Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 13 June 2014
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Bowe Bergdahl Kidnapping and Torture is an Islamophobic Hoax

In relation to the Bowe Bergdahl hoax what an incredible headline it is, “Islam in the White House.” Regardless, if it was in the White House, how could that big such a major issue?

It i vile wickedness that is currently in the White House, the wickedness of Zionism. It is a wickedness that has perpetrated the slaughter of the innocent, tens of millions of people in the past 20 years alone.

It is that same wickedness which destroyed Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, while causing the deaths of some 55,000 American soldiers. It is that vile corruption that led to the creation of that murderous arch-Zionist plot, the so-called War on Terror, which is nothing other than a war of the most extreme terror conceivable. They are not only corrupt but they are also filled with deceit, psychopathic beyond comprehension.

A War on Terror which is the War of Terror, an Islamic enemy which doesn’t exist and is a diversion to hide the real enemy, which is Islaam’s direst enemy, the Zionist cabal.


What is that other headlines? Are they not incredible: ‘Invoking Allah, Allah is in the White House, and War cry of Allah?’ War cry, really? Who is war being forced upon, and who is being butchered to death by such wars other than the followers of this same Allah? Really, He is there, just because someone (it could be anyone, including a Zionist) mentions His name? He is there plotting the next criminal invasion and destruction of a sovereign country or some other diabolical plot? This is what the Zionists would have people believe.

There is no God almighty in that arena. The White House, the denizen of devils, could do with a dose of His almightiness. Merely mentioning His name is meaningless – although it could well have a meaning, as an Islamophobic psyops.

Regardless, there is no evidence that the culprits at hand, Bowe Berdgahl or his father, Robert (Bob) Bergdahl, are Islaamic people. Yet, it is a grand distraction, and this distraction is being played up to the max by the Zionist-controlled media.

Even so, Bergdahl’s claims are hardly believable. What kind of Islaamic man is he to fake his kidnapping and torture? Make no mistake about it he is not a real kidnapping victim. Rather, his is a covert operative working on behalf of the Zionist cabal. His claim of being a captive of the Taliban and suffering torture at its hands is merely a lie.

He was tortured and put into a cage, like a shark cage, so he and his spy-master father claim. Where is the evidence for this? He has never shown evidence of any wounds as would be expected in torture victims. His words/claims, supported by his fabricating father, are the only ‘evidence’ for this torture.

This is a convenient claim for the Zionists; they lust in such claims which would demonize the Taliban, which they have done continuously since the initial war against them. The Taliban are to be admired. Against all odds they are have fought and continute to fight against the most murderous, brutal, hedonistic military machine known: the military entity of Zionist America.

Both Americans – but not Zionist Jews – and the people of Afghanistan have been senselessly slaughtered because of this trumped-up war.

In fact, the entire war in Afghanistan is a diabolical hoax. How can, then, the claims about Bergdahl, who is in the midst of that hoax, be trusted without thorough scrutiny?

By all accounts he disappeared from his post. How does this constitute kidnapping?

What is seen, here? Bergdahl himself is  a prop, as are his surroundings. Beautiful sandbags those are, so fresh, so new. Then, there is that psy-ops mole with the binoculars, also for effect. It’s a great use of the taxpayer largess.

He suddenly purportedly goes from such a fine bunker directly into the hands of the Taliban, and no one has any idea what happened:

In this psy-ops videos there is seemingly always some imagery with a rug as the backdrop.

Nor was his rescue real. Nor was he ‘saved’ through a unilateral action by Obama, trading 5 Taliban prisoners in exchange. There was no one to save; his entire operation was under the control of America’s spy agencies.

The Zionist-controlled press as a rule is fully in support of the Bergdahl scam. It is the case to such a degree as to apologize for it on behalf of Obama, claiming it was a ‘good deal.’ That claim is rendered support by comparing the ‘lop-sided’ exchange of Israeli POWs with Palestinian ones.

President Obama Was Right – NYTimes.com


4 days ago – And President Obama’s prisoner swap for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl … Israel once traded 1,027 Palestinian prisoners to get back one of their own.

The Zionist-run New York Times makes a special effort to compare the Obama Taliban trade to similar trades made by the Israelis? The support by both the Zionist heavy hitters of the United States and the Israeli press of the Bergdahl hoax is consistent. ‘It was a good deal by Obama; the Israeli regime does this all the time – nothing wrong with it. There’s no criticism from the Israelis about the Bergdahl trade – suspicions must surely arise.

