather shout at G-d Himself to sort matters out. It is not towards our fellow that we should be finding fault – but rather instead by venting our distress out at G-d to make things right! G-d is infinite. We do not need to make excuses for an infinite G-d! He can do anything! Man – a Jew – is finite, created with a vicious animal soul that continually distracts him from his true mission in this world. If we fail, it is because of this very animal soul that G-d has created within us. If G-d is not happy with our service – let him set us right so that we not come to rebel against Him!

    Rebbi Levi Yitzchak well understood the difficulties encountered by the Jew trying his best to serve G-d with simplicity. This path is often filled with tests that most of us simply cannot succeed in – even at the best of times! While the many “righteous” of our generation will find fault in everything that another Jew may do, Rebbi Levi Yitzchak could only imagine seeing an absolutely good soul in front of him – lacking every possible iota of a blemish. A Jew is essentially good, and nothing he ever does can detract from this. If it appears that things are not right – or that he may not be behaving appropriately, a proper investigation must be done to find out just where the problem lies. Usually Rebbi Levi Yitzchak finds this problem with all sorts of various spiritual issues going on in the worlds above. Once he sees the situation as it should be, he acts as the greatest advocate imaginable towards the Jewish people in supporting every Jew to see to it that he be blessed with only the best. Rebbi Levi Yitzchak never seems to see a flaw in any Jew.
    If anyone could fulfil the teaching in Pirkei Avot of judging everyone favourably – Rebbi Levi Yitzchak is the Rebbi to do this. It is a wonder how he manages to turn everything around for the good and to reveal only the goodness hidden inside every single Jew. We can only hope that he will be there for each of us whenever it is that we truly need him the most!

    This rest gets even more insane as only these Baal worshipping freaks can get! …He goes to hell & steals boxes of evidence of all kinds of sins crimes committed by jews & hides them & refuses to give them back. Then the jewish authorities force God not punish Levi but become his evil slave instead apparently! No wonder so many jews become so psychopathic reading this insane self worshipping crap from the Satanic, insane Babylonian Talmud!

    • Your fanatical hatred speaks of the great failure that is your miserable life.

      • what a life ive got sleeping by my computer all day everyday#

      • You don’t even recognize your little bitt buddy. Hopeless as usual

    • 100% cowboy santa is satan and the elfs demon gargoyles

  169. Hoaxy Folksy Fake – No Turkey Has Ever Died – Happy Thanksgiving Fraud!

    Thanksgiving turkeys are just oversized chickens, fed on GMO corn and pumped up with hormones!

    Exhibit 1) I first discovered this hoax in the early sixties when I was about 12 or 13 and I noticed that the frozen turkeys they were selling at the local store looked EXACTLY like giant chickens! So I walked up to a random black guy in town one day and said, “Have you noticed that the turkeys they sell at the general store look exactly like extra large chickens?”. And he said, “Nope, they won’t let me in to the general store but I have seen a turkey in the street, right about where you’re standing now”. So I said, “Really? Do you think the turkey that you saw might actually be a really big chicken?” to which he said, “Well I’ll be darned. Yup. He could be a just mighty big chicken”. I knew right then I was onto something!

    Exhibit 2) So I went into the store and confronted the manager. I said, “Why do your Thanksgiving turkeys just look like giant chickens?” He replied, “Well son, you see chickens and turkeys are both from the bird family only one is bigger than the other. When you pluck their feathers and truss them up, they look kind of the same”. But I wasn’t buying it. “Then why don’t we eat turkey eggs?” What he did next proved one million percent that the store manager was lying! He took me by the ear, called me a ‘dang troublemaker’ and threw me out into the street! (which had happened before after another incident that isn’t relevant here though Lol).

    Exhibit 3) Then I went to the library and pulled out all the children’s encyclopedias and magazines. It was in a 1956 edition of the Girls Own Annual that showed the difference between turkeys and chickens – and they’re COMPLETELY different species! Chicken eggs are white and incubate for 21 days. Turkey eggs are buff brown and incubate for 27 days! Turkeys don’t have feathers on their necks and heads and they make gobbling noises. Chickens cluck and have a frill on their heads. They are TOTALLY different creatures! Then the librarian kicked me out because I was making gobbling and clucking sounds – lol!

    Exhibit 3A) A bit later on we went to the Smithsonian (coded 77) and I charged up to the head curator (who might also have been a tour guide – lol) and asked about turkeys, chickens and dinosaurs. He tried telling me that they were all related to eachother! Lol. He said that you can tell the difference between a chicken and a turkey because a turkey has a needle bone which is attached to the leg but the needle bone of a chicken is NOT attached to the leg! There you have it. (It was during this conversation that the head curator/tour guide admitted that dinosaurs were a hoax and that woolly mammoths were actually just elephants with fur – lol). (Shortly after, I got thrown out by security because I jumped on the back of the dinosaur model to prove that the bones were fake – which I did because they broke! Lol)

    Exhibit 4) A few years ago I learned about GMO crops and hormone additives to chicken feed and realised that the whole turkey/chicken thing was a just a Happy Hoaxy Folksy Thanksgiving Fraud which the Zionists use to keep pushing their filthy GMO /hormone big Pharma agenda to make billions and poison the world’s population! It was like discovering a thousand Sandy Hooks at once!

    Exhibit 5) Turkey is exactly 100 in simple Gematria and chicken = 318 in the English. Together this equals 319 which is actually means that this somodamite Ziotrash insane hoax is coded as 333!

    Thanksgiving at my place is cancelled this year! Lol!

    • And a big biiiiigggg noze for faeces – or as I call it ‘bitt’

  170. I must say- with all of his research and exhibits, cowboy now has me thoroughly convinced…

    Convinced that he’s one of the most psycopathic loons on the internet!

    The dumb fuck is crying out for attention- even if that attention is total scorn and ridicule.

    Who is he posting this shit for? For what purpose? Simply to be mocked? Yes. It appears that’s the only answer.

    Fucking sad.

    • gabriel gifferd thats my name for anyone who wants to know i doubt it i write under different names even girls ones i know im a weirdo i specialize in stalking people on blog! have you ever seen those weirdos that hover around park toilets at night thats me

      • Yo I’ve seen em hovering around the toilets and at the Paddington wall late at nite. I emphatically deny I’m in love with Cowboy.

