Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 26 May 2014
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Hard Proof Brussels Jewish Museum Shooting is a Staged Israeli Hoax

It is the Zionist Israeli entity that is behind the events at the Brussels Jewish Museum. The entire act was staged. It’s the same as Entebbe, entirely fake.

Even so, the Israelis run the security apparatus in Belgium. They can readily perpetrate such a hoax. No one will contest it. Rather, the individuals in place, whether police, secret services, and/or politicians, will help them facilitate it. They are virtually all proponents of destructive, murderous military intervention, Apartheid-like racism, and Islamophobia, make no mistake about it.

As a part of the fake the Israelis have more recently provided CCTV images. Who is in those images? It is an Israeli mole:


This is supposed to represent before and after the shooting. It’s as if someone walking down the street with a black bag or rucksack is evidence.
He’s sure moving about casually for a person who just shot to death three people in one of the highest security regions of the world, Brussels, capital of the European Union.
It’s another image of the man moving about unhurriedly.  Yet, wait a minute, here it is, he pulls out the gun. If he’s firing it, there is sure no evidence of a gunshot at the tip of the barrel:
He knows there are two Israelis in their – he’s an Israeli agent himself – and so he shoots them to death? An Israeli murdering fellow Israeli: how novel.
This videograb released on May 25, 2014, by the Belgian federal police on demand of Brussels’ king prosecutor, shows the suspect of the killings in the Jewish Museum on May 24,2014 in Brussels. (photo credit: AFP PHOTO/BELGA/BELGIAN FEDERAL POLICE/HANDOUT)
Here is the so-called proof: a lone wolf with an AK-47 supposedly firing away, though, once again, at the tip of the barrel there no evidence of a discharge.Here is another view;  it is clear that he is not shooting the gun. Regardless, if such imagery can be provided, why not show him in real action, pumping bullets into the individuals who were supposedly shot?

Lightened up and with red tint added, it is clear hat he is not discharging the gun. He seems to be holding that gun awfully loose considering its power and kick.
One wonders why he closed the door. That would make his escape more difficult. Also, the floor appears to be different than the museum’s.
Now, if he was really blasting away at individuals this would be an extreme situation, since it is at such close range. One oddity, though; why is he aiming at the floor? Yet, once again, a close range shot with such a powerful weapon is exceedingly traumatic. Who could survive it? Plus, the evidence for such shooting would be clear and undeniable.
There would be much blood, busted, splattered tissue, splintered bone and tissue, plus the tearing of clothing, shell casings, and even marks from the powder/carbon.
There would be entrance and exit holes of the stricken clearly visible. With a strike to the head the flow of blood would be rapid and extensive – liter upon liter would flow out, virtual rivers of blood.
Yet, what is seen in the Israeli hoax? It’s not even a puddle. What a farce it is:
Curiously, in another image the edge of a man can be seen, right screen. It could be representative of the edges of one or two men: hard to say. That has been largely purged from other pictures.
Regardless, in neither image is there evidence of an actual close range bullet strike. There are no wounds. In particular, with the woman there is no head wound. She’s dead, according to all reports. Yet, the total amount of blood escaping from the ‘wound’ is, perhaps, a quarter cup?
Oh, how nice and neat that little circle of tempura paint is. The cabalists were surely under watch so they wouldn’t corrupt the museum grounds too severely.belgiumjewishmusemhoax5
Too, she’s still holding he travel guide/brochure with her fingers; the pinkie seems to be elevated, while the other fingers are engaged on the brochure.
She’s dead. How could she do that? How could she, too, have such great color in her face and hands after bleeding to death, whether internally or externally?
In real life – non-Talmudic, non Zionist life – this does not occur. Here are two examples of men shot accidently at relatively close range, not nearly as close as the fake victims in the museum. Plus, these were accidental deaths which happened after a man discharged an AK-47, mainly into the air, at a Yemeni wedding.
The entrance (or exit) hole can be clearly seen. Bright red blood mixed with darker venous blood can be seen pouring out. The man, dying or now dead, has lost all control of his muscles.
Here is another AK-47 bullet strike to the head and possibly elsewhere. Note the out-flowing of virtual rivers of bright red arterial blood. When the integrity of the system is violated, this is what happens, that is except in Zionist hoaxes, where none of the rules of human physiology apply.
Caption: A real victim, “From God do we arise and ultimately return (Qur’aan paraphrased)”
The arms and hands have gone completely flaccid: immediately. There is no way such a person could hold/pinch a brochure with his hands and fingers. He has been decorticated, God rest his soul: he can move no part of his body on his own volition. Nor could he produce any muscle tone.
The dire state of affairs of this once joyous Yemeni wedding can be seen, here:

Yet, despite the complete deviation from the laws of anatomy and physiology – from the laws of nature – the world is supposed to believe in the fable. It is the fable that two unsuspecting Israelis, mere tourists, were targeted and shot dead.
Who are these purportedly dead Israelis? They are Mira and Emanuel Riva. However, they are not just ordinary tourists.
Mira and Emanuel Riva, the Israeli couple killed in the terror attack on the Brussels Jewish Museum on May 24 (photo credit: Courtesy) 

In fact, they are Mossad moles:
With their extremism of playing the role of forced immigration the Rivas prove themselves as Zionist extremists. What kind of rabid extremists are they? Sufficiently rabid to fake their own deaths, all for the sake of that Satanic plot, Eretz Israel. Both of these individuals are deceivers, mere spies. Neither of them were shot and/or killed in that museum.
Therefore, despite the protestations of Israeli powerful ones this is a fake and a hoax. Moreover, all those who uphold it vociferously are fabricators and fraudsters.




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  1. ” the Israelis run the security apparatus in Belgium”


    “Who is in those images? It is an Israeli mole:”


    “It’s as if someone walking down the street with a black bag or rucksack is evidence.”

    No, just an image of a suspect. No one is suggesting it is more that that.

    “one of the highest security regions of the world, Brussels, capital of the European Union.”

    The museum is located in a popular shopping district of a major European city, this is not a “secure” region.

    “If he’s firing it, there is sure no evidence of a gunshot at the tip of the barrel:”

    What evidence would you expect from the image?

    “Regardless, if such imagery can be provided, why not show him in real action, pumping bullets into the individuals who were supposedly shot?”

    The purpose of releasing the image is to try to identify the suspect, not to satisfy your ghoulish desire to see the killing of Jews.

    “One wonders why he closed the door. That would make his escape more difficult. Also, the floor appears to be different than the museum’s.”

    Does the door spring closed? You don’t know! Were the victims in an area with different floor pattern? You don’t know.

    “why is he aiming at the floor?”

    You are assuming that the still image corresponds to the moment of the gun being fired. Where is your evidence for this?

    ” With a strike to the head the flow of blood would be rapid and extensive – liter upon liter would flow out, virtual rivers of blood.”

    As a medical man you should know this is not true. It would depend entirely upon the specific location of the wound and the gravity of the trauma. You have no knowledge of the specifics in this case and so cannot make such assumptions. You are not a trauma specialist and, as a medical practitioner are disgraced. No court would consider you to have the competence or reliability to be considered an expert.

    “Curiously, in another image the edge of a man can be seen, right screen. ”

    What is curious about this?

    “Regardless, in neither image is there evidence of an actual close range bullet strike.”

    Again, you assume that the image should show this. Why?

    “after bleeding to death, whether internally or externally?”

    Osteopaths generally know little about serious trauma so it is understandable that you would not know that there is a difference between bleeding to death externally and dying of internal hemorrhage. In this case we don’t know the specific cause of death other than the fact that it is related to bullet wounds to the head/neck.

    The bloody images from the Yemeni wedding that you gleefully include may have sated your blood lust for a few moments but cannot be held as representative of all shootings. Bring me an expert who can prove that the Yemeni and Belgian shootings are comparable and I’ll consider your point.

    “In fact, they are Mossad moles:”

    That isn’t what your source states. It states that one of the couple worked for the Israeli government to help Jews leave the Soviet Union. You can approve of or decry this procedure but the history of the Soviet Union and the “refuseniks” is hardly secret. Again you lie about your sources!

    1/10 Must try harder!

    • Dude, u do have a problem!