Those suspicions arise even more greatly when reviewing the treatment of Bergdahl by the Israeli press:


The Zionists virtually pander all over him, apologizing for any actions related to the spy. If he was an Islaamic activist, does anyone really think they would do so?

So, there is no kidnapping, that’s for certain, and there is no evidence of any torture wounds, mentally or physically. Then, what could this be other than a fraud?

One minute he is proud to be a soldier and the next minute he abandons it all and becomes a “Muslim sympathizer.” Nevertheless, Bergdahl is rather than a victim a victimizer, a spy working on behalf of the Zionist cabal. The name is commonly associated with Swedish Jews.

He was supposedly kidnapped by Afghanistan’s Haqqani Network. What legitimate Afghanistan resistance group calls itself a “network?” This is the language of the Mossad, which is the network’s greatest supporter:
Here is arch-Zionist operative John Kerry-Kohn putting his hand, lovingly, on the shoulder of an element of the Haqqani Network, former Pakastani Ambassador to the US, Husain Haqqani. There couldn’t be a more extremist Zionist agent than Kerry, and the former Ambassador – a Haqqani himself – is a collaborator.
Here is a PressTV video discussing certain of these issues; it is long and boring at times. Yet, it does provide clues of the covert nature of anything related to this ‘network.’

Here he is supposedly gaunt and suffering from the ill effects of torture. There is no evidence for any such claims and it appears to be instead all an act.
It’s a grand distraction from the failing imperialist war plots against that country. Someone decided that he should turn his head to the side, so the moulage on the side of his face was visible. Does anyone see any wounds?
Here he is supposedly with his captors. It was at this point that it is acclaimed that the (fake) captor said, “Hey, don’t come back to Afghanistan, again. If you do, you’ll be killed.” How did the Zionist-controlled media know about such a conversation if this really was a Taliban video?
According to the BBC at this point he is reacting to the sunlight from being stuck in captivity, in that shark-cage (in the dungeon), for all these years:
‘Don’t you come back here, soldier. We kind of liked you. However, if you come back, we’ll kill you.’ Who believes any such story-lines?
Moreover, the Taliban was so astute that they captured the imagery of their man pointing his finger at Bergdahl with the resulting acted out response. Too, somehow the BBC knew all of this, and knew what the man was saying when he was shaking his finger. Reuters proudly places its logo on the video. Regardless, who would believe that this propaganda piece is exclusively a Taliban production?
This is a set-up and a hoax. There can be no other explanation for such a relaxed, even nonsensical, appearance of this ‘kidnapping.’
The phony captor takes time to pose for the camera, looking directly into the lens. That’s a US military soldier. He is not restrained. Isn’t he concerned that he might take him down and rip that gun away from him, making an escape or even killing him?
Bergdahl, too, seems to enjoy the limelight, seen here looking directly into the lens. This is not the expected imagery of a real kidnapping. Moreover, once again, there is no evidence of any kind that he endure any extremes of trauma, mentally or physically.

Mr. Pipe and Sand Bag Bunker is reminiscent of that covert operative and Zionist infiltrator of a different era, Lawrence of Arabia.
The helicopter came and got him, and it was all memorialized on tape. Sure it was, just by Afghani fighters.
That other arch-spy, Mr. Look from the Corner of the Eyes, Robert Bergdahl:

How about that for a political history plus a list of contacts. He has the Zionist-Israeli media at his back and the personal cell phone of the (once) most powerful military man in the land. He has contacts in the Zionist-Rockefeller-run Pentagon. He was a Nixon man while living in a largely Jewish neighborhood.
The supposed praiser of Allah is none other than a Zionist mole. The purpose in his Arabic lines and praising is to spread corruption in the land.

After this phony rescue the parents of Bowe Bergdahl, Bob and Janie Bergdahl, were invited to the White House for a propaganda session.

Bergdahl the espionage mole gives Mr. Obama a hug, seemingly acting enamored by his presence. The fawn all over the hoax- and war-monger. A more pandering look and body language could not be found other than what is seen in these Zionist agents.

My is she fond, exceedingly so, of that Zionist operative, Barack Barack Obama.

It’s almost like government operative Bergdahl is thinking, “Don’t blow it, lady. Don’t look to happy. Your supposed to play the role of the mother of a tortured, kidnapped son. This isn’t a gala event. Don’t overdo it.”
He is supposed to be a Muslim and/or Islamic apologist. That, too, is a hoax, just as is his ‘praising Allah’ in Obama’s presence, just as is any claim that his son is a Muslim convert.