    • your mother and sis who do you think

    • Angry at hASSan because the old lady cat-fished your ass?

  171. yeah…………….one more thing little boys are my favourite lol

  172. Only one person here meets the definition of a “stalker”. And that’s Hassan who’s too dumb to see that.

  173. clapham common my favourite Lol

  174. im what you call a person who has no life#

  175. This site has finally tanked. Nothing but rubbish from top to bottom.

    • Hay! I resemble that remark!

    • yeah sounds like my life Lol

    • dont you recognise me ruduff im ur boy

  176. yeah it sucks thats why im on here all day every day

  177. thats my life!

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    • yeah i know everyone knew that anyway!

  179. anyway im off to rabbis ive been invited to his home he says he got treat for me

    • can someone help! me get a life what is that ive only just heard of it

  180. its talmud studys

  181. i sit near my computer wait for message alert on nodisinfo 24/7 thats me!

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  186. I’m a bloated immigrant parasite leeching off the British welfare system.

    • oh yeah im a jew what does that make me immigrant ! a faggit one at that

      • I’m thin skinned with a thick head

  187. Funny and ironic-

    Hassan has accomplished through sheer stupidity what the cabbies had difficulty doing through intellect and creativity- Squashing this ridiculous website.

    Hassan- you’re a genius- but don’t let it go to your head.

    • your a wanker remember that

      • the truth cuts me like a knife

        • my arse hurts rudolf please kiss it better

  188. can someone please i need to get a life its just me and my computer thats it

  189. Attention all new readers,
    Apparently hardly anyone wants to listen to me on this blog, even though I work so hard discussing pointless drivel with myself for hours on end interspersed with soul-destroying tracks by Coldplay and Michael Buble. What’s everyone’s problem?

    • No pain here. How you feeling Gabriel? Think Poo needs some more opiate based medication

      • Have never felt better, Surf. Quite the contrast to this decayed place subjected to the diseased mind of Poodolf & Co.
        I do enjoy watching the trio of dickheads chasing their tails in their fruitless quest for my identity.

        The FSTDT fiasco was a demonstrated gem of Rudolf incompetence and impotence.

        See you around, and keep up the good work riling and exposing these nutcases. They deserve every ounce of derision coming to them.

  190. Pulse Nightclub Victim’s Mother Stars in Powerful Ad for Hillary Clinton

    • Ex 28) Psychologists Say It Perfectly Natural To Fantasize About Sandwiches Other Than One Currently In Hand

      BOULDER, CO—Saying such feelings of desire were observed in nearly every individual they studied, psychologists from the University of Colorado released a report Thursday concluding that it is perfectly natural for people to fantasize about sandwiches other than the one presently in their hands.

      The study, which surveyed more than 500 adults from a variety of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds, determined that 89 percent of subjects had, at least once during the previous six months, vividly imagined a different sandwich while sitting down at the table with their current hero, hoagie, or po’ boy.

      “While many people may find it distressing or shameful when they begin mentally picturing a sandwich that’s nothing like the one they are holding, our findings suggest that these thoughts are, in fact, a completely normal biological impulse,” said Dr. Kelly Sohn, the report’s lead author. “You should by no means feel any sense of regret or embarrassment if you suddenly find yourself mid-bite feeling curious about a particularly striking BLT that caught your eye while you were walking by a café earlier that day or letting your thoughts drift to a pastrami on rye you used to have in college.”

      “Even if you’re completely satisfied with the sandwich sitting right in front of you, it is purely an instinctual response to become overwhelmed by a strong desire to taste one that’s very different,” Sohn added. “It’s just human nature.”

      According to the research team, it is particularly common for individuals to indulge in fantasies about exotic sandwiches from foreign culinary traditions, like Cubans or Vietnamese bánh mìs, that they have never tried before. Additionally, Sohn said that many subjects reported finding themselves particularly drawn to bigger, beefier sandwiches or those with larger meatballs, often causing them to imagine these alluring features on their own, plainer sandwich when they later sit down for a meal.

      Researchers also explained that, on average, a person imagines a different sandwich than the one they’re currently holding about once every week, though a sizable minority of respondents reportedly acknowledged engaging in such fantasies every single time they had lunch.

      “It’s important to remember that mentally picturing a piled-high Reuben when you’re eating the same chicken salad sandwich you always get is by and large the product of reflexive brain activity over which you have very little control,” said Sohn, adding that Americans are constantly bombarded with images of picture-perfect subs and idealized pulled pork sandwiches on billboards and television, further explaining the ubiquity of the phenomenon. “In fact, we found that when people are able to unlearn the guilt that is often associated with these harmless fantasies, it can actually make the enjoyment of one’s own sandwich that much more satisfying.”

      “The real danger lies in unnecessarily punishing oneself for these thoughts, which can eventually diminish the gratification one derives from eating sandwiches altogether,” she continued.

      Sohn further assured the public that it was normal for such fantasies to become extremely vivid and complex. In particular, she noted that 63 percent of subjects had reported that on one or more occasions, they had imagined themselves eating their desired sandwich in an uncommon location, such as in a car, aboard a plane, or even in front of other people in public.

      Experts also confirmed that more atypical fantasies, such as eating a sandwich in a hot tub or devouring two sandwiches at once, were, in most cases, perfectly normal as well.

      “It’s such a relief to know I’m not some weirdo or a bad person for checking out my brother’s spicy Italian when we went out to lunch a few weeks ago—I felt so guilty about that,” said 42-year-old study participant Craig Worsley, who told reporters he couldn’t help but imagine sinking his teeth into the sandwich’s thick layers of salami, capicola, and provolone until tangy vinaigrette dribbled all down his chin. “Don’t get me wrong, I liked the patty melt I ordered just fine, but man, I looked at his sandwich and couldn’t help but think, ‘Damn, that thing is stacked.’”

      Added Worsley, “But now I understand I’m just like any other person out there with a normal, healthy appetite.”

      Researchers stated that a small percentage of deeply troubled individuals reported fantasizing about salads while eating their sandwiches, and recommended that anyone experiencing these types of perverse, abnormal thoughts immediately seek psychological counseling.

