**Breaking News** — 02 August 2016
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Dallas Police Senselessly Shoot and Kill Mentally Ill Black Man Holding Screwdriver

While the Dallas police department spreads great lies in the July 2016 Dallas cop shooting hoax the reality on the ground is entirely different. In 2015 Dallas police officers shot and killed a mentally incapacitated black man for no good cause in what appears to be  a truly racially-charged killing. Why is no one speaking about this? In fact, this is a real murderous act unlike the arch-hoax that is the more current purported (but fake) shooting, where in this case the claim is that policemen were actually shot and killed.

They were not shot and killed; it is all fake. Yet, Harrison was absolutely killed: on the spot with no clear attempt to revive or save him.

As the video demonstrates he did have a screw-driver, a rather tiny one. How as that a significant danger to those well-armed and presumably well-trained officers, experts at self-defense tactics? There were two of them, one of him. How was that an overwhelming danger?

It was known that they were dealing with a mental health patient. How could they possibly take such lethal action against what was nothing other than a sick man?

That day, when the officers knocked on the door at Harrison’s home in the 200 block of Glencairn Drive, his mother first walked out, telling them her son was “off the chain” and “bipolar schizo.” Then, Harrison appeared in the doorway, holding the screwdriver…

Apparently, the young man was merely going through withdrawals by being off his medication. Could no one have compassion for this and deal with it, tiny screwdriver or not, instead of filling him full of some 4 to 5 hot, fatal bullets?

All they did to disarm him was to say, “Drop that for me,” while when he didn’t immediately do so aiming guns at him, then shooting him dead. One shot was sufficient. He could have been shot in the leg; he could have been tasered. This is a high crime, an atrocity: completely preventable.

It’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” said Cecile Tebo, the former commander of the New Orleans Police Department’s Crisis Intervention Team. “That was handled very poorly.”

It was also said by this intervention expert that ” the officers’ shouting and pointing guns and hands at Harrison” was inflammatory and less than appropriate, since “they were aware that he was schizophrenic they should have known that he would likely be fearful of their presence, hearing voices and possibly hallucinating. Shouting agitates such patients…”

The officers in question had been trained in dealing with such cases. The mother called such a team for that precise reason:

On June 14th, Jason Harrison’s mother called authorities hoping that a specialized mental health team would help her deal with her mentally ill son…

Instead, she saw her son cruelly shot. What horror she must suffer in her heart.

In fact, they shot him and it didn’t even phase them, while, clearly, these police officers attempted to cover their trail of blood.


What is the above display by the officers? It is obviously show-boating. Do they not care at all that they have killed him senselessly?

If he was no actual threat to anyone, other than, perhaps, himself, why was he shot and killed? Why was he shot not once but, rather 4 times, even though the police were not in any evident danger?

There was no reason to shoot him dead. Who can demonstrate otherwise? The mother walks out and is obviously in no distress.


She is happenstance, fully casual, in her aptitude. If she is not frightened, then, why should the heavily armed cops be frightened in the least? They surely were not frightened by a man holding a rather small screwdriver and in the aftermath show no evidence of being scared for their lives.


She casually gives them warning about his mental state, as if it was routine. Clearly, he was a mental case, a disease patient, not a violent threat to law enforcement.


Is that a gun or a knife, a sword or anything else? How could that puny screwdriver hurt anyone? It is, regardless, a most tiny one, insignificant, never a threat to anyone. Even so, are the police not trained to disarm a person with a knife? Why did they have to shoot him dead?

The screwdriver was irrelevant. If he moved forward, it was the cops who provoked him by screaming at him: the absolutely wrong thing to do in this situation. His mother’s reaction was largely a consequence of guns drawn towards him. It was escalated, not by the victim but, rather, by those who would victimize him.


When she realizes her son is in danger, she screams and reacts, reaching  out either to the cop or her son; it appears she is attempting to prevent the officer from firing:



Then, after he was shot twice point-blank, what do these treacherous ones do? They shoot the poor schizophrenic victim on the way down. Certainly, at this point he posed no ‘threat’ to the officers to any degree. It was target practice, a mere horrific assassination.


There appear to be two shots that struck him on the way down. This is malicious, hateful.

He’s a black man. It is doubtful that this same treachery would have been committed if the man would have been white. This shooting of him as he is on the way down is hard proof of an assassination, not a mere defensive act. Thus, the claim by the police department that he was lunging at them is now proven baseless:

The Dallas Police Department has maintained that Jason “lunged” at the officers with a screwdriver, and that footage from a “body cam” worn by one of the officers supports that account.

“Jason didn’t lunge at anyone,” his mother said. “I cannot believe they shot my baby boy. He needed treatment, not killing.”

It was obviously racially charged. Why is there no strong protest against this?


The thug cop looks almost gleeful at his act. In fact, he is smirking. He should be sacked, in fact, prosecuted. The brother tried to achieve a modicum of justice through a civil suit. Yet, the grand jury threw it out without prosecution and the thug cops continue their treacherous roles.

The poor man, this mentally impaired Jason Harrison, God rest his soul, was assassinated in cold blood, while the police got off without consequence. Who can demonstrate that it was other than an extrajudicial killing?


Per the Dallas Observer:

Hutchins claims Jason jabbed the screwdriver at Rogers, then at him. Rogers says Jason jabbed at Hutchins first, then him. Either way, the officers both say that Jason didn’t drop the screwdriver. They tried to move away, but the cars prevented them from creating distance between Jason and themselves. Believing the tool could be used as a “deadly puncture weapon,” the officers feared for their lives, both claim.

