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Capital Hill Car Chase Hoax Confirmed

The front bumper, headlights, underneath spoiler, and more are free of cracks and acute damage. Therefore, there was no one in this car who struck a White House/Capital Hill barrier.

According to RT:

The 34-year old dental hygienist from Connecticut had been hospitalized after suffering previous bouts of depression, which began after the birth of 18-month old Erica. “She had postpartum depression after having the baby,” the victim’s mother, Idella Carey, told ABC News. “A few months later, she got sick. She was depressed…she was hospitalized.” Carey [Idella] was under the impression that her daughter was taking the baby to a doctor’s appointment in Conneticut.

Her pregnancy with Erica had been unplanned, according to her former boss, Dr. Barry Weiss, who spoke to NBC Connecticut. Carey [Miriam] had seemed increasingly stressed after discovering the news, and around January 2012, she suffered a fall down a staircase bad enough to have to take two to three weeks off work. She was fired around a year ago, but Weiss said that there was “nothing unusual about her leaving our office.”

One 59-year-old resident of the building where Carey lived said that she “seemed nice” but had been behaving unusually recently. “She would often speed her car in and out of the parking lot here, and that was something that really concerned me,” he said. “She was pleasant. She was very happy with her daughter, very proud of her daughter…I just never would have anticipated this in a million years,” said Carey’s next-door neighbor, Erin Jackson.

An anonymous law enforcement official later alleged that Carey harbored a delusional belief that President Barack Obama was communicating with her, according to AP.

These are merely a modicum of the claims being continuously made by the contrived, controlled media, NBC taking the lead in spreading great lies.

So, in this case RT is quoted, parroting NBC. Let us take them at their word that the person behind this Infiniti “rams” its way into a White House barricade, a tough one made from metal. “Ram” is a big word. Then, it struck a police vehicle, rear-ending it, hitting it with sufficient force to deploy an airbag.

Editor’s addition: More mental health nonsense. The Obama White House has a compliant family willing to participate in the scam. No actual footage of the shooting, no murdered woman, no shooting dead of a woman on film (CCTV, etc.), no corpse: equals hoax.

US Capitol shooting: Police kill woman after she rams WH barricades, no weapon found

Published time: October 03, 2013 18:31
Edited time: October 04, 2013 06:33

Here is the “rams” picture. How is it possible to ram a steel abutment without damaging severely the rather feeble front end of the Infinit?
Yet, to make the story all the more dramatic and to create sympathy for the Obama White House and for the unpaid Capital Hill police, then, it would make no sense for her to be chased and shot dead while just roaming about in DC proper. She would have to have posed a threat to the White House by striking those barriers: sufficient reason to chase her down and shoot her dead. No questions asked: she was threatening the President, after all.
This lightened-up enlargement: where is the expected severe damage? There is none.
This photo is known as “The Aftermath.” The Aftermath of what? A Hollywood-style DHS drill with absolutely no proof for the claims made?


Another cabal Aftermath photo demonstrating a perfectly aligned, undamaged front end for this luxury sedan, which reveals the official story as a lie. Regardless, what are the cops doing? With all these photos, no images of the victims? CCTV camera could surely be produced to silence the skeptics. Go ahead, DC moles, show the world the actual CCTV footage of the police murdering, as is claimed, the unarmed woman.

Another view, lightened up: no damage visible; leaf from tree covering up the other side on this view but visible on other views, also showing no damage. She “rams” the barrier means what it says. Thus, this is a lie, which creates the basis for the claim that the entire story line is a diabolical hoax.

capital hill



Can anyone see even the slightest, most minimal evidence of structural damage to, once again, this rather weak front end despite the claims of trying to broach the White House barrier, ram it, strike it, and more?

Another view:

A black Infiniti coupe is pictured after its involvement in police shootout on Capitol Hill in Washington

ABC says it similarly, but adds the other major use of the car as a battering ram, where the driver purportedly slammed the rear of the car into a police cruiser:

The incident began at approximately 2:12 p.m. when a black Infiniti rammed a barrier outside the White House at 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW. The car was chased to 2nd Street and Constitution Avenue NW, police said.

“[The suspect] circled monuments in front of Capitol Hill twice while being pursued. Then she headed toward the Capitol where Capitol Hill police and Secret Service opened fire and shot her,” said Senate Sergeant at Arms Terry Gainer.

At one point, a group of at least five cops surrounded the woman’s stopped car with their guns drawn. The suspect, driving a black, two-door Infiniti sedan, appeared not to heed their commands and sped off, nearly running over a couple of officers, as seen in a video obtained by ABC News.

With their pistols drawn, cops “were shouting at the driver,” Frank Schwing, a furloughed Commerce Department employee, told ABC News. “At that point, the driver put [the car] in reverse, drove back, and slammed into a cruiser.”

Hazmat, snipes, people running for cover when there is no active shooter, no real shooting spree going on, people lying on the ground, taking cover, bomb-squad, FBI, SWAT, paramilitary-like units: all this takes coordination AND planning. Therefore, this is a DHS-orchestrated hoax, like the others. Carey and her family are likely actors in the scam.


It is simply way too much, way too much money, power, energy, conniving, control: too much for public consumption for a simple shooting of an unarmed woman who is supposedly slightly deranged.

Shock and awe: not believable and surely not for an unarmed woman in a car toting an 18 month-old or, alternatively, one year-old.


What are they running from? It’s all an act. There was no active shooter anywhere in DC that day.

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Way, way too much, demonstrating that this is a drill, a hoax, and a scam: let anyone prove otherwise.


Therefore, zero damage to the front-end of the car, as proven, categorically, here, is proof of the hoax.


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  1. Absolutely she didn’t ram the white house barriers. The video clearly shows that before the pathetic cops started shooting at her.

    The media just hears a cool sounding phrase like, “she rammed into the barriers” and they keep going with it intstead of correcting it to, “she stopped her car prior to hitting the barriers”. The main sleeze media is as pathetic as our government.

  2. Media covers up the governments lies, we have seen that over and over again since the public has been taking cell phone videos and exposing the truth. That cop that wreck his own car going to the incident and cost tax payers thousand would have blamed that on the women that they shot had not been for cell phone videos.

  3. And wouldn’t her airbag have been opened?

  4. If you’ve seen the video about 15 seconds before the police shoot at her, it is clear she did not even hit those barriers – let alone ram them. I even heard one new report that said she “leveled the barriers by ramming them” at the white house. The video conclusively confirms she did not hit, ram, or otherwise touch the barriers.

  5. I like it better this way. Knowing its all staged lies and that virtually nothing in the news is real is very liberating. I laugh at this stuff and the jackasses who create it…

    • Let all posters and readers take this attitude and allow the imagination to run like mad.

  6. Zionist hijacked US Government perpetrate hoaxes against American people while violating the US Constitution and the rights of Americans.

    Klayman: Truckers ‘Threatened’, ‘Harassed by the Government’

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