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CGI Layering Proven in Nice Truck Attack Hoax

Regarding the arch-phony purported truck terror attack in Nice it was the fraudulent use of CGI layering that created a sense of realism. This is what has confused many people into believing, though they might have had a degree of doubt, that the event, actually, non-event was real. Even so, despite this imagery and any emotional shock it created, there is no evidence of any truck strikes against people, despite claims otherwise. Constantly, it is proclaimed, the 25-ton truck supposedly “plowed” and “barreled” into people, even “plowing them down.”

Here is the typical type of lie spewed by the Zionist-controlled media, in this case the Washington Post:

A truck rammed into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in … Witnesses described total chaos, with the crackle of gunfire and people screaming as they fled the scene. … He said more than 10 children were killed in the attack…

Zionist mole and arch-Islamophobe Christian Etrosi had this to say, even though it is nothing but deceit:

Christian Estrosi, president of the regional council told French television channel BFM TV that “the driver fired on the crowd” and his behavior appeared to be “completely premeditated.” He said more than 10 children were killed in the attack.


Billions of people heard such ‘horrific’ story-lines, though all lies. This means that the entire world has been fully bamboozled, in fact, deceived to the extreme regarding this, fully believing that the event occurred: that there really was a murderous attack against unsuspecting tourists there – how terminally corrupt. Yet, it is said continuously even though there is no evidence of this, even though not a single video or image confirms such a claim.

Yet, what is the Zionist mole thinking? What is it’s issue? Why are such a ones so frighted? Why are they so afraid of their shadows to such a degree that they must perform such a hideous plot? Are they that paranoid that the world will determine, once and for all, the degree of their criminality and corruption?…people, like Richard Gutjahr and his wife, arch-Zionist criminal mind and IDF terrorist Einat Wilf. What are they so worried about that they must commit such a vile act of deceit and corruption?

What about the accessory agents of the arch-Zionist cabal, Damien Allemand, Katie Baronie Shaw, among others. They were all spreading the deceit, blaming mere false acts, mere inane treachery, on the people of Islam and their faith.

There are two CGI-based videos, where the truck is artificially layered into the background. The fact that it is an artifact can readily be demonstrated. This is through any careful analysis of screen captures. There can be no way that this can be regarded as a real truck in the background. The following images are taken from two different videos, one at regular speed and another in slow motion:


Above is the regular speed one. It is clear that the imagery in the background is CGI-installed. It is not a real truck. Yet, it was placed in fairly close to real people to create the deception: how corrupt.

Here are the slow-motion screen captures. These are even more clearly fraudulent than the other image:


Note the bizarre light colored element on the top bar, also the lighter colored rim. Note also how wide is the truck’s face (though it’s not an actual truck but is, rather, merely a layered image). It seemed frightening, though, especially when combined with the background sound-effects, particularly the “Oh my God-a” fraudster.

Hoax confirmed – only CGI layering could cause such an image


Notice the significant difference, including the bright spot and the lighter-colored rim. How could it be a real truck to any degree?


There is yet another video which is even more corrupt. By no means could this image possibly represent a real-life event with an actual truck barreling through and over people. It all occurs while the band is playing as a backdrop, while a crowd of people are seemingly near the roadway, where the truck reportedly barreled through:


What a horrible example of imagery it is. Who would produce such a blurred cell phone image. All those HD-quality cell phones and this is the best  that can be produced? Moreover, that white element just entering the view, how can that be a real truck?

Now comes hard proof of CGI layering:


By and large no one reacts to the virtually out-of-nowhere presence of the truck, blasting onto the scene so rapidly, very unnaturally, except a few people in the middle. This means that those who appear to react were also added in through CGI layering.


What an arch-fake it is. That is clearly an artificial truck. No one can possibly regard this as a real, actual 25-ton lorry plowing through the area. Here is another  screen-capture that was taken. Can anyone believe how corrupt this is?


The entity is plowing over people and no one cares. No one even moves. No one runs in an attempt to escape. They keep looking straight ahead and are talking amongst themselves as if nothing even happened. Review the tape over and over. No one reacts to a truck, because there is no truck. It’s a fake, put in artificially.

Now, the ‘truck’ can be viewed leaving the scene. Once again, virtually the entire crowd or, rather, image of a crowd remains in place, not reacting to an actual truck in their midst. This is true of those who are closest to the image. In the midst there are a few reactors; these, too, could have been added through computer graphics.

Even so, the fact that it is merely a computer graphics image is highly evident from this image which shows merely a block of whitish-colored matter.