      • Christinne,

        If by “problem” you mean DrK’s lies, then I accept that and would say that such a “problem” affects every visitor to this site.

        If you don’t mean that, then please elaborate!

      • His problem is he thinks he is a legal smarty pants before one of his zion judges.
        Which is why he keeps going evidence, evidence, evidence like a parrot over every line.
        Must be a sado masochist to keep reading all these “lies”, which he doesn’t like and coming back for more every day.

        • I was voted “most likely to become a legal smarty-pants” at Evil Zionist Law School.

          The reason why I ask for evidence is because I’d like DrK to provide some. So far my pleas have fallen upon deaf ears. Hope springs eternal etc.

          The reason why I return to this site is…

          You complete me.

    • With the age of consent at 13 in Belgium its no wonder the head of the EU ,just search “Belgium and pedophilia” sickos !

      • What in the name of all that is holy was that?
        Life essence? It sounds like a euphemism to me!

      • Btw Belgium isn’t head of the EU. It’s just the location of some of the legislative and executive. There are a few different places of importance, the other big one being Strasbourg. That’s in France.

      • Sorry, AOC in Belgium is 16. You are thinking of Spain.

        • I stand corrected while Spain is raising theirs to 16. Belgium is merely proposing theirs be reduced to 13.

    • To The Corrector – I admire the way you very eloquently shoot down each of these nitwit’s fabrications. I actually think this may be a pro-zionist site in disguise, as Dr K’s posting are so bizarro, that it makes him and his followers come off as complete nut cases. Kind of like the Westboro Baptist Church folks. They were so outlandish, their actions actually did the exact OPPOSITE of what they hoped for. Same with these nincompoops.

      What’s even more ironic, is that these folks following Dr K are being completely duped by him, and they haven’t a clue. The guy has a long documented history as a con artist who had is medical license revoked for fraud. Even he knows the stuff he posts here is complete bull. But thanks to donations of his gullible cult-like followers, he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

      • Thank you for you kind words.

        The comparison with the Westboro Baptist Church is apt. The groupthink here also relies on a powerful authority figure and the demonisation of individuals outside the group.

        WBC would brand anyone they perceived to be an enemy as a “Fag” or, somewhat hilariously, “Fag enabler” irrespective of their sexual behavior or actual views. The same process is seen here where the word “Zionist” is bandied about so much that it has no specific meaning other than “not one of us”.

        You mention that this site could be pro-Zionist in disguise, that is interesting as, other than the anti-semitic tone there is little here that would bother a Zionist. There is no reference to any of the ongoing problems in Israel/Palestine, a quick glance at the b’tselem website would give examples of real “Zionist crimes” and how anyone here could help improve the lives of all people in that region. This is ignored.

        The real purpose of this site is to deflect blame from violent actions by Muslims simply by stating that, as Muslims are incapable of violence, it must be a hoax. Again DrK has little to say about sectarian killings within the umma because it undermines his own position.

        I come here because I think it is useful to have a dissenting opinion. I don’t think I can change anything but perhaps one or two readers will see posts like yours and mine and understand that this site is far from trustworthy.

        Best wishes.

      • Westboro Baptist fake church is a zionist caricature of a church designed by the zionists to make Chritians look like the racist insane freaks which the Babylonian Talmudist themselves actually are. Phelps was an ACLU funded lawyer before he suddenly became an ACLU & ADL funded fake preacher of a zionist dream church used to promote ADL’s agenda of homosexual marriage and “gays” in the military by having a crazed church saying outrageous zionist scripted things to defame Chritianity. It is about intimating people from opposing The ADL’s Homosexual Agenda by associating them with Fred Phelps (crypro Jewish) fake Christian preacher & Mossad operative along with his whole ADL & ACLU funded & supported fake family & fake church. So lackey zionists fools like you can make fun of your Christ hating zionist masters’ own creation: Fred Phelps ADL FAKE DREAM CHURCH.

      • Since I’m not religiously inclined I failed to read anything under the “angelic-divine” section.Does this site promote Islam ? I’m so outta here …..

        • DrK is using this site to soft sell Islam (or Islaam as he insists on spelling it). Cowboy is already halfway there, he read the Qu’ran and liked its portrayal of Jesus.

