Bill Cosby Hoax — 03 August 2015
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Claimed Rape of 15 Year Old Judy Huth By Cosby is a Set Up by the Zionists

How could a 15 year-old be raped by a famous actor and no one knew about it, particularly for some four decades? This seems implausible to the extreme. Obviously, then, the accusations are as fake as can possibly be.

It is ideal, though, for the Zionist plot, since this eliminates the statute of limitations for such an act, seeing that a person raped of that age would be a mere child of sorts, a minor in the least: an act that might be deemed that of not only sexual perversion but also one of pedophilia.

No one can believe that the man would have done this despite any faults he might have.

Huth’s seemingly scripted claims are as follows:

  • she originally met Cosby as a teenager with her as always unnamed 16 year-old friend as they wandered on to the set of a movie
  • he invited them to his L.A.-area Country Tennis Club a week later, where they according to the DailyMail “followed him to a house, where he served them alcoholic beverages and played games of billiards with Ms. Huth” according to the lawsuit (Note: what happened to her unnamed 16 year-old friend? Surely, she could produce her as a witness if this were real)
  • Huth was required by Mr. Cosby to (incredibly) drink a beer every time Cosby one a game, while Cosby would drink if he lost
  • the girls then followed him to the Playboy Mansion, where the comedian told Huth and her friend to say they were 19 if anyone asked their ages
  • Huth emerged from a bathroom to find Cosby sitting on a bed, whereupon he asked her to sit next to him and attempted to put his hand down her pants
  • Then, the took her hand in his own hand and performed a ‘sex act’ on himself

She was fifteen. She told no one. Embarrassing that it is this is not likely even to the least degree. What is more implausible is that she would come out only now while requesting great financial damages, up to $250,000 or more?


Allred makes an absolute fool out of herself in Mark Levin, being evasive to the most extreme degree. Here, the two Jewish lawyers fight amongst each other, but it does reveal the agenda-driven nature of Allred’s actions.

Regarding the Huth scheme this is a legal filing. It is no less credible than the memorandum ‘incriminating’ Cosby, in fact, more credible. She demands a quarter of a million dollars decades after the purported event? Who in the entire universe regards this as possible? The only action that this resembles is one of extortion, one coordinated by none other than arch-Zionist agent Gloria Allred herself:


Let us look at Huth’s facial expressions. Does this in the least degree give confidence that the woman is speaking the truth or representing real facts about her claims against Cosby. Being molested at the innocent young age of 15 is  a serious issue. It is not a laughing/jesting matter to any degree.


That battery of facial expressions is nothing other than duping delight and then some, all a response of the subconscious mind to the fraud that she is representing. She is lying, make no mistake about it.

If there was an attempt to cause great emotional distress, then, how can anyone find this believable if it was never reported at the time? Surely, the person adjusted to any such event well as represented by the fact that such a one never took action for the harm done for some 40 years. Yes, it is true, over 40 years later she makes this incredibly unbelievable claim, 1974 to 2015.

“Negligent affliction of emotional distress, infliction of emotional distress, and sexual battery,” 1974 but not reported, not even discussed, until 2014; No one finds this plausible.

The pictures don’t help much, in fact, they greatly damage Huth’s ’cause’. They do not appear to represent a 15 year-old.

What about these pictures appears real? In the picture below the faces of the two individuals are absolutely indistinct. The cap appears as noting other than pink paint.


Notice what appears to be a large white band or cut line going through Cosby’s left wrist, carrying over to Huth’s right hair area. Notice, too, what appear to be blur too lines descending from her chin area. Her face is indistinct. This cannot be a real photo.

How about this image? Huth is taller than some women. Yet, how could this Zionist Jew be actually taller in a steated position than Cosby himself? Moreover, note the overexposed nature of her face? Her nose, eyes, and chin are a mere blur. The background is tighter than the foreground. The light on her face is fully, different from that of Cosby. This is a photographic fake, a forgery, done to incriminate Cosby or at least to cause her slander against him to hold.

Why is the wood in the background crisper than the focus of the lens, the faces in the foreground?

Nevertheless, it cannot be proven one way or the other if this photo is real or digitally altered.

Why are her teeth a mere indistinct mass? Why is the lower aspect of her hair a different color than the other? Was the other blonde hair added in? Why, too, is Cosby’s face so fuzzy?