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  1. Finally, dr. K…. Hats off to u….

    • Let Fraudulant Fundraisers begin for the Vegas “Cop Killer Hoax!

      These two men are not dead and were not shot. Nor did the fake shooter or fake shooter wife shoot anyone, nor did anyone commit suicide. But zionist DHS and “(un)American” & foreign sayanims did take part in this Gun Confiscation Operation thru Staged Mass Fraud & will be paid well for their treason & crimes against the American people they commited in his fraud.

    • Igor Soldo of Ohio is Igor Soldo hoax not murdered fraudster Cop of Las Vegas.


      I have more…Screw all your Gun Confiscation Hoaxes Zionist Sayanims, Mossad agents & Zionist run DHS.

  2. Tom Hanks plays the part of Robert Bergdahl

    I am almost convinced. Black screen till 3:58. Once you see this it is pretty compelling.

    • Ure going much too far, mate, get real

      • I mean Tom Hanks? Please….

    • elfmom55
      Promising ! Could be a good case of Tom Hanks play act ! Only YT spanner in the video dept has been at it again and tampered with the evidence.

    • Major oops if I am agreeing with Christine.
      Joking maybe?
      I will have to see your proof before committing to your theory

  3. All you do is ramble on about pretty much nothing. Based on the unbelievable evidence you showed, I see no hoax in this matter. What I do see is how ant-Semitic you are. My thoughts on this is that this dude abandoned his post, and went AWOL. 6 of his brothers were killed looking for him. He is a traitor and deserves to spend the rest of his life in Leavenworth. And to trade 5 mid to high level al Qaeda operatives for this deserter, disgraces anyone who ever put on a uniform. He chose to walk off his base, in effect, turning his back on America. But, no hoax.

    • William, please define “anti-semitic”. And welcome to the real world, where too many things are unreal….

    • Hi William, I agree with your analysis. Not really sure what the writer is trying to say. He seems to think everything is a hoax. Maybe he is the hoax.

      • Hope, Big Daddy rambles….alot.
        Then Cowboy will use his special robotic power provide “proof”
        Even though he is wrong most of the time
        Then Christne will agree with what ever drkresearch barfs up there . Never contributes anything.
        Scoo pops up evey now and then with an opinion but has his arms crossed over his chest and will not budge
        Bill…well Bill is Bill.
        The Bobsey Twins (:)~ and John circle you but their bites never break the skin
        Dang! I just forgot what I was going to say.

        • Larin, you really make me laugh. What is this place? Sounds like a club whereby if questions are raised people just jump on you for the hell of it.

          Well I’m up for it. No curses or witchcraft though, that stuff scares me.

        • Hi Larin/Robin/Noel/Boon,
          My name is pope hope
          enews.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/troll-doll_240.jpg ill be trollalalaing behind you trying to fit in , I get gift certificates for big macs if I talk about absolutely nothing for as long as possible.
          I don’t stand a Hope of a chance without you taking my side
          you like my hair do ?

          • Oh look! It’s that….guy? girl?
            Spy Tracer,
            Love the new doo! Did you lose weight? Really? How much? Wow? By eating BigMacs you say? Who would have thought BM’s make you lise weight?
            You trotted on over to the cold side. Got part of my name right though.

          • Hope hijacked my ID , I didn’t write that Larin
            This place is full of nut jobs.

          • but I don’t know what’s scarier , an epidemic of children zombie killers or Talmudists wanting our means of self defense so they can chop all our heads off.

          • My Spy Tracer,
            Really? ???
            Very nicely done.
            Wow! My very first jellyfisher.
            Looks as if your Symbol :)~ has been hijacked again. Lol……I guess mine is next.
            I really need to update my WordPress photo 😉
            Eating my cheese cake then going to bed ♥

        • @Larin Noel – Dear idiot troll, the only one who can say if I contribute here or not is dr. K himself. And go to see some doctor, OK? U badly need it.

          • Christine Speaks to me FINALLY!
            And to think I get an insult from her….
            I have been trolling (as you say) for over 7 months now and only witnessed you contributing anything approximately 5-8 times.
            I have given more than enough argument for the other side. And yes I do play around when a new post is needed. So we have to agree to disagree (potato)on this discrepancy.
            Have a good day!
            PS. My doctor gave me permission to troll to my hearts content. So yay for me!
            I am truly sorry if my assessment of the mod squad upset you. Please forgive me.

