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How the Zionists Fake a Dead Passenger – the Case of Malaysian Hoax Mei Ling Ching

As masters of the powerful media outlets the Zionists hold great power in their hands. They use that power for abusive purposes, lying, conniving, and deceiving in their attempts to maintain ultimate control over the consciousness of people’s minds. It is also an attempt to control the money sources of all people, since the Zionists continuously manipulate the people, once again, to steal their money, as they did in Sandy Hook and the Boston smoke bombing hoax.

There could be no false flag events, fake or real, without the actions and complicity of the Zionist-controlled media. Nor could they occur without their vile manipulation of money, that is by using what are often public funds to orchestrate these hoaxes. Too, the money might arise from ‘private sources.’ Regardless of the source it is an essential component of in particular the fake terror and/or disaster events, since the crisis actors never do the Zionist’s bidding without being paid. In the case of the Malaysian Airlines crash hoax both fake passengers and relatives are on the Zionist (or is it public) payroll.

It is in that vein that a review is done on the case of Mei Ling Ching, who supposedly went missing on the fake Malaysian Airlines crash. While the identity of this woman as a real person remains unconfirmed what is confirmed is that the Zionists are telling their standard filthy lies about her case – she is in no way a victim of an airline disappearance or crash.

How do they get away with this? How do they create a convincing trail of evidence to support such a vile lie?

They do so simply through deceit. Part of that deceit may include the photoshopping of images. There may also be real images used. Even ‘cloning’ of imagery has been utilized. In some cases the fakes are actual spies, Mossad moles and others, who play out the role. Part of the deceit, though, is through the giving of false witness, often by a litany of collaborators playing out their given roles: loved ones, parents, friends, business associates, and more. Even attorneys and doctors get into the act, also giving such false witness.

In the case of Mei Ling Ching (alternatively Ch’ng Mei Ling) several people have come forward to support the Zionist lie. An attorney, a seller of a house, a company spokes-person, an uncle, and a brother – this is the team put together by the Zionists to fake this.

Too, they use compliant sources – companies owned or controlled by powerful Zionist individuals and attorneys, as well as doctors, working for Zionist-leaning or -controlled institutions.

According to the story-line:

Ch’ng Mei Ling, 33, is a Malaysian national who moved to the Pittsburgh suburbs last October to work as a process engineer for Flexsys America LP, a company that manufactures and supplies chemicals for the rubber industry, WPXI reports.

Note: Flexys America is a division of the entity, Eastman Chemical. Flexys is in dire financial straights, because of chemical spills, notably one in West Virginia which corrupted the drinking water for some 300,000 people.

In the espionage scheme a number of individuals have been used to support her existence and to give legitimacy to the lie. These individuals are as follows:

  • a fake brother, Chng Khai Sheng
  • a fake sister, Jen Ch’ng
  • a fake uncle, Koon Chim Wa, the one who supposedly “yelled with his hands trembling and his body shaking”
  • a company spokesperson, Tracey Kilgore
  • a fake seller of a house, Valerie Shafer

What is most incredible is that all such people are a part of the plot. All of them are spreading lies.

Here is one of the pictures offered for Ling. It is a glaring Photoshop corruption:

Ch'ng Mei Ling, 33, is a Malaysian national who moved to the Pittsburgh suburbs last October to work as a process engineer for Flexsys America LP, a company that manufactures and supplies chemicals for the rubber industry, WPXI reports .

What’s going on with the hair? Clearly, this is a make-believe production? No one has hair that looks like that. A brush tool was used in Photoshop to create it. What about the glasses? They look like they were place there through cut-and-paste. Also, there are lines on the left edge (right screen) of those glasses, carrying over from the hair, over the face, and onto the glasses; it’s not normal.


These appear to be actual cut lines, or they could be a residual triplicate pattern which contaminates photoshopped images. They could also be merely brush stroke marks from sloppy Photoshop work, RE: the fake hair. Regardless, they are completely anomalous, as are the hair blur tool marks on the forehead.

Even the finding of one photo demonstrating alteration and corruption, even one out of many, is sufficient to call it a fraud.

