**Breaking News** — 06 April 2017
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Criminal Zionists Responsible for Syria Chemical Weapons Deaths Not Syrians

Syrian Gas Attack is a Lie – No Syrian or Russian Planes Dropped Poison Gas

Updated, April 6, 2017, 1:00 CST, again, 4-08-17

Was there any sound basis for missiles to be shot at Syrian national territory? The Israelis have bombed the land of Syria multiple times in the past decade. Regardless, this is not the first time pro-Israeli Jews have spewed great falsehoods about poison gas deaths.  Routinely, the arch-corrupt, terminally extremist Zionist-controlled media spreads lies, falsely blaming the Syrian Army, among others, for bombing or attacking its own people with poison gas. Any poison gas ‘attacks’ perpetrated against the people are the result of schemes and plots by the Zionists and their US lackeys. The Syrian government, the Russian Army, and the Iranian government of the Islamic Republic have nothing to do with it and are, in fact, opposed to the use of poison gas on civilians.

How clever, yet ultra-devious, of the Zionists to create the basis for such destruction, then blame it on their enemies. Perhaps these vile ones even created the basis for such a catastrophe by placing the sarin gas, among other deadly agents, in harm’s way. No one can put this past them, as criminal as they are. Moreover, it is a perfect cover-up to make the Syrian government and Bashir al-Assad the patsy.

In contrast to the Syrian Army and/or its leadership the Israelis are not opposed to this and have in the past used toxic, deadly munitions on civilians, including the use of horrifically destructive dime weapons, cluster bombs, and phosphorus bombs on GAZA civilians.

Even so, a gas attack with sarin gas is a most serious issue, the gas being highly fatal for the acclaimed victims, children and women. At once it was said it was sarin, then it was stated it is chlorine. Both are deadly to the extreme.

It’s a horror produced not by the Syrian Army but, rather, exclusively by terminally rabid, extremist Zionist Jews and their arch-vile American, British, Saudi, French, and Qatari lackeys.

Previous claims of chemical attacks on Syrians or others by Syrian forces have been proven false, even fully fabricated, as demonstrated by the above PressTV video. Regardless, it is the Zionist criminal minds who are behind this, who instigated this brutal war, and who, in fact, have supplied chemical weapons and other weapons of mass destruction to the terrorists.

While Syria has dispensed with its chemical war-heads the Zionist regime possesses countless tons of biological and chemical weapons.

The contradiction is from the lying hypocrites accusing Syria of using chemical weapons. The western and zionist supported terrorist groups have been using such weapons in Syria while the west remained silent. The fact is that Syria already gave up its chemical weapons.
The Russians have listed the source of the toxic clouds and poisonous chemicals directly upon the heads of the Zionists and their imported terrorist collaborators:

In this video it appears that a youth has been coached to fabricate grief and to falsify tears for the cameras:

Regardless, what kind of severe injury could the youth possibly have suffered compared to the horrific ones inflicted by chemically-based and arch-murderous Zionist bombs?

er, what is this lying narrator doing using his middle finger to indicate the so-called role of the ‘Syrian regime’ in this his crock of confabulations and lies? Who would do so other than a scam artist?

Now, for real evidence of the use of illicit weapons all that needs to be done is to see the acts extremist Zionist Jews, who do use chemical weapons, along with depleted uranium munitions:

This is what the Zionists maliciously did, supported by their warmongering American associates, to the people of GAZA with white phosphorus, yes, chemical weapons (CW), dropped as bombs.

The fact that this is all orchestrated in Zionist/Rebel/Terrorist-controlled territory is also proof that the premise is a lie and that the source of the fatalities is the Zionists criminal minds themselves, not the Syrian people and/or their government.


Syrian Rebels Manufactured Chemical Weapons Outside Damascus


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  1. I said it and I repeat it. The filthy zionists are behind the attack, no doubt about it.

    • Well said. You speak the truth.

  2. First responders handling sarin gas victims without gloves? Such a transparent hoax.

  3. HOW TO MAKE A FAKE NEWS BROADCAST – In light of the latest sarin gas attacks – “Wag The Dog”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPTD5z_YqXc

  4. My garlic fuelled flatulence has slain more children.

  5. Ex2b) St Petersburg 1st AshkeNAZI Rabbi Crisis Actwhore Prese­nted As (Fake) Russia Subway Mossadlim (Smoke Joke) Boston BS Bombing!These script changes are made to confuse & make the fake Zi­onist perpetrated Ps­yOp Attack look more real to the dumb ha­ted goyim enemy–Us! Anytime you change the script or the su­spect (Crisis Actor) you make it seem li­ke a real investigat­ion is taking place!! No investigation is taking place at al­l! No one hurt or ki­lled! Pure scripted stage fiction like a moving or play!…O­nly for purely evil reason & ziotrash war profits & the sheer joy of murdering goyim in wars!