Here is another screen capture from a different version. Still, no one in this area responds:


Yet, throughout the video all that can be seen is the words, “plowing down,” while in other videos or representations, “barreled,” or “piled.”



It has to be CGI, since, after all, in the initial imagery there were no bodies there, just Mossad moles spreading about fake blood:


None of this is real. No one died, and no one was injured. This is 100% fake, impossible to disprove.




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  1. June 2, 2015 “Report Reveals $8.5 Trillion Missing From Pentagon Budget” since 1996

    • Dear Cowboy,

      An office co-worker insists on keeping all the windows closed all the time, claiming an autoimmune disorder that makes her get sick more easily. But it’s stuffy and uncomfortable, and the rest of us have needs, too. Does one person’s health trump everyone else’s comfort?

      Sweating in Seattle

      Dear Sweating:

      Your co-worker is actually trying to keep you all safe without causing you to panic! The zios are planning to test their stockpile of nerve gas throughout the Pacific Northwest, and she’s trying to save you all without tipping off The mossodomites to the fact that she’s onto them. Thank her knowingly and buy a gas mask to keep with you when you’re not in the office! Lol!


  2. CGI? Yeah, right. You imbeciles will believe any bullshit Doctor K posts.

  3. Did you you know? Andre the Giant was once employed to take the MGM lion from behind to make it roar on cue!

  4. I have no technical knowledge of computer-generated imagery. However the “green screen” concept was evident in footage at Sandy Hook. Maybe the Frankenstein-monster truck footage could be easily obtained using green screen for the truck in the background, plus a rent-a-crowd of crisis actors, without the need for any more advanced computer generated imagery.

  5. The pea brains who subscribe to this blog give truthers a bad name. Cowboy and Rudolf give yourselves an uppercut.

    • wayne rayney, gaybort..

      do you have a bike or a sister…?

      In case of positive reply pls contact Rudolf on his blog

      (just reblogging Rudolf Friedrich 01)

  6. Strange Vampire Dream

    I just moved into my new (old home in value, new residence for us) two weeks ago. Since we have been here, I have been having really gross nightmares, my husband and I have been fighting constantly, we are always financially broke, and are 2 and 1 year old are always crying, having middle of the night screams while they are sleep, or just plain behavior problems.

    The other night I had a terrible dream that I was in Bess, Louisiana (a place I’d never heard of–that’s where the vampire said he came from). There were hundreds of the vampires everywhere dressed in biker-type outfits. They had whips all over there backs as though they’d been beaten. Their teeth were like sharpened nails and they were bald and muscular. They had blood on them too. I remember walking down a hallway with a minister from my former church. He seemed deceptive and something kept saying “the cord blood” or something like that.

    I don’t understand the dream. But I think it has a lot to do with our home. I found a Harry Potter trade card before we moved in here. There’s always a strange knocking or noise. Plus I always feel someone or something is watching me or standing over me. A spirit of fear overcomes me.

    Did I mention that I am pregnant and feel like it is trying to make me lose my baby…

    • ELFMOM55 – I’m sure you will feel better if you go and take a nice long hot shower NOW.

      Wait, hold off on the shower for 30 minutes will you? I think Mother is calling me…

    • The excerpt copied and pasted below is the reason why the poster elfmom55 quit this blog. Cowboy is lying to justify his obsession with Gabriel.

      elfmom55FEBRUARY 9, 2015 AT 12:28 PM
      Dougster, Dr. K has told us repeatedly to PROOVE it! So we try to prove to him it is a hoax then he tells us “ENOUGH” as if we’re children. I make a personal observation that the “city” and highways are eerily quiet and empty and he told me my nonsense will NOT be tolerated. He says all comments and opinions are welcome. Evidently they are not. This so called truth site does not welcome opinions or evidence other than what the Doc says is true. He says it happened and don’t you dare disagree with him or he’ll assault you.
      I’m reminded of when he called James a troll, fool and someone else called him a liar last year over that ridiculous hoax with the “dead” reporter and ambulances in Palestine and ran James off.
      I too am done here. After much thought I don’t want to be anywhere where my opinions, observations and posts are assaulted. Dr. K respects no one who disagrees with him.
      And it seems kind of odd that your posts seem so similar to things Dr. K would say.
      As far as my comments getting more and more bizarre and my comment about what I perceived to be an empty city is trying to be contrary? I hardly think I am the bizarre and contrary one here. Someone is full of ego and pride and I don’t believe it is me.
      I should have left when James did.

