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Dead People in France Concert Theater are Dummies, Not Real Humans

Imagery in part thanks to one of our posters

It truly is a Zionist world where these hideous ones, these rogue elements on this planet earth, can wantonly murder people while then faking the deaths of others: all for their own greedy, malicious gains. While the Zionists murder countless innocent, defenseless people in bombing attacks in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and more, doing so in broad daylight – while they do this in the dark of the night these criminal minds faked a Paris-based terror attack.

There was no Nov. 2015 that is Friday the 13th, terrorist attack in France. It was all fake, proven, here.

Yet, why was it faked? It was done in order to perpetuate further arch-Zionist crimes, particularly the criminal enterprise known as Apartheid Greater Israel.


It seems real enough. It does look like actual human elements, dead bodies or, perhaps, people about to die from bleeding wounds. Yet, in many ways it doesn’t look real, for instance, the glaringly obvious anomaly of the smearing about of the red matter, which people presume to be blood, with what was obviously some sort of mop or broom. In real crime scenes that is never done.

Regarding the red matter, which is obviously of uniform color, here is what one of our posters has made evidence, a man who is in the midst of real blood as an ambulance driver:

I work as an Ambulance driver. When we arrive at an accident, the blood which has left the bodies of the victims has usually begun deoxygenating und turning dark. Hemoglobin holds onto oxygen to carry it around your body. Hemoglobin takes on a different shape when oxygenated and appears more “red” when fully oxygenated. When the oxygen molecules leave the hemoglobin, the substance changes shape and appears to be very dark. When blood leaves your body, your red blood cells die and the hemoglobin eventually becomes deoxygenated. Blood that has recently left a body has a much brighter red color due to the fact it is oxygenated by the air. The eventual death of the red blood cells releases the oxygen, turning the hemoglobin dark red and even appearingly black. So, when was this picture taken if it took the police two hours to get in the building?

The blood in the picture is bright red, It should be almost black.


So, in fact, it isn’t realistic after all and, rather, raises suspicions even on an initial glance.

It becomes even more unrealistic when zooming in on the imagery. Murderous death is taboo; most people would never give associated images thorough scrutiny. The shock element alone prevents the vast majority of people from inspecting any murder- or death-associated imagery. Upon such careful inspection the narrative for the purported concert attack by ISIS fanatics breaks down: completely. That’s because the entities seen on the theater floor aren’t humans of any kind. Rather, they are cadaver dummies, also known as Dapper Cadavers. The entities are also known as stunt dummies. Here, they are called staging dummies. A variety of these entities can be seen here:


Notice the pelvis. No human has such anatomy. Furthermore, the legs are in an anatomically  impossible position. The entity is supposed to be dead. Really, she’s dead? They why is her right thigh and lower not flaccidly fallen to the ground?


How about these components? How can they be real people? See the bizarre nature of the neck and face of the entity in red. Notice also the exceedingly large feet. There is no way that these are real people. Yet, the shock overwhelms all and thus the majority of people are completely bamboozled.


What does that pool of red matter relate to? Why is the coat and shirt pulled up? How in the world has feet which are that large? Regardless, who are these people? They bear no resemblance to any of the supposed dead. Moreover, none of them have a resemblance to any human. Their faces are indistinct; none of them have real eyes, mouths, noses, or other normal features.


This (fake) woman seems to be propping herself up despite being ‘dead.’ How is that possible?

Staging dummies are reticulated. That’s so they can be put into a multiplicity of poses, just as they were in the LAX shooting hoax:


All these criminal minds have to do is dress up any such stunt dummy, paint it with a bit of fake blood, and the whole world will consume it as true.

Regarding the use of mops and brooms for spreading tempura paint there is a forerunner – the Israelis do this in the Zionist strip:


The reticulated nature of the dummies of the France theater shooting hoax can be clearly seen here:


There is no difference between the two. They are both reticulated dummies, mere stage props.


Regarding the reticulated dummy of the France theater shooting hoax he, like the other, has his hands and arms in the hair, which would be impossible for a dead person. The corpse, a real one, suffers from decorticate status, which means that there can be no muscle tone. Thus, unless supported, all the limbs must collapse downward.

Dummies can appear realistic. This is what is fooling most people.

The other dummies used in this arch-fake shooting hoax are as follows:



Notice the compressed nature of the fake legs. It’s just like is seen in the dummies of the Dapper Cadaver website.