    • Wilbur,
      If he abandoned his post yes he’d be a traitor or a hero ,depending on which side your on. The point of THIS exercise is to explore the possibility he is neither hero or villain but an ACTOR.

    • Ooooooh! There’s my Prince William!
      I was beginning to feel as if you moved on
      But I do have to let you know that are right

    • Innocent until proven guilty! Everything is just speculation and Sargent Bowe Bergdahl still has yet to speak!

  4. thank you! I have been suspicious of this “story” for the last 10 days or so. this is another smoke screen for the magic negro to shield him from media backlash over his Eric Holder-Lois Lerner problem. Those idiots at Fox News fall for this terror nonsense. Check out the video of Bowe eating. There is some photo shopping going on there!

  5. We’re going with Dr. K on the Bergdahl matter, but are also taking into consideration those that feel Dr. K is jumping to conclusions about The Bergster.

    Regardless, be proud, blog contributers, because your evidence, citations, analyses, and conclusions are going to butt-kicking U.S. Attorney – Southern District of NY – Preet Bharara, who was a young Assitant U.S. Attorney, with Gotti prosecuter Diane Giacalone, who put The Dapper Crybaby Dago away for life, where the bum died of throat cancer in maximum security, chained to a filthy prison hospital bed.

    If necessary, I will personally deliver the goods to Bharara’s office in NYC, politely but firmly demanding prosecution of many Zionists (and their punks) for High Treason, Misprision of Felony, and Misprision of Treason, among 5.435 other heinous crimes.

    Per the U.S. Constitution, High Treason is aiding and abetting the enemy ) (Israel, Sinaloa Cartel) against the entire U.S. government. The only available punishment (in The Constitution) is Death. Period.

    Now move on it, and God / Allah keep you safe and well.

    Bill Stoller, Legal Consultant, for CT Global at http://CT-Global.webs.com and Sovereign CT America at


  6. The motives behind this suspiciously dubious story are only too easy to work out.
    It’s clear public support for this long running zio war of choice is fading with time.
    Also 2014 is a significant timeline pertaining to Afghan, US upcoming political calender.
    This is exactly the kind of bad P.R. for the Taliban and islam bashing, zionist controlling the policy want to resell to the gullible, like they did on and after 911.
    In the scripted media event MSM had already pinned the blame on Osama within the first few hours of 911 !! Shows how contrived 911 was.

    • Hello John, I agree 911 was an inside job. My research points to CFR. Do you know what CFR are all about and their sworn support to the Vatican?

      What is the connection to the zionists or do you believe they are one and the same?

      • Hopeless,
        Why don’t you start your own blog on how to detract from important messages by throwing out completely unrelated topics to discuss.Of course thats after you’ve shown your ignorance and complete lack of critical thinking.

        • Or you could simply bop on over to the 9/11 thread that started 10 years ago.

          • Grumpy Smurf!

        • Ooooooh Hope,
          You have a nickname!
          Now you are officially one of us 🙂

      • And here we go!
        Back off Darth Spy…
        I actually agree with you Hope 🙂 The Vatican. Even my David ♥ told us to watch Rome. He was a little cryptic but the warning was loud and clear.
        Don’t worry about Spy Tracerv (:)~). He pulled a Kramer (Seinfeld) and stayed in the bath too long.

        • Larin, I really don’t care much for arguing to prove a point. I simply asked John a question and someone else abused me. I will just wait till John responds to my question, if he chooses too.

          You do seem to have your finger on the pulse with this site.

          • That’s cool Hope 🙂
            This site never used to be so cheesy. Yes, comments range 0-10 on each post.
            Comments went up when David and myself decided to set records straight.
            With his military background and my photography super power, these Jew Haters never stood a chance….that is when the comment numbers sky rocketed.
            This all worked to the benefit of bringing in newcomers.
            When you see the *** for tat, that just means that everything that needs attention to…has gotten more than enough attention. And now we are ready for the next post from the good doctor.
            sorry this is so long but I am really tired now and I ramble when tired.
            Going nighty. As I have said before….I know there will be trash talk which I will adress tomorrow.
            PS I still love you my little spy tracer.
            My heart belongs to David. Anyone caught trying to cop a feel will be flogged with wet subpoenas.

