Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 02 February 2017
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Canadian Gun Control Hoaxes and the Fake Quebec Mosque Shooting

Updated, 2-02-17

Regarding the purported recent Quebec City-area mosque shooting, further proof of its real nature – as a mere hoax – is demonstrated by looking at Canada’s past. Here, too, Zionist criminal minds have perpetrated gun control hoaxes in order to gain public acceptance for new, draconian anti-gun laws.

No doubt, the mosque attack is a fake, despite the release of videos and images showing what is purportedly a crime scene. There is no crime scene investigation. There are no forensic agents, no HAZMAT individuals, no detectives on site. Therefore, it is staged; there can be no other possibilities.

The mosque was in some degree of degeneration. It can be seen from some images that it was under repair. This is a money grubbing hoax, as the the above image indicates, where the mosque agent is receiving a donation check. Some $200,000-plus has already been purged out of the vulnerable, gullible, easily bamboozled public: with much more on the way. Regardless, people did a bit of acting, as if they were in shock, but there is no evidence of this: no evidence of any real hurt or dire grief. The mosque agents should return the money to the donation sources, honor up to the scam: do the right thing.

The ruling cliques of Canada have done this before, for instance, in the 1989 Ecole Polytechnique massacre scam. That led to a major change in gun laws, followed by the next most prominent scam, the Dawson College fake shooting.

Image result for dawson college; victims; canada; anasthasia

This image alone proves the staging, although there is much more to be revealed.

Even so, it must be said that the Canadians are rather poor hoax agents and, thus, should really stay out of the false shooting and terror game, leaving it to the Americans and the Israelis of the Zionist strip.

As in the phony mosque shooting the purported shooter, Kimveer Gill, is a scam artist, a mere arch-hoaxer, who was paid a significant for the use of his name and role. Notice the Devil’s Horn sign, which predominates in a number of his images.

Image result for dawson college; victims; canada; anasthasia

This  image is a most clear one where, once again, he issues the Devilish sign:

Image result for dawson college; shooting; canada; crime scene; images

This does not mean he was plotting anything but is, rather, proof of his employer: the arch-devils of the terminally corrupt Zionist cabal, who are fully responsible for gun control scams.

He supposedly shot himself dead and is reportedly seen, here, under the body bag. He killed himself, it is said, after shot and wounded by an officer:

Image result for dawson college; shooting; canada; crime scene; images

Even so, there is no evidence of an actual body in this image. By the way, what is the luggage doing there? Moreover, why is one cop down and the other one up?

What are all these people running about? Why are some running and others walking? Why is there a cop woman directing traffic with other governments merely standing around?

Image result for dawson college; victims; canada; anasthasia

Hoax confirmed: fake blood detected

What about this scene? It’s fake blood, just as was seen poured about in the mosque shooting hoax:

Image result for dawson college; shooting; canada; crime scene; images

It is certain that it is fake blood. No bullet wounds of any kind are visible. Moreover, the man reportedly bore powerful arms. Why isn’t his shirt torn up by the bullet? Why are there no exit and entrance wounds? Why not put the woman on a gurney?

What about this proof? What could be more clear and evident than this? What are they running for? Moreover, who is instructing them to do so? Where are they going, and who are they afraid of? Is there a rabid, crazed lion charging them? It’s purely inane, in fact, sophomoric. What is seen to the far right?

It is a couple of laughing, smirking hoaxers, no doubt about it. They all know it’s a fake. Yet, no one will admit to it.

How does this image represent an emergency? No one can find it plausible:

Image result for dawson college; shooting; canada; crime scene; images

Why are people being urged to run out of a safe place, like the back of this emergency vehicle? Don’t the Canadians know how to run a hoax to make it appear believable?

Image result for dawson college; shooting; canada; crime scene; images

Fake blood, phony eyewitness, fake scared, running people, phony examples of fear, and falsely placed actor cops: clearly, then, this was a treacherous scam to manipulate the public mind-set.

Make no mistake, the big one, the Ecole Polytechnique hoax killing, where some 14 women were said to be shot dead, was just as much of a phony as the Dawson College one, for instance, what is the man with the piece of paper and pen doing?

Is he attempting to keep account of all the hoax actors?

Notice what was found on one of the videos. As these actors finish there scene they move about prematurely. Who was next to them? It was none other than a camera-person:

Here is an actual image from inside the school, where supposedly 14 women were shot dead. What about this woman is a gunshot victim. There are no wounds of any kind visible:

Image result for ecole polytechnique massacre; montreal; images

How is that trail of colored matter related to her position. Who is there to take such a perfect image? Regardless, it’s just like all the other arch-fakes and terminally corrupt scams, where common people are used to influence the mind-set, crisis actors on a stage, acting as false good Samaritans.

It is, for example, the following image which proves such crisis actors, acting out their roles with the camera-person in tow:

Image result for ecole; polytechnique; massacre; canada; images

Anyone can see that this is staged by the actor-agents and that this is not a real gunshot victim. They all worked together as deceivers in the plot against the people. Moreover, this is the first post, known, where both these fakes were systematically exposed as a lie.

Then, there is the final, absolute proof, which is the hoax families being used to forge forward gun restrictions. This is always hard evidence of a gun control hoax and scam:

Image result for families; dawson college; ecole polytechnique; gun control; images

.. Suzanne Laplante-Edward and Jim Edward, parents of Polytechnique victim Anne-Marie Edward, advocated for stricter gun controls in Ottawa.

Notice the emphasis on semi-automatic weapons. The ruling cabal wants no resistance by the common people against its criminal activities.

It is, now, fully, the one world beast and all those who are consumed by this world have given over their allegiance to it. Even in some cases the mosque-based groups are joining in on it, as in this one, where it is said, ‘Hey, we have real good relations with the Canadian government,’ along with the 501-c churches and of course the ringleaders, the agents of the Synagogue of Satan. Therefore, once again, as in Australia, Britain, and more filthy lies were perpetrated to destroy the peoples’ inalienable rights.

Shame on all those who commit these scams and then enrich themselves for it. Moreover, here is is now proven, once again, that the people of an entire nation lost their native rights, all because of a terminally wretched lie.





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