Nairobi Hoax Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 27 September 2013
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The Mattress Fire Hoax of the Nairobi Shooting Scam

Why should anyone believe the claims by the Zionist-controlled media or so-called Kenyan officials regarding any claim for an actual massacre in the Nairobi mall when all that is stated is peppered with lies? Burning mattresses cause the collapse of a steel-reinforced concrete building built to code. Really?

Then, too, to believe anyone associated with the owner of this mall, who is none other than former IDF Zionist mole, Frank Lowy, that same man who was involved in the extortion of some 4 billion dollars on the basis of 9-11 fraud?

Same type of fraudulent story as told about 9-11, when a powerful steel-reinforced building with concrete floors somehow was brought to the ground by the burn-off of mere kerosene. It was, though, kerosene that never burned, because there were no plane strike on the WTC high rises and instead they were brought down by high explosives.

Burning matresses – a mattress fire – even a massive mattress fire. What can it do to a building?

In Brisbane fire gutted this mattress factor, unstoppable fires. Yet, despite all that heat no even a slab of the infrastructure fell down.


See the effort to put out the fire, here, in this five-story building (like the mall), once again gutted by the burning matter, yet the structure remained fully intact.


Even this comparatively feeble building remained intact, structurally, after being completely purged internally by burning mattresses. Despite the intensity of the fires did the building explode?


In Casablanca, Morocco, this mattress fire led to 55 deaths, intensive fire: yet, despite the ferocity, far more ferocious than any purported fire at the Westgate Mall, not so much as a brick fell down. Rather, emergency workers had to break the brick wall open to gain access in the attempt to rescue, one victim seen, here, being brought out on a stretcher.

In the Alpine region a major fire yet even the glass frames of this mattress factor remained largely intact.

July 16, 2012 12:32 pm  •  Caleb Warnock – DAILY HERALD

A mattress factory warehouse in Alpine was engulfed in flames on Monday, leaving the building a total loss.

The two-story brick building, behind the former Kencraft manufacturing plant on 200 North in Alpine, erupted in flames when sparks from moving equipment apparently caused piles of foam mattresses to catch fire, Lone Peak Fire Chief Brad Freeman told the Daily Herald.

“The flames were 12 to 14 feet high when we arrived,” he said. “We were able to save the shell of the building, but the inside was a total loss.”

There are dozens of such examples available to Internet researchers, including a 6-alarm fire of a mattress factory in Brooklyn. In no cases did the burning mattresses lead to the structure collapse of a concrete and steel building.

A mattress fire would potentially ruin the inside of the mall, and noxious smoke would permeate the entire building. Yet, regarding the Lowy hoax this is what is seen:
Picture 452

It is merely smoke arising directly from one area, which creates the suspicion of the use of a fake element, like a Hollywood-style smoke machine.

Yet, arch-Zionist antagonist Frank “9-11 Bomber” Lowy wants the world to believe in fairy tales, that is the claim that burning mattresses caused the malls massive parking lot garage, multiple floors deep, to implode. No wonder Kenyans are confused, seeing their property, their cars, destroyed: seeing that they have no right of access to find out what is going on. It is a Zionist plot, and they are the victims both of Israeli machinations and the machinations of their own government.

What does a mattress fire, if one even existed, have to do with this catastrophe? The images of the devastation are similar to the consequences of a massive earthquake and, if not, massive denotations of high explosive. Note the clean cutting at right angles of the parking platform. This demonstrates the placement of cutter or demolition charges, which could in no way be related to any rag-tag militants but, rather, could only be associated with professional demolition experts. No surprises, here. Lowy himself is a former IDF demolitions expert.