          • perhaps Drk is An agent of Islam’s version of Mossad . What other bronze age philosophies do we hold onto so dearly ? God was hoax of great magnitude as it led to control over 50% of the believing populace , namely women.

          • Spyvspy,

            The Umma is a collection of different sects and philosophies so would not easily lend itself to the creation of a single intelligence organisation.
            Perhaps DrK believes he can establish one, perhaps not? I think that he speaks for his own personal view of Islam (which may explain his use of non-standard transliteration).

        • Here is DrK doing a bit of dawah:


  2. This supposed Emanuel is Neil Heslin. It has to be. Everything about his facial structure is the same. I’ve always thought the sleepy eye he has as fake Sandy Hook & Crook father was exaggerated through makeup & skin tightening tecniques. The picture may be inverted also. The eyebrows heavily trimmed & hair shortened & lightened to throw off as to who else he plays. He shares more than one address with a woman going by Annette Chaisson & her mother apparently by the same name. In Hollywood the Younger one is an actress & a professional makeup artist including prostetics. So she likely has plenty of work since the Sandy Hook Operation keeping his character looking goofy. The older Annette goes by Anne Chaisson in Hollywood & NYC etc… as a movie director & actress. I also believe it is most likely the older one who plays fictitious Scarotte Lewis, fake mother of Fictious Jesse Lewis, with those near ever present glasses. Another daughter is Adrian Hernandez who apparently has faked her death in some semi different identities. They can all three shares it others alias to throw off researh. Also I believe the older Anne has a grown son named Jesse Hernandez where the name Jesse Lewis came from. Anne Chaisson probably helped write some of the scripting for the Sandy Hook Operation. (TB Continued

  3. Emanuel may be “Hesin’s” real long term first name and he probably has several last name ( first ones too). But Heslin is likely a name he was using to pull financial, real estate, insurance & contruction and banking scams in NE, NYC, NJ & FL, etc, long prior to the Sandy Hook ongoing operation. It was an identity that could be discarded if he was ever in serious prosecution risks or conviction. But now it is a very profitable identity to keep. There is a Mira Riva in NYC, NJ & New England and it is likely an alternate identity of this female mossad agent who can now discard this one indentity(Mira Riva) and collect millions in life insurance policies– same as will mossad agent Emanuel. (It’s not her main identity-that she would not readily discard). I suspect Annette & Heslin will be buying more horse farms & real estate soon with all this extra easy money. I believe the agent playing “Mira” was used in fake racist events & other fake shootings. Look for her face in past fake events or “news stories”. If someone is “from Israel” in these fake events know they are also “from” USA as the same identity or other identities & aliases & characters. Israel’s Mossad agents & it’s sayanims never work in just one country nor even one continent and never speak just one or two languages! ABSOLUTELY NEVER EVER! Think of the evil beauty of this from Heslin’s standpoint. This character is dead and he never really has to play him again but he gets to collect millions off the lies & gains respect & prestige worldwide from his fellow mossad agents and Hollywood colleagues “in the know”. He will get invited to bigger parties know by the Speilbergs, Reiners, Summerstones of the twisted world of Hollywood. They will cheer him on to do that fake heartbroken pout and fake stamming about Jesse as they laugh & drink their expensive booze & smoke Cuban cigars.

  4. Mossad & Sayanims explained in just over 3 minutes in a song by the GITMOS!


  5. In 2005 Eustace the Middle East.

    A note:
    He mentions how Under Reagan (by Skull & Bones scum CIA vice Prez George Bush) 50 NeoConArtist-ZIONISTS were brought into the Reagan Administration. The greatest mistake Reagan ever made was bowing to tremendous pressure & allowing Traitorous Bush the man he hated & exposed as a member of the Trilateral Commision in Presidential Primary debates in 1980 into his admistration. A terrible mistake which nearly cost him his his life when Neil Bush’s close friend assassin John Hinkley shot & nearly murdered Reagan. And George Bush senior was close friend with Hinkley’s father. Bush’s selection brought forth untold evil. Thru Bush his evil protoges Clinton & Bush jr and now Obama. Three extreme warmakers in a row & Hitlery Clinton upon computer vote fraud selection will make 4 in a row. Super Extremist Zionist Hillary will out-warmonger them all like school boys in comparison. She may even admit to being lovers with Mossad Agent Huma Abedin at the end of her second term or right there after as she can finally divorce Bill Clinton & promote “homosexual marriage” to an even greater extreme for the zionist agenda of complete distruction of America.
    Anyway had Zionist hating Weinberger not been under Reagan no telling what the NeoConArtist-Zionists would have accomplished in starting the delayed & now current ( if only simmering) WWIII.