People do not alter photos unless there are ulterior motives. Even so, there are other photos where evidence of photo manipulation is less obvious such as these:


Note the shadowing under the neck and the lack of the soft features, as in the first image. Yet, the shadows in the image seem to be going in the opposite direction. It looks like the perpetrators took a real image and installed it into this background. At least with this fake they did a slightly better job.


Even so, it becomes clear that there is something wrong with the image and how it seems so contrived. Also, what is going on with the left shoulder? What is this lump? She is not shrugging her shoulders. It seems anomalous.


It could be faked. The man in the car in the background looks relatively bizarre. She could have been cut from another image and placed in this background, since the light on her doesn’t match the background. Yet, what is certainly fake is the claim that the woman has gone missing on a ‘disappeared’ or crashed airliner.

Yet, then, the following photo is also offered for public consumption, identified, once again, as Ch’ing:

This photo is apparently offered as supposedly ‘evidence’ that she works at the Allegheny County Eastman plant, which is pictured on the DailyMail as part of the psyops scheme:
The two buildings, at least from these vantage points, do not look precisely the same, however. According to the various news sources she was on business, her ticket being bought by the company:
Her employer had bought her a first-class ticket and she was to transit in Beijing to Pittsburg, said Mr Chng – See more at:
A first-class ticket in this day and age of cost-cutting. Really? Regardless, that’s a major revelation that the company itself would come forward and claim the existence of a real passenger with a real ticket when there were no such passengers. Therefore, clearly, Eastman Chemical is involved in the hoax.
Also, provided as evidence is a photo of this home:
The claim is that she moved into the home in October 2013 in order to “facilitate” getting a green card status. When in the history of plane crashes are the homes of the victims shown on national TV?

A spokesperson for the company said that Ch’ng is “remembered fondly by her co-workers as being … pleasant and happy as well as well-respected.” The woman who sold Ch’ng the Pittsburg home said she is “a very accomplished young woman. I’m just devastated to hear she was on that flight.”

A spokesperson (Tracey Kilgore) for the company said that Ch’ng is “remembered fondly by her co-workers as being … pleasant and happy as well as well-respected.” The woman who sold Ch’ng the Pittsburg home (Valerie Shafer) said she is “a very accomplished young woman. I’m just devastated to hear she was on that flight.”

Therefore, the company, a globalist entity, is in on the hoax.

Now come the supposed direct relatives, an uncle, brother, and sister. They are all hunkered down at a hotel, costs fully paid, apparently, by Malaysian Airlines.


Our caption: Speak-from-the-corner-of-the-mouth Sheng in action while on the Zionist payroll

At the hotel, note the fact that in this image he obviously has a handler, the woman in blue with the white scarf. She is well badged with credentials likely stored in the front pocket. Ch’ng looks like he is on a business project; there is no evidence that he is suffering from shock, grief, or despair.


Does this make any sense, that she is to get orders from the airline on where she should go? What for, to see dead bodies wash up to shore.

His ‘elder sister,’ Jen Ch’ng, commented on her brothers Instagram upload with the most inane comment conceivable. Who talks like this about their cousin, getting that specific?


“My dear cousin, Me Ling Ch’ng…” Notice how she is sure to inscribe her name immediately:

Of course, they just happened to have on file a picture of her with the rubber ducky, Photoshop version:


Note the brush-stroke lines on the bangs. Note also the cut line across the chin. The glasses are surely anomalous, merely the result of cut-and-paste.

Rubber ducky (Donald Duck or whatever) is a Photoshop fake.

Sheng, who has two names, gives totally implausible stories for the fake,  here:

Emotional roller coaster for Malaysian whose sister is on MH370

Published on Mar 17, 2014

By Joyce Lim, In Kuala Lumpur

One week after his sister went missing on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, Mr Chng Khai Sheng clings to a glimmer of hope that she is still alive.

“I have been harbouring the hope that the plane would be hijacked or flown to somewhere else,” Mr Chng, 30, told The Straits Times. “Only then would my sister have a chance to live.”

There was no emotional reactions of any kind suffered by this individual. He was just there to perform a job for pay. It is said that he was pictured as a “lonely figure, as he paced around the Everly Hotel Purajaya.” This is purportedly in Malaysia, where an additional “100 family members of passengers waited for news.” This was, no doubt, a major espionage operation with hundreds of fake actors employed.