The clean pile of bricks can only be the result of the detonation of high explosive with great concussive force that could create such rather neat, massive piles. The same is true of the steel reinforced concrete, the blown slab, front of frame. That could only result from professional demolition from pre-placed cutter charges. It may also be noted that many of the windows of the cars are blown out, again from the force of the set blasts. No mattress fire, no matter how great, could blow out these windows. Regardless, the cars show blast damage in this frame, not burn damage. Obviously, explosive charges had been placed well in advance of this false flag event and were detonated on demand, an act orchestrated by Lowy himself.


Another clear image of the right angle nature of the blast zone, cars, once again, having their windows blown on and paint seared from the concussive force of the blast.

It was the Mossad which set these charges, well in advance of the shooting hoax, not Muslim militants.

The clean, rather exact lines of the blast zone are once agin clearly visible. Here, the pillars have clearly been taken out by the set charges.


Now for even more dramatic evidence. See the right angle of cutting again, with, in particular, the clear cutting through pre-placed detonator charges of that line of the parking lot, not enough damage to destroy the entire mall but sufficient damage to make a massive insurance claim on the basis of a unanticipated terror attack. The Zionists wildly claimed that it was the (non-existent) Muslim militants who did this by firing RPGs at the columns, yet it can be seen that the columns are largely intact other than those taken out by the massive blasts. Regardless, in no way could a few RPG blasts take down this parking garage.


Lowy is fooling no one. He clearly, through his extent connections with the Israeli entity and with various Israeli demolition moles blew his own building to smithereens. Moreover, people are supposed to believe that a group of Muslim radicals systematically brought in these explosives and stored them in the mall until they were ready to go. More Zionist lies.

Were Kenyans concerned about what was happening to the mall and, particularly, any private property, like neighboring homes or cars still in the parking lot?

Onlookers crept through the trees as the smoke billowed up, trying to catch a closer look. Jittery police officers used tear gas to drive them back and keep the roads clear for the heavy military vehicles entering and exiting the secured area throughout the day.


Attacking local residents who came anywhere near the Lowy movie set with potentially deadly tear gas (if a canister strikes a person too aggressively, it can result in fatality). No assault against actual terrorists can be documented, but it can be confirmed and has been witnessed that the so-called government forces attacked their own citizens? Surely, this is proof that the massacre is a fraud.

This is a cover-up by the New York Times. It wasn’t jittery troops; they were ordered to drive all people away from the staging site so there would be no legitimate eyewitnesses to what was really going on, which is the fact that it was the Israelis, not Somalis or other Muslims, who detonated these charges, who blew the parking lot into oblivion.



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  1. The internal bombing of the underground garage seems to be an obvious ploy to collect a lot of INSURANCE money. Gee, I wonder if My Lowy has ever done that before.

    • That underground parking is about 40-50 feet from the Mall building. It appears that the Mall itself was not damaged. I’m sure they evacuated the parking area before the blast…..”insurance”.

      • Yes, he will have made arrangements for a big pay-out; his mall business isn’t doing so well at this time. Gangster.

  2. Great analysis of the this latest ‘terrorist’ attack, I entirely agree – this was another chutzpah false flag deception, and it will be fascinating to see what bullshit the great deceivers will come up with to cover up yet another Mossad atrocity.
    All I can say is, people would be wise not to visit Westgate and Westfield shopping malls anymore – Mr Lowy is always on the lookout for another big insurance payout from a Mossad terrorist false flag attack at a shopping mall near you.
    The Zionazis are getting desperate now their attacks on Syria and Iran are temporarily on hold. But, sadly, most people don’t have a clue about the machinations of these degenerates – they neither know or care; it is beyond the belief capacity of most people to recognise the truth anymore, thanks to the Zionist media telling them all they need to know, and hiding what they should know.
    So, thanks again for such a vital dose of the ugly truth – it lifted my spirit…

  3. In 2010, there was a major fire at a Westfield Mall in Roseville, CA. A young black man was accused of starting the fire with something (?) in his backpack. No explosives were found. A couple of Mall employees, including a maintenance worker, told investigators that they were approached by police or a sheriff’s deputy and told to shut off the sprinkler system. They did so, and the fire burned for 71 minutes out of control and caused $55 million in damages before the sprinklers were turned back on. Meanwhile, the police and the sheriff’s officers said that they never gave the order to shut off the sprinklers. So who did? Definitely suspicious.

