Boston Bombing — 12 October 2013
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UPDATED: The Brassard Family of Boston Hoax Liars

What a bunch of hoaxers and fraudsters these Boston hoax fake wounded individuals are. Just another reminder of the degree of fraud and deception committed to perpetrate the Boston Marathon smoke bombing hoax.

The entire Brassard family is in on the hoax: not nice people. They are willing to destroy the freedoms of others for their own wretched gains. About as vile as it can get.

You can see Mrs. Fraudster Brassard, here, with the moulage paint on her hand, a real faker, not doubt about it. The arrows point to the fact that there is applied paint, even in dabs, even in one case on the ring finger in a U-shape, but no open wounds of any kind.


It is just pain from a moulage kit. In the same photo it can be seen that there is IV tubing: but it isn’t hooked up; she is hiding it under her arm.

Does she like horseshoes? She is a paid mole who is involved in this scam. Who can prove otherwise?


The entire family is fraudsters after all, stealing the public’s consciousness, as well as their money, on the basis of a lie.



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  1. And I am wondering whether fraudsters will, as horse237 predicted on 10/7 at VidRebel.wordpress, fool around with the US power grid in Nov., uploading viruses and the like. He points out that if the grid goes down for an extended period, we will NOT be able to cool our nuclear plants.

  2. I’m inclined to think that Carlos’ backstory of lighting himself on fire is pure fiction. Reports on it are vague in the vic-sim way and where is the physical evidence that he poured gasoline on himself and lit it in the back of a van? Pure horseshit. The report on the Brassards and other fakers is excellent

    • Carlos is a mole for the Obama White House and more. The story is a fake, just like you said, to create cover, so he could infiltrate the Occupy Movement.

  3. This is NOT IV tubing, After studying Nursing for nearly 3 years I can tell you that (from experience) I have never seen any tubing THAT thin before. But then what could it possibly be? Hmm, I will let you come to your own conclusion on that one ……….. 🙂

  4. Slain Boston Marathon bombing suspect linked to triple killings


    Dead Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev DID butcher friend and two others by slitting their throats after ‘drug deal gone wrong’ and dumped marijuana on bodies

  6. “20 Drills that Prove the New Enemy is the American People”

    “Out of 47 “scenarios” being practiced by first responders during Urban Shield 2013 this October 25 – 28 in the San Francisco Bay Area, at least 20 of them are “domestic” – either stated explicitly, or implied – and possibly more.

    Overall, the scenarios vary widely in scope – up to and including “odor investigation” – but the “domestic terrorists” are generally characterized as being anything from “anarchists” (Tea Partiers? Christians? Patriots?) to “homegrown” terrorists (recent American-Moslem converts duped into FBI-sting operations?)

    Interesting to note that, as of this writing, the English “Urban Shield” Wikipedia entry has disappeared… but you can still get it in French. (Too bad for you if you don’t read French.)
    owever, there is still a brief mention of Urban Shield in the English Wikipedia entry for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office (ASCO).

    According to Wikipedia’s ASCO entry, Urban Shield is the largest urban “SWAT” exercise in America. Always held in autumn, it provides “opportunities” for first-responder teams from all over the nation to train in what appears to be mostly “terrorist” scenarios.

    (As an aside – since I scan the news feeds daily – I’ve been noticing variations of ALL these “scenarios” making the news on a regular basis, including recently locking down an entire school district in Richmond, California due to an “odor investigation”… for an odor which turned out to be from a smelly barge starting its engine several miles outside the city limits. Oh, the hysteria.)

    You should also be pleased and comforted to note that among the many “public/private partners” (and corporate sponsors) taking part in this year’s Urban Shield will be the Boy Scouts, FedEx and Verizon Wireless.

    And, in addition to the 18 federal agencies listed (including Louisiana State University?), there will also be 12 foreign countries keeping us safe from domestic terrorists: Israel, Brazil, Guam, Israeli Yamam, Norway, Switzerland, France, Jordan, Bahrain, Singapore, Canada and Qatar.

    With all this “help” – in what is turning out to be a huge multi-billion dollar industry – it makes you wonder who is keeping us safe from the “helpers?”

    Read more:

    • “Too bad for you if you don’t read French”…

      …and are so pig-ignorant you’ve never heard of “Google Translate.”

  7. Your a little off on the carlos arredondo story. He didnt set himself on fire really. He was arrested for setting the van of marines on fire.. the marines had showed up on his birthday or something to inform him that his son had been kia in iraq. NEEDLESS to say. once you dowse a van full of marines with gas and light them up… you are now under complete control of the government. He could of gotten life or death penalty.. Instead he was sent to a mental hospital, his wife as well.. and from then on they were brainwashed into doing whatever the government says. i’m assuming it was some part of a plea deal and that the obama admin stepped in at some point as well

    • I am thinking that the Brassards are most likely compromised by the feds too. They have a son two years older than Krystara. He is a sexual predator and all-around perv. I’m sure the Brassards worked out some kind of deal with Eric Holder to get Ryan out of trouble. These are some sick fuckers. Including Holder who is the worst.

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