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The Silicone Gore of the Malaysian Airlines MH17 Crash Hoax

Regarding the purported crash of a Malaysian Airlines 777 it simply did not occur. The bone of contention from many has been the existence of the reportedly macabre: corpses found strewn near or amidst the wreckage as well as those which are found at some distance from it. There are numerous anomalies about this entire event, and great questions have been brought to bear in this respect. Evidence of advance knowledge by the Ukrainian government is vast.

So is the evidence of complicity of that government and its operatives in the staging of this event. The blame game against, for instance, Russian, so-called Russian separatists, and the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, arises from the Ukrainian hierarchy. The crash itself cannot be real. It begins as a fireball on the ground: malaysianmh17hoaximage1

The perpetrators just happened to be there, though at some distance, taking this film. From the noise in the background of the video it appears that they are up in the air, in a helicopter. There is no possibility they would know in advance the location of this explosion or, as acclaimed, downing of a jet airliner, that is unless it was staged.


The explosion arises from the ground only. Does anyone see any evidence of the descending of a jet or parts of one from the sky into the ground? Where is the trail of smoke and debris, that is from the sky downward? It is non-existent.


This is, then, a controlled detonation. Did the perpetrators merely do this with airplane material and/or parts – or did they also blow up people? If this was staged, then, wouldn’t the issue of the dead passengers also be staged, Hollywood-style? It is easy to do. That is through the use of crisis dummies, also known as Dapper Cadavers:

They are sufficiently realistic:

Body parts are available separately, like the silicone legs used for Boston smoke bombing hoax fabricator Krystle Campbell. Note particularly the phony adipose tissue on the left upper thigh as well as the light tones of the phony leg:

To many it looked sufficiently real enough. Yet, it wasn’t real. It was prop-star-applied moulage in every respect, including the giggly silicone leg and upper thigh additions. There was no bombing in Boston, only a smoke bomb, Hollywood-style. Similarly, there was no plane crash of a jumbo jet in the fields of the Donetsk province of Ukraine.

Nevertheless, whether the bodies are real or not it bears no resemblance of a real crash. Why is everything so clean in this ‘crash?’ In real airline accidents the materials are extensively corrupted, especially when airliners slam at great velocities into the ground:

It’s a nightmarish mess, as seen in this image from the Smolensk Polish plane catastrophe. Whether against earth (dirt) or mountains, there is always great forces from the impact which would be evident in the final imagery:

As in this Nepalese catastrophe people would be thrown from the plane and end up on the earth, dying from blunt trauma and more. Yet, truly, would all their clothes be stripped off? Would they appear to be free of all filth, char, dust, and/or dirt? How could that be possible? Too, notice the nature of the rescue workers. Now, compare them to those of the MH17 false flag:


They are just strolling along, well photographed, for their government-ordained role with large water bottles in hand. If this was a dire emergency, would the water bottle be their necessary component? Once again, how can any real crash be compared to the images seen in the Malaysian Airlines MH17 scam?

In fact, the difference between the real crash and this hoax is extreme. No such corruption of the wreckage or people by dirt, soot, or filth is seen in this phony event. Too, as noted by one our posters all the purported victims whose clothes are still on have a unique attribute. They are free of any major damage – not much gore to be seen despite a free-fall of some 35000 feet.

The ‘nude’ ones, though; that is something different:

malaysianairlinescorpses4 ukrainecrashoaxsiliconegore9s

Notice that despite the fatty tissue-appearing gore the skin-like tissue, the silicone, is pristine. Also notice the fact that despite the blowing out of the skin layer and the exposure to aterially-supplied tissue there is no blood, not a drop. That,of course, is a physical impossibility. Nevertheless, they simply don’t look human. They look instead like staging dummies. The flesh is torn out of the side, and there is no blood? The adipose tissue is not blood tinged? The corpse is free of staining, charring, and filth? The forces of physics would have caused the body to hit hard and possibly tumble.

The clothes are completely stripped off? Clothes will come off. However, all of them? How is that possible?