      • that sounds like me a sandwich short

        • I love roast pork sandwiches

      • Another idiotic Fraudulent, gibberish, disinfo post by ziotrash jew troll Gabriel the tranny-loving fag! The cowardly ziotrash slime deviant Judeafile, Talmudist, Jesus-hating obsessed jew can’t attack me under his own name here as Gabriel!

        (Brokeback fag Gabriel fake version of) Cowboy OCTOBER 30, 2016 AT 2:44 PM
        Ex 28) Psychologists Say It Perfectly Natural To Fantasize About Sandwiches Other Than One Currently In Hand

        BOULDER, CO—Saying such feelings of desire were observed in nearly every individual they studied, psychologists from the University of Colorado released a report Thursday concluding that it is perfectly natural for people to fantasize about sandwiches other than the one presently in their hands…. Blah blah blah & more idiotic he cut & pasted from one of his stupid, unfunny, gibberish websites.

        • Readers will note that that I also cut and pasted the above message from a stupid, unfunny gibberish website. Lol!

      • Gaybob,

        you know that pedo-fags like you get hanged in Indonesia? And for a good reason.

        Stick to your synagogue gayboy. Your rabbi may stink but it’s still your favourite, here, on the western ’emisphere’..

  191. oh yeah im jewish and living in another country does that make me an immigrant what a wanker i am LOL

  192. I sneak across border
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    Welfare say,
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    Finally, white guy
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    In my yard
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    Send for family
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    If they no like us,
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  193. after all that im still a WANKER#

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  195. us jews are robbing peoples tax money all day long

  196. letting u’s know i’ve joined the bnp

  197. im a bigger wanker than what u’s thought i was Lol

  198. Dear Dr Kaasem Khaleel,

    Thank you for commissioning a neuropsychoanalytic evaluation for the subject ‘hassan’.

    Prior to the most recent information you provided, the subject was preliminarily diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) on the most extreme end of the scale. This diagnosis was borne out by symptoms which include: apparent learning difficulties, uncontrolled impulsiveness, difficulty relating actions to consequences, the inability to form and maintain social relationships, hyperactive attention seeking behaviors, memory problems and clear symptoms of learning retardation along with organ damage.

    The subject has also developed tertiary conditions for example defensive behaviors in an effort to meet normal expectations which perpetuates the individual’s sense of failure as they ‘can’t do’, rather than ‘won’t do’. These failures cause the subject to act out in an infantile way with some adolescent characteristics.

    New evidence before me suggests that hassan (formerly known as Wake the Sheep) is a 50 something English female whose husband absconded and shortly thereafter, her almost grown children fled the family domicile. With extended kin refusing to engage with her, hassan occupies a council flat each day in a filthy robe and slippers, the blinds drawn, breathlessly waiting for new messages to appear on this website.

    The subject subsists on copious quantities of alcohol and toast and marmite, interspersed with tins of mackerel, all of which are home delivered- on a diminishing budget. She does not bathe and gains weight at appox 2 kg per day. The situation has been exacerbated by a crushing debunking on this website, of her paranoid theories on both Sandy Hook and Orlando massacres. It is these and similar conspiracy ideations (in addition to her personal habits) that drove her loved ones away.

    Pending further examination, I am still not able to rule out FASD. But there are other clinical possibilities such as schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Misophonia and Schizo Affective Disorder.

    Dr Khaleel, I urge you to prohibit this individual from any further interaction with your website. The subject is clinically delinquent and future communications have the potential to impede any possible (but unlikely) recovery.

    However, the subject is so ineffective in day to day life, she is unlikely to cause you or your readers any peril.

    I look forward to your recompense on this matter.

    (Radu still pending – her traveling habits make it difficult to track down a particular caravan).
    Yours in trust,

    Dr J.

    • By higher standards of evidence than you’ve ever known, Dr J proved that your little bitt buddy is actually Wake the Sheep now known as Sheep Asleep

    • Poles, poles everywhere but I still cant fish kids here.

    • Hassan,

      go on bashing the fag (gaybee-gaybriel, SOP, gaybob, Trans Pacific Perv, Peeso etc.)

      Our own zio-kebab gets easily ‘peeled’ . Your mex make it nervous and confused. Numb & Dumb to use an easy juxtaposition.
      Then, you’ll see that suddenly it needs to stop & restore (in the crapper).

      It comes out relaxed after a while, just to enter it again, a few mex later. Oy..!

      • I will give hASSan this. Even though she has the intelligence of a retarded six year old, her comments are better than yours.

  199. San Francisco School Shooting Happy Halloween Hoax Update!

    Ex15) San Francisco School Shooting Police SpokesHoaxLiar Manfredi: “Active Shooter Scenes Happen Very Quickly,” Manfredi

    Another Quote from HOAX SpokesLiar Carlos Manfredi: “This was not just a random shooting,” said San Francisco police spokesperson Carlos Manfredi. “We believe one of the victims may have been the initial target.” (( Indeed it’s not just a random shooting! It’s treasonous preplanned, orchestrated Hoax PsyOp fake shooting by DHS & CA & Local San Francisco crooks & ziomedia for the zionist Jew agenda of Gun Confiscation of all Americans’ firearms, like they did in Russia in 1917!))

    Walton said the school district will respond by making sure there are support services like counselors available for students and faculty to talk with.

    Active-shooter training is also important in terms of the school district’s response to incidents like this, but violence-prevention teams and law enforcement relationships with the community are also important, he said.

    • I’m going to shoot any trick or treater who dares come to the door of my trailer. They are all Zionist kids learning to scam good honest trailer trash like me out of my hard earned welfare money.
      Weird clowns such as Rudulf are welcome.

      • Another fraudulent, idiotic murder-lusting Babylonian talmudic disinfo post by ziotrash jew Gabriel made fraudulently under my name here as “Cowboy”. …Like the cowardly ziotrash fag that Gabriel is! Again only a deviant psychopath coward like Gabriel makes posts fantasizing about murder children & falsely projects his evil & insane murderous lusts onto others! A ziotrash pig like Gabriel will never amount to being worth the worst hated goyim trailer trash drunk, welfare recipient who ever lived! & And a filthy animal like Gabriel has probably lived his life off the government dole & from pulling zioScams off others!