Image 1franceconcerthoax-44

This is absolutely a supreme, grandiose fake. No one can prove otherwise. The fake is done in order to support an extremist agenda of rabid Zionist agents, including the arch-pro-Zionist Rothschild clique. The purpose is to create the sense of support for further murderous, destructive actions by high-level Zionist Jews, including the powerful, wealthy Jews of Europe, England, Australia, and the United States. The purpose is to invade Syria at any cost, also to conquer the Hezbollah: all in order to sustain and advance Zionist machinations.



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  1. WTF my comments again dont appear?

    • Again, the media is claiming she is a “witness” which is pure deception. She is NOT a witness.

      In the clip, it says the following…”Emily was TOLD about the attacks.”

      Really? She was “told” by who, a Mossad operative nearby?

      Then the lady news anchor cites a comparison to “9/11” and the feeling of “terror”.

      Obviously this “witness” is not a real witness, as anything she says on TV is considered HEARSAY and not admissible in court.

      But it’s ok for her to appear on television for ENTERTAINMENT purposes. Comcast owns 51% of NBC Universal, and GE owns the rest. So we have an media content company and a weapons manufacturer for the government that owns NBC.

    • Show me that smile Hannah, lol!

      These crisis actors just CANNOT GET AWAY FROM THEIR DUPING DELIGHT!

      It’s human nature. People are inherently BAD liars. Watch the clip carefully, especially the final few seconds.

  2. The French “contribution” – “Humanitarian Retribution” against the Islamic State: Illegal French Airstrikes on Syria hit Stadium, Museum, Clinics

  3. Paris attack witness: ‘he was dressed in black, professional, shooting and killing

  4. How to brainwash kids about the Paris hoax, part 2 – Little boy tells his dad about the Paris “massacre”, yeah, rite….

  5. Zio-fabricated **** coming up daily: Pair plotted bomb attack. And of course, they are “Muslims”….

  6. “Wake The Sheep, you talk about critical thinking & analysis, yet you’ve clearly been duped on this one I’m afraid. Perhaps you should carry out your own analysis BEFORE posting videos?This website is after all, supposedly dedicated to eradicating dis-information.”

    How have I “clearly been duped?”

    This event has ALL of the hallmarks of a full scale terrorist exercise DRILL.

    People can go through the videos and come to their own conclusions.

    You’re picking on ONE Russianvids and making comments regarding if there was a bar on the window or not. Try going through the ENTIRE media’s case, and you will see plenty of outright lies that anyone with an ounce of intelligence can easily spot.

    If your agenda is to troll, then you’re going to have a difficult time when there are so many lies in the media’s case.

    This site has well documented the numerous of media clips that resemble past hoaxes and frauds. The media runs the same scams over and over.

  7. Wake – Just as we all know the earth is round, I don’t have to prove anything to you. Won’t waste my time. 99.9% of the civilized and educated world would call you and your cohorts idiots. Maybe if you folks had jobs, you wouldn’t be here 24/7 posting fairytales. But really, who’s going to hire outcasts like you? You like geopolitical intrigue? Go read some paperbacks and get your fix. Posting disinformation isn’t helping anyone, including yourselves.

    If you’re so cocksure of your evidence, why are you hiding it here in this little corner of the internet where the half dozen of you talk to yourselves? If the things you’re saying are true, you have blockbuster stories that media outlets and journalists around the world would love to break. Don’t give me the bullsh*t excuse that the zio media won’t run them. There are TONS of reputable news outlets on every continent where you can present your “facts.”

    Fact is, all the hundreds and hundreds of rants Cowboy and the others have posted on this site about hundreds of “hoaxes” have done absolutely nothing to change anything in your favor. ZERO. Nada. In fact, it looks like the “hoaxes” are becoming more frequent. So other than the tinfoil truther set, you are losing the war to change the world’s hearts and minds big time. And let me tell ya, that numerology stuff? Are you serious? Really destroys what little credibility you folks have. Yeah, just bring that to any court of law. Let me know how that works out for you.

    Go on, go knock yourself out and call me shill, troll, yada, yada, yada, whatever. Don’t bother me. It’s actually humorous. (Especially Rudy’s constant need to reference **** in every other post. He sure has some weird obsession with the butt. It’s OK if you’re gay, Rudy. The civilized world now accepts it).

    And Christinne, the way you know how to copy & paste links is really impressive. You can put that on your resume and work as a secretary if you ever decide to get off welfare and your fat butt. Yes, I’ve seen your “modeling” pictures. Talk about delusional.