It’s only possible if it is a silicone dummy. In an airplane crash the G-forces surely are great. Yet, they are not necessarily great enough to shear off all the clothes, especially the underwear and well-tied shoes, as is seen in the victims of this small plane crash:

They are no doubt dead. There was great forces of impact represented by head trauma. No the abrasions and the crush injuries, and this is merely a small plane impact. The bones were splintered and broken, and there is blood and pooling of blood from blunt trauma. However, by no means are they stripped naked by such forces. Moreover, what force would be great enough to tear off tied shoes, belts, underwear, and more? The plane landed upside down. The victims were smashed to death. Similar imagery is seen in the Malaysian MH17 crash hoax; the people staging this knew what they were doing.


These are obviously deceased human beings, God rest their souls, who were crushed to death. There are all the expected consequences, including contusions, internal bleeding, and maceration of tissue. Here, too, adipose tissue is exposed. Yet, it has a solid blood supply. So, it will bleed:


NOTE: This is hard proof of a hoax, that is the staging of the dead through the use of silicone, fake human cadavers. There is an incredibly obvious difference between the two, one being a mere silicone fake, while the other is real tissue from the deceased. Here is another image of what is purportedly a corpse. Yet, once again the impossible is seen, with all the clothes being stripped off. How could it possibly be that those clothes got completely stripped off? Did the free fall untie its belt and shoes, while stripping off the socks and underwear? There are a number of these zero clothes purported corpses.



In this case it appears that a person has died when being crushed to death on the pavement. It is awfully convenient that this would occur on the road considering the odds against this, considering that the area is so sparsely populated. Whether real or not, this would appear to be a staged image, carefully managed by the prop-artists:


Once again, those who present this picture to the world would have the people believe that somehow this body, strapped in the seat, simply fell directly on the road. It is gory-appearing for certain. Moreover, this Website is not the source of the imagery. It has been specifically provided by the Ukrainians for world consumption. Yet, is it real? It surely has a degree of realism to it.

How convenient is it that the hands and feel are severed and are merely laying in a pile, the two feet next to each other, the hand flat on the pavement. Anything can be done with silicone to make it appear as if real, for instance, by dressing it up with fake blood, fake fat, charcoal, and other moulage elements.

Notice the fake foot and ankle. Dressed up with phony blood, it can be seen as similar. The fatty tissue looks real enough. Yet, to be real in must have evidence of tiny veins and also capillaries, like this well-decomposing fatty tissue from a corpse:


In the comparison it looks sufficiently real.


The yellow matter has undergone burning. It seems melted. The actual anatomic veins and arterioles are not readily seen. Too, is this image real, or is it a well-constructed example of silicone gore?


It seems somewhat realistic. Yet, once again, why is the corpse essentially blood-free? There should be massive blood staining in the surrounds, here, especially about the abdomen. Too, what is that white sheet in the background? Is that the remnants of a moulage cloth, complete with stains from the set-up? It is partly grimy and partly clean. Too, the wreckage in the surrounds of the entity is absolutely clean.


There are no veins or arteries to be found anywhere. This is most likely silicone gore.

malaysiangorefatty malaysiagorefatty3

The stench from such a corpse would have been extreme in a relatively short period. Here is a surgical example of such abdominal peritoneal fat with adherent intestines:

Even if such images were real, that is representing real corpses, those corpses did not arise from the downing of an actual Malaysian Airlines 777. Revisited, these images are highly revealing. In fact, they are hard evidence of staging. It does appear that these are staging dummies.

malaysianairlineshoaxdapper1 malaysiandappercadaver221malaysiancrashhoaxdapper4

There is a kind of string caught on the palm of the hand. It is a tie. That tie is being used to hold the hand up, as if this is a corpse in rigour mortus. Yet, it is not in rigour mortis. Rather, it is in ‘silicone morus.’ Too, the hand is ‘see-through’ virtually, plus it is of the same pasty, whitish color as seen in the fake corpses.

What about this image: how dire. It’s a child. Yet, it is not a child victim of an MH17 flight disaster.

malaysianairlinesmh17-corpses T

his, too, is most likely a silicon dummy.


Here is yet another oddity, which is what appears to be a small body lying in the road, head smashed against it. The maroon-colored seat is typical of Malaysian Airlines.  Though the quality of the image is poor, the head seems to be relatively free of blood.

It seems untenable that so many of these entities are found directly in the road. That reeks of staging. Note the tire tread tracks. Too, note the spread out or parallel nature of the arms. Even so, once again the component of the plane, the seat cushion and the frame, is free of filth and dirt. Regardless, it is certain that the passenger list was faked. The question is, what is the real nature of all the images that depict dead people, real or otherwise? They are not, though, the people listed on the manifest. Nor do any of them bear a resemblance to such people.