    Can anyone look any more like a young NYC or Israeli AshkeN­AZI RABBI than this jerk Psychological Terrorist Crisis Actw­hore??? Not hardly! Drop both these Isra­eli Terrorists by pa­rachute into Syria & see how well they fair against Hezbollah & Syrian troops! Let these buffoons die for their country Israhell & their Bap­homet Tranny *** god!

  6. More Fraudulent idiotic, perverted disinfo posts by ziotrash Jew troll *** Gabriel/Gabriela:

    (Brokeback *** Gabriel fake version of)–>>Cowboy
    APRIL 7, 2017 AT 1:23 AM
    Christinne, I don’t mind how despicable your farts are I will always be your knight in shining armour. I will always be your Man. I will defend you against Ziotrash where ever you are. Ziotrash worm like Dino Spinetti. We need more Guns on the street Christinne. More guns to defend against the treasonous DHS LOL!

    Dino SpinettiAPRIL 7, 2017 AT 1:56 AM
    Eh! There’s a new zio weapon Mussolini would be proud of Mate! It called the Garlic and Oregano bomb tried it in Naples. Malaka Goyahs!

    ChristinneAPRIL 7, 2017 AT 2:07 AM
    Oh Cowboy you ARE my Knight in Shining Armour. I know I’ve snubbed you before but this is now. Oh Cowboy your a big Man and you’ve got a magnanimous Ego to match. Is there anything you’ve got that is small? I love your Dear I know that now. Do you like Google Hangouts?
    Your love,
    Christinne xxxooo!

    DrK ResearchAPRIL 7, 2017 AT 12:36 AM
    A hoax You need a bottle of Oregano oil Christine.

  7. Israeli ZioJewPuppet Trump Clown Launches Murderous Missiles Attack On Syria People Over Fake Chem Attack On Syrian People!

    So Israeli ZioPuppets/Turk Mercs attack & murder Syrians daily & in Reponse Trump murders more Syrians for the Israeli Zionist Psychopaths to help the Exterminate ancient Syria & it’s beautiful people to set up ugly Satanic NWO Greater Israel!


    Trump is a murderous piece of ziotrash human garbage & traitor to all of humanity! A puppet to the Parasite Self proclaim chosen master race!

  8. ZioTrumpowicz Knows All Real & Fake Chemical Attacks In Syria R Done By Zionist & (U$ of AmeriKhazar) Turk Mercs& other Ziotrash Puppets


    IlumiNOTi?? = ZioJews, Banksters, Highest level freemasons are Jewish
    freemason B’nai B’rith, the elders of the ZIONist! Trump is a ziopuppet buttboy!


    Syrian Girl on 2017 Ziotrash Media & Trumpowicz Syrian Fake Chem Attack…


    Ron Paul


  9. Syria- Honest Ron Paul Says “Peace Was Breaking Out” “ISIS was Defeated” “Someone (Israel!) Didn’t Want It!”..So PsyOpTime!

    Thus a Fake ChemAttack!

    Few & far between is the honest politician!


    RUSSIA’s Putin On Previous Chem Attack blamed on Syria which was done by the Zionist Puppets!


    Ziotrash Israeli Clown Trumpowicz gave No Called to Putin before he Did His Illegal, UnClnstitutional Murderous Tomahawk Missile Attack Against Syria & Treason against the American people!


    Ron Paul


    Chem Attack BY Assad Total BS


    Honest British Journalist Currently in Syria


    Ziotrash Fake Liberals & Ziotrash Fake Conservatives Support ZioWarmongering Media &Govt Lies & Murderous Bombing & Missile Attacking Syrians in Violation of US Constitution! Filthy ZioTrash Trumpowicz & Zionist Jew Hillary on total accord! Help mass murder Syria for Greater Israhell!


    • 59 tomahawks is enough to level a city but they didn’t even destroy the runway.

  10. That’s what you get when allowing Muslim trash into the western world.

  11. This world is so terribly sad. These psychopaths will not let us live in peace

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