    • Again, you’re using DEFLECTION. You can’t argue the case because you have no case.

      The event is STAGED. The photo proves it.

      But you can go on living in fantasy land. The fact you have stumbled upon this site will eventually catch up with you. Maybe it will take years, perhaps you’ll remain in denial forever.

      Go back to watching CNN. They need sheep like you to absorb their propaganda campaigns.

      • And regarding the presentation of this material to a mainstream news outlet, are you retarded?

        NO MAINSTREAM OUTLET is going to reveal the scam. It’s up to the individual to seek the information for themselves.

        • There you go, Rudy, with your fascination with all things ****. Why don’t you just come out of the closet already? You’ll feel a lot better when you do.

      • The event is real, Wake. It happened as portrayed. Your “evidence” is nothing more than you projecting what you want to believe based on some random blurry pictures. Sorry, you’ll need to do better than that.

  8. A few comments from YouTube, providing an example of how to use LOGIC and THINK CRITICALLY in determining what the mainstream media is showing you:

    ” Sassy Batty 3 hours ago

    After all these videos a couple of questions pop into my mind: 1- Where are the videos of the surveillence? Paris is such a big city and this is basically the center of the city, where anything can happen, we have cameras all around our streets, so surely those videos captured the terrorists assaulting the cafè and the club, right? 2- How can it be possible that in a club, going to see a concert, where even in Italy guards looks into your purse and pockets if you have something harmful with you nobody stopped 3 men with kalashnikov? I think they are a little hard to hide in your pockets…

    lowdownshame1 2 hours ago

    +Sassy Batty the “real” surveillance video would reveal the true nature of what actually happened. First you’d see the security crew closing off that entire street, then you’d see the film crew move in and stage the area, then you’d see the crisis actors prep themselves to carefully play their rehearsed roles, and of course you cannot forget the director making sure he flipped over a few chairs to make sure it all looks 100% authentic.

    Sassy Batty 2 hours ago

    Amen to that. And in the club? I wonder how it went in the people cannot question this? So many points dont have any sense still people believes all!”

  9. VicSim#3) ZioFrance Mult-PsyOps VicSim Fake Victim Fraudster Nick Alexander
    The Zionist France Hoax Attacks are
    Psychological Warfare Terror Treason Attacks Against The French People To Get them Into a Deadly, Bombing Campaign & War Against Innocent People To help Zionist Psychopaths Exterminate Syria & Lebanon & other Countries & Set Up Greater Israel. ISIS works for Israel.
    No bombs, no missiles will ever hit ISIS or any other Mercenary Terrorists savagely Attacking Syria for Israel!
    Slimebag Fraudster Hoax Dead ZioPuppet Nick Alexander & his crime Partner Miguel Benevides have already raked in over $89,000 so far from naive “hated dumb goyim” people being ZioScammed on this one GoFundMe Account Alone! Supposedly this fraudster lives in Essex, Colchester UK…So then why would he be working for an this Jewish Zionist extremist American Pop Fake Metal Band in USA from wealthy Palm Desert, Near LA…And why would this mossad agent Miguel in LA- Los Angeles be collecting the money?? lol Because Nick Alexander is not dead, does not live UK. ( He may well be from there orginally..but.) He is is not dead and doesn’t live in UK. But USA, atleast most of the time to serve this band or whatever he really does. Follow the money..If the money goes to a clown in USA that is where Nick Alexander lives to get the money! duh!

  10. Holy ****. You guys are either master trolls or batshit crazy. I feel sincere pity for you. Real people know real people who died in all these attacks. You realize that, right? Just because you all live in isolated basement caves doesn’t mean everyone else is. The sad irony is that you see yourselves as crusaders of truth, yet no-one spews more lies (and all of them easily debunked ones at that) than people like you. I don’t mean to be condescending ( at least I don’t set out to be), but do you really think that it is a mere coincidence (you don’t believe in coincidences, remember?) that every single conspiracy loon that everyone has ever crossed paths with is a social outcast? Deep inside you know that’s true, don’t you? Why do you think that is? Posts like this one will of course sadly just reaffirm your warped beliefs that everyone who doesn’t buy your maddening bullshit is a Zionist agent, but please, just take a second to consider the harm you are doing and the pain you are adding to those (myself included) who have lost friends, relatives and other acquaintances in terror attacks. Yes, governments, Zionists and what have you do messed up things, and quite often we are fed lies to justify these atrocities, but you are manufacturing hate. Nothing else comes from this. Please stop.

