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A Closer Look at the Terrorist Murderers of the Istanbul Airport Terror Attack

Who were these criminal murderers who perpetrated the horrific slaughter of innocents in the Istanbul International Airport terror attack? Were they really Islamic radicals, as is commonly advertised? One issue is certain, it makes no sense that they were devout Muslims. After all, virtually all the victims were Islamic people, in fact, such people from all over the world.

Let us see who they killed. Primarily Turkish Muslims, it was largely women, while also at least one child died. As well, a number of men, including airport employees, were killed. Virtually all the deceased are of Islamic background. Even so, who can explain it? Who can explain how three men from the Caucasus mountain states would specifically and maliciously do this, that is come all the way to Turkey and wildly target, and kill, ‘fellow’ Muslims?

To murder the life of a single individual, notes the Qur’aan, is as if slaughtering “all of humankind.” Moreover, to murder women and children is unforgivable. Only horrific Satans would do so. The people responsible are criminals to the extreme.

The US State Department issued a travel warning regarding Istanbul and its airport. Surely, America’s spy agencies, as well as, in particular, the Israeli Mossad play a role in this high crime. Nevertheless, clearly, the Turkish security infrastructure is fully infested with Zionist agents. Per one Website:

According to a report in The Jerusalem Post, intelligence cooperation between the Mossad and the Turkish security service, MIT, “was enshrined in a 12-clause agreement that was signed during a 1993 visit to Israel by then-Turkish foreign minister Hikmat Chetin”.

Soon after, according to the London-based newsletter Foreign Report, a large Mossad operation was established in Turkey, with Mossad agents based in both Istanbul and Ankara.


Some people doubt the nature of this horror. While it is true that many hoaxes have been heaped upon the world at-large, this is obviously far more dire. The Turkish powerful ones have committed hoaxes in the past. However, this is different. This is rather than a hoax or a staged element an actual false flag attack, a real murderous act, orchestrated by powerful, devilish forces using proxy militants as the front-men.

Most of the horror experienced by Islamic people is happening, right now, in the Middle East. Yet, who are these terrorists? They do not look like Middle Easterners and surely bear no resemblance to actual Arabs. In fact, they are not Arabs or Middle Easterners but are, rather, Eastern Europeans, in fact, people from the former Soviet Union.

The fact is they are mere thugs, hardened criminals and likely drug addicts. They came for one purpose only, which was to slaughter: to draw blood. In fact, as can be seen in the videos they appeared to relish in it.


No doubt, these men were put up to this by Western governments, notably the secretive Zionist-controlled, ultra-deceptive cabal, the cabal of world Jewry.

terroristthugs-11 terroristthugs-99s1terroristthugs-222

The three arch-murderers and hardened thugs can be seen, here. How are they Middle Easterners or Arabs or, for that matter, Islamic people to any degree? They are cowards, cheap-shots, mere bullies, may they rot in hell, these hideous ones: forever.


Notice, here, the unsuspecting airline employee minding his own business. He has no idea who is before him.


The criminal mind is hiding a long rifle in that jacket-based disguise. There can be little doubt that under that jacket is a murderous weapon which will soon be aimed at unarmed, defenseless individuals, including mere children; no one can make sense of this unless it is a plot by the arch-Zionist high-0nes, who are plotting against humankind at-large.


These men are Khazars, individuals of Caucasian stock but are not by any means devout Muslims to any degree. However, they are precisely the means to heap false blame on Islam. Sure, Islam did it, right: just to kill some 40 Islamic people.


The fear of an approaching gunman, killing unarmed people randomly, was surely horrific. Moreover, can anyone fathom it, these criminals are slaughtering unarmed people, wildly and without conscious.


By this time at least one of these treacherous ones had detonated a bomb outside, causing a number of fatalities:


As yet another terrorist rounds the corner he begins to shoot at fleeing patrons. Suddenly, a policeman takes aim and guns him down, but the gunmen also shoots at the policeman, apparenlty wounding him:


The arrow, right screen, points to the policeman as he takes and and takes down the terrorist.

After approaching the now neutralized terrorist, he realizes that he is in great danger, as the terrorist fumbles with a detonation vest; he thus runs for his life.