        (Brokeback fag, tranny-lover Gabriel fake version of) Cowboy (The Hated Goy) OCTOBER 31, 2016 AT 8:23 AM
        I’m going to shoot any trick or treater who dares come to the door of my trailer. They are all Zionist kids learning to scam good honest trailer trash like me out of my hard earned welfare money.
        Weird clowns such as Rudulf are welcome.

        • I’ve been on the Dole for 40 years ain’t no big deal hanging around Walmart Trannie toilet.

  200. Strictly Come Dancing UK BBC Show -Nearly All Jewish Contestants-Actors (Except black ones who all get kicked off right away!)

    Rigged, Scripted Reality Shows! & The ziomedia in UK only identifies 3 of all these hoax contestants as Jewish when most of them are & all of the winners!
    And they stole the title evidently from (early inventors of hard rock, Punk & heavy metal styles) rock band the Kinks 80’s comeback hit “Come Dancing”.

    • The name could also be taken from the 1990s Baz (Jew) Lurhman film Strictly Ballroom. Next stop, the Bachelorette.

      • ‘pisters’? that’s how you sound

        • If only your mama was truly psychic as you claim. She might have had the foresight to visit the clinic and do the world a favor.

  201. 9 11 Sandy Bull($h#t) 1972 Predictive Programming – Controlled Demolition 9K

    This change agent Sandy Bull was from Bankster Crypto Jewish parents & basically he had some minor musical success in the sixies in folk music & then was used to do a predictive programming laden 911 Demolition album around the time ONE WORLD TRADE & 2 World Trade Towers were built! And the name Sandy was not his real name..duh Sandy Hook! Lol You can bet the album cover & title & atleast songs were all written by other occultic script & song writers for Rockefeller & Rothschild.

    This…just like: Everything about the 1 World Trade Tower & it’s twin 2WTT was a series of PsyOps long before they were built, during their existence & now & will be long after!

  202. Sandy “Hoax” Bull Hoax-Died 5 Months Exactly Before 911 Happened! Which his album cryptically predicted! Lol!
    So he hoax died of cancer at 60! You can bet this ZioJew change agent Sandy Bull$h#tter is still alive today living in Florida or AZ!

  203. Ex1) Pittsburgh Halloween Hoax-A-Thon Week- Super Fake Shooting, Car Wreck & Pole Knock Down, & School Lockdown!

    This insane DHS script just throws several drills together in this “single” hoax!

    Complete ridiculous Hoax proven in 1 picture! The wooden pole is hit at low speed & supposedly knock down over the car! Well it’s impossible! If you hit a wooden telephone/Electric pole hard enough to knock it over you crack or splinter it. Only if you crack it in two & it buckles over your vehicle can it fall towards you & over the car! Otherwise the pole would lean/fall forward it the direction the car was going! But in this staged, fake wreck, the pole is uncracked & unsplintered & leaning/fallen towards the car, leaning from the ground like it was pulled out or cut at bottom & placed over the car!!! All completely impossible in a real wreck! Further more the heavy aluminum electrical wires would not let the pole fall down this far, even if the rest of the hoax scene was set up realistically by these buffoons –Which it was NOT!

    And when I say Pittsburgh Hoax-A-Thon I’m not just talking about this triple drill style Hoax. Pittsburgh & DHS $$$ pulled off several hoaxes this week!

  204. Ex 2) Pittsburgh Sheraden (Charade-N) Halloween Hoax-A-Thon Shooting Causes Crash which Causes School Lockdown @ Langley Lol!

    Yes it’s all a game of scripted Charades in Sheraden, Pittsburgh, PA! Thanks to the doofuses ar DHS & Pittsburgh police buffoons & ziotrash Pittsburgh media!

  205. Ex 3) Pittsburgh Sheraden (Charade-N) Halloween Hoax-A-Thon Shooting Causes Crash which Causes Laughable Lockdown @ Langley Elementary School nearby! lol!

    Three Drills in one portrayed as a real event for PsyOp Fear porn & done for zioAgendas!

    Langley = code word for CIA, SPOOK , Fake!

  206. Ex 4) DH$ Pittsburgh Happy Halloween Hoax-a-thon Week- Man Gets home from work, shoots young Nephew & Himself Dead! Weak Hoax Week

    Right sure he did! NOT!

    Watch these happy ziopuppets:

    ZioJew Beau Berman hoax reporter!

    Happy Halloween Hoaxer young Crisis actor Daniel Rupert!

    & Familiar looking lying crisis actor “Vince Mazzon”.

    & Live @ Apollo (Hoax Theater) Neighborhood..or hoax dead @ the Apollo!

    Lying sacks of ziotrash Bull$h#t!

    • Suspected hoaxes. The Evil Clown Hoax and the Dreamworld hoax.

  207. Cowboy is a faux christian who doesn’t fear the Lord Jesus.
    Cowboy is the anti-Christ; he’s a hater and sinner.
    He will spend his afterlife in a hell worse than even his present existence.

    • I took the day off work today and I’m at home listening to The Beastial Boys Intergalactic. I’m not sick or disturbed or anything.

      • You’re working Ray?? The last time we saw you needed assistance to get through the front door! Or was that just a ruse to get young Carlos to put his arm around your waste?

      • i got it wrong beastiality boys i was listening to sorry

        • if he’s working where’s he got time to stalk people blog he aint got no job who going to hire gifferd come on

    • I’m not coded 666 under simple Gematria for nothing! Lol!

    • That doesn’t make any sense but I guess you’re obsessing about anuses again…

  208. I woke up and found Myself in the Tampa area Bah Bah Bah:))

    • It was just a dream hassan. Get off the couch and switch on the television. The afternoon soap operas will be a healthy distraction from obsessive thoughts about the Orlando massacre.

  209. yeah but in still a wanker

  210. i try and take the piss out if dr k but yet i try and ask him for help what a two faced wanker i am Lol

    • i need help to get off the couch ouch

  211. im a wanker and a fag under numerology gementria# truth

    • cowboy is a wanker and a fag under numerology gementria# truth

      • (ExA) Baltimore MTA Bus Vs School Bus Crash Crisis Actor Buffoon says: “The School Bus Was Going 90! Sure! LMAO!!!