          • To set the record on the Jew Hater comment. There is this racist and homicidal text called the Talmud ,followers of that text use Zionism as their modus operadi , as long as they print and control your money ,they don’t care what you do. All they want is your male child’s pecker cut off so they think about work and war , not pleasure. Their peculiarities arise from a Pharonic cult .The Ashkenazic , or khazarian convert Jews , formerly 13th century Turks descended from the Mongols joined forces with tribal or Sephardic Jews who escaped Egypt , apparently with a lot of loot. They loved joining forces with the Khaz’s , enemies of Muslims and Christian alike for it afforded them a place to escape to and viscous allies.The Khazarians loved the Talmud and adopted it , along with the protocols of Zion,as their mission statement so tospeak. That book is as scary as what you see taking place all around and I mean that.If you are not one of them which takes a minimum of 3 generations ,or a select (500,000 max)millbill/trillionaire, they want you as a slave or your head in a ditch. Jew hater may me a misnomer. Anti psychopathic mass murderers may be more appropriate. If we could just forget about religion , just for a minute , oh what peace of mind.

        • Love talking about the Vatican as long as the story is more relevant the the current topic such as “The remains of 350,000 children are said to be buried in mass graves on property of the Catholic church. Bones of some 850 children , from newborn to 12 years old were discovered on the property of a Catholic childrens home in Canada.” not “ya think the CFR has anything to do with the Vatican ?”
          A 2 hr bath and a 2 hr nap , now its just me n Jack d

          • Spy Tracer,
            Where did you find that info? I know I joke around alot but I am being serious here.
            This bit of info in your comment is exactly what this site needs.
            Real conspiracies.
            Speechless in South ________

          • Larin, the info is well known, though the figures cannot known be at this time. If you are interested I can provide info re sites you can look into.

            The person without a name mocks my question to John, though any investigation of Rome will lead to many answers. CFR in the US can provide a stepping stone to many issues and questions facing the world.

          • Forgive me Drk for plugging another website but I read one of your articles there first.
            Larin , I highly recommend conspiracyplanet.com

        • Well I kind of am sticking up for you ladies , if you aren’t aware , the push to confiscate guns is to leave you defenseless. When you are defenseless AND someone wants your money (taxes) , its called robbery.

          • I know Spy Tracer ♡
            You have been a fun yet formidable BSer….that is why I love to engage you. And probably the reason why my love David likes to engage you.
            I do have to say that over the course of almost 7months, you have brought up some really good points and have given solid argument for other readers to follow.
            While I may not agree with every one of your arguments, you have given me food for thought 🙂
            I do agree that a gun confiscation is secretly in the works. I don’t know who’s behind it but it but I do know in my heart that someone or some faction is responsible.
            I personally am looking towards Rome just like my David told us.
            And with him over seas fighting for us….well, it makes me scared that there really are not enough good men and women to fight fir us over here.
            When I read what Spy Tracer wrote and that website, it confirms my fears and that makes me scared.
            All I have to say is NOBODY IS TAKING MY DAMNED GUNS!
            PS Thank you Spy Tracer for helping us (did I just say that? Lol)
            I am glad you didn’t take my assessment to heart like the Radu…

  7. If your elusive reply was directed to me then I would expect you to address me in a polite manner and use my name. As you do not appear to have a name I cannot.

    • Hope,
      I’ve got a minute, feel free to tell us what you know. That is the beauty of the 1st amendment and this site.
      why have rights if not to exercise em

  8. I love how Bergmeister is smiling and winking at his captor as he’s giving him a thumbs up,while sitting in the truck.

  9. One of the most transparent hoaxes ever. Perhaps one day we will reveal Guantanamo as one great big psy-op in the fake GWOT. Notice its name used in the Bergdahl hoax.

  10. The father may well be played by the same **** actor as the son as in the case of the Castro Kidnapping Hoax with character Amanda Knight & her mother character both played by the same little scammer sayanim actor. The Bergdahl father charater is not a devout Muslim or an orthodox Jew or Amish so why the untrimmed beard. Because it is a disguise to throw off his looks–whether including he also plays the son or not. I hearing lots of comments and groans about this fake zionist orchestrated event, I keep hearing in public from all sides. So it is working to stir up religious, political and racial division as the zionist want–as such division always serves them in their goals.

