**Breaking News** — 29 April 2018
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Cosby Accusers are Frauds Proven by Staged, Fake Grief and Fake Crying in Sentencing Trial

Updated, May 2, 2018

Watch this video which proves that the women who ‘testified’ against Bill Cosby are absolute frauds. This is proven via the fact that they were not grieving to any degree. Nor were they in horror and shock. Nor were they saddened. Nor were they tearful. Instead, these fraudsters feigned grief through staging and hoaxing.

See the first hoaxer, Therese Serignese, here, as she does a “thumbs-up” sign, looking over to another agent of this fraud, while holding her tissue. He is attempting to draw another hoaxer over for the photo-shoot. This is clearly a signal, which is beyond dispute. If she was an actual victim as attested, why would she have to do this?

The fabricator that is being drawn over is Janice Baker-Kinney, who actually rushes over at quite a speed. She is being signaled over in order to perform a hugging scene:

She how she feigns agony and grief or sadness – how absolutely fake it is:

This is hard proof that all this photographic ‘agony’ and ‘hurt’ is purely staged. This is not the behavior of actual rape victims but is, rather, that of desperate criminal elements.

Here is another view of these elements as the falsify their angst and grief; it is clearly a fake. Who can demonstrate otherwise? Perhaps the Cosby legal team should see this, should realize the extent of their treachery. The question is, are they taking money for their actions. This clearly must be the case with certain of them, as they offer no actual evidence for the accusations at-hand. Moreover, it cannot be said for certain just what happened to many of these women in respect to their former interactions with the comedian. What is only evident, here, is that as far as their acts of representing sadness or tearfulness, this is staged.

Along with them is Lili Bernard, with yet another falsifier. What’s the purpose of bending over? Is she going to vomit? If they were all so sick and nauseated, then, why did they make an about face and show such gleaming smiles?

This would surely indicate that all is a stage and that none of these individuals speak the truth.

It is as if, seeing arch-Zionist mole and terminally rabid, extremist lesbian, Gloria Allred: that is as if they had all won the lottery. It is one lesbian supporting another. Make no mistake Allred had recruited a number of women for this event who are fabricators and who are lying to the extreme about any sexual claim against the comedian.

It is not plausible that any of these women are rape victims, at least not as stated. Moreover, there is no need to feel any empathy or sympathy for those who lie and cheat and who stage fake grief, while being reimbursed to do so. A reading of the deposition, however, demonstrates a history by the accused of extramarital sexual acts, in particular, in the 1970s, many of which were associated with drugs. In this respect let us see what his daughter has said about him per People Magazine:

Nevertheless, who speaks the truth, these women or Mr. Cosby, his publicists, his legal team, and his family? It would appear that in this case in respect to the actions of these women post-trial people have no option but to choose the latter, considering the facts at-hand.

Let us look at the six actual women allowed to testify, apparently, under oath for penalty of perjury. These women are as follows:

  • Andrea Constandt
  • Janice Baker-Kinney
  • Chelan Lasha
  • Lise Lotte-Lublin
  • Heidi Thomas
  • Janice Dickinson

Now, of these which is actual a victim of a sexual assault, as acclaimed? Is there any evidence to substantiate their accusations?

After all, regarding the major claim of rape this is all it is mere accusations. With Constand, the claim is of a sexual encounter that is far more recent: 2004. Baker-Kinney claims being attacked in 1982, but “went public” in 2015. She is represented by Zionist agent Allred. According to Dickinson she was also attacked in 1982. Lasha made her accusations in 2014, claiming an unwanted ‘assault’ in 1986, a time when she was only 17. Regarding Lublin, her claim was in 2015, saying an event happened in 1989, while also being represented by the anti-male, lesbian activist Allred. According to Thomas her ‘assault’ happened in 1984, making her claim in 2015. All these women state they were drugged. Yet, none of them have stated that they had actual sexual intercourse with the accused. Even so, if there truly was an aggressive sexual assault with battery,  surely someone would have reported it.

Constand is a lesbian and was according to herself in a romantic relationship at the time with her gay lover, that is at the time of her accusation. Here is an image of her mother at the trial. What in the world is she so happy about?

Regarding this elder Constand here is a peculiar element. First, she stated that Mr. Cosby admitted an encounter, although she provides no evidence for it. Then, she claims in under-oath testimony that the following occurred in a non-recorded 2005 phone conversation:

The older Constand testified about how her daughter first revealed the alleged incident. “ ‘Mom, he raped me’,” Gianna Constand said, adding that her daughter told her in an early 2005 phone call, “‘Mom, you’ve got to hear me out.’ ‘Mom,’ she yelled into the phone, I think I’ve got PTSD.’ ”

Known as post-traumatic stress disorder, who in the world speaks to their mother in this way?

Regarding the prostitute Lasha she is the most obvious fraud of all. On what basis would the prosecution choose her of all people? She is known to be paid for illicit acts and far more:

Here she is at the trumped-up trial. Who is she trying to fool? How much was she paid to commit this criminal act? She is destroying a legacy for a few thousand dollars.

Why are they acting out the angst? This is a critical question that no one has answered. Per YCnews.com:

The warrant is outstanding. Moreover, this is the kind of witness that the prosecution relies upon?

So, she is faking it for the money, make no mistake, and has earned countless thousands in the process. This is demonstrated by multiple incidents, where she is often given tear sticks or, alternatively, after the court hearings fakes it, acting as if she is wiping away tears when there are none:

What a mistake the Zionists made. Now, it is memorialized in an indisputable way that the claims against the comedian are categorically fabricated. Even so, no matter what happened and regardless of any sexual activity that may have occurred, the sole question, here, is whether or not these individuals are speaking the truth or if, rather, they are fabricating their stories and merely spreading lies.

Per Dru Story News Malcolm X had long ago spoken the truth, demonstrating the nature of what is before the world:

The guilty elements in this case are not Cosby and his colleagues but, rather, those who have conspired against him. This is in order to systematically destroy him. These far from innocent conspirators include the six women listed  here who have largely falsely accused him.

The plot thickens, as these Zionist agents seek to upend the laws of the land, replacing it with a tyrannical one orchestrated by pro-gay elements:

View image on Twitter

What is the purpose of changing such a law? How will this help women? What will this do for real rape victims, when the ultimate benefit of due process would be to present any evidence immediately? The opportunity to report a rape is right away. At least, then, it will be in the record.


Cosby prosecutor flying in wanted prostitute to testify against comedian






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