Notice the contrast in the following images:

The focus of the lense, the people in the foreground, is always sharper, in some cases considerably so, than the matter in the background.

It appears that the blonde hair lengths seen on the sides were added in artificially. This photo is a forgery, made evident by the blurriness, the bizarre shift in hair color and texture, and the overall nature of the photograph.


Cosby is fighting back, calling the claims nothing other than a lie:


Huth has largely been out of the news of late.

The total list of now proven false accusers in the Cosby hoax is as follows:

  • Chelan Lasha
  • Sammie Mays
  • Janice Dickinson
  • Beth Ferrier
  • Helen Hayes
  • Lili Bernard
  • Jewel Allison
  • Lise Lotte-Lublin
  • Linda Brown
  • Jennifer Kaya Thompson
  • Cloe Goins
  • Louisa Moritz
  • Linda Joy Traitz
  • Beverly Johnson
  • Renita Chaney Hill
  • Judy Huth
  • Tamara Green (already exposed on this site)

That’s 17 out of a total of some 40 accusers.



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(2) Readers Comments

  1. 1) This Zionist Change Agent, spook, perjurer, fraudster, going in this PsyOp & mossad operation as Judith Huth to destroy Cosby & his legacy & everything good that ever came from the Cosby show is atleast 58 years old, but most likely atleast 60 to 64 years old, from what I have uncovered so far.
    2) She has an identity as a very powerful zionist agent & zioScammer & previously was had a position at Hollywood film company & still seems to have ownership in it.
    3) Her daughter is connected to a zionist music & entertainment company & is it possibly married to or a mistress (using his name) a zionist Billionaire in entertainment & diversified high profile mostly entertainment, travel & communications fields of business or either she is married to the son of this billionaire of the same name.
    4) I do have many of her definite series of aliases including the one I believe is her real name which I directly found as an alias of Judith Huth. Doesn’t mean it is her born name but could be.) And this is her most important & powerful identity which I have some photographic proof of also. And her Huth identity shadows this identity in many California cities by having addresses nearby within miles.

  2. Jewish women suing wealthy Black men, usually athletes but not exclusively, and sometimes whit men such as
    that young relative of Ted Kennedy in Palm Beach FL some years ago. They arrange to have sexual intercourse
    and with suitable semen evidence they cry foul victimhood and sue for large amounts of money. Ms Huth seems to have not thought of it at the time but has devined a way to cash in and extract dough from the wealthy black man. In her favor is a court system where most judges are jews and attorneys as well. The Kennedys held their ground while the jewess targeting the Kennedy youth had taken a vase fro the house as evidence of having been there. As I recall she did not prevail. However, the ones that target black athletes like basket ball players
    with national fame who are away from home for their work in hotels have been more successful. There was one
    young jewish woman who cried rape but when she presented herself at a hospital for evidence gathering it was found that her privates contained two sets of semen; not tow athletes. One semen sample was from a boyfriend with whom the lady had had congress earlier in the day before going to the athletes room to seduce the black man for the purpose of extortion. Such is just my understanding over time and black athletes and perhaps all wealthy young men whose name or family association renders them prime targets for not wanting any media driven scandal should have a document mutually signed by both parties with a copy for each and an attestation of adulthood age before commencing sexual intercourse with young jewish women/girls or all girls/women as the schemer might not be inclined to honest disclosure, and this would in some small way unburden the courts
    of often prolonged litigation involved in this process, often successful, of a scheme, that offers hungry young women of the most enterprising race, that holds the potential to have them set for life without having to work
    if the seduction of a wealthy black man can be properly done and presented to media etc. as rape! Free enterprise jewish female cottage industry of a sort for modern America. Proper planning is best for these female entrepreneurs but if Ms Huth is successful it may open the door for those special females who had sexual intercourse with a suitable target long ago and was unaware of the potential for wealth extraction afforded by the court system and the vulnerability of perhaps especially black famous men-especially for prominent athletes-
    but prominent media black figures represented here by Cosby who has been media weakened by past gamers, may do for this secondary aspect for those who perhaps see a way to build upon the potentially profitable scheme as middle aged women with an enterprising spirit. The media is on their side by it’s very nature and the courts might well be likely to have a special place for the self chosen in modern America. This class of entrepreneurship by usually young jewish women but now expanding deserves more attention and historical review with that rare thing- journalistic detachment and focus on the facts; it is a history worth discovering and explored!

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