Other Hoaxes Zionist Terror — 29 September 2014
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Death of Jim Traficant a Hoax

This will be updated as soon as possible. For now, the screenshots largely tell the story.

UPDATED: Sept. 30, 2014, 5:00 a.m. CST

Regarding the purported death of Jim Traficant a tractor rolls over him, a most extreme injury. Alternatively, he has a heart attack. Even so, according to his spokes-person doctors are “running tests” and it is all a “waiting game.” Who believes such drivel?

In this farm accident a rollover occurred, pinning the driver underneath the tractor, a dire medical emergency. This is he kind of medical emergency that would be expected in a real event involving Traficant.











Caption: a rollover accident occurring in 2013 on uneven ground

There are 250 tractor rollovers each year in the United States alone, and they are deadly. Such rollovers, if pinning down the driver, cause massive crush injuries such as the deadly one above, which occurred in 2013. Essentially, such rollovers crush the driver to death if such a person is pinned underneath all that weight. The lungs would likely be crushed and punctured; amputations would be likely, if the person survived.

Yet, if indeed a massive tractor rolled over on him, how could he survive? Moreover, how could he be, as stated in the video “breathing on his own.” The anchor didn’t mince words. He just reported what the spokes-person told him.

Why not the wife, Tish Traficant? Why does the world now have to rely on spokes-people? Let us quote the spokes-person, regardless, which is that he is “NOT on life support…”

Said Heidi Hanni, “Um, he’s still in the ICU. Um, doctors have performed tests, and, are, the family is…he’s surrounded by family and loved ones. And, um, there is, there is,”  at which time she gets more animated, saying:

“This is kind of a waiting game, pretty much. Just a ‘waitin’ game.”


She also was quoted stating that:

Traficant was being kept as comfortable as possible and is not conscious, attorney Heidi Hanni said. She disputed reports that he was being kept in a medically induced coma. She said he is being sedated for a number of reasons, including pain management.

Pain? People are worried about pain in a man who was crushed beneath a tractor? Moreover, tests, they are concerned over test results in a man with massive crush injuries? The spokesperson’s matter-of-fact speech is proof that the official story is fraudulent.


It’s his former congressional spokesperson that now plays the role. What in in the world happened in the good old days when the family spoke on behalf of any loved ones who suffer such sudden catastrophies?

Ah, but, finally, the wife did speak. Moreover, here it is, and she has her own novel version of the story. It is essentially the distraction game, “Hey, it didn’t happen on my clock or at my place. The fake happened somewhere else. Let’s see; how about my daughter’s home?


Hold on a minute. Local news outlet make it clear that it happened precisely on her dime and at her facility—the Traficant home itself:

Does it say anything other than what it says? Hey Mr. Former Sheriff, where did you fake your death, at your house or your daughter’s?

The district chief seems to indicate that it happened on the Traficant home, not the daughter’s:


Truly, how can a tractor rollover occur on flat ground in a barn? How in the world is that even remotely possible? These rollovers occur primarily on hilly land in uncontrolled circumstances. A slow motion movement into a barn, and it flips over? It is simply not believable. How, just how, does that occur inside the barn, and at what speed could he possibly been moving to cause such a flip-over inside the barn?

Yet, what kind of barn was it? It was, in fact, THE barn, the one of corruption, the one that was created for him for political favors. Make no mistake about it despite all his blustering and anti-Israel talk, Traficant is corrupt:
The main businessman associated with this corruption is grocer and contractor Henry Nemenz:

It is, therefore, his barn, not his daughter’s. Did he build his own barn on his daughter’s land? Two divergent stories means it is a hoax.

CNN offers an additional story line, as follows (per one of our posters):

Family attorney Heidi Hanni told CNN that Traficant passed away at 11:30 a.m. He’d been riding a small 1943 tractor on Tuesday at his farm in Greenford, Ohio, when he lost control, causing the tractor to roll over him, local police said.


With this being the fourth or so story line, then, obviously this is a fraud. With an injury so serious, there would not be such divergent stories. Let anyone prove otherwise, Traficant faked his death.

Yet, wait a minute once again, all along he  was breathing fine. He didn’t get any crush injuries to his throat and chest, as would likely occur in such an event. He is not only breathing but is also snoring, and the snoring is public knowledge:



Despite the snoring story line he is in critical condition, but still in good enough shape to “snore.” How in the world can anyone find such commentary believable in the event of such a dire, traumatic event? There’s more; the family thinks he is going to make it and has a “very positive outlook:”


Good God, he just got crushed by a tractor and it is said he is a “bull moose” and also a fiesty “Italian.”

The Ohio Democrat in 2002 became only the fifth person in history to be expelled from the House, after he was convicted on federal bribery and racketeering charges. Three were kicked out for siding with the South during the Civil War.

Traficant was 73. Previously, was he really in prison after all? If so, what kind of prison?

Traficant upon his release from prison today, Sept. 2, 2009.
 He was there for seven years. Seven: the arch-Zionist Illuminati number.









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  1. Former Rep. Traficant didn’t have heart attack, seizure before tractor death, pathologist says


    • He died from Mossaditis.

      • cowboy?it was/is a 100% murder-set up!!

        • or a 100% hoax/scam/lie…!!!

          • accident?NO WAY!!it’s either a murder-set up or a hoax!

  2. ******* you Pence, **** Trump (sorry i hate israel) **** Jews, **** Israel, **** Zionist*** stop support israel, if not the world will fall on us !

  3. Pompadoured mastiff
    Straight outta Youngstown…
    Not borne to be mine or yours
    Or any other human insect’s clown…
    Tolerance for bullshit
    Dangerously low-level
    Ornarey genuine human being
    Working-class goyim white devil…
    I have more. My tribute. I call it Traficould.

  4. Talk to people who lived near Jim. I’ve heard quite a few stories from reliable people in the valley.
    Most think that he was wacked. Could it be he served Zion the entire time? Wow.

  5. In the book she wrote, ACCESS DENIED, Cathy O’Brien describes in great detail actions of Traficant while he was a county sheriff in Ohio, and later in Congress, that were very very hurtful toward her and others, alleging that he was part of McUltra, and guilty of other skullduggery.

  6. I know one of his old neighbors. He thinks the whole stinks. Although he said Jim was always nice, he said he fake his death. Why? I don’t know.

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