  11. VicSim #3-b) ZioFrance Mult-PsyOp Fraudster VicSim Fake Victim Fraudster
    Nick Alexander Mossad Agent used in
    Psychological Warfare Terror Treason Attacks Against The French People To Get them Into a Deadly, Bombing Campaign & War Against Against Innocent People To help Zionist Psychopaths Exterminate Syria & Lebanon & SetUp Greater Israel.

    This is a “real” long term identity & picture of this Slimebag Fraudster Hoax Dead ZioPuppet Nick Alexander without his Rock band roady looking wig on!
    In order to set up a history of him as a “Rock Band Merchandizer” aka Concert T-shirt salesman the zionists apparently provided -used this scumbag in a Cats Stevens Tour Recently at his concerts doing the same job as he supposedly did at the fake concert shooting PsyOp for Fake Metal Band “Eagles of Death Metal” really a Pop Rock band dressed up as a metal band-gay biker bar band hybrid band & sold it as a Death Metal Band that admittedly steals all their songs from other bands best songs..(see my other posts for video & audio proof of that straight from the band leaders).
    Anyway this is the same Mossad Agent & Fraudster crisis actor playing dead VicSim Nick Alexander a long haired via wig Rock N Roll version of himself. It is possible other alias identies (with different names) can be found for him searching in London & perhaps in LA & California. I have yet to find an French VicSim or Crisis actor…But we just started…All seem to be from Australia, UK, USA & South Africa and I have found a one from Russia who plays his young beautiful girlfriend. I do not believe she was even his girlfriend. All pics & FB posts on her Polina Buckey character FB are very recent of the two together & like they all apparently came from the same photo set shoot for this PsyOp Oeration of Psychological Terror leveled Treasonously against the French people to trick them into accepting the bombing, missile attacking, mass murdering & genociding & exterminating the innocent people of Syria for the zionist Psychopaths to set up the emerging Grrater Israel Empire upon the dead bodies of millions of Muslims & Christians. Then perhaps they will lie and say the Syrian people are a fiction who never existed as the the zionists actually day about the Palestines after 66.6 years plus of mass murdering & exterminating them & stealing most of their land & country & brutally occupying & blocking the resy of it! Israel is truly the most evil country since the zionist jew run Soviet Union!

  12. Yes the zionist extremist Jewish led fake metal band callrd Eagles of Death Metal are in on the PsyOp Hoax to Warmonger France into Bombing innocent people in Syria!

  13. faked ? ask the family members of the victims i guess

    i give the author one thing.
    blood does seem to chang when it hits the floor

    kenya attacks 147 dead :

  14. Just like the Boston Marathon Hoax Bombing windows that were not damage at all, proven in pictures, yet later boarded up…hoax damaged later!

  15. lol
    any-one who believes the main-stream media BS on this bogus Bataclan Theatre bollocks is the dummy…in fact….any-one who believes that this baloney occurred @ all is a real “gerry gee”

    • Time to visit the dentist you bogan pole smoker.

      • here’s wtf this **** was really all abt….. ;

        NOW….you know the fucking ZOG-bot gub’mint was responsible…..

        fucking bunch of kike-kissing mother-fuckers!

        “taking a page” right outta their bolshevik, kike commisar forbears in the Jewviet Union!

      • this whole “crock of ****” is a desperate hoax by the fucking, dirty, filthy jews to implement martial law and ‘take out’ the i/net because its exposing this baby-butchering maggot bastards to the light of day!


        don’t let them try their Talmudic turdery on youse

        buy guns!
        buy more guns!
        buy even more fucking guns!

        and….if they pull a stunt like this….start fucking BLASTING cops, feds and jews….lotsa dirty, fucking jew-boy bastards! ☺

      • You couldn’t hit a cat’s **** with a handful of rice, poofter breath.

        • France Zionist PsyOps Hoax Attacks Treason Trick To Bomb & Genocide Syria To Set Up Greater Israel Upon The Dead Murdered Bodies of Exterminated Syria!