        Baltimore SUN = Soviet Union News of Baltimore!

        If H.L. Menchen was alive to see this sorry excuse for a newspaper that once a prestigious respected source of news he’d probably have a heart attack!

        Pure Ziotrash fish wrapper of a news paper.
        & Millions of Marylanders use the Sun Paper to crack upon Maryland blue crabs with a mallet & eat them –so the Sun does have some use!

        Two lousy ziotrash lying newspapers in Maryland: the SUN & The Washington Compost..well three counting the (Yung Sun Moon owned) Washington Times!

  212. Ex 01) Zio-DHS Keith Scott Shot By Cops RaceWar PsyOp-Multiple Filming Takes & TimeStamps Prove Hoax!!!

    Official Time of shooting just after 3:51 EST). Yet WBTV reporter Sarah Blake Morgan posted about it at 3:26 pm (EST)!

    Sarah-Blake Morgan
    @ SarahBlakeWBTV
    3:26 PM – 20 Sep 2016

    Here’s the man’s sister. She says he did not have a gun. CMPD says he did.
    (see SarahBlakeWBTV TWITTER)

    More Ziotrash, ZioAgenda Cops Vs Black, BlueslivesMatter Vs BlackLives Matter, Whites Vs Blacks RACEWAR PsyOps, Divide & Conquer the Goyim!

  213. Ex 02) DHS Charlotte Cop Shooting of Keith Lamont Scott PsyOp Proven! Reporter Twitter Tweet of Shooting 25 minutes before Shooting! Total Proof Of Hoax!

    • Reading Twitter time stamps correctly is inconsistent with my false narrative.

      • Lobotomic gaybort (gaybab-kebab)…!

        Why don’t you re-post my FULL FUUC to your ex fstdt…?

        You know you would gift daddy a great time…!


      • You can do that – I wouldn’t want to take any undue credit

  214. Nah gaybob (pronounced ‘gaybab-kebab’) ..

    Ive always skipped that mongrel son & his butt buddies….:)

    • Does obsessing about ‘concentration’ camps help you think better? Nah

  215. Its ur sad world the one ure depicting here..

    But, but, but…

    You dont fuck…u get just fuck’d….:))

    • You can fantasize all you like…after all it’s your speciality.

  216. Gaybort, dont use multiple dykish nicks.

    Morgellons has been exposed several times with all the scientific proof you can desire.
    The Carnicom institute,any biologists and Real scientists who refuse to ride the golden calf’ groin have been providing them for years.
    Already on the 80s the phenomena were widly known.

    Your crap has been flushed years ago.
    Go, reboot your laptop and come back on my toe..

    • Carnicom…hahhahhahahahahhahahahhahhahahahahhahahahhahhahahahahhahahahhahhahahahahhahahahhahhahahahahhahahahhahhahahahahhahahahhahhahahahahhahahahhahhahahahahhahahahhahhahahahahhahahahhahhahahahahhahahahhahhahahahahhahahahhahhahahahahhahahahhahhahahahahhahahahhahhahahahahhahahahhahhahahahahhahahahhahhahahahahhaha

      You are so gullible.

  217. How about that hoax bus crash in Baltimore!

  218. (ExA) Baltimore MTA Bus Vs School Bus Crash Crisis Actor Buffoon says: “The School Bus Was Going 90! Sure! LMAO!!!

    Baltimore SUN = Soviet Union News of Baltimore!

    If H.L. Menchen was alive to see this sorry excuse for a newspaper that once a prestigious respected source of news he’d probably have a heart attack!

    Pure Ziotrash fish wrapper of a news paper.
    & Millions of Marylanders use the Sun Paper to crack upon Maryland blue crabs with a mallet & eat them –so the Sun does have some use!

    Two lousy ziotrash lying newspapers in Maryland: the SUN & The Washington Compost..well three counting the (Yung Sun Moon owned) Washington Times!

    • There are crabs on Christinne’s blue waffle. Lol!

  219. ExB) Baltimore MTA Bus Vs School Bus Crash Hoax 90mph Maniac Hoax Driver Must be like Double Hoax Dead Actor Rob Ford/Chris Farley!

    • Not convinced.

      Where’s the evidence, douche bag?

      • Wet your finger and flap it into your black hole, gaybee…

        You’ll finally get the reply to your yearned question: ‘who am i’..?

        • Yeah yeah – butt holes turn you on and you just can’t leave the alone

          • Haven’t those nazi girls pushed you enough?

  220. Exhibit C) Baltimore MTA Vs School Bus Double Halloween Crash Happy Hoax ZioJew SpokesLiar Deborah Stein!

    Debbie is having a happy hoaxster Duping Delight good time working this Hoax! She can lie her @$$ off with sheer joy fooling the hated goyim masses! & She loves the camera!

    1 billion percentile hoax factor rating!!

    • What sort of exaggerating dickhead uses terms such as “one billion percentile”? This one ^^^

      • an idiot called gaybee does

        • i like molesting boys

          • I know Wake the Sheep but your current condition seems prevent you from persuing you great love. Perhips we regroin?

          • “A good orgasm can achieve positive effects on your economic & financial side. Sometimes, even beyond expectations.
            In fact, 73% of the zio-Chicks previously involved in our Therapeutic Program™, have seen their income boosting up to an av. of 38%”.
            As a side note we can add that most of them were aged between 25-39 y.o. (statistically referred to as “dash-2” sub-group of Patients)

            Notice: the statistics and the sources of this Brochure have been scrutinized and approved selectively and/or as a whole by the female members of the notorious association of Grass-Rooters known as the WJC, in collaboration with “(((Freud)))’s Friends”, the Psychological Facility for moral charity and inner development based in Brooklin’s Campus. We are awating the final approval stamp from Planned Parenthood and (((SPLC))).

          • Why don’t you share that with the heathen sluts?

          • Shift in visits? You mean you’ve had to shift websites?