They drew their handguns. Rogers fired twice, Hutchins three times. One bullet ripped through Jason’s forearm and hit him again in the chest. Jason stumbled and fell. Two bullets pierced his back, according to the autopsy, a detail that would perplex the family when they learned of it. One lodged itself in the wood paneling to the right of the doorway.

Here is further proof that the police not only outright murdered him but also freely lied, demonizing him, to protect themselves from culpability:

Hutchins claims Jason jabbed the screwdriver at Rogers, then at him. Rogers says Jason jabbed at Hutchins first, then him. Either way, the officers both say that Jason didn’t drop the screwdriver. They tried to move away, but the cars prevented them from creating distance between Jason and themselves. Believing the tool could be used as a “deadly puncture weapon,” the officers feared for their lives, both claim.

They drew their handguns. Rogers fired twice, Hutchins three times. One bullet ripped through Jason’s forearm and hit him again in the chest. Jason stumbled and fell. Two bullets pierced his back, according to the autopsy, a detail that would perplex the family when they learned of it. One lodged itself in the wood paneling to the right of the doorway.






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  1. Yes, sure, another innocent black killed by an evil white cop. Same old story since a few years, jeez….

  2. Another shitty hoax

  3. Really? Do u believe this circus was for real? Go have a cold shower and take some rest, u need it, unless some KKK or Neo Nazi guys will give u a lot of trouble because, u see, “whitey iz so evil and raysiss”….

    • The conspiracy believers tend to be political extremists with an overly simplistic world view,
      they are also (obviously) not as smart as they think they are and lack critical thinking skills, the Dunning Kruger effect is significant in these people, they lack the knowledge to comprehend how ludicrous their beliefs are.
      Lacking critical thinking skills they do not check their beliefs against reality, they arrogantly and foolishly think that their beliefs are self evidently correct, they are puzzled as to why others do not see the world in the same simplistic way as they do and cannot accept the reality that the world is a complicated place, less predictable than they can comprehend. As a result rather than accepting that reality is messy and confusing they would rather believe that the most likely answer to anything that they don’t understand must involve a massive conspiracy of some sort, usually and very implausably involving many thousands of people.
      Research from VU University Amsterdam, published in Social Psychology and Personality Science, indicates that political extremism is a common factor in those who believe in conspiracy theories
      “Conspiracy beliefs feed into a core feature of political extremism, namely a desire to make sense of societal events through a set of clear-cut assumptions about the world.”

      This in turn “induces them to perceive evil conspiracies as causal explanations for various events,”


      • Cowboy’s situation is more tragic but just as easily explained.

        1). He’s clinically schizophrenic. I’d bet big money on that

        2) he’s a Christian fundamentalist… Distrust of science, flat-earth, etc…

        • Rudolf is equally pathological but more intelligent than cowboy.

          Rudolf is fearful of chemtrails and morgellons.

          Suspicion here is that he’s gay. Truly. He overcompensates in his posts.

      • The matter is, on this site there is not the intellect nor resources (nor the ambition it seems) for the posters to determine what is/ what is not a hoax.

        Here, smirks count as evidence and the self-proclaimed “researcher”, cowboy, uses free people search sites for his conclusions. Here, everything is a hoax. That simple.

        Quite amusing.

      • Rudolf doesn’t have the smarts to respond to criticism of the ridiculous theories espoused on this website so he copies and pastes Mike King’s ‘suggested responses to anti conspiracy theories’. Sometimes it makes me sad that there are such pathetic people in this world but mostly it makes me laugh my *** off.

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    • Can U picture Allah in a rock fight against Earth from Heaven?

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    • The Mother of Harlots and the abominations of the Earth will go to the bottomless pit where “She” belongs. Then the Petro-Dollar is blown away and their riches destroyed, and nobody can stop it!
      They can’t even hide their arrogant and sinister ways from the World anymore, although they would like to think they can LOLOLOLOL.
      They are not singled out for destruction because of any religious belief ‘they’ are singled out because they are the abominators under the Paradise of Heaven and Allah is watching and remembering their diabolical crimes.
      When will ‘they’ go down? At the flicker of a candle my friend.

  8. BTW, The Ships Captains will watch “Her” burning in horror from out at sea (The Red Sea). And Nobody forever more will go there (Saudi Arabia) because of “Her” deadly plagues. So be it.

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  17. Ex1) Dallas 2014 Cop Killing of Jason Harrison Happened on June 14, 2014 14 & 14 aka 7777
    6 & 14= 20 ÷3 6.66 repeating

    Mother is wearing Orange jail shirt looking blouse Orange is coded 33.

    Why does mother move perfectly out if tge way? Why would she step completely out of the way as if getting of the stage & move right as though getting ready, getting off stage for next scene, the cops killing the seemingly retarded, calm black man scene?? Where are the shells ejected from his gun? It’s a hoax! A very good one comparitively to these others recently but still it must be hoax. Those 40 or 45 cal shells should be heard landing of the ground. Same fake gun used as it Roanoke. Why would other cops not be telling the killer cop that’s enough don’t shoot him anymore, etc..when he continued ranting about put the screw driver down??? Also he never mentions send an ambulance


    • It is not a hoax, and such a comment will look very bad for anyone who reviews the full video. The man bleeds out on the full video; he’s dead. You should request yourself for your comment to be purged.

  18. The fairly large bullet shells hitting cars, concrete etc., should heard in the footage but are not I have watched it over & over. Also I see no shells ejected, movibg at all either. And not entrance wounds & no blood on the ground at all long after he is supposedly shot. Why not. You can’t just say it us real when it fits their agenda perfectly without asking & answering questions & or Atleast trying to answer them.

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    Courageous Truther Ex-Congress Woman Cynthia McKinney Vs Gutjahr & Zionist Psychopaths & Israel!
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