          Lying Crisis Actor #7 (c) Gennie Watson American Zionist Jew Mossad Agent Scumbag Admittingly Was Already Doing Her Scripted Lies Zio Media Interviews at 4am via Skype worldwide!!! With her phoney baloney Fake @$$ English accent which she loses sometimes & American accent comes out! Such an Evil Psychopath! Heck she probably was prerecording a lot of her interviews the day before atleast long before the hoax concert that never begin, & wss never attacked! Ofcourse the media never mentioned she was a TV & Movie Actress in Milan & Paris & Movie Director & pop singer! lol

          This Zionist extremist fraudster evil psychopath does not give a sh#t that her lies have already heaped bombs upon the heads of innocent children & othersin Syria & helped Israel’s ISIS’s & Al Queda & FSA & Turk Merc’s murder more Syrian people! She loves it! Like her twin Sarah Silverman bragging how she’d love to murder Jesus over & over again for exposing the synagogue of Satan 2000 yrs ago! Yes she loves bombing hated dumb innocent goyim in Syria! But she sure hated truth bombs hitting her “on the head”, exposing her evil lies & her apparent blood lust for mass murder of the Goyim for her beloved Satanically evil Israhell the hexegram 666 flagged state of never ending wars & genocide!
          This Whole bunch of Zionist Psychopaths & ZioPuppets deserves the French Guillotine upon conviction for high treason for Psychotic Warmonger, Criminal State of Terror called Israel!

          • Emma Parkinson The Happiest Hoaxer Crisis Comedy Actor In History

            Crisis Actor #10) France Friday 13th Multi-Simultaneous PsyOp Hoax Attacks by the Zionist Psychopaths & ZioPuppets

            Mary Poppins Actress Emma Parkinson was Hoax Shot in The A$$ yet healed zioMagically instantly & is happy as a Lark that she was shot. She’s joyfully joking & quite excited close to delirious in her satanic joy & happiness to be on TV worldwide & getting her big break doing this treasonous PsyOps for the Zionist Psychopaths! She is happy as can be that her lies are now allowing France’s corrupted zioPuppet Leaders & Crypto Zionist Jew Hollande to bomb innocent people in Syria for Israel to help Israel set up their emerging Greater Israel in what is now Syria by exterminating the people of Syria. This is a demon disguised as Mary Poppins!
            And remember France is not bombing ISIS, FSA nor Al Queda (Israel’s Terrorists servants) & never will but are only bombing the goods: the Syria people, the Syrian Army & militia & Hezbollah who are fighting for the very survival of the Ancient nation of Syria, it’s people & culture against the most evil power on earth the zionists & all their terrorist hordes!


  16. if most of the bodies were faked then there will be lots of unidentified supposed victims…i’d like to see a list of all the dead people..i think it was 129 mentioned on the news…well lets see if there are 129 names ..then people should investigate every name to see if they are genuine victims

  17. @realDonaldTrump Mexico and USA have mind control Presidents with mental disability @realDonaldTrump I was attacked as TI in San Antonio, TX and some of them were mexicans @realDonaldTrump They are killing children coming from Mexico throught the CPS system, mainly CPS San Antonio, TX @realDonaldTrump The mexican illuminati requested to Obama and Clinton to kill using lies about me while I was working for Infosys Technology with the help of the DEA The seudo mexican jew christian government sent me to be killed in Nashville, TN and San Antonio, TX because they do not want to pay billions of dollars to me because my technology ERP @realDonaldTrump My first interview I hope you like it @realDonaldTrump I have two licences in industrial engineering with the thesis related Degree Licence 1584187, CONACYT Scholarship 52078, according with mexican laws it is considered a patent itself, so the name of my thesis are in there as a requirement. ORACLE and SAP made a fraud world wide, the ERP technology and business data base are of my property. It is part of my patent in my master´s degree @realDonaldTrump NO ME PAGAN ESTOS TIPOS DE FMC TECHNOLOGIES Y TECH MAHINDRA, $31,900.00 USD HACEN CONTRATOS LEONINOS PARA TRABAJAR EN MÉXICO Y NO CUMPLEN LAS LEYES LABORALES EN MÉXICO;ADEMÁS DE ENGAÑAR A LOS CLIENTES DICIENDO QUE TIENEN OFICINAS EN EL DF CUANDO ES SOLAMENTE VIRTUAL, ENGAÑÁNDOSE CREANDO UN TEMPLETE GLOBAL PARA EVADIR EL FISCO EN VARIOS PAÍSES. Además de cometer fraude laboral en México, posiblemente relacionados al tráfico de petroleo robado por parte de los illuminati, Bush, Gortari, Fox. Atras de todo esto esta Chevron, Nestlé, Praxis, Softtek

  18. Exhibit 33) France PsyOp 6 Simultaneous Psychological Terror Attacks To Trick The French People Thru Treason Into Bombing & Genocidal War Against Innocent Syrian People To Exterminate Them & Set Up A Greater Israel Empire.