  11. News 8 Vegas Says this is Igor Soldo– fake dead cop. ok

    So forget about the younger looking pic they keep showing you with the Alyn character (who is really Igor Paleta) and compare that one with his wife and supposed 1 year old child below–both media admitted pics if him with the one I will post on my next post. (Dr K I need you to actually look and see all this before it’s pulled or links broken. Nevermind the squealing from shells & sayanim, zionist freaks whoever.) These are old pics. The child is older, which I will show–(next post)

    • This Mossad mole is the same guy, 100%. Thks. Good find. But who is Igor Paleta? He bears no resemblance to the fake cop.

  12. look up how the u.s. abandoned thousands of pow/mias at the end of each war including the vietnam war with live sightings continuing to this day, look up william milliner. what we are dealing with is demonic psycopaths who murder and they love when troops die and they love leaving them behind, i also think berghadal is a psy op cause they have no interest in troops.

  13. Thank you again, Dr. K and bog contributers (we call them blogsters).

    Like him or not (and many don’t), our consultant “The X Man” on CT America’s Forum (www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501) concurs on the evil “Talmud,” and supports the blogster who commented,

    ” There is this racist and homicidal text called the Talmud ,followers of that text use Zionism as their modus operadi , as long as they print and control your money ,they don’t care what you do. All they want is your male child’s pecker cut off so they think about work and war , not pleasure. ”

    Old “X” applauded this opinion .

    As stated, all of our / your evidence is going to Southern District of NY U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara (he was a Gotti ‘cuter, with gutsy lawdog Diane Giacalone, et. al.), with allegations of High Treason, RICO (racketeering), and many other high crimes committed, and being committed, by the Zios and their many lackeys.

    The goods are also being fed regularly to America’s (probable) first woman President – desert lawdog and AZ U.S. Representative Kyrsten SInema – Sinema.House.gov and http://www.KyrstenSinema.com – who can use the evidence to eliminate most competition by throwing them prison or ececuting them ! LOL

    Sinema will obviously take full advantage of these crimes, to further her political ambitions, and take down her competing politicos. Possibly “The K” still has a semblance of humanity and ethics in her also (?).

    Regarding Dr. K’s objections to our hyping “talk shows” and websites, we have paid our friend and ally “K” and http://www.NoDisinfo.com, by giving him/you a link at http://CT-Global.webs.com, and regularly praise you all on our CT America shows at http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501 .

    We have also told “K’s” colleague James Cantrell, of K’s publishers at http://www.KnowledgeHousePublishers.com, that we will give the Greater Chi-Town Truth Seekers a link on http://CT-Global.webs.com .

    It’s clear that Dr. K owes us some advertising in here. Cut/print.

    Being defective, inward-focused, greedy, and arrogant humanoids, we haven’t heard one “Thank You” from any of you, and don’t expect any. Very sad, but we will still work with you.

    Bill Stoller, Legal Consultant, for CT Global at http://CT-Global.webs.com and Sovereign CT America at


    USA (203) 382-1350 [email protected]

  14. We are continually defending Dr. K and http://www.NoDisinfo.com against so-called “Christian” attackers, so we question why he objects to our promoting our shows and websites.

    We have earned the right to promote in here, and more. We will continue to do that, with pride.

    For example, we are under attack by Belizean Real Estate Power Broker – Mrs. Yvonne Hartshorn, of Belize City and Miami, as well as the West Indies.

    Yvonne claims to be a “Christian,” but we feel that she’s really a moneygrubbing “Christian-Zionist.” She is now harassing us and threatening to sue us, after we mentioned our alliance with Muslims, Iran, Syria, et. al.

    We mentioned Dr. K and http://www.NoDisinfo.com‘s Truth Seeking efforts in this excerpt from a recent Email to the misguided Yvonne, who hit the roof when I/we identified oursleves as “Judeo-Christian-Muslims.”

    That did it – and the attractive, fire-breathing Belizean gal went on the warpath! LOL

    “…We have heard many “false declarations” by those claiming to be “Christians,” when in fact they are “Christian-Zionists,” and Talmud-worshipping evildoers.

    So, your vehement / adamant proclamations of “Christianity” automatically make you suspect.

    The key factor here in The End Times is Truth, Mrs. Hartshorn. Jesus said in John 14:16, infra. that He would send a “counselor” or “advocate,” and that would be the SPIRIT of TRUTH.

    (The Muslims claim that the Greek word “paraclete” describes this counselor / advocate, who they believe was Muhammad. Of course, the Muslims and Holy Qur’aan revere Jesus as a prophet also).

