Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 13 December 2013
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Colorado Shooting Hoax Includes Crisis Actors

Preliminary post only. To be updated shortly, but because of the importance, for your perusal.

The Arapahoe, Colorado, shooting wasn’t a shooting. It didn’t happen. It is merely a hoax, like all the others.  See the crisis actors in this video. There are many of them. All those who claim to have heard shots or witness a shooting (no one thus far has stated they saw anyone physically wounded; no one claims to have seen anyone with a gunshot wound or who was bleeding): anyone who makes the claim is a fabricator.

School Shooting

Here are two crisis actors on the track and field track; note the oft-held cell phone, which is a standard for such fraudsters. Man in the grey sweatshirt is likely a producer.

This is a preliminary post for your review: to be updated shortly with commentary. The crisis actors are everywhere in this event. Note the cell phones and water bottles plus the director with the clip board.

Same two people as in the previous picture; different people in the background; slightly different pose. Note the phone position: she has switched hands: 100% fake.  The young man is looking on in a relaxed pose, hands in his pockets. Nothing here to consider. No adrenalin. It’s a Sandy Hook  supportive hoax to give some basis for the so-called anniversary and also act as a cover for the systematic exposure of that wretched event.

Students comfort each other outside of Arapahoe High School after a shooting on the campus in Centennial, Colo., on Friday.

Two additional crisis actors. Note the absolutely relaxed nature of the countless students in the background, with the occasional smile caught incidentally.


These SWAT team members seem to like the attention of the camera, looking right into it.


Now, watch this set of images derived from the NBC footage. Not much time should be wasted on this scam: it’s a farce.


Producer mole is revealed in the background; seems to be a kind of coordinator.


They are all actors, but he seems to be saying something to the actor in the blue and black jacket.


Pencil in hand, there is some kind of interaction with the actor-fakes. He is saying something. ‘Hey, at least wait before you do the gig for me to get out of the view.’


A still shot derived from another video of the same two crisis actors in another pose; note that it is the same purse. This time, though, she is caught smiling.


Here are two additional fraudsters. Water bottle, courtesy of the US taxpayer and it would appear a free lunch for all at Burger King. Plenty of wasted police tape to boot, used senselessly and well squandered plus all that wasted gasoline and much wasted energy: fraud, fake, phony – absolute.

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A well secured water bottle and another object wedged between the man’s arm and chest; 100% crisis actors. Nothing to be emotional about here, except a bit of righteous rage against all these hucksters and fraudsters.


The Araphahoe  County school shooting is a fake, 1000% a hoax, where there was no shooter, despite the occasional crisis actor/fabricator, who claims otherwise. Who can prove that it is not a hoax? Let anyone try. The Sheriff: just announced his retirement, just before the hoax. That is no coincidence. There were some favors exchanged for this scam. To what degree is yet to be revealed.


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  1. earlier today when karl piersons name was released I checked his FB page, and 2 hours later his page has gone, and another page is there now ,which wasn’t there 2 hours ago!! that is strange!!!

  2. Rather than some big false flag with 1200 cops, media, etc, the cabal is plinking away with the small events. Won’t work, we are on to these oafs.

    • The photo with the Burger King and a building in rear of photo made me do a double-take: was this drill/shooting on a US Air Force base? Because, those are standard USAF colors: “Tobacco brown and Clean Linen” by specific label.

  3. Check this one, it was a drill, Afton spills the beans,

    • Rofl! And look at her laughing mom. Insane.

  4. If anything we’ve certainly taught them to do better false flags… I was watching cnn last night for as long as I could possibly stand and pierce morgue’n was interviewing Jessie Lewis’s fake mom. I have to admit she was pretty good but still an absolute fraud. I could pinpoint her talking points easily as pierce gave her prepared questions to frame and remind her what to say.. The photos of Jessie they showed during her comments as briefly as they possibly could were ridiculous photoshopped garbage even an amateur tech could pull off.
    Keep up the good work! I’m 99.9% sure this story has to be another fake event.

  5. Great work exposing this amateurish and desperate hoax.

    The folks at http://www.PressTV.ir and http://www.SyriaOnline.sy (Hopefuly Bashar al Assad is paying attention) have again been told that these are HOAXES perpetrated by their arch-enemies – the Zionist thugs of Israel, with their subservient American pawns.

    Here is a pertinent excerpt from a recent press release sent to the IRANIANS and SYRIANS, among many others:

    ” LEAD IN: DR. KAASEM KHALEEL of http://www.NoDisinfo.com revealed BARRY SOETORO (aka OBAMA), FIRST GAL MICHELLE COHEN OBAMA, and JOHN KERRY’s (Czech “Jew” JOHN COHN) FAKE KHAZARIAN “JEWISH” backgrounds, in this historic April 22, 2013 interview at


    We note that DR. KHALEEL ( [email protected] ) and http://www.NoDisinfo.com have conclusively exposed the SANDY HOOK, BOSTON, and recent COLORADO FALSE FLAG HOAXES (and many more) perpetrated by the ROTHSCHILD ZIONISTS and ISRAELI MOSSAD TERRORISTS.


    Brad DeShane, for CT GLOBAL and CT AMERICA at http://www.TalkShoe.com/tc/125501

    • Yes, this shooting was 4 months ago today and i am aware that it is not on the news anymore but it is still very real to me since i was in the school that day. Say what you want, believe what you believe but I knew Karl. I knew the kid who was upset for reasons that I do not understand and I know he came in to school that day, angry. I heard the gunshots. I saw the blood. I heard the yelling. I still hear/see all of that every night in my nightmares. I can’t hear yelling or loud noises anymore without having a panic attack. I can’t go five seconds without thinking of the last time I saw these two classmates of mine alive and laughing. But today, as I typed in “Arapahoe High School” into google (wanting to check what my math homework was for tomorrow) and I saw that people actually believed that this was a hoax. They believed that this, the worst day of my life, the reason two of my friends and classmates died, is a hoax…. I just can’t handle it. I was there, I knew them both and they are no longer breathing because of that day in December. The reason “you don’t see any of the students crying in the videos” is because we still hadn’t processed what had happened. The fact that there was a shooting at my school, in an extremely safe community….. it was surreal. So no, this was not fake. Not at all, yes it does happen to be fairly close some of the worst mass shootings in history, and that is awful. But if you have any questions that led you to believe that this very real day on december 13, 2013 was a fake, I’ll answer them. Because I can answer your questions truthfully, because no, this was not a hoax set off by the government. And all of you who do still believe this is fake stop obsessing over our school and posting things like this. It has been 4 months but we are only just starting our healing process and you are not helping.
      Thanks for reading,
      Proud Arapahoe Warrior

  6. Go Fuck yourself, my friends died.

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