  221. Roy Rogers Defeats Murderous ZioTrash Witch Clinton the Bankster B#tch!

    This was made 60 years ago! if only the King of the Cowboys Roy Rogers was here to defeat Ziotrash murderous Witch Hillary Clinton now!

    It’s amazing how much this Bankster B#tch Witch Clinton is exactly like Hillary Killery Clinton! & Remember Hillary also is really a brunette also!

  222. ExE) Baltimore MTA Bus Vs School Bus Crash Happy Halloween Hoax Hero Crisis Actor Matthew ZioJew Feldman Lying His Fat Fake Baltimore Buffoon Butt Off!

    All this crap ZioScripted BS about having to cut their way into the MTA Bus when the whole side is already ripped off & wide open in this Staged fake bus crash! Notice no glass anywhere!!! And no blood anywhere!!! There is never broken glass in these staged events so that no one gets injured on broken glass while filming this buffoonery! …Just rubbish & paper trash, etc!

    I believe this zio jew Crisis Actor Matt Feldman works for Northrup Grumman as an Aerospace Engineer (& Sayanim -Mossad Spy ofcourse) in MD & acts on the side & his father I believe is an Broadway actor & Broadway film critic in NYC named Adam Feldman! I think I have a picture of them together & they look just alike. Adam is maybe 52 & this Buffoon Matt is 30 to 35! Identity searches shows film critic Adam is connected to NYC & Baltimore.

    I have their facebooks & more.

  223. ExF) Baltimore MTA Bus Vs School Bus Halloween Hoax Crash Hoax Hero Crisis Actor Charles Graves

    Notice no friends or family listed..

  224. Skull & Bones 322 Code Found In Happy Halloween Hoax Baltimore Bus Crash Script! SilverFordMustang

    ExG) Baltimore MTA Bus Vs School Bus Crash Hoax Crisis Actor Shawn Braxton Says Says “My ‘Silver Ford Mustang’ aka 223 backwards 322 Skull & Bones

    This was scripted ofcourse he would just say my Mustang, not My “Silver Ford Mustang”!

    DHS Hoax Script of Braxton quote:
    “I just look up and I still see the bus going down the street and at that point I just had to close my eyes and try to get myself together,” Braxton said. “And then people came into the car and started helping me out.”

  225. Ex H) Halloween Hoax Baltimore MTA Bus Vs School Bus Crash Crisis Actor Shawn Braxton Just Retired As Washington, DC Cop!

    Notice so often just-retired cops are used as Crisis Actors-Actwhores hired in these Zio-DHS PsyOp Hoaxes!

    From CBS -AP story:
    Braxton, who said he recently retired as a Washington, D.C., police officer

  226. Thats me no friends and family

  227. Ex I) Baltimore MTA Bus Vs Magic School Bus Vs Magic Mustang Crash! Lying CrisisActor Cop Shawn Braxton Uninjured by Massive School Bus Caving.In Back of his Mustang yet 6 Killed on Massive MTA same that same Bus supposedly hits after it!

    What total lying fraudster! And what about the airbag??? He never mentions it! Yet mentions ducking the steering wheel!! “His car” was fake crashed in a drill exercise with jaws of life & other tools & fireman having fun creating a fake crash stunt car. It was probably an aready crashed mustang & they got it for almost nothing from the insurance company salvage & hoax wrecked it really good for this PsyOp Halloween Hoax Double Bus Wreck!

  228. Ex J) Baltimore Happy Halloween Hoax Double Bus Crash- Of course the zio Hollywood script had to be Coded 33-MTABusDriver Age & 67 (66.6 probably lol) for School Bus Driver!

    Both bus drivers among 6 killed in 2-bus Baltimore crash
    Nov 1, 2016 07:59 PM
    Associated Press
    BALTIMORE (AP) – A school bus was blocks away from its first stop Tuesday morning when it hit a cemetery wall, rear-ended a car and then ricocheted off a roadside pillar into an oncoming commuter bus. The pre-dawn accident killed six people and injured 10, authorities said.

    There were virtually no skid marks at the crash scene, suggesting no braking by the 67-year-old school bus driver, who was killed, and leading to what Baltimore police spokesman T.J. Smith called a working theory that he had suffered some sort of medical emergency.

    The 33-year-old female driver of the Maryland Transit Administration bus also died at the scene, along with four of her 12 passengers, Smith said.

  229. My mama /sista rape fantasy summed up::

    Women have a prominent and difficult role & task to be accomplished: they need to be warm, tender and sexy lovers. They need to be advisers to their man, sometimes impersonating the gf, other a sister. Even a mother, if needed. Or a friend. And it may happen, at times..

    It may seem a miracle for a human being to gather all those different qualities & more..
    Yet, this is what real Females can provide.
    This is the women we wish.

    I see no differince with mama/sista/lova

    • Rudolf’s entire attitude towards women is based on how they can serve him. No wonder he can’t get laid. What a misogynist loser.

      • Just a ‘reblogging’. You embarrassed about revealing your incestuous relationship with your mom and sis?

      • Well you’ve done your best at getting banned from various websites.Guess that’s all you’ll ever be good at.

  230. I gave a new meaning to the term wanker look it up im there

  231. Ex(L for Lie) Baltimore MTA Bus vs School Hoax Crash & Death of 6- Crisis Actor Hoax Hero Charles Graves Chosen for his names’ Occult # 828! Aka 666, 66

    8&28 is 36 aka 6×6 for 66
    8&2&8 is 18 aka 6,6&6 for 666
    Also 828 Backwards, forwards & upside down still appears 828, a real fetish of the ziofreaks, Kabbalists-Babylonian Baal Worshippers-Talmudists & Freemasons, etc..

    Also it could be taken as 2- 88’s.

    Past Events Staged -setup-done ritually via 828 Occult Date Aug 28:

    1917 (Aug 28): Ten suffragists Are Arrested As They Picket The White House.