    And France will never bomb ISIS nor any of the bad guys, the terrorists.

    In Reality:
    FRANCE WILL only BOMB SYRIANS & Courageous Hezbollah Lebonese Patriots & The Syrian Army.

    Israel is calling all the shots, not corrupt France Officials Like Crypto Jew Zionist Hollande a Traitor Against His Supposed People The French & France for His Real Masters The Zionists, Psychopaths & his Real Allegiance: Israel. & As the Zionists & these traitors use deceptions, lies, Hoaxes, PayOps, Propaganda, false Flags & Terror & created wars to exterminate & enslave the Syrians, Arabs & Christians, Muslims, Asians, Africans & Eastern Europeans & other targeted people, so too will they Exterminate, enslave & subjugate France as a nation. Just as they did to beautiful Yugoslavia using CIA & zionist trained KlA terrorts!

    (((((( ISIS is a Division/Operation of Mossad Using The Real Official Acronym of Mossad —> ISIS: Israeli Secret Intelligence Service! <–))))))

    Do not be tricked by these genocidal warmongering monsters! Wake Up, Discover the truth, uncover the lies & Get Active exposing the lies… or just bend over & let the destroy you & all of US!

  19. “Terrorisme : exercice multi-attentats à Paris” (+ 3.15>min)

  20. OMG,,,,,,,, You’re so full of ****! We would be more likely to believe that you were abducted by aliens and probed..

  21. Amazing how many gullible idiots there are on this article. I have a question. Why the out of focus close-up pictures? If they are just dummies, would you not want everyone to see that?

    • You are using the language of a troll? Are you a Zionist troll?

    • Agreed Robert! What a bunch of nuts! These people make me more worried than Isis, or anyone. How disrespectful to the people who have been injured and killed. I hope it happens to them one day, and someone can put pictures of their dead bodies on social media, and then say that they are fake!

  22. Exhibit 43) Zionist Simultaneous Psychological Warfare Terror Treason Attacks Against The French People!
    Zionist Traitor Israeli Puppet Pierre Carli Admits We Were Practicing The Exact Same Multi Terror Attacks With Israelis In France on Same Day In Same Places In Paris!!! Same Situation in 77 Zionist Underground Subway Attacks in London Where Israelis were on Hand practicing with Corrupt Treasonous British ZioPuppets to Terrorize & Warmonger UK citizens…or more correctly… & sadly subjects of Queenie, herself a puppet of Psychopath House of Rothschild!

    Get Out The The Guilotines French Citizens! To Stop These Zionists From Treasonous Terrorizing of Your People To Bring Them to Murderous War Against Innocent People in Syria & elsewhere! Viva France!??? F$#k the Zionists!

  23. Exhibit # 47) Zionist France MultiTerror Psychological Warfare Attacks Against French People To Trick Them Into Genocidal War & Extermination of Syria To Set Up Greater Israel in Destroyed Syria!

    ZioPuppet Obama Admits Training Israel’s ISIL aka ISIS Terrorists Murderers!

    & The Acronym – ISIS is The Official Name of Israel’s Mossad.

    ISIS Stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

  24. So now the supposed NWO, or whatever group you guys believe in, gives a **** if random people die and rather stage such elaborate fake attacks with dummies and actors? Believe that and you might as well believe anything…LMAO

  25. This is picture of Italian victim Valeria Solesin buried today. On FB tribute pages says she was artist or designer. On Italian news pages says she was doing doctorate on Fertility and I found page with her name and her photo removed with direction to her thesis. Also claims she worked for Gruppo Emergency Trento with this photo – does it look photo-shopped . She is bottom far right – look at her hands/fingers and guys fingers next to her – also guy in beige chinos in back row looks shopped in

  26. Another possible Bataclan style dummy incident here on anniversary of Charlie Hebdo in Paris

  27. All those who advocate this intellectual excrement are imbecilic monsters. I hope you are the victims of the next terror attack. I really do. Save ISIS the effort and kill yourselves now.

  28. Most of all: why so much blood on the floor, yet every single one is CLEAN?
    Never seen so many white t-shirts all in once!

    Who drew the “zionist eye”? Looks like someone really mopped it, no way dying people would have done that.

    I would have never believed all these shits, but whatever it is, this is a really sick world.

    Pray for MY ***

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