Here is a refrigeration truck in the Doentsk province full of corpses in cold storage. Were some of these also used in this staged event? There is actually no proof of that . There is no evidence as of this time of rotting corpses.


If they were all previously dead corpses, now out in the hot sun for days, the stench would be unbearable. It would appear,then, that virtually all of it is silicone and that every element of it has been staged. If real bodies were used, then, they were merely from the recycled dead, not from an actual plane crash. Moreover, the real question is, “How did any real bodies get there” and “Who put them there.” This would be an exceedingly dangerous and treacherous ploy. It would be far better to use the fakes. Some of the imagery does appear to represent real corpses. More on this later. Even so, it may well all prove to be silicone gore.

Sources: https://news.vice.com/article/ice-cream-corpses-and-the-big-bear-repatriating-dead-russians-from-ukraine



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  1. Okay…what’s Russia’s motive for participating in this staged event…they are being blamed for the assault….why would they participate?

    • im still waiting for someone to answer that question.

    • You guys have to be fraking kidding me, there were at least 6 of my teachers on board and I don#t expect to see them wandeing around the halls after the summer vacation. You disgust me! People have lost their children, brothers, sisters, parents and friends and you are displaying these photos as if the paine weren#t real!!!

      • If you claim to know people on board, you are obviously in on the scam HKJLSD. You are no fooling anyone.

        • “Sct,” you need professional help. You have a mental illness, and you need to be prescribed the proper medication before you hurt yourself or someone else. This site, and comments like that, are deplorable.

      • These people are insane with their conspiracy theories and at least most of these pics are clearly real…To the crazy dudes, while conspiracies DO happen, they will amount to less than a fraction of what you will think is a conspiracy, so don’t trust your sense, because you’re ill. I’ll give you 1 conspiracy out of every 100 you can throw out…and that’s being generous. Go witness a few crime scenes and suicides for yourself and you won’t question these images any more.

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    • Really get a life ,look at islam killing one another ,dont see them on the streets shouting for it to stop ,what is happening is hamas fault remember all they want to do is distroy and murder all jewish persons,so what i shout long live isarel,down with that dirty islam

      • Harry, Real Jews of Israel had to seek Asylum in both London and New York due to the beatings they were getting from the khazar immigrants from Russia into Israel, and who call themselves AShkenazi Jews, who are NOT Jewish, rather thy are a mix of Turks, Mongols, and Khazarians with not one ounce of real Jewish blood. That was determined by a DNA study of a large sample of those calling themselves Jews, and yet only 10% of those who call themselves Jews are Real Jews. 90% were khazars and Netanyahu confirmed that fact on international TV.

    • you’re fucking deluded bro.

    • You actually believe all those innocent Malaysian Muslims on that plane were killed just to stop the world from focusing on Israel and Palestine (both whom have been warring for decades)? May Allah guide you insha’allah

  3. The spacing of your headlines are kinda messed up.

    If you look at your style.css file and find the following entry:

    #left div.single div.content, #page div.entry-content {
    font-size: 12px;
    line-height: 1.6em;

    Simply change the last line to:
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    Problem solved.

    Best of luck to you.

  4. perhaps just a few recycled real ones, the rest faked, under plastic?

    • Mostly fake, maybe all fake. Real corpses are problematic. Note the hacked emails saying no real corpses.

  5. can somebody tell me that where is the real MH17 paasenger,where is the Plane????
    are they alive …..????? or they are dead…..????

  6. 9/11 Pentagon aircraft attack:

    “Where are the bodies? STAGED!!!!”

    Maylasian MH17:

    “There are the bodies! STAGED!!!!!”

  7. This whole website is pure evil and sickening.. This post is so untrue and stupid. It’s made by a guy who never went to school probably. The person who made this post is sick. Get mental help. Your obviously too dumb to see these are real people. Come to the Netherlands these people lived here. You should be arrested for posting this false crap online. Disgusting. You psycho! Maybe you’ll like it if someone post your deformed body online and says it’s fake. Wow you are evil.