  7. out-f’n-standing!

  8. Agreed. Reading the frivolous joke that constitutes Cowboy was entertaining enough, and now I’m treated to riotous live comedy in the constant battery he is richly deserving.

    • you can follow gaybee’s sis into the riotous nature of natzweiler if you really want

      but keep your bloody butt one mile away from her ‘centre of gravity’ pls. Lesson in progress…

      (Rudolf’s words)

  9. I can’t decide which is funnier:- Clownboy’s predictable, hysterical tirade he is wont to launch into at the slightest provocation. One can only imagine the state of his mashed keyboard and screen flecked in rabid spittle. And then there is Rudolf’s mangled display of the English language which does nothing to disguise his penchant for homosexuality. Perhaps the punchline of their combined joke is the fact that they are both sincere in what they are doing here. That in itself is champagne comedy.

  10. Dear Cowboy,

    My mother seems incapable of letting us live our lives. She comes by every day, “just happening” to be in the neighborhood. Avoiding her only goes so far, and broad hints fall on deaf ears. How can we get her to cool it without alienating her completely?

    Frustrated in Boston

    Dear Frustrated:

    Your mother is obviously part of the NSA’s effort to keep tabs on every single American! Just getting her to let up, or to give up, would simply cause the the zios to find other ways to spy on you constantly. You’re best off disguising yourselves as other people for a while and throwing them all off the trail. While that’s going on, consider moving to Phoenix without telling anyone! Lol!


  11. Dear Cowboy,

    We’re getting married soon, and cannot afford a lavish affair, but we do not want to make anyone feel they are second-class friends if they don’t receive an anticipated invitation. How can we head off any unpleasantness and keep everyone happy?

    Edgy in Houston

    Dear Edgy:

    Your role model here should be the Jews, who have managed to convince the world there was a so-called “Holocaust” by fabricating photos and coming up with reams and reams of “documentation” “proving” there were extermination camps and whatever. All you need to do is hold the celebration you intend, then fabricate all those photos and films to include all the people who would take offense not to be invited. It might not convince them they were invited, but it will allow the unsure and ignorant to hold on to a more comfortable, if illusory, reality. Lol!

  12. I uploaded a YouTube video titled ”HOAX ANATOMY: Front-viewed Incoming KILLER TRUCK footage in NICE”

    I hope it will help.

    • It sure does help!
      Helps to prove you’re a fruit-loop!

      • fruit is a term which perfectly fits gaybee (gabriel, the resident zio shill posting under several nicks of posters too)

        (just reblogging Rudolf Friedrich 01)

    • Yes, they are very good and have made a post, here, just on them. Excellent job.

  13. Now available on Jew-run Amazon:

    “Circumnavigating the flat earth without the use of GPS”.

    As everyone but Jew shills know, the earth is flat- not spherical. And we also know that there is no such thing as satellites or GPS.

    These facts make modern navigation challenging.

    I hope you like the book which I wrote for my fellow pokemon-go players and other truthers with a need to safely travel to far-away places.

    • this is gayboy again. Fake Cowboy

      (from R. Friedrich 01)

  14. Doing much harm: We do not need the police to create more terrorists

    • These **** zionists won’t rest until every fairground ride has been banned. I believe dodgem cars are next

    • again gabriel gaybob.

      he’s a declared woman hater, a shemale lover and probably a chick with **** (read tranny) too.

      I can only rely on your caring sis, gayborting gaybob.

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    • Hoax, fake.

  15. dodgem is a zio-totem?

  16. In Austria, Pensioner Sentenced for Facebook `Hate Speech’ Criticism of Migrant Criminals

    An Austrian pensioner has been sentenced to six months probation for ‘hate speech’ on social media, and when a judge told him he was now a criminal the man replied, “super, very good”. The 63-year-old unnamed pensioner was sentenced in a Vienna court this week for writing posts that were considered hate speech by judges in the Austrian capital. The man wrote on Facebook on at least one occasion to specific crimes committed by migrants. The judge in the case claimed that the remarks were made with hateful intent toward migrants, breaking the strict Austrian hate speech laws, and sentenced the man to six months probation … A total of nine posts made on Facebook were presented to the court … He called the gang of migrants who attacked the police a “pack of rats”.