  6. More Zionist fraud:

    The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax


  7. Are Zionists robbing your essence of life?

    “Tampering With the Akashic Records”

    “The Akashic Records, also known as the Book of Life, is a composition of the skein of space and time which records every single thought, word, deed, or creation throughout the hyper-verse of our eternal evolution. It is the authentic, natural, organic record of all that is, was, and ever shall be. It cannot be tampered with or compromised in any way, shape, or form, and yet there exist synthetic channels, programs, electronic devices bent on control and manipulation, torture tactics, and rampant abuse of tracking that attempt to restructure or reorganize the content of the Book of Life. The only way to abate this ghastly siege upon the sacred text is to no longer comply with the systems that are working to destroy it. Each one of us is writing another page of the book every day that we live, exist, rise to meet every challenge, interact with each other, tend to the Earth, and cultivate our own inner landscape with the transformative frequencies that we ride at any given moment. To keep this natural flow of events unadulterated, the enemy to what is natural has to be identified and we ourselves have to distance ourselves from it.”

    Read more here:


  8. A beautiful song written about Freedom & indepedence & youth & defiance & a young man’s need sometimes to put off romance to pursue his dreams and adventure life and be like a free bird. Americans must remember life is not about safety by government security nor an all seeing eye of the of Big Brother Brother watching your every more to keep you in line like a good slave for his master. America should always be about Independence from Foriegn manipulation or occupation and Independent from all foriegn wars & think of wars as completely repugnant to the lives and their pursuit of happiness. We should only be involved in wars with those who attack us. Only the zionist attack us and we need to rid the government of them. Zionists did 911. PERIOD. America also should always be about free speech & freedom of religion for all. Zionists will soon commit their next 911 against America and others. That is how a “period of escalating violence” works. All planned/orchestrated & carried out. Do not fall for their tricks. They will again blame Muslims. It will be the zionist, no one else. Homeland Security is a growing threat to America completely controlled by the zionists. I don’t care if your wonderful brother-in-law works for DHS. He is working for America’s worst enemy and should be told so. Yea shall know the truth & the truth shall set you free. Homeland Security is only about terrorizing America, causing wars, disarming Americans through deception & gun confiscation and ultimately America’s complete destruction. The zionists who are the real globalists know America must be destroyed, genocided completely subdued & humiliated & it’s inhabitants left alive completely enslaved & mentally castrated for the world Empire to become a reality. This is the Satanic dream the followers of the Babylonian Talmud have dreamed for thousands of years. They think they are close to acheiving it. No greater enemy to Americans exist than Homeland Security the defacto occupation arm of Israel (& Rothschild’s banking empire & Zionism) over America. Also the zionist will continue their fake shootings & soon will commit some real mass shootings to divide & conquer the growing truth movement and much older Patriot movement. Don’t fall for any of the techniques.


  9. If Zios duped the unsuspecting masses over Sept 11…..these drip drip drip hoaxes, fabrications are child’s play, a piece of cake….
    Their Achilles heel, quagmire now is the credibility gap!
    Like Abraham Lincoln famously said :
    You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

  10. http://www.mitchellbard.com/articles/kraut.html

    Charles Krauthammer is not a liberal , not conservative: a zionist. Got position after position not because he was qualified in the field but because he was a zionist. Admits he & the zionists took over his college newspaper from the Marxists in 1969. And Marxists were just an evil twin zionists anyway. Same genocidal, warmongering bunch.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


  11. The zionists did 911! They did it. And they soon will strike America again to frame Iran. The want America to wage an insane, unprovoked & disastrous war against Iran, to help finish off America, killing millions of innocent Iranian people, and killing tens of thousands of naive American soldiers and maiming many more, for Israel’s Empire–Not America’s Empire..Israel’Empire! Zionist genocidal world government is being set up through evil. It is about slavery & death for the goyim set up through deception, lies, hoaxes, false flags, wars, more wars, man made disasters, more lies, man man diseases, more wars, propaganda and more lies. Zionism is the evil, the Bablylonian Talmud is the evil books it is based on. Think of a jack boot stomping your head every day.