    1945 Aug 28 Jackie Robinson Signs with Brooklyn Dodgers’ Organization.

    1955 Aug 28 The Murder of Emmett Till (black boy murdered for whistling at white woman). ((This one was probably completely a hoax or done by FBI or ADL assasins))

    1963 Aug 28 Martin Luther King, Jr. Delivers “I Have a Dream” Speech.

    1963 Aug 28 The Career Girls Murders (Black man accused of killing two whites. Led to Miranda Decision).

    1964 Aug 28 Philadelphia Race Riot of 1964.

    1984 Aug 28 Stevie Wonder Releases “The Woman in Red”.

    1996 Aug 28 Bill Clinton accepts 2nd Presidential Nominatio of the Democratic Party.

    1996 Aug 28 Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorce.

  232. Ex K) Baltimore Halloween Double Bus Crash Hoax- Wife of Crisis Actor Shawn Braxton Monica Kuhn (Jew) Is NSA, CIA, NASA & Air Force

    McLean, VA = CIA
    Beltsville, MD NSA & NASA
    Ft Meade = NSA
    Andrews AFB = AF & NSA & NASA
    Newport News, Norfolk, VA Beach Naval Inteligence & NSA

    Monica Nichole Deckard
    age 39


    Saint Louis, MO; Las Cruces, NM; Mc Lean, VA; Cheyenne, WY; Colorado Springs, CO ; Clovis, NM; Winterset, IA; Iowa City, IA; Virginia Beach, VA; Norfolk, VA; Bowling Green, KY; Glasgow, KY; Houston, TX; Lorimor, IA


    Michael Deckard, Martha Hammans, Deborah Hammans, Jack Hammans, Joshua Hammans


    Exelis Inc.; Echostar Satellite Services L.l.c.; United States Air Force
    (US Air Force Space Flight Systems- see linked-this is NASA connected)

    Her NSA identity as Monica Kuhn:

    Monica A Kuhn
    age 39


    Andrews Air Force Base, MD; Vacaville, CA; Crestview, FL; Colorado Springs, CO; San Antonio, TX; Baton Rouge, LA

    Julie Kuhn, Charles Kuhn, Eric Banks, Douglas Banks

    Her Identity as Monica Braxton:

    Monica L Braxton
    age 40


    Beltsville, MD; Washington, DC;
    Hyattsville, MD; Columbia, MD

    Lorenzo Braxton, Joyce Kirk, Michele Culbreath, Linda Braxton, Joshua Culbreath

    Her as Monica Hammans:

    Monica L Braxton
    age 40


    Beltsville, MD; Washington, DC; Hyattsville, MD; Columbia, MD


    Lorenzo Braxton, Joyce Kirk, Michele Culbreath, Linda Braxton, Joshua Culbreath
    (20 yr old picture used for her Linkedin as Monica Deckard:

  233. Exhibit M) Baltimore DHS MTA Bus Vs School Bus Crash Hoax
    No Yellow Paint on MTA Bus! – No Glass Anywhere! All windows completely Removed!

    ..On MTA Bus- All windows wrre removed!! On School Bus All windows Intact except Winshiel Area area! Even 1 Window behind driver of School is Intact! Lol! Totally impossible in a real accident of this magnitude! And no yellow paint on the MTA Bus from the yellow school bus ripping down the length of it!
    All this hoax crash damage was done with Jaws of life, scissor tools, neumatic tools and cutting & lever tools, maybe backhoe or crane, etc… But first all the windows were removed from front & “wrecked side of MTA BUS! The MTA BUS was brought their on a tractor trailer rollback or behind a Track truck size Tow truck. Same with school bus. & a lot more is revealed ( if you look & stop & listen carefully!!) in this short video alone about the hoax PsyOp!

  234. Ex N) Baltimore Double Bus Crash Halloween Hoax- Picture of Baltimorian Zionist Jew Broadway(NYC) play Critic & Actor Adam Feldman & (I believe)his son Crisis Actor Hoax Hero Matt Feldman.

    Yes they look like twins almost. Adam is probably 52 & Matt is 31 to 34.
    Adam has addresses in Baltimore & NY & son Matt in Baltimore but I think the son uses his father’s name too in NY & probably other names. Anyway the son is 100% a crisis actor & actor on the side, a trained medic & or fireman likely by his script. You could tell he has done many training drill involving extracting people & bodies from serious wrecks. But also his main job is a Grumman Aero- Flight Engineer in Baltimore for AF, Army & NASA contracts. A position where a sayanim mossad scum can steal military secrets for Israel & to sell to China, etc…like Jonathan Pollard & all the other Jewish Israeli spies & cell families like the Walkers caught doing it.

  235. Ex O) 19 & 95 Occult Coded Baltimore Halloween Hoax Bus Crash- Bus Number 0905 aka 95 aka 19×5 In Babylon Talmud & Kabbala 19 means Blood Ritual Sacrifice

    …Especially April 19th..

    April 19th Begins 13 days of Blood Ritual Sacrifice to these psychopaths.

    Coding & staging Hoaxes, PsyOps or scams or real murder(s) or attacks, invasions, bombings, war battles, etc.., with 19 to these psychopaths (they believe) it gives more black magic power to them over their enemy, the hated goyim. And 95 contains 5- 19’s they take that as 5 times the power it gives them. Yes it is insane evil but this is how high level zios, Talmudists, Kabbalists, Freemasons, Jesuits & Satanist think!

    So the British freemason planners & zio bankers Purposefully picked April 19th 1775 to attack the American Patriots & attempt to confiscate their Firearms & Ammo & Canons knowing that GUN Confiscation was the line in the sand where the Americans would fight them in defense their stand to refuse new taxes & laws by the King…

    (1). April 19, 1775 – Battle of Lexington & Concord, which made the Masonic-led Revolutionary War inevitable

    (2). ((This one was most likely a complete mini holohoax fraud–remember Holocaust means a ritual burnt human sacrifice offering to the Jews))
    April 19, 1943 – After trapping the last Jewish Resistance Fighters in a storm drain in Warsaw, and holding them for several days, Nazi Storm Troopers began to pour fire into each end of the storm drain, using flame-throwers. They continued pouring the fire into the drain until all fighters were dead. Blood sacrifice brought about by a fiery conflagration.

    (3) April 19, 1993 – 50 years later, to the day, government troops, tanks, and other military equipment stormed the compound of David Koresh and his followers at Waco, Texas. Certainly, this operation fulfilled the basic requirements for a human sacrifice: trauma, fire, and young sacrificial victims.