Yet, it is said:

Weary,  getting by on three hours of sleep a night, Mr Chng cut a lonely figure as he paced around the Everly Hotel Putrajaya, where more than 100 family members of passengers waited for news.

Clearly, to create an air of legitimacy Flexys America, as a division of Eastman Chemical, was leveraged to support the hoax. Jen Ch’ng and her ‘brother’ as well as good ‘ol uncle Koom Chin Wa (on his way, now, to the USA) are mere crisis actors paid for their roles in the hoax.

There are always plenty of people available who will do anything for financial gain and recognition. Therefore, there is no lack of crisis actors in this world who can be hired to perpetrate such frauds, people who, incredibly, are willing to spread lies before the whole world.



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  1. Totally implausible story by the brother of Chng Mei Ling , who has two name variants:

    Notice how the NYT ncely laid out the bios in true 9/11 style on March 8:
    The Muktesh Mukherjee Xiaomo Bai story seems as fake as they come.
    Mommy’s even called (Zhang) Mei Ling (no relation) just to confuse matters.

    Mr. Mukherjee worked in Beijing for Xcoal Energy & Resources.
    The company’s chief executive, Ernie Thrasher, called him “a dear friend, colleague and member of the Xcoal family.”
    The couple had “two wonderful little boys,” said Matthew McConkey, a close friend of Mr. Mukherjee, whom he had seen recently in Beijing.

    Just leaving their kids with granny while they fly off to a beach holiday……

    • Mukherjee and ‘wife’ are supreme fraudsters, as are the agents of Xcoal who are supporting the hoax. McConkey is an agent of Mayer-Brown and is obviously taking cash for his role. Am working on it.

      Links now in the post.

  2. I thought I’d share this because I found it kinda funny. The other day I said something on social media about how weird it was that even with the capability for the passengers on the plane to communicate, nobody did. Someone within seconds of my post anonymously wrote back to me that what I said was offensive, their brother was on the plane and I didn’t know what I was talking about, there was no way for them to communicate so I shouldn’t talk about it. I had to remind this “family member” what the airline says on their website:

    “Communicate with loved ones or workmates via calls or text messages using your seat entertainment controller that also works as an air-to-ground phone. You can even send and receive emails mid-flight.”

    Whoever it was sure was quick to try to shut me up though.

  3. the other glasses she’s wearing are frames with nosepads …asians’ noses don’t have a bridge, so they can’t wear plastic frames … no bridge on their nose to hold them up …

  4. Your readers may want to learn more about Mossad Zionist deception/hoax operations:

  5. MP Laurent Louis has apparently lost his seat in the Belgian Parliament during the most recent election and he was violently arrested by the police for no real reason and some Jewish coalition has sued him for “denying the Holocaust”.

    Belgian MP LAURENT LOUIS stood against war in Mali and exposed the “War on Terror” which came about in the aftermath of 911. “On January the 17th, 32 years old Belgian MP Laurent Louis, the most controversial and demonized national political figure ever, explained why he voted against the Belgian support to war in Mali. Meanwhile, he expressed his disgust and wrath against the criminal foreign policies of the Belgian elite and its submission to foreign financial and interests groups. For the first time at the Belgian Parliament, he evoked that 9/11 was made up and said what no one before him has never dared to speak out!”

    It appears that Laurent Louis MP was collecting some signatures just prior to his arrest and police violence on him and the following video has the details:

    Le député Laurent LOUIS arrêté à Mons: bavure politico-policière !

    Laurent Louis MP also has been fined thousands of dollars for speaking out against crimes of some people in high places!

    Groups of Jewish extremists have waged attacks of hatred against Belgian MP Laurent Louis like they always do on any person who speak out against Zionist corruption and crime.

    Mr Louis has posted “that he had received death threats and that police claimed his life was in danger, implying that they expected reprisal attacks at the hands of Jewish extremists.[28]”

  6. There are so many others who have come under the attack of Jewish extremists:

  7. americans are a hoax

  8. I become sick after reading the bunch of **** yu wrote about my friend Mei Ling. So you idiots!, yes, she does exists, and she was lost in MH370. Anyway, with the little ability to trully research and the true spirit to misinform others, you will win a Nobel Prize.

    I just want to comment here because I want to prevent the real intelligent people (not you) to ba a victime of ignorant charlatans like you.

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