  8. Absolute nonsense. This catastrophe was the result of the plane being shot down. Many of the statements you make are incorrect. Airplane crash victims are often found nude. This phenomen indicates the body has been subjected to the forces of a free fall over a long distance. Their clothes are literally ripped from their bodies. One scene you say the victim’s arm is tied with string to stage the scene. Shame on you! Look closely at that photo. The unfortunate person is holding a rosary.

  9. This guy needs to get a life……

  10. that was so unbearably hard to read. you repeated yourself line after line, paragraph after paragraph. You put, Too before like.. EVETYTHING!? and your basic writing layout is awful.
    your theories are absolutely obsured. Rooskies had no need to stage this. it is what it is, a catastrophic incident. have some fucking respect for those families that lost all of those lives on that day. Some of those pictures were taken a few days after the initial crash which gives the elements a chance to work their magic on that rigour Mortus and washin blood away. I could type out answers to your stupid theories all day. but if just be repeating myself answering the same question you did. I onl came here for the pictures tho so thanks for that. but I think your article is shit.

  11. hahahahaha, making up your own reality, thats what i CALL this piece of garbage jurnalistic indiscretion… I personally know a sister of one of the victims, she has been traumatised for the past 2 years at the loss of her 22 year old brother and his girlfriend. she as well as all the other victims families were able to try to recognise the body ( in whole, part or portions) whether in a casket or box. If you want to write on fact, go to the front lines to see the truth….if you prefer your own truth… write novels…. a-holes!!!

  12. You are a monster at worst and self deluded at best but probably just another giant arsehole wanting his 2 seconds of Internet glory. Have some respect for these innocent people whose lives were tragically brought to an abrupt end in the most horrific of ways. I’m a doctor and have seen enough violent death in my time to know the difference between fact and fiction, real flesh and bone or mere silicon. You need help and soon before you actually hurt someone in your warped perverted world.

  13. Real people have died, you’re a monster. Making up your own stories, despicable.

  14. You have obviously never seen real live dead people. I see so many ignorant asses with their fake knowledge of fake gore online. Dead don’t bleed much, fat doesn’t have much blood supply and vessels. Some of these responses are saying despicable and shit. I just say fucking stupid and bored. Get a job.

  15. The dead don’t bleed because there is no cardiac output to pump the blood once the heart has stopped. A total dumbass wrote this article. I work in healthcare and have seen plenty of dead bodies. They look like the pictures shown here.

  16. The “string/tie” which you allege to be propping up the hand is clearly a plastic tube from the emergency oxygen system. The masks would have dropped as the aircraft cabin decompressed. Note the white tube joiner.

  17. I wonder how you manage to sleep at night, writing articles as insulting as ridiculous as this. If you had any education into how the human body works – or in particular fat – you would know some fat stores in the body have more veins and circulation than other areas – this is why the excessive fatty areas on a womens body such as the thighs (for the purpose of breast feeding) are often alot cooler in temperature than the fat from other areas. its also harder to “lose” this fat due to lack of circulation in this area. Im not even going to mention the physics of direction, rate of fall, surroundings etc that would impact on victims clothing. My only conceivable thought of why you have created such an article is due to lack of understanding how humanity could do such a horrible thing, and there-for feel the need to poke holes. Put your over active imagination to rest, sure your welcome to your opinion but writing such an article would be extremely heart breaking and offensive to the REAL victims who were on board this flight….whether you like to believe they existed or not for some politi9cal agenda is disgusting and as to how you feel morally right to display publicly such an insulting response to a tragedy is beyond me. These really are peoples lives, each person just like you and me, who went aboard that flight, not knowing their fate.

  18. You are so sick in your head, by questioning this act of terrorism. Leave it alone, it’s hard enough. Get a life and stop being rude, loser! [email protected]

  19. You people who think you know everything when in actuality are fucking idiots. Just because you can make latex shit that looks the same as real ( or you think it does, lacking any real experience in anything, how the hell would you know…YOU DON’T)….Same as those fucktards who get all up in arms about one saying that all they see are blurry lights in a supposed UFO video ( (which is what they usually are, just blobs). I don’t care about the victims because they’re dead and they don’t care. Relatives need to know fucktards like you exist, you professional online gamer, know nothing through firsthand experience types, they need to simply discount your silly ass shit. People like you have fucked up what was once a good thing with your idiotic take on things you have no direct experience of other than your very overactive imagination.
    What I am saying is I have seen things like this with my own eyes, and this is what it looks like. You stupid fucking idiot.

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