    Ironically, one of the most prolific and courageous Truth Seekers in The World today is Dr. Kaasem Khaleel (Dr. K) of http://www.NoDisinfo.com, a medical doctor, naturopath, and excellent researcher who is exposing the Zionist / Israeli Mossad / Rogue CIA infestation of the World. By the way, Dr. K is a Muslim-American .

    Many in our fold call ourselves “Judeo-Christian-Muslims,” in that we accept The Torah, The Bible, and The Holy Qur’aan as the Word of God, with The Qur’aan being the latest revelation, which supplements and reinforces The Bible.

    Section 4 (or Sura 4 in Arabic) of The Holy Qur’aan is entitled “Women’s Rights,” by the way. ”

    Apparently, this alleged “Christian” Mrs. Hartshorn doesn’t give one **** about “Sura 4,” even though she is a women’s rights advocate. LOL

    Bill Stoller. Legal Consultant, for CT Global at http://CT-Global.webs.com and Sovereign CT America at


    USA (203) 382-1350 [email protected]

    • Thanks for your expression of the ‘spirit of truth’ ,while I am not a fan of Christianity,Islam or Jediism oops Judaism,I like the idea that were all one big family.
      My choice would be to drop all philosophies from 2000 years ago and start fresh, Short of that I would love to see them unite. Thank you for calling yourself Judo Christian Muslim and I hope you start a big trend with that.it
      May peace prevail.

      • Thank you, : ) ~ .

        I will relay your “thumbs up” on the “Judeo-Christian Muslim” label; of course, if a JCM goes into “Chronic Truth Evasion,” or psychological shutdown (denial) over these Earth-shattering revelations, the JCM is as bad as the Christian-Zios and World Jewry, et. al.

        You are correct – God /Allah wants us all to come together in Truth and Peace.

        That’s why I/we didn’t pursue the fact that we have hyped / promoted Dr. K and http://www.NoDisinfo.com all over the World, then he comes in harping about us promoting our sites. We remind the well-respected “K” – you owe us ! LOL

        PEACE Dr. K – we are on your side, but must defend ourselves also !

        Bill Stoller, and Associates, proudly promoting CT Global at http://CT-Global.webs.com and Sovereign CT America ‘s Worldwide Truth Broadcast Forum at


        USA (203) 382-1350 [email protected]

  15. Historian Dr. David Duke ….. The perpetrators behind organized crime !? Hidden by zio media from the masses :

  16. I/we are beginning to wonder whether this Snowden fellow is another doversion ruse / hoax. Your reasonable feedback will be greatly appreciated.

    Some of our colleagues clearly do not like Snowball, as shown in this rather vulgar (brutally honest?) excerpt from a press release:

    These are opinions based on known facts.

    Folks, these GAY SPIES (aka SPOOK FAGGOTS) who TURN CHICKEN and RUN TO RUSSIA to SNITCH really try our patience.

    Unlike the cowardly GEEK SPOOK FLAMER EDWARD SNOWDEN, who had to run and hide in RUSSIA, the SOVEREIGN CT AMERICANS and http://www.NoDisinfo.com stand their ground in Greater NYC and Chicago, fighting for AMERICA and THE CONSTITUTION with their own funds and resources.

    On the contrary, the PUNK SNITCH SNOWBALL is a CAREER WELFARE CHEAT, who was on the government dole for MUCHO UNDESERVED BUCKS, trained as an NSA SUPER SPOOK (spy).

    Speaking of PUNK SPOOKS, your “President” BARRY SOETORO (Obama) was recruited from OCCIDENTAL COLLEGE, California, by the ROGUE CIA, and he’s using STOLEN CONNECTICUT-ISSUED SSN 042-68-4425 (he’s used about 54, 683 other fake IDs/SSNs also).

    Don’t blame BARRY too much – if he tries to leave the CIA, they’ll kill him, Michelle, and their daughters. You know – dead.

    Art McNamara, Worldwide Press Agent, and Proud Combat Veteran, New Haven, CT, USA

    From http://www.PressTV.ir :
    CIA rendition jet flew to Europe to abduct Snowden: Report

    • Nation
      The US Gov is controlled by dual Citizen Communist, Bolsheviks, Marxist, Zionist Jews intentionally destroying US.
      When they are done they can flee to Israel (Israels Law of Return).
      Red Army = (Communist Jews) murdered close to 100,000,000 White Christian Europeans.

  17. Thanks, Nation – they will evaluate and mass-distribute your linked video.

    Indeed, a brainwashed, “zombified” Nation of clueless masses of worthless protoplasm – braindead, fused ganglions at this point.