    • Lowy the arch-Zionist mole and serial arsonist did. Great info.

  4. While orchestrating terror across the planet based on the Jewish hoax: “Global War on Terror” Zionist Jews in the DHS, FEMA, CIA, FBI, NSA etc are trying to label Americans as terrorists.

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    The accident happened just before 8 a.m. at Harlem Avenue and Interstate 290 in the Forest Park branch when a westbound train was struck by an eastbound train heading towards the Loop, officials said.

    Blue Line service between Forest Park and Austin has been suspended due to the incident, CTA officials said.
    Shuttle buses are in place and inbound trains are moving normally.

    CTA officials said several people were injured in the incident, but it was not clear exactly how many.”


  8. More Lies about Muslim terrorism when Zionist Jews and their paid agents are the terrorists in all countries

    “SAS set to strike Somali al-Shabaab mall terror group”

    “Just four months ago al-Shabaab shot down a top-secret experimental US drone, the Schiebel S-100.Sources indicate the strike inside ­Somalia will include advisers from the Somali government. It will target ­al-Shabaab resources and requires an assault force to go in.

    The source added: “There are several levels to this. Any action needs to be signed off at the highest level.

    “We need to make sure we have a Somali government presence and we need to avoid collateral damage with cruise missiles which can kill innocent civilians.

    “That means this is a job for blades, men on the ground.”

    The UK currently has a Royal Navy task force in the Red Sea, which is taking part in Exercise Cougar 13 and includes 800 Royal Marine ­Commandos and two Special Boat Service teams.

    Furious British security officials are demanding to know why UK special forces in Nairobi were not called in to help with the mall rescue operation.

    SAS soldiers were in the capital on training exercises when terrorists struck last Saturday but they were not brought in.”

    Read more:

    This is what Michael Rivero of What Really says about all of this:

    “IF this report is true (non-sourced, to date), it means that the exterior battle for capturing and controlling Somalia’s resources is well and truly joined.

    This is not really about al-Shabaab at all; this group’s activities is merely a convenient cover for a military invasion.

    Natural resources: uranium and largely unexploited reserves of iron ore, tin, gypsum, bauxite, copper, salt, natural gas, likely oil reserves Definition: This entry lists a country’s mineral, petroleum, hydropower, and other resources of commercial importance. Source: CIA World Factbook – Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of February 21, 2013 See Also Somalia Energy Production Statistics (Source: US Energy Information Administration) Somalia Mineral Production Statistics (Source: US Geological Survey)”

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  16. An accurate summary of the calamity perpetrated by Israel and the criminal US politicians on America and the world.

    “So let me see if I have this right. The US Government has maxed out its credit cards and might shut down today. The ponzi-scheme private central bank has buried the nation in unpayable debt.

    There are millions of Americans going jobless, hungry, and homeless. Our national infrastructure is crumbling from neglect. And yet these Senators, handsomely paid by US tax dollars, can find time to push for more sanctions against Iran, which hasn’t actually done anything they are not legally allowed to do under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

    Nobody has found any evidence at all that Iran is engaged in building a nuclear weapon. and Iran has not initiated a war of conquest against another nation in over 200 years, standing in contrast to the US and Israel, which can’t seem to go six months without bombing someone!

    This push for sanctions despite a total lack of evidence of wrongdoing is like a police officer writing you a traffic ticket because you cannot prove you won’t run a red light next week! Does that make any sense at all?

    We need to remind these Congresscritters who they are supposed to be working for, and it isn’t Wall Street and it isn’t Israel.”

    –Says Michael Rivero of What Really

    “Underwhelmed’ senators promise to launch new sanctions push against Iran”

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