Nairobi Hoax Other Hoaxes — 23 October 2013
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UPDATED: The Fake Dead of the Kenya Hoax

Title change, new photos

Or – How the Mossad’s Nairobi Hoax Gunmen Faked the Killings

There may be no justice in the legal system or shall it be said, illegal system. Yet, there sure is plenty of it, right here on the Internet. Jay Rockefeller says he rues the day that the Internet was invented. No wonder: finally, the crimes of his criminal cabal are being revealed.

The individuals pictured on CCTV are Israelis, not Arabs, Somalis, or Muslims. They are Mizrahi Jews from either North or East Africa, trained in the Zionist entity as Mossad or espionage agents. In other words, this is a set-up. These men work for the Israeli mole Frank Lowy.

The blood bladder is revealed, here, where the Mossad mole approaches the crisis actor and fakes as if he shot him. The miserable anchor claims that this crisis actor is a security guard, which is possible: one of Lowy’s paid agents.

Here are pictures of some of the fake dead. Now, the way their bleed-outs and deaths were faked will be proven.

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 1.45.24 PM

Two Jewish fakers, Elif Yavuz and Ross Langdon, definitely NOT dead, likely transferred to the Israeli entity.


Merely a stained shirt. Nothing else.


None of these people were shot dead. It is all fake. The blood is mere food coloring, paint, and fake blood. There is no clotting, no arterial spurting. This was a movie set. Now, what is revealed here is how this was done, how in some instances this was set-up with the appearance of real gunmen and real blood.

The people holding the guns are actual real men. Whether they were physically there or put in by CGI or other digital manipulation is unknown. The only issue is that they are rather than so-called Islamists Israeli Jews.


At relatively close range the Mizrahi Jew appears to be firing a bullet, not a real bullet but, actually, a blank at a man on the ground. This man, too, works for the multi-billionaire Lowy. He surely wouldn’t plug one of Lowy’s trusted security mean: the liability of that for all parties involved would be immense.


An AK-47 fired at close range is a major issue, does not happen very often. It’s a powerful weapon that can kill from a vast distance. What would happen if it was fired into a person at a distance of only a few feet, like three feet over a person’s body? Moreover, this man is on his stomach. Therefore, with the aim seen he would have been shot in the head or possibly upper back.

Powerful, powerful gun:

AK-47 Gunshot Wound to the Lower Leg (US Soldier in Afghanistan

AK-47 Gunshot Wound to the Lower Leg (US Soldier in Afghanistan)

This soldier shot at close range. A power like that pumped into the head at the range seen in the mall image would have killed the person instantly.

Not so with our on-the-ground mole, wallering in the tempura paint. Yet, there is a greater revelation that even this. He is not just wallowing. Could he be drizzling and spewing? There is something he appears to be meddling with. Is it a Boston hoax style device? Is it a fake blood bladder?


It, then, disappears in this frame.  Yet, look at the curvy pattern of the red material and also the overall gravitation flow, as if it is being pumped out.


Suddenly, he makes a move for it. CNN falsely – and maliciously – claims he is struggling to survive.


Both shoes on so he doesn’t slip on the tile floor (unlike many of the other hoaxers) he moves outward. With his left hand he seems to be dragging something. What is it?

Ahaa, as advertised: it truly is a blood bladder, which accounts for why he was wallering initially after the fake shooting.


That bladder was, sneakily, in hiding, out of view of the CCTV pathways. What cheats the Mossad are: “By Deception (venomous lies) we will wage war.”

There it is. It is a blood bladder; it is shaped like a bladder. Moreover, he was pressing on it clandestinely the entire time and is still pressing on it with the full force of his left side.


The Lowy security guard is the ideal person, since he knows where the cameras are and he knows the cohorts who run them, so the show will go on.

Here is another full view of the deception:


The more distant view clearly shows the outline of the bladder and the directional flow away for the device, never toward it. Note also the feet. A guidance mechanism for the Mizrahi fake gunmen as well as other crisis moles?

He keeps pressing on it, but there doesn’t seem to be much left in it.


Now, he makes another move: he looks up directly into the security camera.


There may be no justice in the legal system or shall it be said, illegal system. Yet, there sure is plenty of it, right here on the Internet. Jay Rockefeller says he rues the day that the Internet was invented. No wonder: finally, the crimes of his criminal cabal are being revealed.

Psy0-Op News says that the is struggling to get up, but because of the scope of his wounds can’t achieve it: can’t gain a get-away.

Still looking. He has all the garb of an actual security guard. Definitely dark-skinned; clearly still pressing on the fake blood bladder. This man received no point-blank bullet wound. Any person can configure that. He is fully mobile. Any seeming wound is merely an act. Visibly, there is no evidence of a gunshot would and the liquid is arising exclusively from the device under his hand.


“Dive down, now, as a good mole should, duck real good, and hold your thigh as if you’ve been shot. Make it appear that you can’t make an escape.”


Arrow points out what could be another blood bladder tucked under his clothes, though this one harder to confirm.

According to the video this is a security guard. He looks the part and seems to be wearing bulky matter on his chest.

Now comes the next part of the scam, which is the approach by yet another Sayanim Jewish fake gunman. Wait a minute. That guard was a bulk, very dark man with a kind of uniform. Who is this on the floor? Moreover, how did the sign get moved over? How did the paint get all smeared?


Here comes the Mizrahi Israeli agent posing as a ‘Mooslim’ terrorist. Nothing happens, but the reporter makes it sound like it does, “has no mercy.” Get the hate going big-time against a billion and a half people: only the Zionists are masters at doing this. Yet, again, who is this person in this new posture, opposite position of the security guard?


Admittedly, these images are blurry. Help is needed. Tyler Hicks was called, whereupon he provided the following: a clear image.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 3.58.40 PM

Who is this? Is it really the same person? Moreover, what is this blood pattern? It is entirely different than that squirted by the security guard. Obviously, the guard was doing that as a ruse to coordinate with the fake shot fired by the Mizrahi mole.


Now, compared:


In case anyone has any doubts the image of the guard was lightened up for further edification:


It would appear that the guard has a beard, also, possibly, glasses. One issue is certain: he is wearing different clothes than the final crisis actor. Furthermore, in this view, clearly, the flow of the fake blood from the bladder can be clearly and convincingly seen.

There is no way these are the same people, not in a million years. The bladder mole laid the groundwork for the ultimate crisis actor, who was laid out supine in the fake blood. One is significantly darker than the other. They are in two completely different positions, two different postures. In the final shoot with the new crisis actor it was decided to move him next to the elephant’s foot. The paint, never clotting and and congealing, very cooperative, was smeared all over. The drag lines from the body are evident. Additional paint was drizzled. 1000% fake: the hostile, terminally corrupt Israeli espionage agencies are fully busted.

It is absolutely confirmed. The Nairobi mall shooting is a Zionist hoax.







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