    It’ll be hard for us to have much compassion if 98% of our so-called “countrymen/women” get hauled off to the FEMA Death camps, never to be seen or heard from again. They did it to themselves.

    Please see the credible FEMA Death Camp / Tyrannical Executive Orders shocker at


    Bill Stoller, Legal Consultant, for CT Global at http://CT-Global.webs.com and

    Sovereign CT America at http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501

    (203) 382-1350 [email protected]

  18. Great analogy in this http://www.PressTV.ir article, which cpmares the U.S. Senate to Palestine / West Bank, calling our Senate / Congress “occupied terrirtory,” by IsraHELL .

    Please see


    Our Iranian contacts at http://www.PressTV.ir and in the Iranian government know all about the courageous work being done by http://www.NoDisinfo.com and the blog contributers, and it’s high time they started paying you/us just compensation for our efforts, which defend Islam and Iran, and the entire Middle East, and elsewhere.

    They’re probably not aware, but as a Sovereign Nation-State, CT America has standing to sue Iran, Syria, and others for “unjust enrichment” in the ICJ, The Hague, or in the American courts, meaning that the cheapskates voluntarily accepted benefits that we (and http://www.NoDisinfo.com) conferred on them.

    In other words, they owe us just compensation, which can be ordered by a court.

    Hopefully it won’t come down to lawsuits, to convince these tightwads to pay us for defending their cause.

    Keep up the great work.

    Bill Stoller, and Associates, Legal Consultants, for http://CT_Global.webs.com and Sovereign CT AMerica at http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501

    (203) 382-1350 [email protected]

  19. Real wife of Igor Soldo– Sladana Krekovic Soldo with real son whose around 5 years old by now as shown in thelis picture last year. Andrea is not her real name this is so they can collect big money and be not exposed. Screw these zionist sayanim, Mossad scum fraudsters who want to use these hoaxes to Trick Americans into having their firearms Confiscated so we are defenseless like the innocent–yes INNOCENT!! Christian & Muslim men, woman and children they murder in Palestine & “Israel” each year! We have to expose these fraudster criminals completely every chance we can! Busted scumbags! I can link her to Vegas & the family there, not just Ohio. Lie all you want to younger brother of Igor In Ohio!
    And I can show his linkage by address to a very powerful Talent Agent in Vegas & Nebraska lol…Whose addresses he uses in Vegas & Lincoln, Nebraska. So ignor me trolls and sayanim shills or attack me I don’t care! I have this bum Igor and family busted!


    Zionist media pic of fake deas Igor & fake Andrea (real name Slandana Soldo sometimes spelled Sladjanna


  20. On this FB account are pics of Igor Soldo with family & maybe pics of his uncle who he may be named after.
    Now this picture of him as a cop in Chech Republic is posted in 2010 but may be from 2008 and may be before he married Sladana.


    As a side note. This family is full of operatives for Mossad & DHS. His real father or uncle may be Drago Soldo involved in the zionist orchestrated destruction of beautiful Yugoslavia who looks just like criminal con artist Plastic Surgeon Paul Drago. What a small world.. Oh what a tangled web the zionists/racial surpremist weave as they practice to deceive the “dumb goyim” and prepare them for more slaughter and genocide.

  21. Here we find that Pedro Soldo is an alias for Pero Soldo & so is Pero Solvo. But more importantly also we find that Robert S Oldo is an alias for Igor Soldo our Chech zionist operative fraudster fake dead cop of the Las Vegas Hoax & Rallying cry For Gun Confiscation of the American People by the wolves leading the sheep to a defensely state to be butchered at will by the wicked.


    And searching the Robert Oldo alias for this Mossad agent non hero, but criminal & traitor we find…looky looky an Andrea Wells, like an daughter character created but Linda Wells & the zionist as a wife & window for the future fake dead Las Vegas Cop Igor Soldo. Since Igor & Sladanna wanted to be able to resume life in Ohio or where ever their new wealth allowed as unrelated people to this operation while enjoying the wealth from the DHS & FEMA money, death insurance, police death benefits, new foudations his “wife & family” could run & be paid be money at, and ofcourse the endless fundraisers !


  22. Captors release photo of P.O.W Bowe Bergdahl smiling alongside Taliban commander as they claim he wasn’t tortured during five-year detention but ‘treated with kindness


  23. The Men Who Captured One Of The ‘Taliban 5′ Speak Out About Bergdahl Swap [VIDEO]


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