    (Rudolf asks Gaybee to express his take)

  17. British Government Files on UK Involvement With Israel’s Nuclear Weapons Arsenal are ‘Missing’
    H. Cockburn – The Independent (Britain)

    More than 400 documents, including government files relating to the UK’s involvement in Israel’s alleged nuclear arsenal, have gone missing over the last four years, it has been revealed … Notable missing files include 1970s documents on nuclear collaboration with Israel, as well as a letter from Winston Churchill. The losses include more than 60 Foreign office files, over 40 Home office documents, and six from the records of former prime ministers … A 1979 document titled “Military and nuclear collaboration with Israel: Israeli nuclear armament”, is among the missing pieces. The file, contained among government files on arms control and disarmament in the 1970s, apparently relates to a United Nations resolution from 1978 which concerned “increasing evidence” Israel was attempting to acquire nuclear weapons.

  18. Five Myths About the Atomic Bomb
    G. Herken – The Washington Post

    … The notion that the atomic bombs caused the Japanese surrender on Aug. 15, 1945, has been, for many Americans and virtually all U.S. history textbooks, the default understanding of how and why the war ended. But minutes of the meetings of the Japanese government reveal a more complex story. The latest and best scholarship on the surrender, based on Japanese records, concludes that the Soviet Union’s unexpected entry into the war against Japan on Aug. 8 was probably an even greater shock to Tokyo than the atomic bombing of Hiroshima two days earlier … As historian Tsuyoshi Hasegawa writes in his book “Racing the Enemy,” “Indeed, Soviet attack, not the Hiroshima bomb, convinced political leaders to end the war.”

  19. Planned Global WiFi from Space Will Destroy Ozone Layer, Worsen Climate Change, and Threaten Life on Earth

    Eight companies are gearing up to provide high-speed global WiFi coverage from space within the next three to four years. This would be an ecological and public health nightmare.

    The planned extensive satellite networks would require the launch of hundreds of kerosene-burning rockets annually. This would re-distribute the ozone layer and significantly contribute to climate change.

    Martin Ross of the Aerospace Corporation was the lead author of a paper published in 2010 titled “Potential climate impact of black carbon emitted by rockets.” The authors developed a computer model to predict what would happen in different parts of the planet if the number of launches burning kerosene (then 25 annually) increased by a factor of ten. His model predicts as much as a 4% loss of ozone over the tropics and subtropics, as much as a 3-degree Celsius summertime increase in temperature over the South Pole, more than a one-degree overall increase in Antarctic temperature, and a decrease in Antarctic sea ice by 5% or more.

    In a 2011 Aerospace article titled “Rocket Soot Emissions and Climate Change”, Ross states “The Aerospace study shows that the radiative forcing of soot from a given hydrocarbon rocket scenario is as much as 100,000 times that of the carbon dioxide from the rockets.” Obviously, the soot or black carbon emissions would be an important factor in accelerating climate change if the planned launches move forward.

    Solid state rocket exhaust is no better. It contains ozone-destroying chlorine, water vapor (a greenhouse gas), and aluminum oxide particles, which seed stratospheric clouds. Complete ozone destruction is observed in the exhaust plumes of solid state rockets.

    The New York Times (May 14, 1991, p. 4) quoted Aleksandr Dunayev of the Russian Space Agency saying “About 300 launches of the [space] shuttle each year would be a catastrophe and the ozone layer would be completely destroyed.”

    At that time, the world averaged only 12 rocket launches per year. Maintaining a fleet of (ultimately) 4,000 satellites, each with an expected lifespan of five years, will likely involve enough yearly rocket launches to be an environmental catastrophe.

    Project Loon utilizes a scarce resource – helium – with reckless abandon. Helium is key to the function and manufacture of many technologies. Helium also has important scientific and hospital uses. It is a scarce fossil resource ( and should be conserved, not squandered. The balloons used by Project Loon are inflated with helium which is released into the atmosphere when the balloons are grounded. Furthermore, the balloons are made of polyethylene plastic which is not biodegradable, yet the balloons are only expected to have a life-span of 10 months. Our best estimate is that it would take 100,000 balloons to provide wireless to landmasses worldwide. This a lot of polyethylene to discard and a lot of helium to waste.

    A second area of concern is WiFi itself. Although widely perceived as an unqualified good, WiFi operates using extremely rapid pulses of microwave radiation – the same radiation used in microwave ovens. And a parade of studies continue to be published and ignored implicating wireless technology in the die-off of forests, the demise of frogs, bats, and honey bees, the threatened extinction of the house sparrow, and damage to the DNA of the human species. It is vital to the continuation of life that large parts of the earth be spared from the incessant radiation that accompanies wireless technologies.

  20. As fricking stupid as Christinne (in Romania) reporting on hoaxes outside *her* country.

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