    • Cowboy,

      Can you clarify for me whether you think this future “second 9/11” can be stopped and, if so, how. Or are you resigned to suffering Orwell’s jackboot?

      • Ofcourse it can be stopped “With God All Things Are Possible”, as Ohio’s state motto correctly says.

        Men must courageously seek the truth, see the lies & deception of the zionists and people like you, and share the truth & expose the lies to the light of day.

        • But you aren’t really winning many hearts and minds are you?

          Doesn’t it take a rather large leap of logic to believe the things that you post on here? For instance, when I look at all the images that you post with claims that man A and man B are the same person etc. I really don’t understand how you can possibly have come to your conclusions. I don’t see any connections.

          What am I doing wrong? What do I have to do to understand your thinking? It is very easy for me to say that you are deluded because that is how it appears to me. Assuming that I am wrong and you have all your faculties in order, please let me know what I can do to courageously seek the truth as, by your standards, I don’t seem to be able to find it.

          • No one is trying to win your heart or your mind. You are a paid, pitiful zionist lackey. You care nothing about the truth. You serve the zionists with lies. I am here to help further awaken others by exposing the ruth to them who will awaken more. Only God can change even the wicked like you & perhaps someday he will.

          • That isn’t fair Cowboy.

            If I were paid to write here it would be in your benefit to turn me against my “masters” I would surely have a information that you could use to make the world aware of these terrible crimes.

            If I’m not a paid writer then you are denying me the opportunity to understand and, possibly, help your cause. This is of no benefit to you or to me.

            Either way we both lose.

            Perhaps God wants you to enlighten me?

          • I don’t think you’re going to get much of an answer from Cowboy. He just doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to go one on one with you. He is ill equipped for civilized debate or discussion, and will simply cherry pick quotes out of context from some Jewish prayerbook to “prove” Jews want to take over the world. Classic case of paranoia. Should anyone happen to disagree with him, he will immediately call them a paid zionist shill. All lame responses of a simpleton. From a sociological perspective, his behavior is quite fascinating to observe.

          • I find it amazing that Corrector is still here! and SANJAY!!!????
            What is the point of these rantings, musings, retarded comments, childish remarks, bullying, and exhaustive word play…

            Time to get A LIFE – Why are you here? IF you don’t like the site and / or its not your cup of tea…what are you doing here then?

            Oh yes…how could I forget!?
            1. Has to be paid or insane
            2. Bored and has nothing better to do
            3. Enjoys bullying, looking intelligent online bc in real life is probably not or seriously socially awkward
            4. Likes to make conversation with Cowboys! haha and more… rrrrr oh yeah!
            5,? fill in the blank
            6. ?

  12. Pure Satanic evil zionist psychopath Hillary Clinton lusting for & laughing about a a false flag & war between US & Iran to give Israel Iran & all of Babylon as it’s Babylonian Talmud prescribes, for it’s emerging world government empire of pure evil.


  13. Texe Marrs, the modern day/current Eustace Mullins on the extreme evil of the Zionists & Greater Israel.

  14. Not to get too far off topic but…If the Khazarian (converted) Jews were formerly the Mongols , whom the Chinese built the great wall to keep out,…yikes.?.

  15. Now that Mehdi Nemmouche has been arrested on suspicion of murder how long until DrK;

    a) States that Nemmouche is a Jew,

    b) States that Nemmouche has no link to Islam,

    c) States a and b without any supporting evidence.

    He has been more concerned with the Santa Barbara “hoax”, in keeping with his US-centric approach but I’m sure he won’t miss an opportunity to whitewash a fellow Islamist.

  16. Jewish Couple Killed in Brussels Museum Were Israeli Spies – See more at: http://americanfreepress.net/?p=17955#sthash.BpBV1RaW.dpuf


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