Continuing to fumble he finally detonates it, killing himself and unknown others. This is high explosive, as is seen by the screen capture:


The policeman was smart to run; he saved his own life.


These men were agents of the Zionists. They were used as patsies, while vile and murderous ones. This suits only the Zionist world government, no other. It surely doesn’t suit the people of Islam, who, once again, are the victims, just as in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and more.

Nevertheless, people had reason to be tearful and filled with fright. This was a real terrorist attack, though in this case rather than an act by so-called radicalized Muslims, rather, merely one by well-bribed mercenaries, fully armed by hostile espionage agencies, coordinated and orchestrated by the Mossad.

terroristattack3 terroristattack-turkey

Once again, Muslim blood is drawn heavily, all as a result of Zionist plots. Yet, incredibly, supposedly, it’s now time to act: to gather all the world’s forces to “fight radical Islam,” that same entity created by precisely those so-called Western governments which wage this war. This is according to the arch-Zionist CFR, headed by Zionist stooge John Brennan. It’s time for the Cowboys to act, to start another murderous war, to, once again, slaughter countless other Islamic people.

By the nature of his commentary on CBS and elsewhere it is clear that the espionage agencies are actually responsible for the Istanbul terror attack.

Yet, the CIA is a mere smokescreen for the ultimate source of murderous attacks against Islamic people, which is the powerful Jews of the Zionist empire. Make no mistake about it these criminal minds are preparing the world for greater degrees of corruption and tyranny, aimed at all people, including American citizens. Even so, it is they who routinely slaughter Islamic innocents, whose victims now number in the tens of millions.





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  1. Ex61) Fake Hero Orlando Cop with Fake Rescue Truck -Make-Shift Ambulance
    James Hamilton is actually alias:
    James Courelles of Rutland Vermont!
    Just another Mossadomite ZioJew Playing Fake Cop Hero Ay Fake *** Shooting!
    This is him on his Vermont Facebook account with a 6 year old picture!
    But it is clearly him, same guy!
    And Here is Radaris Identity search result showing James Hamilton is alias James Courelles (Also Alias James Cornelius!)
    And this jerk literally, and proveably got the alias name Hamilton from the street he lives on in Rutland Vermont!! So don’t Dallas Goldbug-Out on me! This scumbag is busted!

  2. (Correction: Courcelle Not Courelles)

    Exhibit 61-b) Orlando Fake Homo Massacre supposed Cop James Hamilton is Busted & proved to be a Crisis Actor named James Courcelle from Rutland Vermont!
    Here as Fake Orlando Cop Fraudster- Liar James “Hamilton” a fictious
    name this treasonous ziopuppet ActWhore got from the street he lives on in Vermont!

    USA People Search
    James Courcelle
    AKAs: James Courcelle
    Locations: San Francisco, CA

    James A Courcelle
    Age: 41
    AKAs: James A Courcelle, James A Highland
    Relatives: Diane A Courcelle (Age 71) , William J Santos (Age 40)
    Locations: Rutland, VT, Coral Springs, FL

    Also using an older fake age he is connected to other Florida Cities. They usually have shell identities set up all over the place for future zioScams, PsyOps & Crisis Acting-Change agent roles.

  3. Exhibit 62) Orlando FAKE Massacre Fake Cop James Hamilton alias Crisis ActWhore James Courcelle! Despicable, Lying Ziotrash Enemy Traitor Piece of Human Garbage!

    • Dallas Goldbug strikes again!

  4. Ex 63) Orlando PsyOp- Watch here clear as day as the director tells & motions the corrupt cops/Crisis Actors & lady VicSim what to do. And she is clearly unharmed, unbloodied in any way! What a bunch of Treasonous cops!

  5. Muslims killing Muslims?? Unheard of!

    That’s why this is an inane utter hoax.

  6. Ex 63) Orlando Fake *** Shooting Hoax Idiot Crisis Actors & Their Ridiculous Lies!

  7. Translation required

  8. Come on, dr. K, what slaughter of innocents are u talking about, dont start again? Hoax. Not 100%, but 1000%.

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