    (4) April 19, 1995 – Oklahoma City bombing – Once again, many young children were killed this day (No longer sure how many died that day but several deaths were proven hoaxes, some by my own research I found still alive as of 2014 ot 2015!)

    • Wow, a 1/365 chance that something should happen on a given day. I’ m a prophetic genius.

      Did anyone also realise that everyone dies within 6 months of their birthdays? Surely the work of zionists to invent February 29th though, the scheming swine! Lol!

    • How could I forget Waco?!! My all time favorite holy happy hoax! I’ve always styled myself on David Koresh and envy how he married all those 12 year old girls! lol!

      • And you stick to your only option – your mother and sister

        • More unbridled RAPE FANTASY from a DICKLESS nazi – your sexual despair is so obvious, I ALMOST feel sorry for you.

        • Well just listen to the desperation! When all is lost, resort to threats of violence because that’s all you have. You don’t have anything on me – cause you are STOOPID. (It is funny to see you flail around while you run in circles tho). Ha

  236. Ex O-2) Baltimore Bus Crash Occult #95 & 19- USA’s Longest North to South Hwy Interstate 95 is 1919 mi & Purposefully built to achieve the 95 & 1919!

    It is obvious as can be when you look at where 95 Ends In Maine. It inexplicably takes a hard right & goes directly east into Canada when it is designed as a North to South Hwy & should go to up towards either of two bigger cities in Canada Edmunston or Grand Falls. Hwy 2 already goes mostly the same route East into Canada anyway! But if 95 went due north either the freemason-ziofreaks 1919 would not be achive since they would bring the milage to 1950 or well over 2000 miles! This shows the insane obsession of these Fundamental Judaec Satanic Cultists to follow their insane rituals & numerology & spell casting over practically & common sense all the time!

  237. Ex P) Baltimore Halloween Hoax MTA Vs Shool Bus Crash- Entire Side of Hoax Wrecked School Bus has No Identification Marking!!!

    All PUBLIC school buses in MD MUST HAVE MARKINGS on both sides even contractors buses!
    More Total proof it’s a hoax!!!

    I kept noticing they were hiding the major sections of both sides of the School bus! Like by using an fire dept pump truck & son striped, marked police tarp canvass material.

  238. Jeffery Epstein’s Lolita Express’ flight log shows a lot of trips to Asia:

    Lots of pedos came out for the Indian tsunami too; it was around that time that GHWB and WJC teamed up to do a big new charity initiative.

    The two women in the pizza.jpg photo? Those are the two reporters who caught captured in NK. They were reporting on HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING.

    Guess who went to pick them up? Bill Clinton and Steve Bing, who both are Lolita Express passengers.

    Source on this:

    Original email here.

    Another related email invitation for a possible pedo party at David Brock’s

    Sleuthing around for Pizza related things led us to this email:

    Comet Ping Ping Pizza joint in DC named:

    The owner of Comet Ping Pong, JAMES ALEFANTIS was the gay lover of David Brock for a while. He stars in a number of creepy ads for the pizza place.

    The Pizza place also has hidden doors to rooms according to their webpage:

    Possibly related Tumblr



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  240. Ex 1) 33 & 777 & 666 & 555 Coded NYC Home Invasion, ShootOut & Cop Killing Hoax- Ziotrash NY 4 Writers POST Posted Story 18min’s after ShootOut with cop & Suspect named!! LMAO!

    Shooting Hoax Happened at 3:00.

    NYPost Zio Rich Shapiro & 3 writers together posted story at 3:18!

    No reporter, not even 4 of them, can research & get all the facts & name the dead robber & dead Cop in 18 minutes & post it too! Absolute proof alone this is a hoax PsyOp!

    666 code–Time posted @ 3:18 gives you a 3 & 666! Obcourse in reality the script was written finalized week or months ago with all the Occutic/judaec numerology included!

    777 Order out of Chaos Code– Cop’s name is Tuozzolo 1470 Jewish Gematria-14&7 aka 777!

    Tuozzolo in English Gematria is 900 aka 9 aka 3×3 aka 33!

    Tuozzolo is 150 in simple Gematria for 15 aka 555!

    So you have consecutive triple digited hoax coded numbers in the hoax 555, 666, 777! lol!

    And there is plenty more coded in the script from these funda-mental cases cultists -Babylonian Ziofreaks & Mason hoax screenwrights writing this PsyOp!
    Also this name Tuozzolo has two (or more) palindromes within his name where they are the same forward & backwards & also upside! Kababists & Talmudists & Freemason freaks love these Palindrome phrases, words or parts of words! …ozzo, olo…

    This was all my research on gematria of the fake, scripted story & some script info I may have used from the NY Daily News –Evil zio twin of the NY Post.

    • Just a few corrections required re the story you linked Dr Kowboy…

      – there were 8 writers involved in putting that story together
      – the story states the cop was shot at ‘around’ 2.45pm – not 3pm as you claim (was that a deliberate lie?)
      – the story was updated at 9.34pm on Nov 4

      I would think that for an experienced reporter 30 minutes is enough time to get the lead (say from a police scanner), verify it with your police media source and write a couple of lines as breaking news eg ‘reports just in that two officers have been shot in the Bronx’.

      After all it’s a big story and you’d want to be on it ahead of your competitors. And then they had another 6 and a half odd hours to collate the story from each of their sources. They were probably continually updating it throughout that time – so absolutely NOTHING suspicious about this at all.

      It still amazes though that you refuse to believe anything you read in the MSM but have absolute blind faith in time stamps…fool

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  241. Ex2) Bronx NYC Cop ShootOut & Cop Killing
    “Red Jeep Cherokee” Used in Script for 33 code

    Red Jeep Cherokee 133 in Simple gemtria & 798 in Jewish Gematria &I discovered 6 x 133 is 798! lol! So they worked on coded this script for a while to get these beloved ritualistic ziotrash, cultist codes! …And there are more! The shooters names has them too & is done to be related to the Cops code! So obviously they don’t just randomly select their actors & their names for these hoaxes/PsyOps!!! ..But then..they do the same in movies & TV! These are total mind warped occult obssessed psychopaths!

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